Delicious dietary dessert. Recipes for low-calorie, dietary slimming desserts

You can make yourself happy by dieting. There are many interesting recipes that open a huge number of low-calorie dishes that are delicious and incredibly useful.


  • How to prepare diet desserts from curd for weight loss?
  • Dessert cottage cheese with gelatin diet
  • Dietary curd casserole without flour and mango, recipe
  • Useful desserts for weight loss with banana
  • Fast desserts for weight loss with honey
  • Recipes for dying from linseed flour
  • Nourishing desserts for weight loss from oatmeal
  • Interesting recipesLow-calorie sweets
  • Fast low-calorie fruit salads
  • How to cook a dessert for weight loss: tips and feedback
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How to getDietary desserts from cottage cheese for weight loss?

Dessert is not just a meal that ends up eating, it's an antidepressant and a way to cheer up, especially for women. How sad it is during a diet to limit yourself in everything and try not to notice fat donuts, sweet choco

lates and delicious sweets.

Fortunately, those who adhere to diets for more than a year, found a way out of the situation. They invented low-calorie desserts and even useful for a slimming body. The composition of such dishes does not include sugar, they contain only useful carbohydrates, which turn into energy and are not stored in the form of excess fat.

Dietary curd desserts are prepared from dairy products of low and medium fat content. Usually dessert from cottage cheese assumes:

  • cold treatment
  • hot treatment

Cold treatment is the usual mixing of cottage cheese with various complementing products, and hot is baking cottage cheese casseroles with different fillers.

Cottage cheese with fruits

  • prepare a dessert bowl for serving the dish
  • in a blender chop strawberries, raspberries and any other berries
  • pour the contents into a bowl
  • stir the cottage cheese with sour cream and a spoon of honey to get the paste consistency
  • put the cottage cheese in a bowlover berry weight
  • garnish dessert nuts, fruits, berries or granola
Cottage cheese with berry puree curd with berry puree

curd casserole

  • pound pound curd through a sieve or add
  • s in the cheese two eggs, stir
  • thickened mass can oat flour or oatmeal( they need to pre-soak with milk)
  • add a lot of dried fruits, nuts and fruit as desired
  • bake dessert half an hour in multivarka or in the oven at 200
  • degrees givecasserole to cool completely, and only then remove from the mold
  • garnish with fresh fruit and honey
Cottage cheese casserole with raisins curd pudding with raisins

dessert of cottage cheese with gelatin diet

gelatin cheesecake dessert - a soufflé that we canBut successfully supplemented with fruits, berries and cocoa. The dish is low-calorie, as it does not contain sugar.

  • glass not fat milk is poured into a pan and put on
  • plate into milk pour spoon gelatin with slide
  • heat the milk, stirring constantly and bring to
  • curd boiling rubbed through a sieve, add the vanilla and liquid honey
  • Mix curd and milk to
  • homogeneous mass in mass can add fruit or berries
  • remove weight in the refrigerator until thick
Curd soufflé curd cottage cheese souffle

Dietetic casserole without flour and semolina,

recipe is particularly tasty casserole with banana andStewed cherries.

  • briquette curd mash with a fork
  • one sweet banana chop with a blender
  • mix the curd with a banana
  • in the mass add the dried cherry
  • drive one egg and mix everything well
  • in a coffee grinder chop two spoonfuls of oat flakes
  • add the resulting bran to the mass( oatmeal will bond the mass)
  • Form oil
  • bake for half an hour at 200 degrees
  • remove from mold only when fully cooled
  • decorate with fresh fruit
Banana casserole banana casserole

Useful desserts for losing weight withAnnan

Banana - delicious fragrant fruit. If you choose the right one, it will turn out to be very sweet too. Try to give preference to large fruits of rich yellow in the speckles.

Banana smoothies with strawberries

  • one large ripe banana put in a blender
  • a strawberry can be fresh, but in non-season it can be frozen, put it in a blender
  • add one glass of orange juice
  • add a glass of home natural yogurt
  • all ingredients are thoroughly beaten up toHomogeneous liquid mass
  • if the banana was not very sweet, add honey to the mass and whisk again
  • decorate the glass with smoothies and coconut shavings
Banana smoothie with strawberries banana smoothies with strawberries

Dietary ice cream from a banana

And ice cream is also not a problem for those who adhere to strict diets.

  • whisk in a blender two sweet bananas
  • add to the mass of a glass of home non-sweet yoghurt
  • add one spoonful of liquid honey, cinnamon and vanillin
  • carefully beat the mass blender again
  • pour the mass into two glasses and insert wooden sticks( can be teaspoons)
  • freezeIn the freezer mass not less than 6 hours
Banana ice cream banana ice cream

Fast desserts for weight loss with honey

Honey is an excellent substitute for sugar during a diet. Honey - is a useful carbohydrates that are not absorbed and are not deposited in the fat folds. Honey is immediately processed into energy and diverges throughout the body.

Apple baked with honey

  • Apple apple Golden wash
  • cut the apple's tail and make a recess from which to remove the seeds
  • in the middle pour cinnamon and pour honey
  • top to close the raisins and nuts
  • preheat the oven to 200 degrees and bake the apple 20 minutes
Baked apple with honey bakedApple with honey

Apple pouch from pancake

  • in a bowl beat egg to foam
  • add a little flour( usual can be replaced with oatmeal)
  • add a few spoonfuls of milk
  • from the received mass to press severalOnly pancakes
  • cut the apple finely
  • send the apple to the frying pan, sprinkle it with cinnamon and pour honey
  • carefully mixing the dish for a few minutes until the apple becomes soft
  • lay the apple mass inside the pancake
  • fold the edges of the pancake, forming the pouch, secure with the skewer
Pancake pouch pancake bag

Recipes for slimming desserts from linseed flour

This flour is obtained from flax seeds by grinding and degreasing. It is well absorbed by the body, it has no cholesterol and is considered a healthy food. Flax flour normalize digestion by restoring intestinal microflora.

Fruit Salad with Flax Flour

  • mix two spoons of flour with a glass of natural yoghurt
  • in a mass add a spoon of honey, mix thoroughly
  • cut the banana into circles
  • orange peel and film and cut into cubes
  • kiwi cut into cubes
  • pour fruit with yogurt, sprinkle with flax seeds
Fruit salad with linen dressing fruit salad with linseedDressing

Cookies from flax flour

  • a glass of flax flour mixed with a glass of kefir medium fat
  • add a little sugar to sweeten
  • if the mass is too liquid it can beAgustite with wheat or oat flour
  • add cinnamon and vanillin
  • from the dough rolls balls that will be cooked
  • bake on parchment paper 20 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees
Flax cookies linen biscuit

Nourishing desserts for weight loss from oatmeal

Oatmeal possesses cellulose incredibly usefulFor our body. Desserts from oatmeal are delicious, hearty and simple.

Oatmeal cookies with

  • dried fruit in a blender to smash a banana
  • pour banana in a bowl and mix with a glass of oat flour( oatmeal can be obtained from the flakes, but you can just use flakes)
  • dunk dried fruit in boiling water, drain, cut into small pieces and add to
  • dough mass can sweeten
  • honey spoon can add optional nuts
  • form dough balls and put on parchment paper
  • baked 20 minutes at 180 degrees, remove from oven and let cool completelyLiver
Oat cookies oatmeal cookies

Dietary pancakes from oatmeal

  • cook the dough: mix half a glass of oatmeal, two glasses of non-fat yoghurt( can be replaced with kefir), two eggs and a little sugar
  • add a little soda for splendor( extinguish with vinegar or lemon juice)
  • mix well dough mixer
  • pan greased with olive oil using a cooking brush
  • fried pancakes quickly, one minute on each side
Oatmeal Pancakes oat pancakes

Interesting recipes low-calorie your slideshow

A few more recipes for low-calorie sweets.

Fruit natural sherbet

  • whip fruit blender, can be used: banana, orange, kiwi, strawberry, raspberry, mango
  • add the minimum amount of sugar
  • pour mass into glasses
  • leave in the freezer for 12 hours
Homemade strawberry sherbet homemade strawberry sherbet

Yoghurt ice cream

  • home of the milk and cook ferment yogurt
  • the finished yogurt, add a little honey, mix thoroughly
  • slice fruit blender or whisk yoghurt and fruit
  • timesWait on the molds
  • leave the yogurt in the freezer for 12 hours
Yoghurt ice cream yoghurt ice cream

Fruit jelly

  • gelatin fill with water and leave swollen
  • transfer the gelatin into a bowl and stirring to melt on the steam bath
  • liquid gelatin add to compote or fruit juice
  • cut the fruit cubes,by formochkam
  • pour the juice and leave in the fridge to harden
Fruit jelly jelly

Pets useful

  • candy crush very finely nuts( any)
  • finely chopped dried fruit
  • mixed nuts and dried fruits with honey
  • add coconut and cocoa( optional)
  • form balls and roll them in sesame
  • leave in the fridge for an hour
Homemade sweets homemade sweets

Fast low-calorie fruit salads

Fruit salad always gives a portion of vitamins and good mood. Try to combine such fruits:

  • Citrus salad. Peel and cut into cubes: tangerine, orange, grapefruit. Fill the fruit with a spoonful of yogurt and sprinkle with raisins.
  • Green salad. Peel and cut into cubes of kiwi, cut into cubes a sweet green apple, add sweet green grapes. Season salad with a spoon of sour cream, pour honey and sprinkle with crushed nuts.
  • Strawberry Paradise. Peel the strawberry berries and cut them in half, cut the bananas in circles. In a bowl, layer the banana and strawberries, each layer with a spoonful of yogurt and honey, sprinkle with coconut chips

How to cook a dessert for weight loss: advice and feedback

Low-calorie dessert is one that does not contain fat and has a minimum of carbohydrates. In the proposed recipes, the level of carbohydrates did not exceed the permissible standards, which means they are quickly digested and digested in useful energy, without being put off by excess fat. Prepare desserts from dairy products of low and medium fat.

Prepare desserts on parchment paper, this will allow you not to use oil when baking or use it in the least amount. Choose sweet ripe fruit to make yourself a maximum of pleasure.

Whatever useful and non-calorie desserts, but still need to understand that they should be consumed in the morning: for breakfast or lunch. Limit yourself from a sweet evening. In most cases, a sweetener is honey, you can safely eat it and not be afraid to get well. However, this is quite an allergic product and before using it, you need to test your reaction to it.

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