Fragile syndrome in children on the right and left: symptoms, causes, treatment, consequences, physical activity, service in the Army. Is pregnancy and childbirth with Freyley syndrome possible?

Description of the syndrome. Causes and symptoms of the syndrome. Diagnosis and treatment of Freil's syndrome. Consequences of the Frage syndrome for children and pregnant women. Are they taking the army with the syndrome of Freilley?


  • syndrome Frehley - Anomaly kidney left and right: the description
  • Frehley's syndrome in children: Symptoms and Causes
  • syndrome Frehley: how diagnosed, whether seen on ultrasound?
  • Frehley's syndrome in children: treatment
  • Frehley's syndrome in children: implications
  • Frehley's syndrome in children: physical activity and service in the Army
  • it possible to pregnancy and childbirth syndrome Frehley?
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Abnormalities of the urinary system, still developing in utero, occupy one third of the total number of all other birth defects. To such intrauterine anomalies of kidney development also belongs to the Freyle syndrome.

syndrome Frehley - Anomaly kidney left and right: the description

Description of the syndrome of the mourning Description syndrome Frehley
  • syndrome Frehley - is a pathology characterized by a violation of the structure of the vascular system of the kidneys.
  • This disorder consists in crossing the anterior and posterior branches of the upper renal artery.
  • In this condition, there may be a movement of the renal pelvis or the ureteropelvic junction.
  • Squeezing the pelvis can lead to overflow of the kidney cups with urine, which subsequently leads to stagnation of urine and various diseases of the urinary system.
  • Most often, the Frauleys syndrome refers to either the right or the left kidney. But there are cases when an anomaly is observed in both paired organs.
  • By itself, the syndrome is not quoted as any kind of disease, but over time it can lead to a variety of diseases and kidney pathologies.
  • The syndrome owes its name to the American scientist Freilie, who in 1966 discovered and described this phenomenon.

Frehley's syndrome in children: Symptoms and Causes

Causes of the syndrome of a mallow Causes syndrome Frehley

Since this pathology is still developing in the womb, about the reasons for its occurrence is difficult to say. Scientists have only speculations about what can cause this anomaly:

  • genetic factor( the presence of the Fraili syndrome in one of the relatives);
  • other genetic pathologies( chromosome failure, gene mutation);
  • influence of external factors on the pregnant woman( harmful ecology, irradiation, unsuitable climatic conditions);
  • infectious and acute inflammatory processes in the body of a woman during gestation;
  • reception of prohibited medicines by a pregnant woman;
  • management of inappropriate lifestyle during pregnancy( smoking, drinking alcohol or drugs).
Symptoms of feil syndrome Symptoms of Fayley's syndrome

Symptoms of the syndrome of the Frauleys are difficult to relate to the pathology itself - most likely they are a consequence of its effects on the kidneys. Characteristic of this anomaly symptomatology is:

  • drawing pains in the area of ​​the affected kidney or the entire waist( in the case where the pathology is observed in both kidneys at once);
  • acute, shooting pains in the kidneys( renal colic, resulting from the formation of kidney stones);
  • presence of traces of blood in the urine( macrogematuria - traces of blood are visible to the unaided eye, microhematurgy - the blood is visualized only under a microscope);
  • renal hypertension - increased renal pressure.

Frage syndrome: how is it diagnosed, is it visible on ultrasound?

Diagnosis of the syndrome syndrome Diagnostics Frehley Frehley

diagnose the syndrome is extremely difficult, as in itself a pathology does not manifest itself. Only when there is a symptomatic, provoked by an anomaly, a disease, doctors can assume the presence of this syndrome.

For the detection of the pathology of the renal circulatory system, a urologist may assign a series of tests to the patient:

  • urine analysis
  • blood test
  • analysis for flora
  • drug susceptibility analysis

The apparatus diagnosis of the syndrome can be performed using the following methods:

  • Ultrasonography of the kidney;
  • Excretory urography is a reentgenography of the urinary system with contrast agents;
  • Mikstatsionnaya cystography - radiography, performed at the time of excrement;
  • CT of the kidney;
  • MRI of the kidney;
  • Renal angiography is an X-ray examination using contrast agents introduced into blood vessels.

As for small children and babies, it is either prohibited or impossible to conduct most of these studies. Most often for such a category of patients, either ultrasound vessels( Doppler) or multispiral computed tomography( CT) are used.

Frehley's syndrome in children: treatment

Treatment of the fraylie syndrome in children Treatment Frehley syndrome in children
  • only after all the necessary types of diagnosis and a thorough analysis of their doctor can prescribe appropriate treatment.
  • It is not necessary to treat the syndrome of Freilie with drugs, and there is no such possibility.
  • All preventive and medicinal measures are prescribed only to eliminate painful symptoms and concomitant disease.
  • During the research, the urologist will also have to analyze the risks of transmitting the renal pelvis.
  • If exerted pressure is insignificant and does not lead to any consequences, it can not touch, but simply to watch him - in some cases, people live all his life with the syndrome Frehley, so not once confronted with the problems of the urinary system.
  • If the situation is critical, then the doctor may decide to use the only effective way to correct the processes of the upper renal artery - surgical intervention.
  • The operation is performed only in those cases when the patient is doing well with his health, and age allows him.
Operative treatment of the syndrome of a mallow Surgical treatment of syndrome Frehley

to the modern surgical methods for solving problems Frehley syndrome include:

  1. infundibuloplastika - operation to increase the renal pelvis mouth sizes;
  2. infundibuloanastomosis - operation to move the arterial branch;
  3. infundibulopilone neostomy is an operation to move the arterial branch to a specially created path between the renal pelvis and the calyx;
  4. Kalikopyleoneostomy - analogue of infundibulopyeloneostomy;
  5. Intrarental vasopexy is an operation to dilate the pathologically located arterial branch and urinary ducts.
Treatment of maternity syndrome Frehley syndrome Treatment Drug
  • As for the preparative treatment of syndrome Frehley, all nominated by the doctor, the funds will be directed only to the suppression of the acute symptoms and relief of the patient's condition.
  • To reduce renal pressure, hypotensive drugs are most often prescribed: Dapril, Captopril, Renipril, Enalapril, Kaptopres, Fozinopril, etc.
  • To eliminate pain patients can take antispasmodic( No-spa, Spazmalgon, papaverine, cramping, etc.) and painkillers complex action( Bralangin, Spazmalin, Renalgan, Novigan, Baralgin etc.).

Frehley's syndrome in children: implications

Consequences of the fraylie syndrome in children Consequences Frehley
syndrome in children
  • In cases where the pressure on the renal pelvis and crossed branches of the renal artery is immaterial, the child may not even be aware of their abnormality. Such people can live for years without feeling any discomfort, and without suffering from diseases.
  • Some children may develop hypertension over time. This condition often leads to weakness and impotence of the baby, fast fatigue, problems with concentration and remembering. Later the child may lag behind in studies from his peers, and in the adult life have physical limitations at work.
  • The second most dangerous consequence of the syndrome of Freil can be stones and sand in the kidneys. Such diseases are often accompanied by painful sensations, up to loss of consciousness from pain. Sometimes to get rid of stones, laser therapy or surgical intervention is necessary.
  • Consequences of such formations are urolithic and nephrolithiasis( nephrolithiasis).
  • Nephrolithiasis, in turn, is often accompanied by prolonged nausea and vomiting. In the case of young children, these two symptoms can lead to a serious condition - dehydration of the body.
  • The consequence of nephrolithiasis is also pyelonephritis, an inflammation of the kidney accompanied by severe pain.
  • Very often pyelonephritis provokes such a serious complication, as kidney failure. Consequences of renal failure may include kidney failure and death.

Frehley's syndrome in children: physical activity and service in the Army

Physical activities and military service in the syndrome of a mourning Physical activity and service in the army in the syndrome Frehley

itself Frehley syndrome in a young man is not the cause medotvoda him from military service. This anomaly can only lead to small indulgences and limitations during physical exertion in the service.
However, a young person may be exempted from the service in cases where the Freyley syndrome caused other, more serious illnesses:

  • hypertension
  • urolithic or nephrolithiasis
  • other diseases of the kidney and urinary system

All diseases in whichConscripts are exempted from military service, can be found in the articles of the sick-leave schedule of the military commissariat.

Can pregnancy and childbirth with a syndrome of mastication be possible?

Pregnancy in the syndrome of a menswear Pregnancy in syndrome Frehley
  • Women with the syndrome Frehley will be very difficult to make a baby, because in this state there was an increase in blood pressure, increased compression of the uterus on the urinary tract and other organs change.
  • Most often women with disorders of the blood vessels of the kidneys recommend doctors to conceive a baby only after successful operation and recovery of renal function. But even in this case, the pregnant woman will need to notify her gynecologist about the surgical intervention.
  • During childbirth, a nephrologist and urologist must be present at such patients.
  • Frauley syndrome may become the basis for caesarean section. At the same time, the risks for the future mother and her baby are significantly reduced.
  • Some women who have been diagnosed with Frehley's syndrome, but did not show much, consider that this anomaly can not be an obstacle on the way to their mother's happiness. However, they are deeply mistaken. In most cases, complications begin already with 15-20 weeks of pregnancy, and in some situations it is necessary and at all to interrupt her even for 4-5 months.
  • Therefore, pregnant women with this diagnosis must constantly be under the strict control of their gynecologist and comply with all of its regulations.

Summing up, it is worth noting that Frehley's syndrome is not a death sentence, but ignore it and not worth it.

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