Caloric content of fruits and berries. Calorie table per 100 grams

Title fruit Proteins Fats Carbohydrates number of calories per 100 gram( kcal)
orange 0,9 0,2 8,3 38
grapes 0,6 0,2 16 64
pear 0.4 0.3 9.5 42
apple 0,4 0,4 9,8 44
melon 0,6 - 9,1 39
grapefruit 0,7 0,2 6,5 35
mandarin 0,8 0,3 8,1 38
banana 1,5 0,1 21 91
MANGO 0.5 0.3 SD 13,5 67
garnet 0,9 - 13 52
prunes 2,3 - 58,4 242
apricots 5,2 - 55 240
raisins 1,8 - 66 271
persimmon 0.5 - 13.2 55
date 2 0,5 72,3 306
pineapple 0,5 0,2 11,6 49
apricot 0,9 0,1 9 40
figs 3,1 0,8 57,9 257
peach 0,9 0,1 9,5 42
Kiwi 0,4 0,2 11,5 49
avocado 2 20 7,4 208
quince 0,6 0,5 9,8 40
papaya 0,6 0,3 9,2 48
drain 0,8 0,2 9.6 43
pomelo 0,6 0,2 6,7 32
lemon 0,9 0,1 3,3 16

Fruits and berries are the invariable components of a healthy human diet. You need to eat them regularly, every day. Some varieties of fruits are able to give health and youth.


Calorie fruit. Calorie table per 100 g

Fruits are almost one of the most important products in the whole diet. They should not be abandoned even in the period of weight loss, as they are full of vitamins. Cellulose and other useful substances. Of course, in order to get the maximum benefit from fruits, you need to follow certain rules for their use. These rules are complex and easy to remember:

  • Calorie fruits are best used in the morning or in the morning. If by evening you really want fruit, you can afford not sweet apples or pears, as well as some citrus fruits
  • Often eaten fruit only makes the feeling of hunger more. You can avoid this by combining the fruit with bread from wholemeal and bran. Such bread is very useful and does not favor completeness.
  • There are fruits that can be consumed only in strictly limited quantities in case of diseases or when losing weight. This applies to bananas and grapes
  • There are modern fruit diets, the adherence of which allows you to lose weight quickly and pleasantly. However, doctors do not really like such radical methods and advise you to replace diets with unloading days
  • For a variety of diets you can make fresh and smoothies from a variety of berries and fruits. A glass of this drink is very useful to drink every day
  • It is believed that if you replace the usual sweets with dried fruits, you can achieve not only better health, but also weight loss
  • Daily use of berries and fruits normalize the stool and eliminate constipation
  • Supplement your diet with useful microelements and vitaminsWill help a half kilogram of fresh fruits and berries every day
The benefits of fruit for everyone fruit benefits for each

Of course, being on a diet or just watching your forms, you need to carefullybut to explore every calorie fruit. This will help to not gain excess weight.

Fruit calorie table in the amount of 100 grams:

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benefits of citrus: orange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit

Citrus - the most unique fruits.these fruits contain:

  • sugar( glucose)
  • pectin
  • minerals
  • salt
  • vitamin A
  • B vitamins
  • much vitamin C
  • vitamin P and PP

in citrus can be used notOnly the flesh, but also the peel, it is also full of trace elements. Essential oil from citrus fruits is very useful and fragrant. Citrus fruits can strengthen immunity and even fight against colds. Citrus fruits contain few calories and that's why they are an excellent product for slimming.

Orange is rich in vitamin C. It contains a large amount of antioxidants that favorably affect the human body. It is indispensable for those who want to improve the stool, lower blood pressure and even cheer up.

Use of an orange orange use

Another famous citrus fruit is lemon. It is not often used to combat cold and viral diseases due to the high content of vitamin C. Lemon can satisfy hunger and thirst even on the hottest day.

The Benefits of Lemon the use of lemon

Grapefruit - is a fruit that gives youth and health. It is a storehouse of antioxidants and useful acids. The fruit perfectly blocks the feeling of hunger, normalizes the work of the intestines, speeds up metabolism and improves metabolism. Thanks to these processes, there is a qualitative weight loss.

Benefits of grapefruit Benefits of grapefruit

Mandarin - is a favorite fruit that can restore vitamins in the body in the autumn and winter. In mandarin, there are many useful substances that favorably influence the process of digestion. Fruit helps to fight seasonal diseases.

mandarin use

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Use of exotic fruits for humans

Exotic fruits are interesting and tasty. Often, unusual fruits have a mass of nutrients and rarely cause an allergic reaction. There is such a fruit you need with caution and in moderation.

Avocado is one of the most high-calorie fruits. The taste of this fruit is not sweet and it is often combined with other foods in salads and snacks. It contains a large number of fatty acids and has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and the state of the human skin.

Mango is one of the most useful fruits. There are a lot of vitamins in it, which are so necessary for a person. Mango perfectly improves the functioning of the immune system and even can improve mood due to the high content of vitamin C. Mango is very useful for women's health, another property of the fetus is to increase libido.

The Benefits of Mango Benefits of Mango

has unique properties, as well as papaya, which contains many useful micronutrients that favorably affect the work of the heart and vessels. Moreover, fruit is recommended during the fight against excess weight.

Benefits of papaya papaya use

Fig - is unique with its useful properties. It is quite caloric, but it is able to favorably affect the human gastrointestinal tract, establishing digestion, eliminating constipation and even curing inflammatory intestinal diseases. Figs "inhibit" the division of cancer cells, and therefore prevents cancer.

The use of figs use of figs

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How useful are dried fruits?

Since the earliest times, folk healers regularly used dried fruits to give people health, longevity and beauty. These delicacies are full of important microelements and vitamin. That's why they become so useful for a person. Why do dried fruits have useful substances?- Everything is in the way of drying them. After all, in fact, dried fruit is a concentrate of fresh fruit.

In non-season, namely in winter, dried fruits are an invariable part of the diet. During the drying, the fruits completely retain their substances, and sometimes they also double them and that is why they are relevant and necessary for a balanced diet.

Dried fruits are not only useful, but also very tasty! They contain a plurality of active compounds:

  • potassium
  • sodium magnesium calcium
  • iron

Data substances in the dried fruit much longer than conventional fresh fruit. In addition, they are able to positively influence the work:

  • stomach
  • gastrointestinal
  • bowel

Therefore, they are able to remove toxins and waste products than revitalizes and rejuvenates the body. Potassium, which is abundant in dried fruits, positively affects the heart organ, strengthening its walls, and magnesium on the condition and work of the vessels. Just do not everyone know that the regular use of dried fruits mixed with nuts and honey, gives women's health and even slows the growth of cancer cells and hindering oncology.

Dried fruits dried fruit

Those who want to get rid of excess weight, doctors recommend consuming dried fruits every day. The norm is 100 grams of various dried fruits. They have little sugar and a lot of fiber.

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Caloric value of berries. Calorie table per 100 g

With the first appearance of berries a person wants to try them and it's not accidental. All because during the cold period the body is depleted and requires useful microelements, which are very many in a variety of berries. This is not only useful, but also incredibly delicious food. The berries enjoy incredible popularity in fresh form, and in some even in dried ones.

berries contain a lot:

  • vitamins
  • fiber
  • antioxidants
  • minerals

uniqueness berries influence on the human body in that they are able to reduce all of the processes of oxidation. It is the anticipated processes that destroy the human body and wear it out and make it grow old. Berries give youth and "freshness".

Berries must necessarily be an important component of the human diet. To eat them is useful only in fresh form, and dried some berries - an excellent substitute for desserts. Perfectly combine berries with sour-milk products, and also in fruit salads and in combination with granola.

Benefits of berries Benefits of berries

Of course, the most delicious are berries just picked from the bush. It is not rare for berries to freeze to eat them all year round. The frozen berry is also delicious, but it loses half its useful properties.

As already mentioned, berries are the most real antioxidants. And all this thanks to the presence in their composition:

  • of vitamin C - responsible for the production of collagen
  • anthocyanin - reduces inflammation
  • quercetin - slows the aging process

There is a secret that allows you to find out how much useful substances and antioxidants in berries -This is her color. The brighter berry - the richer the flavor and vitamin composition.

caloric Table berries per 100 grams:

name berries Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Calories per 100 grams
Watermelon 0,7 0,2 8,8 40
Cherry 0,8 0,5 10,3 49
Strawberry 0.8 0,4 6.3 32
Raspberry 0,8 0,3 8,3 39
Currants 1 0,2 7,3 35
Blueberries 1,1 0,6 8,4 41
Cherry 1,2 0,4 10,6 50
Gooseberry 0,7 0.2 9,1 41
Cranberry 0.5 6,3 34
blueberry 1 0,1 7,7 34
Seabuckthorn 0,9 - 5 52
Rowan 1.4 - 8,6 46
Rosehip 1,6 - 24 101
dogwood 0.9 0.1 46 209
Lingonberry 1 - 10 43
Strawberries 1 - 11 34
Blackberry 2 - 6 31
Mulberry 1 - 14 52

Berries - folate source such necessary for women's health. In addition, she cares about the cardiovascular system of man. Fiber, which is abundant in berries, improves the stool and improves the function of the digestive tract. And folic acid - this is what is responsible for the production of serotonin in the body -. Hormone "happiness"Regular use of berries prevents the appearance of depression.

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How to eat berries correctly? Berries for weight loss: dogwood, cranberries

In the struggle for a slender figure all means that benefit. This applies to berries. The fact is that berries are able to regulate in the human body the processes of digestion, as well as control the deposition of fats. In addition, berries - the worst enemy of cellulite.

to weight gain often cause such factors as:

  • slow metabolism
  • poor metabolism
  • lack of vitamins in the body

Berries are able to normalize all these processes, and therefore lead the body to the correct and high-quality weight loss.

Dogwood cornelian

Of course, all berries are useful for eating and losing weight, but some should be eat with caution. Probably everyone heard about the benefits of goji berries, but not everyone can find this "curiosity" on the shelves of the store. Replace goji can serve as a dogwood. Dogwood is a delicious dietary berry, useful both in fresh and dried form. Kizil is accepted:

  • separately as a snack
  • add to yogurt
  • add to porridge
  • add to fruit salads

The norm of a cornelian per day is about forty to fifty grams of grapes. It is not rare to make infusion of cornel and even add to the second dishes. Do not eat dogwood in large quantities, as its excess provokes a strong appetite.

Another unique berry - cranberries. This is an essential element of the thinning menu. The berry is so useful and contains a huge amount of useful microelements that it simply does not exist in nature! Berries have the laxative effect and are capable of removing all the slag and toxins that have accumulated in the human body for years. It is noticed that even in the absence of physical activity, berries "take" extra pounds and give health.

Lingonberry cranberries

Along with dogwood and cowberry, each berry has its own unique properties. Berries:

  • improve skin condition
  • improve hair condition
  • improve eyesight
  • eliminate inflammation in the body
  • improve appetite and digestion

It is best to eat berries in the morning: for lunch and for breakfast. Adding berries to oatmeal in the morning, you double the benefit of breakfast. Just combine berries with nuts, honey and yogurt. It is not only useful, but also incredibly tasty!

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