Why does my head itch after painting my hair? Safe hair colors

From the article you will learn why the head after staining is cheshed and how to deal with this problem.


  • Why does my head scratch after staining?
  • Is it possible to get a scalp after painting hair
  • Pharmacy for burns for scalp
  • How to choose a safe hair dye?
  • Which hair dye is the safest?
  • List of hypoallergenic hair dyes
  • What hypoallergenic colors for gray hair exist?
  • How to treat the scalp after painting?
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A modern woman changes her image quite often. She buys new fashionable clothes, elegant shoes, makes a memorable make-up well, and, of course, dyes her hair. Many girls believe that it is the hair color that helps make the image perfect.

But in order to always look perfect, they often have to tint their hair. And, as a rule, because of frequent

staining, women have problems with the scalp.

Why does my head itch after staining?

Most often, itching provokes ammonia and peroxide.

Very often, after staining, women have dry scalp and just an unbearable itch. In some of the fair sex, the dermatological covering is irritated to such an extent that the wound appears on the epidermis. Agree, the situation of the unpleasant. In fact if a dandruff of a special dyscomfort does not cause, the strong itch at least can put in an awkward position.

Dandruff can also cause itching .

Most often, such problems occur if a woman decided to save on paint and bought the cheapest product. But there are cases when the same symptoms appear after salon staining with high-quality dyes. Why this happens we will understand below.

Causes of itching after staining:

• Dandruff. Very often, after improperly carried out staining, dandruff appears on the scalp. If you notice her appearance, then do not expect that she will disappear on her own. Better go to the pharmacy, buy a medical shampoo and start to solve the problem

• Allergy to paint components. In order to exclude the given reason it is necessary to choose only well-known products to you. If it turned out that you bought a completely new paint, then be sure to test it. Apply some of the colorants to a small area of ​​the skin and if there are no pathological changes in the epidermis, you can safely dye the hair

• The paint has overdried the dermatological cover. If you have ammonia and peroxide in your chosen product, they will definitely make the skin dry. If you do not have the opportunity to buy bezamichnuyu paint, give preference to tinting shampoos or henna

• Incorrect use of paint. Before you begin to change the image, be sure to read the instructions. If there it is written that the coloring matter can be on the hair for 30 minutes, then that's where they leave them. After all, even if you keep their color for an hour, it will not get any better. By doing this you will only damage both the hair and the scalp

Can I get a scalp burn after painting the hair

Unsuccessful home staining can lead to a burn of the scalp .

If you use inadequate paint or just keep it on your head for a long time, it is likely that you will get a chemical skin burn. Dermatological cover will be damaged due to the fact that they will be influenced by alkaline substances for a long time. The skin first blushes, becomes blistered, and in the most severe case, suppuration and swelling may appear.

Therefore, if you feel a burning sensation after applying the paint, do not wait, and immediately remove the coloring matter. If after removal the unpleasant symptoms do not disappear, then it is better to consult a trichologist and undergo a course of therapeutic therapy.

Always observe the paint dyeing time on the hair.

Dyeing rules to help avoid scalp burns:
• Never mix paint components in metal containers. Colorants react with metal and this leads to the formation of harmful compounds
• Prepare the paint literally a couple of minutes before changing the image. If it remains standing for a long time, it will begin to interact with oxygen and oxidize, and this process will necessarily adversely affect the quality of the
paint. • Properly apply the paint. Be sure to paint according to all the rules. First carefully treat the roots, and then start painting your own hair. Try to get as little paint as possible on the dermatological cover

Pharmaceutical products for burns for scalp

You should know that the choice of means for burns will depend heavily on the area, extent and depth of skin damage.

If the skin is slightly reddened after staining, then it is not necessary to treat them. Just in time wash your hair and, at least for a while, do not use a hairdryer, ironing, and tongs. But if the burning sensation does not pass for a long time and the blister appears on the epidermis, then it means that you need to apply medicine means against the burn.

If you know how you can treat this problem, then just go to the pharmacy, buy the right drug and treat them with affected areas. In case you are not absolutely sure that you can choose the right remedy, it is better to consult a specialist. He will be able to more accurately determine the degree of damage and will offer you adequate treatment.

Panthenol spray for hair .

Means to help treat a chemical burn:

• Panthenol. Has analgesic properties, and also promotes rapid restoration of the skin
• Olazl. As well as the previous remedy perfectly anesthetizes, removes inflammation and has antibacterial action
• Solcoseryl. It is used if wounds appeared due to a chemical burn. Well disinfects, heals lesions and promotes rapid cell renewal
• Furaplast. Has antiseptic and healing properties. But it can not be used if there is suppuration and swelling. After application on the wound there will be a film that will not give the skin integuments to breathe normally

How to choose a safe hair dye?

If you want the gray color to be painted perfectly, then choose a shade that is close to your natural color .

Today, no one will be surprised with dyed hair. Some women paint them so often that they can not even remember what color they used to have hair. And in order to ensure that the frequent change of image does not damage the appearance of the head of hear, we must very carefully approach the process of selecting colorants. After all, if they are not of good quality, then there is a possibility that a woman will have problems with her hair. They will become dry, brittle and begin to fall out.

Recommendations for choosing safe paint:
• If you only need to tint your hair, buy first-level paints( do not contain peroxide and ammonia).They will return the hair a bright color and will not adversely affect them
• Give preference only to proven manufacturers. If you saw on the shelf in the store cheap paint, from a previously unknown producer, then do not rush to buy it. Remember, high-quality paint will never cost a penny, because for its manufacture use quite expensive components of
• Also do not forget to check the expiry date. Refuse to buy if it ends in the coming days. Overdue paint can dry hair and burn the scalp
• Do not buy paint in the market. After all, if you have any problems, you will not have anyone to complain to. In specialized stores you can always check the quality certificate for

Which hair dye is the safest?

A safe hair dye should gently affect the hair.

Absolutely all women know that completely harmless paints do not exist. But there are those that cause minimal harm to the hair. Most often, they generally do not contain ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide is present in them in the lowest possible doses. And in order to have such a paint also has a beneficial effect in its composition include vitamin complexes and various nutritive oils. The main sign that the paint has useful ingredients is the softness of the hair after changing the image. They remain smooth, shiny and silky.

Hazardous shampoos are another safe means. They have a soft effect on the structure of the hair, so they can not paint the gray hair or change the color drastically. Usually they are washed off within a month. Also you can color your hair with henna. This natural dye changes color quite well, but when washed off, the head of hearing gets a slightly greenish tinge. But the main disadvantage of this method is the complete incompatibility of henna and purchased paints.

list of hypoallergenic hair dyes

hypoallergenic hair dye, made for those who have a tendency to allergies.

Usually we choose hair dye resting not only on your opinion. We read reviews on the Internet, we will see the broadcasts on TV and just ask our loved ones. But in addition to the opinion of people around us, there is an opinion of experts. Most often it is based on the general characteristics of the components of which the product consists. Making the rating of the best hypoallergenic hair colors, they take into account the coloring properties of the substances, color fastness, uniformity of coloring well, and, of course, demand.

The most popular hypoallergenic hair dyes:

• Wella Color. It does not contain ammonia so it does not irritate the skin. In addition, it contains nutritional elements that help preserve the structure of the hair
• AVON ADVANCE. This cosmetic product well paints gray hair. Also the colors of this series safely lighten the hair
• Garnier Color Naturals .Gives a persistent color, which is not washed away for two months. And due to the fact that it contains avocado oil and carite, after dyeing the hair does not lose its lively shine
• Londa Londacolor. Paint has a rich natural palette, which for a long time does not wash off or fade. It has a rather pleasant smell and is easily applied by
• SYOSS Professional. Good enough stain hair, does not dry the skin and does not damage the hair

What hypoallergenic paints gray hair there?

hypoallergenic paints gray hair like many of its gentle effect on the skin.

Every woman tries to stay young and beautiful as long as possible. But unfortunately, when she passes the forty-year boundary on her head, gray hairs begin to appear. To the other people did not see the first signs of aging, a woman has to paint over the gray hair.

But not all dyes are equally good at the task. Quality paint should not only eliminate the defect, but also contain components that will restore the structure of the hair and restrain its aging.

best paint for coloring gray hair:
• Estel
• Igora
• Palette
• Garnier - Color Naturals
• Schwarzkopf Professional

How to treat scalp after painting?

Homemade masks will help to quickly bring your scalp in order.
Of course, all women try to dye their hair with the best quality substances. But no matter how expensive the paint is, there is a certain harm to the hair, it does everything right. Therefore, some time after changing the image of the head of hair remains more dry and brittle. Reducing such negative manifestations may well be aids. They should be applied regularly to the hair for 2-3 weeks after staining. Usually after this time, the hair returns natural shine and elasticity.

Means to help cure head skin after staining:

• Oil masks. In any pharmacy you will find natural oils that have anti-inflammatory and nutritional properties. Buy the product you like and apply it to your hair in its pure form. Literally, after a couple of procedures, dryness will begin to decrease and the hair will become silky

• Herbal decoction. For the treatment of head of hair, you can use nettles, chamomile, oregano and yarrow. Every time you wash your hair, do not forget to rinse your hair with a freshly prepared herbal decoction. It will help to remove irritation of the skin and strengthen the hair itself

• Professional aids. Many manufacturers, together with paint produce special care products. They include herbal extracts, nourishing oils and proteins. They quickly lead hair in order and normalize state of the epidermis

How to prevent itchy scalp after hair dyeing: tips and reviews

Itching after staining phenomenon quite common. Therefore, if he appeared and you, you do not need to get upset. There are ways that you can get rid of this problem pretty quickly. The main thing, do not be lazy and conduct procedures regularly.

tips that will help to remove itching after staining:
• Some time after the change of the image to wash your hair pH-balanced shampoo. Also, the remedies prepared on the basis of natural apple or raspberry vinegar
are well enough to remove irritation. • Do several times a massage with olive or almond oil. With light massage movements, rub it into the scalp and leave there for 20 minutes. Then wash your head with warm water and shampoo
. • Do not use styling products before staining. This can provoke a strong enough allergic reaction

Liliana: I always paint my hair only in the beauty salon. I have my favorite master who knows all the features of my hairstyle, so usually no problems arise. After staining, I take some time to buy balsams and masks. Usually, after a week, the hair becomes normal.

Sofia: I have a very early appearance of gray, so I often have to tint my hair. This, of course, has a negative effect on the hair. They became dry and began to fall out. I started to make nutritious masochki, but so far I do not see the desired effects.

Video: SOS situation! !!Or how to escape for 1 hour from itching, dandruff and dryness on the head!