What should I look for when choosing a beauty center? How to stay beautiful after a visit to a cosmetologist

Not beauty, but an integral part of everyday life have become beauty salons and cosmetology centers for a modern woman. A very important aspect is the choice of a good cosmetologist. With a huge range of salons and services offered, it is very easy to mistake and become a victim of "beauty."


  • How to choose a beauty salon?
    • A good cosmetologist, what are the criteria for choosing?
  • What is facial cleansing? Types face cleaning
    • Ultrasonic cleaning
    • Vacuum cleaning
    • Laser cleaning
    • Chemical facial peels
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    • Cosmetology center or beauty salon?
    • Cosmetologist or cosmetician?
    • After cosmetologist photo
    • Beauty injections. Victims of beauty. Reviews and advice
    • Video: How to choose a beautician?

How to choose a beauty salon? The main criteria for choosing a beauty salon, which you should pay attention to:

  • Pleasant furnish
  • Conducting complex procedures
  • Qualified employees
  • Modern and quality: equipment, tools, preparatio
    ns, cosmetics.

Elite beauty salon photo elite beauty salon photo

  • certificates of quality
  • The presence of a professional to resolve a specific problem
  • good beautician -on what criteria inBiran?

    How to choose a good cosmetologist photo how to choose a good beautician photo

    Despite the wide range of services offered in beauty salons, special attention should be paid to the choice of a cosmetologist. It is very important to apply various procedures for the care and rejuvenation of the face and body, not only to get a positive result, but also not to harm the health. By the choice of a cosmetologist should be taken as to the choice of doctor

    Principles of choosing a good beautician:

    • Pay attention to work experience. The frequency of various procedures depends on the professionalism of the cosmetologist. Do not expose yourself to risk, if the specialist you need the procedure does for the first time. This can not lead to the desired result, but rather can make you an accidental beauty victim
    • We are interested in the cost of services. Too low price does not guarantee the quality of the materials used. The imposition of expensive procedures, which you did not expect, should cause suspicion. A true professional will recommend an alternative to the necessary procedure with a more reasonable price.
    • We pay attention to the state of the workplace of the cosmetologist. Cleanliness, sterility, no traces from the previous customer. The tools are disposable or disinfected. There should be no sharp odor. The office should have a cozy comfortable atmosphere. Despite the ideal purity, you should not feel like in the surgeon's office
    • When communicating we establish the ethical side of the cosmetologist. A professional specialist does not focus on your deep wrinkles or on the awful condition of the skin. A good cosmetologist correctly explains that to improve your appearance and health, you need to go through some procedures. We draw attention to the facial expressions of a specialist - a pleasant smile, a confident look
    • We look at whether there is information about cosmetics. Vials should be all with labels. A competent cosmetologist tells about the action of the drug used. Informs about the shelf life and the composition of the drug. Always up to date with all modern innovations. We do not hesitate to ask. And if we get unconvinced answers, think about the competence of such a beautician
    • We ask about education, with confirmation of certificates, diploma
    • Additionally we are interested in information from other clients
    • Professional will never start the procedure immediately after your arrival, initially specify the diet, Smoking, when you go to sleep. This information is necessary for the cosmetologist to choose the right treatment. Therefore, we do not take it as idle curiosity
    • A good cosmetologist does not advertise and will not insist on the purchase of certain goods. The professional is interested in satisfying the needs of the client in their activities, and not in the sales line
    • We listen to the reviews of close people who are familiar with the professional qualities of the cosmetologist

    What is facial cleansing? Types of face cleansing

    Skin protects the human body from infections, provides breathing and exchange processes. Depending on the type of skin, sebaceous, sweat glands function differently. Therefore, depending on the type of skin, there are different problems on the face. With the help of skin cleansing, acne, acne and other inflammations are removed. Peeling removes dead skin cells that stimulate metabolic processes. The facial skin is leveled, rejuvenated.

    Types of facial cleansing:

    • Mechanical cleaning
    • Hardware cleaning
    • Dry cleaning
    • Ultrasonic cleaning

    Ultrasonic cleaning

    Ultrasonic face cleaning photo ultrasonic cleaning photo

    person using the special device - ultrasound skabera, held ultrasonic cleaningFace.

    Due to the microvibration generated by ultrasonic waves, micromassage of deep facial skin tissues takes place. The skin is tightened, the pores are cleared, acne, acne pass. It is used for comedones, non-inflamed acne, pigment spots, enlarged pores, loss of skin elasticity. Ultrasonic cleaning does not injure the skin, it smooths the first wrinkles. The skin acquires a well-groomed and fresh appearance.

    Do not use:

    • during pregnancy
    • after facial operations
    • after application of gold facial yarns
    • after chemical peeling
    • with inflammation of the facial skin

    It is recommended to perform every month. With dry skin every six months.

    We carry out the procedure:

    • cleanse the skin with the appropriate facial skin type
    • apply a tonic or gel that help the ultrasonic waves exfoliate the keratinized cells of
    • after cleansing, do not apply makeup for a few days. In summer, we must apply protective creams

    For the greatest effect, we perform ultrasonic cleaning courses in five to seven procedures with a break of ten to fifteen days. Regular use of such cleansing allows you to get rid not only of problem skin, but also significantly prolong youth.

    The price of beauty purchased with this service is 1900 rubles

    Vacuum cleaning

    vacuum face cleaning photo


    • the face is cleaned with any cosmetic products
    • the skin is steamy by steam irrigation or a special mask
    • we do a deinstruction with the help of weak electric current
    • we use a special device with interchangeable nozzles, we perform vacuum cleaning

    The procedure is safe and painless. It is recommended for clogged pores, acne, increased skin greasiness. The result of the vacuum procedure is the younger, more even and more resilient skin of the face, due to the improved lymph drainage and blood supply. The time, taking into account all the preliminary procedures, is about an hour and a half. Cleaning is contraindicated in the presence of inflammatory skin diseases. You can repeat every month.

    The average cost of such a service is 1400 rubles.

    Laser cleaning

    Laser facial resurfacing photo laser face polishing photo

    Laser cleaning has recently gained great popularity among the fair sex. The tremendous effect after the procedure is emphasized by the additional advantages:

    • safety
    • painless
    • rapid restoration of the skin
    • elimination of any inflammation and increased fat content
    • no possibility of infection

    Eliminates wrinkles, age spots and pores. When breastfeeding, pregnancy, diabetes, any inflammatory processes of the body, laser cleaning is prohibited. For dry and sensitive facial skin, it is not advisable to use this procedure.

    Stages of carrying out:

    • we clear from a make-up face skin
    • we process an antiseptic solution
    • we define problem sites and we work with the laser

    Laser cleaning promotes collagen production. The face becomes elastic and elastic.

    Before laser peeling is not recommended two weeks before the procedure, sunbathing, for three days, steam up the face. After the procedure, it is advisable not to apply make-up for two or three days, but less on the street. You can spend a month. It is desirable to follow the course two or four times per course.

    The price of such beauty ranges from 12,000 to 15,000 rubles.

    Facial chemical peeling

    chemical face peeling photo

    Despite many innovative face cleansing methods, chemical peeling with more than a hundred years of history does not lose its popularity.

    Conditionally divided chemical face peeling can be divided into cleansing with glycolic, salicylic and fruit acids.


    • face cleanse with milk or gel from contaminants
    • apply for 5-10 minutes, gel containing acids
    • remove with a napkin
    • apply a thick layer of the mask, depending on skin type, for 10-15 minutes
    • wash off mask

    Chemical peeling normalizes fat metabolism of the skin, improves complexion, removes fine wrinkles, cleans and narrows the pores of the face.

    You can not use the procedure for inflammatory processes on the face skin.

    The price of such beauty ranges from 1500 rubles to 2000 rubles.

    Every year, cosmetology is gaining more popularity and becomes more accessible. It is very difficult for a common person to understand: What is the difference between mesotherapy and biorevitalization? Which procedure is preferred for wrinkle correction? Cosmetologist or doctor-cosmetologist? What is the difference between a beauty salon and a cosmetology center?

    Cosmetology center or beauty salon?

    Beauty salon, cosmetology center, beauty institute, how to name your business is chosen by the owner. The important point is:

    • availability of the corresponding license
    • presence in the state of the establishment of cosmetologists or cosmetologists

    If there is a physician-cosmetologist and a license for therapeutic cosmetology, the medical services are independent of the name. Cosmetologist or cosmetician?

    The similarity in the name of a cosmetologist, a cosmetologist-actually has a diverse meaning. The cosmetologist has the right to carry out his activities after two weeks of courses. The doctor-cosmetologist is a person who received a higher medical education for 6 years. Additional education in the field of dermatology, with specialization in each method of therapeutic cosmetology - another two years.

    So cosmetologist doing:

    • cleansing facial
    • massage
    • mask

    By cosmetologist address:

    • to treat acne
    • for laser, injection and hardware cosmetology

    After beauticianPhoto

    acne control
    lantox for and against photos

    After a visit to the cosmetologist -botex after visiting the cosmetologist -botex

    before and after almond peeling
    before and after ultrasoundVÄgÄ peeling
    before and after carbon peeling laser
    before and after a chemical peel

    Injections of beauty. Victims of beauty. Reviews and advices

    Hope: I consider the most reliable way of mesotherapy. A little painful, but bearable. After 40 years began to do annually. Five years of watching the face just happy. The main thing is not to trust anyone, not to pursue cheapness. The price of beauty is 4000 rubles.

    Oksana: I went on an acquaintance and made a Bottex at home. It's kind of a nightmare. Have brought an infection. My face is swollen. Half a year went, already to the doctor on restoration. Now only to a professional.

    Natasha: It is very important to find a professional cosmetician, otherwise it will all have a reverse process. Started with an underground beautician put Botox injections. Now I have found a specialist who has been in my second year. The skin is oily, problematic. It was necessary to start not with Botox, but with proper professional care. I apply biorevitalization very happy. The cost is not about 9000 rubles. For my 50 years the effect is stunning.

    Video: How to choose a cosmetologist?

    An important stage in professional skin care is the choice of a competent specialist. Do not expose your health and beauty to risk. Take the time and money to choose the right salon. And then there will be no disappointments and unreasonable distrust of the results of any kind of cosmetology.