Why does the upper and lower eyelid twitch my eyes? What should I do if the child's eyelid twitches?

Causes and methods of treatment of eyelid twitching.


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Many who faced a nervous work or overwork. Often, after this, jerking of the eyelids or other parts of the body. Most often, doctors associate such a phenomenon with disturbances in the work of the nervous system, but there are other reasons for which the eyes twitch.

eyelid twitching right eye causes

reasons spasms or cramps age very much. According to popular signs, if the right eye twitches in women, it's to tears, but if it's for men, then for joy. But in fact, you need to carefully assess your condition, and not to miss the alarming symptoms.

Causes of seizures century right eye:

  • nervous tic. If you are often nervous often, it's a nervous tic. Because of ov
    erwork and overstrain, your nervous system has failed. If this happens infrequently and passes after a full sleep and rest, you may not need to see a doctor. But if the nervous tic also appears often and for no apparent reason, sign up for a consultation with
  • specialist
  • Overwork. Constant workload at work also contributes to disruptions in the work of the nervous system. The connections between nerve cells are weakened and the eyelid twitches
  • Avitaminosis. If you often notice eye twitches in the spring, then this may be a lack of vitamins. The lack of magnesium and calcium adversely affects the work of the nervous system. The cells do not get enough nutrients

left eye twitching eyelid, causes

Usually we pay attention to the twitching eyelids only if they are repeated regularly. If this happens, you need to worry and see a doctor.

reasons century long twitching left eye:

  • Face gemispazm .This is a condition in which the work of the muscles of the facial nerve is disrupted, which leads to poor vision. In this state, the eyeball is constantly clamped. Due to excessive pressure, the eye nutrition is insufficient
  • Wearing a lens .If you have poor eyesight and you wear contact lenses, you probably know the state of the eyelids twitching. This is due to micro-trauma of the eyelids and the cornea of ​​the eye
  • Dry eyes. Usually found in the elderly. In this case, the lack of moisture provokes eyelid twitching
  • Allergic reactions. Eye irritation causes swelling in the eye. Accordingly, muscles and nerve endings do not receive enough blood and nutrition. It is because of this that there is a spasm

Why often or constantly the eyelid twitches?

If the twitching of the eyelids is observed infrequently and passes after sleeping and resting, do not worry. But if the nervous tic does not pass after rest, you need to see a doctor.

cause permanent twitching century:

  • Fatigue
  • Deficiency of vitamins
  • Lack of sleep
  • Long work on the computer
  • Malfunctions internal organs

Why eyelid twitches in a child?

Children always react more sharply to troubles than adults. The nervous system in the child is not the same as that of the parents, so that the baby has a nervous tic and stress, you need very little.

Causes of eye twitching in children:

  • Overwork. Constant sitting behind lessons and heavy loads in school lead to nervous ticks.
  • Misunderstanding from parents. Perhaps you require too much from your child. Someone can study well without long cramming. But some children find it difficult to perceive information. At the same time, you do not need to insist on regular lessons. Try in the form of a game to teach with a child lessons
  • Fatigue of the eyes. Do not allow your child to sit for a long time at the computer. The eye strain will lead to a nervous tic and a gradual deterioration of vision.
  • Worms. When infected with worms, nutrients from food are not absorbed completely in the intestines, therefore the nervous system needs vitamins and microelements.
  • Cardiovascular dystonia. This ailment is rarely seen in children. It is caused by disorders in the nervous system

What if the lower eyelid or upper eyelid twitches?

If the jerking happens infrequently, you can independently try to cope with the problem. First of all, review your daily routine. If you do not want to quit your prestigious job, learn to relax in a noisy environment.

Rest every 5 minutes. You can go to smoke, but do not smoke. Do gymnastics from time to time. Close your eyes and spend in a circle with eyeballs. You can massage your eyes with your fingertips.

There is a special set of exercises. It is not necessary to do all the lessons in a row, distribute them for several minutes during the day.

Try to rest after work. You can sign up for swimming or fitness. Visit the sauna more often. Go to a massage or beauty salon.

The eyelid twitches: treatment

First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of myocardium. If eyelid swelling and tearing occur together with twitching, consult an ophthalmologist. Maybe you have conjunctivitis. But if there are no visible symptoms of eye diseases, it is worth turning to a neurologist. In the case of a nerve t tick, sedatives are usually prescribed:

  • Glycised or glycine .They improve the work of the brain and have a sedative effect. True, the drug can provoke drowsiness, according to the drivers and drivers of trams, you can not take such medications
  • Persen. This herbal preparation on herbs. It contains mint and lemon balm. They gently relax and promote sedation.
  • Motherwort tincture. This medicine can be taken even by children. The tincture gently soothes and relaxes
  • Vitamins. In spring and autumn, be sure to consume vitamins, since beriberi also contributes to a nervous tic. Excellent cope with the nervous tincture of magnesium B6
  • Tincture of valerian .An old and tested drug for calming the nerves. Can be used for nerve tics in children
  • Bathrooms with essential oils .Usually, warm water is added with geranium and lavender oil. These herbs perfectly soothe

If even after taking sedatives the eyes still twitch, be sure to consult a neurologist. Pay special attention to the condition of the child. Quite often the constant nervous tics develop into serious ailments.

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