How to draw beautiful Chinese, summer and acrylic flowers on the nails? Manicure with flowers for long and short nails

At any time of the year, each of their women wants to smell like a paradise flower. Even if the window is bad weather, then your life, and at the same time and appearance, you can decorate with a manicure with floral print. How to make a greenhouse on the nails with taste - we'll discuss in detail in this article.


  • How to draw a flower on the nails for beginners?
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Fashion does not stand still, it constantlyChanges, and with it we also change. And if earlier in the trend was abstract nail art , now women increasingly prefer beautiful drawings of flowers

and oriental patterns.

The technique of performing such drawings has reached its perfection, and it seems that the real of the incredible beauty blossoms on the nails. A truly summer exquisite manicure will add femininity and mystery to your image. And certainly not leave without attention!

How to draw a flower on the nails for beginners?

In order for a beautiful flower to blossom on your nails, the does not need to go into the .Such beauty can be done at home by yourself. Even a beginner can cope with this work. It takes a little patience and zeal, but believe me, the result is worth it!

Create a whole greenhouse on your nails is very simple Create a whole greenhouse on your nails very simply

You will need regular nail polish and toothpick. The process involves several steps. First, carefully prepare the nails. Remove the varnish from the marigold, clean it well and file it. Then use the basic cover.

When the coating dries, you can start drawing. Dip the tip of the toothpick into the selected varnish and put a dot on the nail. Thus, you will designate as the middle of the future flower. Then around this point, also using a toothpick, apply a few circles or ovals. A simple flower is ready.

It is possible in this way to draw several colors on one nail. If you want to add a stem, you'll have to work a little more. Pass from the flower a thin curved line with a varnish with a toothpick and add the petals to the stem. Now let the varnish dry well and you can apply a coat of fixing varnish.

Video: Flowers on the nails - easy and simple!

Color schemes on nails

Among the most popular flower prints are poppies, tulips, sakura , etc. Here are some examples of how to depict these flowers on nails.


  • On the jacket lines of twigs are painted with black varnish.
  • Gentle shades draw a few buds and open flowers.
  • In the middle of each flower, put a black dot.
  • Apply the fixing varnish.


  • From the middle of the nail plate we draw three wide lines - these are the petals of the tulip.
  • Between these lines draw small protruding denticles.
  • Let's outline the curls with a black outline, add streak lines and green leaves.
  • Apply the fixing varnish.

Before drawing on your marigolds, it is better to practice on tips or paper.

If you are confident in your abilities, you can easily draw a drawing - nail polish remover and cotton swab help to eliminate all inaccuracies.

We offer several simple schemes of floral prints:

Simple floral pattern
colored Chinese flowers on nails
rounded buds on nails

Acrylic colors on the nails, photo

Acrylic paints are very popular. They are odorless, easy to apply and amaze with a palette of colors. With their help, you can depict on the nails of magnificent voluminous flowers. It is not necessary to use professional manicure paints. You can use office ink. They are no different in structure.

Volumetric acrylic flowers Volumetric acrylic flowers in combination with the French manicure

To obtain a professional result, must comply with certain recommendations:

  1. Prepare the necessary materials: basic, colored and transparent lacquer, acrylics, a piece of cardboard, water and thin brushes
  2. First of all give the nails the desired shape. Then grind off the nail surface. This will allow the paints and varnish to lie evenly
  3. Apply base coat .Let it dry out well. Then you can apply the background lacquer and dry the marigolds
  4. . On a piece of cardboard, press in the acrylic colors of the required colors and start creating. If the colors are too thick, they can be diluted with water.
  5. . Secure with transparent varnish. This will make the manicure more durable.

Summer flowers on nails

Which only colors you will not meet in manicure. Design directly depends on the nature of the woman, her preferences in style and even from the season. Summer flowers will look great on the nails, as young beauties, and I will give older. The choice is huge - daisies, lilies, pansies, cornflowers , etc.

Summer pattern on nails Summer drawing on the nails may be either in the same range and combine bright summer colors

Roses decorate nails romantic persons , peonies add charisma and bright poppies fit purposeful women who are not afraid to experiment.

It's very easy to create a summer sunny mood. Decorate your manicure with a light floral art and feel the all the charm of the summer .Lovely daisies, tender violets, passionate roses or bright poppies - it does not matter what you choose.

Original floral print in manicure Original floral print in manicure

They will emphasize your personality and create an easy summer mood. The main thing to remember is that there are no borders in the flower design!

Chinese flowers on nails

Chinese painting was known many years ago. Gradually, she gradually migrated from the paper to her fingernails. Volumetric flowers, incredible beauty patterns are now adorned with the fingers of beautiful ladies. This painting is not as complicated as it seems.

Chinese flowers on nails Chinese flowers on nails
Chinese flowers on square nails Chinese flowers on square nails
Variant of flower manicure in Chinese technique Variant of flower manicure in Chinese technique

Any detail of the drawing , whether it is a flower or an ornament, means drawing in one stroke. But here's the technique of strokes can be varied:

  1. Expanse - brush is not torn from the surface of the smear should be smooth
  2. Fountain Equipment - permutation brush intermittently from the bottom up
  3. Wave -Brush with a brush without detachment with twisting with a twist
  4. Openwork - the brush moves from the top to the bottom and breaks sharply, resulting in a smear with an uneven edge
  5. Aqua -achny varnish to give details of bulk

If you want to apply a simple flower of Chinese technology, it is sufficient to use only one reception .A more complex and voluminous flower will require the use of several techniques.

Video: Flowers in the technique of Chinese painting with gel paste

Bulk flowers on nails

Original flowers on the nails made by in 3D technology. For their creation, a soft, flexible mass is used. It is produced from a special gel and acrylic powder. In doing so, the drawing is done with a brush, and it looks like a three-dimensional figure due to the of the special technique .

Volumetric roses on nails 3D roses on nails

You can decorate bulk flowers with crystals or crystals. Then the drawing will acquire a special originality.3D patterns are best to apply on long nails. So the drawing will look more advantageous.

Nail design with a coat with flowers

The discreet and elegant French manicure always remains in the trend. But now in the nail art it is accepted to combine several techniques. Therefore, you can often see marigolds with a jacket and fine flower prints .Make a manicure at home is simple enough. Let's look at one example of the French manicure with purple flowers .

French jacket with flowers Jacket with flowers

This requires a varnish-base, a wide brush, a varnish of several shades, sequins and a fixer.

The sequence of creating a manicure is:

  1. On the nails, apply the base. Then the tip of the nail should be made up with with purple varnish, dried. Apply another layer of violet varnish to the tip of the nail and sprinkle with sequins
  2. Now you can proceed with to draw the flower .Use several shades of varnish to paint the petals.
  3. Circle the contours and attach several sequins to the or sequins. Apply the fixing varnish

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this technique. Even a beginner can handle this. And the original French manicure with magnificent colors will decorate your marigolds and will draw attention.

Manicure with flowers for long nails

The main rule for long nails - do not overdo it. Long marigolds are the wide horizon for fantasies and experiments. However, do not lose your sense of proportion, otherwise a faded and overly convoluted manicure can spoil the impression. Therefore, when applying the floral print to fingernails, do not forget the simple rules:

  • Do not apply a pattern on the entire nail plate so that the manicure does not come too close
Manicure with flowers on long nails Manicure with flowers on long nails
  • You can contact the masterAnd create a real masterpiece on your nails - a picture-picture. The individual elements on each of the nails will merge into one pattern.
  • On long nails, the modeling looks particularly attractive. But on all fingers this technique will look good at the festive events. But for everyday manicure, modeling on one or two fingers is suitable.
Flower print on long nails Flower print on long nails
Manicure with flowers Variant of manicure with flowers

The choice of a palette and kinds of colors depends on the individual wishes of . On nails of sufficient length, any floral prints will look great.

Manicure with flowers for short nails

Successfully selected ornament will hide errors on the hands and emphasize their dignity. On short nails floral patterns also look interesting. However, it should heed a few tips before you put on a marigold flowers:

  • better to arrange the flowers closest to the free edge of the nail, it will help visually lengthen fingers
  • to the nail plate seem to be narrower in the figure should prevail a few dark accents
Short nails can also be decorated with flowers short nails is also possible to decorate with flowers
  • When applying colored floral pattern on the basis, not leave a filled one millimeter on each side of the nail for a
  • Ornate nails of a square shape will fit clear lines. On other forms, the smooth and blurred lines of the

will look great. Remember that the manicure should not be discordant with your way of . And in the rest, show imagination and act!

Flower manicure for short nails Flower manicure for short nails

Flowers on the embossed nails, photo

In order for the floral print on the embossed nails to look neat and exquisite, follow the simple rules:

  1. Floral drawing, in which many small details, additionalLines it is better to apply not on all marigolds .It will be enough to draw on one or two fingers on the hand
  2. To make the nail polish look more rich, add the green color to the flower compositions .It can be leaves, stems or buds.
Flowers on the nails Flowers on the extruded nails
  1. In advance, think about where the flower arrangement will be located. It should be combined with the length and shape of the nails, with the background lacquer
  2. A large flower located at the base of the nail plate, surrounded by more of small flowers will look beautiful on the nails.

When creating a flower manicure , do not forget about the season. In the spring of , lilacs, tulips or daffodils can spread on your nails. In the summer it is better to give preference to summer flowers: roses, peonies, forget-me-nots. In winter, can transfer the carnation flowers to the nails, and in autumn please your nails with asters or dahlias.

Long nails emblazoned with floral print Long nails embossed with floral print

Experiment and be beautiful. And the original ideas will tell you the very nature and your imagination. Do not be afraid to look boldly and unconventionally , because this can be a bright highlight, attracting looks and emphasizing your uniqueness.

Video: Design with gel-varnish "Sakura branch"