Feeding a child up to a year by months with breastfeeding and artificial feeding. The complementary meal by month


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correct lure a child for months to a year

  • In the life of every kid comes a time when the milk for nutrition becomes small. The child with every month is more active, it grows and requires more calories and nutrients.
  • . Feeding is the introduction of new foods into the baby's diet. It should be done correctly, taking into account all the features of age, health and needs.
  • . As practice shows, small children like to try "adult food".It differs significantly from breast milk, has many flavors and a d
    ifferent texture.
  • . Parents need to build a correct lure, observing the size and composition of portions for their child so as not to cause disorders, poisonings or constipation. It is important not to offer your child everything, but to understand and clearly outline the scheme for products to be administered first, and which ones are not
Feeding the baby with spoons, first foods feeding baby with a spoon, the first complementary foods

Important: The nutritional value of weaning foods complements breast milk or artificial milkMixture.

It's not a secret that a child's nutrition is the foundation of his health for the rest of his life. This is a kind of "foundation" for the baby. That's why the lure should be gradual, smooth and varied.

There are certain rules for the introduction of various foods that should not be ignored. They are listed in special tables of monthly additions and this schedule should be adhered to by each responsible mother.

lure can be of plant origin:

  • fruit purees
  • vegetable purees
  • juices, fruit drinks, jelly
  • porridge, soups

There is also a lure and animal origin:

  • eggs
  • cheese
  • yogurt
  • milk porridge
  • meat
  • fish

Lure helps wean your baby from breast milk, and mixtures thereof. The fact is that such food stimulates the release of digestive enzymes, develops chewing skills and interests the child with its taste qualities. Each mother should closely monitor the needs and development of her child to accurately understand that he needs food. This may say factors such as:

  • deviation baby weight to low rates suggests that the baby is often hungry and loses
  • weight emergence of strong interest to what the mother eats says that the kid bothers to observe andhe also wants to try this food
  • capricious behavior of the baby after feeding milk says that he is hungry, and so it is not enough food to satiety
Kasha is one of the first lures for a baby porridge - one of the first complementary foods for baby

these factors couldUt at any age, but most often they begin to appear after four months. However, pediatricians and experienced specialists strongly recommend the introduction of complementary foods when the child reaches the age of six months.

This recommendation is relevant for those women who have sufficient amounts of breast milk. In other cases, when the child is on artificial feeding, he may require complementary feeding a little earlier than six months.

It is impossible to hurry feeding a baby with "adult food" because it is not always able to have a beneficial effect. This happens because the child's digestive system is not ready for heavy and unusual food. This is why it is possible to observe such phenomena as liquid and frequent stools, vomiting and regurgitation, fever, colic in the intestines and abundant gas formation.

Video: "Feeding the baby. Where to begin? How to feed? When »

Detailed lure monthly breastfeeding: table

Proper start weaning your baby will ensure a smooth introduction to adult food and create a minimum of health problems. Doctors recommend starting the introduction of complementary foods with the help of a spoon. It is the spoon that breaks the child from the breast or nipples, that is, it forms the skills of proper eating behavior.

It is also useful for each mom to keep a food diary. This detail will allow you to carefully monitor what kind of food the baby uses and how it reacts.

Spoon for feeding an infant spoon feeding baby

introduce other foods into the infant diet, you should know all the features of its digestive system, the baby tendency to constipation or diarrhea. All because different food causes different reactions. For example, rice porridge strengthens, and fiber from fruits and vegetables is weakened.

It is important to know that after starting the lure, the child's chair will form and normalize only after a week, until this time you can observe the mucus impurities in the stool, which arise as a result of the production of enzymes.

The Association of World Children's Doctors concluded that the first lure should include special cereals and dairy products. Concentrated juice is harmful to children under the age of nine months. All because it contains a huge amount of acids, which can adversely affect the infant's digestive system. The juices that you give to your child must be diluted twice and thrice with purified water.

Approximate diagram for input feeding children who are breastfed:

Breast milk is a staple food for the kids. Breast should be given to the child immediately after you have tried to feed it with other food. Be careful and the first porridges for your baby cook only on the water, without any trace of milk. Give preference to white, light and greenish vegetable and fruit puree at the first lure, they are easy for digestion.

Important: Only after two months you can start to make original mixes and multi-component mixtures-purees. Remember that the purpose of complementary feeding in the first months of a child's life is not to satisfy him with foreign food, but to teach his digestive system to work with other foods.

Video: "Should breastfeeding be supplemented with lure?"

Safe lure by months with artificial feeding: table

As already mentioned, children who are on artificial feeding may require complementary foods much earlier than those thatAre breastfeeding. The reason for this is the fact that breast milk contains eight times more useful micronutrients than the best milk formula. If you notice for your child the need for lure, begin his correct introduction.

First of all, make sure that at the moment your baby is absolutely healthy and has no digestive disorders that can occur for various reasons: the teeth are chopped, for example, or a cold.

the first milk lure of a baby

Do not try to give your child at a time the maximum number of products and limit the feeding to a maximum of one new item every day. The first lure should be liquid enough for the baby to cope with it. Choose not concentrated juices or dilute puree with purified water.

Try to combine nutrition with bottled milk. Offer him a spoonful of food and then milk. During the day, do not forget to offer the child water to drink, so that it does not have constipation( artificial milk is saturated with protein).

Approximate table of introduction of complementary feeding with artificial feeding indicative table of introduction of complementary feeding with artificial feeding

It is necessary to check the reaction of the baby to the product and only then try to enter a new one. Try to start lure not with a vegetable, but with a fruit mixture. This will allow the baby to enjoy the sweet food and try to open his mouth for a spoon.

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Baby's diet for each month, useful advice and recommendations

Each month your child will grow and his needs for more calorie and tasty food will grow. In lure it is important to observe the necessary consistency for food: start feeding with liquid, continue to puree and then introduce a piece. This mode allows you to properly develop chewing skills and accustom your stomach to digesting food.

Many products may have an allergic reaction: fruits, some vegetables or cereals. Therefore, carefully monitor your child's behavior: how he feels and what his chair is. When observing any negative reaction, limit the consumption of this product for a while.

Feeding the baby puree feeding the baby puree

The older the baby becomes, the more often you need to feed it during the day. So, the first lure mono to exercise once a day and increase over time to three meals. Remember that the first feeding should not be abundant and you should start with just a few drops of the product.

Entering food for the baby by months food input for the baby by months

A gradual and moderate introduction to the diet of food will allow the child to form the right habits and adjust the digestive system. When starting a lure, be sure to follow the table and do not forget to follow the sensations of the baby, as well as his wishes. Little children are also people and they, like adults, are able to prefer certain products and give refusal to others.

Do not force the child to eat with a spoon, if he is not ready for it yet. In any case, interest in "adult food" for him to appear, but only when there will be a need.

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Menu complementary foods for babies who are breastfed and bottle-fed

Every mother decides for itself what foods will be the first lure baby: those that are sold inStore or those that you can cook yourself. The main and basic rule to be followed is the complete sterility of children's dishes and the naturalness of the ingredients.

Do not try to teach a baby to eat several foodstuffs at once, do not force him and give his tiny digestive system the ability to cope with minimal amounts of food. Starting the lure, dilute even the most liquid gruel, mashed potatoes and juices with water, to avoid poisoning and allergic reactions.

Feeding, focused on the skills of the kid child-centered feeding

Remember that your baby's diet should not include harmful foods. Even at the end of twelve months, chocolate sweets, cakes, mayonnaise, sausage, fast food and other food products are not allowed. If you want to please him sweet, then the sweetest for him should be natural jam or jam.

Remember, the lure is really necessary for the child, if he owns certain "adult skills. Such as:

Is the child ready to feed? Is the child ready for lure?

Sample menu of complementary foods for a child six months:

  • First week: breast milk( or mixture) and half a teaspoon of infant cereal( oatmeal or buckwheat), every other day, you can enter into the diet of a few drops of juice or diluted puree
  • second week: breast milk( or a mixture) and three teaspoons child clover, vegetable puree white or green color( less allergenic) - teaspoon
  • third week: increase the amount of cereals, fruit and vegetable mixture overAnd the day, every meal of food "drink" with milk

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