Kate Middleton's clothes. What does the Cambridge dame of Kate Middleton look like?

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Agree that it's nice to have a soul when a fairy tale can actually turn into reality. At first you find it hard to believe in it, but the fact remains and it must be accepted. But to take it dignifiedly.

On the fairy tale that happened to her in real life, the future British princess Kate Middleton might have dreamed of her childhood. She managed to charm with her beauty and inner charm of the Prince of Wales, the most enviable groom on the planet. Since their engagement, the fashion world has been closely following the wardrobe of the Duchess of Cambridge. Millions of beauties on the planet tend to imitate her, and dress in the same style as she. Her elegant image became an imitation for many girls of her age. This is not true, because she has been considered the most stylish woman for several years. She is called an icon of style, and all fashionable critics endlessly praise her outfits. It is often compared to beloved by all the princess Diana. But unlike Lady Dee, Kate Middleton, prefers domestic designers and brands.

By the way, in England there has long been a tradition that the first people of the country should appear in society only in the dresses of domestic designers. Kate Middleton dresses in such a way that will please the first, the Queen of Great Britain, her family members and English aristocrats.

Even under the crown, Kate walked in a modest wedding dress, which strongly resembled the dress of another monarch, Grace Kelly.

Princess Kate Middleton style

Her first visit, as the wife of Prince William, was Canada. For the official event, she picked up a white suit, which was supplemented with an ironic hat with the symbol of Canada, which fascinated the inhabitants of the country.

Style Dresses Keyt Middlton

at official receptions, she always looks sophisticated and stylish. The style of her dresses makes admiration of those around her. Kate prefers monophonic orders of calm shades.

responsible for outputs Kate prefers designer Sarah Burton products. Pay attention to the dress of the duchess, in which she appeared at the BAFTA award. A gently lilac chiffon dress, with a white girdle that successfully emphasized her figures, looked very interesting on the red carpet.

This was the reason that in her wardrobe, lace and pleating were used as decor. At first glance it is an ordinary decor, but with properly designed dress design, they perform stylishly, originally and at the same time, modestly.

At the official meetings the duchess allows herself to choose the dresses of a tight silhouette, where there is not a deep neckline and closed shoulders.

Kate Middleton dresses of the princess. Photo

Keyt Middlton blue dress

Dress appropriate for any event, while maintaining a subtle sense of style, elegance and luxury. This is how the duchess's clothes are evaluated. Some consider its outlets to be gray and boring, but only such envious persons can claim such an opinion.

Keith was recognized as the ideal woman according to polls. Her external and internal characteristics appeal to most men - a beautiful and slender figure, green eyes, brown hair, prestigious education and dislike for bad habits.

But let's get back to its fashionable image

One of its best exits is a blue dress that is sewn with flowing material, knee length and V-neck. It was his style that could transform the figure of a princess into an hourglass, while maintaining the ideal proportions.

Her image was not loaded with extra accessories. A stylish blue dress, black heels, a gentle chain with a small pendant and a ring with a blue stone, unobtrusively adorned the natural curls and light make-up, which she, by the way, does herself.

And how beautiful is it wearing a white knee-length dress? Stylish cut and again lace, which in this model acted as sleeves-raglan and basque. The color of the dress harmoniously combined with her dark hair, light tan, properly selected shoes on a high hairpin in black and complemented with an elegant clutch bag. To strengthen her style, the duchess picked up her hair in an elegant hairstyle, from under which protruded small earrings. All together created an elegant image and emphasized her exquisite taste. Speaking of a white dress.

Wedding dress Kate Middleton

As mentioned above, the wedding dress of the princess was modest, but, at the same time, for a long time remained in the memory of her fans, and not only. The news that the flight attendant's daughter and pilot is the prince's fiancé has caused a violent reaction among the masses and the media.

Everyone lived in anticipation of what kind of dress the lucky darling of the coveted groom will appear, and which fashion designer will be the lucky person who will be entrusted with his development. Passions were heated to a maximum, but the name of the creator of the wedding dress remained in strict confidence until the very end. Only at the wedding ceremony this secret was revealed - the happy choices were the sketches of Sarah Burton.

The charming cut of the long train and the original sleeves of the snow-white wedding dress of the princess are made in accordance with English traditions, undoubtedly underscored the impeccable taste of his mistress.

In England, there is a belief - the longer the train of the bride, the longer will last their happy life. The length of the train of the wedding dress Kate reached 3 meters and to the altar of the newlyweds he was carried by the sister of the bride - Philip.

Contrary to what everyone expected to see a luxurious outfit, the princess appeared at the ceremony in a very modest dress. But this modesty stunned the fashionable critics, who, of course, noted his impeccable style and elegance.

Of course, many compared it to the wedding dress of Elizabeth I, believing that the young lady wanted this to attract the queen's location. In any case, she did not lose her choice.

Evening dresses Kate Middleton

To complement your acquaintance with the costumes of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, we suggest you familiarize yourself with her evening attire. Among the colors gamuts are in the lead of pearl color, turquoise, snow-white and smoky shades. Everyone has already realized that the duchess prefers simple style and chooses light, airy and feminine outfits. In addition, she gladly supplements them with no less exquisite clutches.

Moreover, in this case, it also perfectly matches the colors of the costume, taking into account the traditions and peculiarities of the country that it is going to visit. For example, for a visit to the holiday dedicated to the Day of Canada, she was able to successfully select the color of the Canadian flag - a white suit and a graceful hat of red color.

And on the rodeo in Calgary, Kate, wore a cowboy hat, denim pants and an original shirt with traditional embroidery.

It would seem that these two outfits - this is the complete opposite. But in one and the other case the Duchess of Cambridge looked very original and natural.

Kate Middleton coat

No less interesting was the collection of the duchess's coat. They all differ in a strict style and perfectly emphasize her figure.

Bag Kate Middleton

In the wardrobe of the duchess, an important niche is occupied by her bags, which successfully emphasize all her outfits.

The Duchess of Cambridge is unconditionally recognized as an icon of the style of the Foggy Albion. In addition to the fact that she managed to subtly select their outfits, she managed to properly emphasize them ladies' bags. In her hands, you rarely see models of bags such as a briefcase or baguette.

On what royal receptions or diplomatic dinners she did not appear, she always has a small clutch in her hands. Their collection consists of universal models of classic shades - white, black, red, blue, gray, golden and none of them is notable for decorations in the form of glitter, spikes, etc. Kate complements them not only evening images, but everyday.

Hats Keyt Middlton

But naturally hats, without which it is almost never appears in public. In England, the hat is given special significance, it is enough to get acquainted with the hats of the queen herself, who decorate her wardrobe in almost all the images.

The new personage of the palace is also able to wear hats - the duchess of Cambridge Keith Middleton.

Jewelery Kate Middleton

There is no such woman on the globe who does not suffer from weakness for decorations. Kate Middleton is no exception. The collection of her jewelry consists of both unique jewelry in elegant frames worth more than a million dollars, as well as ordinary ornaments that are relatively less expensive. But the most beautiful decoration of the Duchess of Cambridge is the famous ring of Princess Diana. This ring reminds William of his mother, so he gave it to his chosen one at the engagement.

In addition to rings, the princess, like a real woman, is proud of her collection of earrings. But the most luxurious among all are the earrings that she had at the wedding. Their design is based on the coat of arms of the Middleton family, which depicts acorns and oak leaves.

Kate also picked up elegant earrings, which in style fit perfectly with the famous ring of Lady Dee. Woman-earrings-kate-middleton-inspired-oval-blue-sapphire-zirconium-rhodium-cluster-wedding-earrings-daily-dae-0051 Most often in the ears of Kate you can see diamond pusery and earrings with large stones.

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