Top 10 best means to strengthen and grow nails. How to apply professional means to strengthen and grow nails and from a pharmacy at home?

Damaged, layered and thin nails - this is a cruel reality with which you should not put up. There are a huge number of tools that can eliminate these unpleasant phenomena, and most of them are available to everyone.

Ingredients for strengthening and nail growth from the pharmacy: application at home

  • Sea salt
  • Iodine
  • Paraffin or wax
  • Burdock
  • Almond oil
  • Clay
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  • Professional nail strengthening agents
  • clever enamel thickening gel nail: how to use, real
  • Opi - a means to strengthen nails: how to use
  • Mavala - a means to strengthen nails: how to use
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  • Evelyn - a means to strengthen nails: how to use
  • Sally Hansen - the means to strengthen nails: how to use
  • IBX - a means to strengthen nails: how to use
  • bodycare - a means to strengthen nails and growth promoters:
  • use as a means for strengthening nails nail: application
  • strengthening nail varnish gel
  • vitamins nail strengthening
    • Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin E
    • B vitamins
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  • Beautiful well-groomed nails - is an important part of the female image. But sometimes it happens that the marigolds begin to break, become brittle and vulnerable .What to do in this case?

    Nail - industry does not stand still, so today there are many various strengthening tools .They not only perfectly cope with their function of strengthening the nail plate, but also nourish and align it. Moreover, such tools are very easy to use .So, you will not even notice how your nails will become healthy and strong in just a few sessions.

    means for strengthening and growth of nails from the pharmacy: application in

    home to your nails were strong and healthy not necessarily to use expensive special tools. In the pharmacy you can buy a lot of to all the familiar tools of , which will perfectly cope with this task, and will cost you much cheaper.

    There are many ways to strengthen your nails at home There are many ways to strengthen your nails at home

    Sea salt

    This wonderful preparation can be found not only in the pharmacy, but in any market. You can buy both pure salt, and with various useful additives .A very useful additive is made of clay. She perfectly copes with nail plate healing of .And if you choose salt with lavender, the calming effect of will be provided to your skin.

    Surely you noticed that after sea bathing nails became more healthy and strong .This is exactly the effect sea salt possesses. Plus to this, iodine , contained in salt, also affects the restoration of nails.

    Baths with sea salt will help not only to strengthen the nails, but also to accelerate their growth Baths with sea salt will not only strengthen your nails, but also to accelerate their growth

    To prepare bath with miraculous salt, you will need half a liter of warm water and a couple of tablespoons sea salt. Literally 10 minutes, and your hands will not recognize. Nails will receive the necessary useful elements, and skin of the hands will become smooth and elastic .


    Affordable and inexpensive means perfectly copes with the strengthening of nails. Iodine is vital to the human body, it plays a big role in metabolic processes.

    Among other means to strengthen the nails use iodine Among other means for strengthening the nails use iodine

    To to strengthen your marigolds simply apply a little iodine with a cotton swab on the nails of .Within a few hours this solution will completely absorb.

    Important : it is necessary to apply nourishing cream to fingernails and hands , since the tincture of iodine is made on an alcohol basis.

    Paraffin or wax

    These available products perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin of .And if your nails do not have enough moisture, and they began to crumble and break, then this is the surest means. Nails, especially long ones, should be elastic.

    But, in no event, do not use candle wax or wax. These funds must be special, which can only be bought at the pharmacy.

    Baths from paraffin will help to eliminate the fragility of the nail plate Paraffin baths can help to eliminate the fragility of the nail plate

    In addition, in the winter to do procedures using paraffin or wax - it is a pleasure, because they have a warming effect .

    For the paraffin bath, gently melt, then add a few drops of any essential oil. Before applying the composition of the hand, lubricate with any nutritious cream. Then the hands should be clad in gloves made of polyethylene and dipped in paraffin wax. Wrap your hands with a towel and hold for 20 minutes.


    Thanks to its moisturizing properties , oil perfectly nourishes and restores the water balance of the skin and nail plate. And in combination with other ingredients, burdock oil can do real miracles.

    Burdock oil so often used for hair is also useful for nails Burdock oil so often used for hair is useful and for nails

    Add to burdock sea buckthorn oil, which is rich in vitamins .Also add vitamins C, E and A, capsules of which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Mixture regularly apply to the skin of the hands and nails .

    Almond oil

    The content of vitamins , useful skin, makes this oil almost indispensable in the beauty industry. It perfectly moisturizes the nails and softens the skin .

    Thrice a week it is necessary to lubricate the cuticle with this oil and carefully remove it. After a while you may notice that the growth of the cuticle is suspended. Thus, it is possible to carry out unedged manicure .

    Almond oil will help in the acceleration of hair growth, as well as soften the cuticle Almond oil will help in the acceleration of hair growth, as well as soften the cuticle


    It contains a huge amount of useful microelements .However, it has the property to dry the skin .Therefore, when using it, you must additionally apply fatty and nutritious creams. Gadgets from clay enough to do twice a month .

    And do not forget that along with cosmetic means for strengthening nails, you must take any vitamin complexes .

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    Professional means for strengthening nails

    The cosmetic market is literally full of with various nail care products .Such funds can be divided into preventive and curative. Now practical any problems with nails can easily solve .Some drugs regenerate tissues, others strengthen the nails, others - nourish and moisturize.

    The nail industry offers a large number of nail products for a variety of activities The nail industry offers a large number of nail remedies for the very different effects of

    If you want to purchase the professional tool for treating your marigolds , it's best to purchase it at the pharmacy. Be sure to carefully read its composition. If you have calcium , your nails will be strong. With nail polishing you will be helped by a product that contains fruit acids .

    Clever enamel gel for nail thickening: how to use, reviews

    Due to the fact that provitamin B5 is included in this enamel, high-quality moisturizing and nourishment for your nails will be ensured. The edge of the nail is fixed by this means, and accordingly, the nail ceases to separate .

    The presence of calcium results in strengthening of the nail plate, its alignment with , and the production of natural keratin.

    Clever enamel Clever enamel

    Apply the enamel preferably daily .It is perfectly absorbed and dries. Immediately after application, you can feel how the nail plate thickens and acquires the elasticity and elasticity of the .In addition, the regular use of smart enamel leads to the proper growth of the nails and the preservation of their healthy appearance.

    Opi - a means for strengthening nails: how to use

    Various environmental factors, persistent stress and bad ecology uniquely affect the condition of nails. Therefore, they can become brittle, soft and pelleted .To avoid such consequences and make your nails really healthy and strong, pay attention to the special tool O.P.I ., Which is designed to strengthen the nail plate. Its unique formula nourishes the nails and protects the nail plate from various damages of the .

    Means for strengthening the nail plate from opi Means for strengthening the nail plate from OPI

    Keratinic acids and other useful substances are covered with a thin layer of nails and gives it the strength of .You can apply this amazing tool both in the salon and at home. The full course is for about two weeks .

    Apply the drug every other day. You can even alternate it with a manicure. The surface of the nail plate after the first applications of is leveled, smoothed and strengthened .A good kind of nails can last quite a long time.

    In addition, O.P.I.Protects the nails from external influences and mechanical damages .It is especially good that the agent dries almost instantly.

    The maximum use time is about two weeks. The surface of the nails must be carefully clean and degrease .Then apply. After two weeks of application every other day, you can use its as the baseline .

    Mawala - a means for strengthening nails: how to use

    Mavala Scientifique is a specially developed product that perfectly strengthens, nourishes and maintains the nail plate in a good condition. Using this remedy, you can forget about delamination or brittle nails for a long time.

    Mavala scientifique take care of the beauty and health of your nails Mavala Scientifique to take care of the beauty and health of your nails

    Nutritious and useful substances that make up this unique preparation will make your nails strong, beautiful and healthy .

    It is necessary to use this miracle remedy

    1. should be cleaned nails, remove the lacquer and wipe with fat-dissolving agent
    2. Apply special brush Mavala Scientifique to the edge of the nail plate
    3. Well to dry the nails so that the tool is fixed

    .So that does not get on the skin or cuticle of .Use it twice a week.

    Video: Strengthening the nails at home

    Evelyn - a means to strengthen the nails: how to use

    If you have weak nails from the nature of , or they suffered as a result of build-up, then you can not do without a strengthening agent from Evelyn. It allows the nails to accelerate the regeneration of , nourishes and strengthens them, makes them healthier. As the manufacturers say, their remedy is the solution of the eight nail problems:

    • prevents delamination
    • makes nails harder
    • eliminates the brittleness
    • makes nail surface smooth
    • strengthens weakened nails
    • removes dullness
    • makes nail plate thicker
    • attached marigolds haze
    A remedy for Evelyn struggles with 8 nail problems means of Evelyn eliminates 8 major problems faced by the nail plate

    Also, meansFrom Evelyn makes the nail grow faster , which means that long and strong nails will be provided to you.

    Apply the tool to strengthen every day .To use it more effectively, does not have to erase the first three days of .Those. On your nails should be three layers of the remedy. On the third day it can be washed off and act according to the previous scheme again.

    Before applying this varnish, must be treated with the cuticle with either a cream or a special oil. Thus, you can protect the skin from drying out. If you use lacquer as the basis of , then do not forget that its opacity can change the color of the main varnish .

    Sally Hansen - a means for strengthening nails: how to use


    The company sally hansen produces various products for the restoration and rehabilitation of nails is claimed by the manufacturers. Sally Hansen manufactures various means for the restoration and improvement of nails.

    is used to cure brittle, weak and exfoliating nails. This tool gives the nail plate firmness , strengthens it and prevents delamination. The special composition of Sally Hansen compacts and "seals" the edges of the nails. Long-term protection and excellent growth will be provided to you.

    Before application of the nail remover, must be thoroughly cleaned from lacquer and grease .Apply the product as a normal lacquer. Especially pay attention to the edges of the nail .After applying one coat, allow the varnish to dry, and then repeat the procedure. Used by Sally Hansen or as an independent tool , or as a base coating for any varnish.

    IBX - a means for strengthening nails: how to use

    The difference between the IBX complex and similar means is that this lacquer penetrates deep into the nail structure and heals it from the inside. It nourishes and moisturizes every layer of the nail plate. Compare the effect of this varnish with professional procedure in the cabin .

    Ibx will give your nails salon care at home IBX will give your nails salon care at home

    The varnish so is eaten into the structure of the nail plate , that it can not be removed by any means. He grows only with a fingernail.

    Usage procedure:

    1. Prepare the nails , give them a shape and length, degrease and allow them to dry completely
    2. Apply the preparation to the entire nail surface and dry it with a lamp or
    3. . Remove the sticky layer with a special sponge
    4. Dry in a special lamp
    5. CoatNail the second layer of IBX and repeat the procedure for drying and removing the adhesive coating
    6. . This procedure of should be repeated three times with , and then you can apply

    varnish. Be sure that preparation did not get on the skin .

    Phytocosmetics - a means to strengthen nails and a growth activator: how to use

    The beauty of this product is that it is practically manufactured on a natural basis .It contains various oils. Its cream texture makes it easy to apply to the nail plate and cuticle area. is perfectly absorbed by , activates the growth of the nail plate and softens the cuticle. Thanks to him we get healthy and strong nails .

    As part of phytocosmetics - natural ingredients In the composition of the phytocosmetics - natural components

    Apply the product with massage movements on the entire nail plate and cuticle, hold it slightly and remove the excess with tissue. This complex completely fills the lack of vitamin and elements of , therefore its use is recommended by many specialists.

    Means for strengthening nails Nail: application of

    This domestic company is remembered by our mothers and grandmothers. But the assortment of this company is constantly updated. And strengthening nail polish Nail Art has already received many positive reviews.

    It perfectly strengthens the nail plate , protects it from external influences and mechanical damages. It can even be said that this tool completely replaces the lacquer, since the has several shades of , from almost transparent to a saturated color.

    Budget funds for strengthening nails, such as nails or christina show a good result Budget funds for strengthening nails, such as Nail or Christina show a good result

    It is applied very easily , as a usual varnish. Due to its correct texture, does not spread and dries quickly. You can use as the base covering of , or as the main varnish of .On the sites you can find a lot of reviews about this tool.

    Many are surprised by its low price and quite good quality .Its constituent vitamins and minerals make the nails strong, healthy, they accumulate good growth. With this tool, your nails will always look well-groomed , and you will spend comparatively little effort, time and money.

    Strengthen your nail gel with

    varnish If your marigolds become brittle and dull, try the procedure of their strengthening gel with varnish. This drug consists mostly of proteins, so it can be called identical to natural nail plates. Therefore, does not harm anything, it does not bring , but on the contrary, protects the nails from damage and strengthens their structure.

    Salon practice often uses the strengthening of nail gel with lacquer In salon practice it is often used to strengthen nail gel with varnish

    How to use:

    1. Before the procedure for a couple of hours, try to refrain from water procedures and apply cream on the hands
    2. Disinfect your hands and stick gently push the cuticle
    3. Now you need to remove the glossy nail surface With a special grinding nail file
    4. All nails are degreased with a special tool
    5. Then with a brush is applied a gel varnish on theThe thickness of the nail plate
    6. Drying under the ultraviolet lamp

    It is very important that in addition to the strengthening properties, the gel varnish has a good air permeability , which means that your nails can "breathe".

    Strengthening nails with vitamins

    Without vitamins it is not possible to imagine our life. They play a huge role and in strengthening our marigolds .So what kind of vitamins do we need to make our nails healthy and strong? And what are the necessary vitamins?

    There is nothing more useful than strengthening nails with vitamins, which can be obtained through food There is nothing more useful than strengthening nails with vitamins that can be obtained through food

    Vitamin A

    This is a kind of barrier against various fungal diseases .And also - this is the basis of the strength of the nail plate. You can find it in the liver, carrots, various vegetables and herbs.

    Vitamin C

    Ascorbic , known to all, will protect nails from aging and prevent the plate from turning yellow .If this vitamin is not enough in the body, the marigolds can separate and break. In black currant, onion and citrus you will find this wonderful vitamin.

    Vitamin E

    plays an important role in stimulating the growth of our marigolds and does not give fungal infections to affect the nail plate. Lay on nuts, beans and vegetable oils .

    The most useful for nails: calcium, vitamins a, e, in Most useful for nails: calcium, vitamins A, E, B

    Vitamins of group B

    Thanks to this group calcium is better absorbed in our body by .Very important for marigolds is B8 or H vitamin. He synthesizes in our body collagen and keratin , which in turn gives firmness to the nail plate. Eat as much as possible greens, eggs and milk .

    As you can see, you can improve and strengthen the nails with special tools and by changing your daily diet .What of all this is to choose - it's up to you, but in no case should you leave your marigolds in trouble.

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