On which hand is it right to wear a women's and men's watches? Rules of etiquette: on which hand do they wear watches?

How to wear a wrist watch? How do guys and girls wear watches?


  • on which hand to wear his watch etiquette
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  • Which hand carry women's watch? On which hand do you wear a man's watch?
  • On what hand are the hours of the guys and girls wearing? On which hand are the right-hand watches worn? On which hand is the left-hand clock worn? What hand do Muslims wear? On what hand does the watch wear jewels?
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on which hand to wear his watch etiquette

  • their cultural, technological, and often reference the advantage, watch show for several global eras.
  • Since the invention of the sundial, a person looks unceasingly at the time in trying to determine his working and work-free schedule, which will affect his entire system of calculating cases.
  • Mechanical and electronic watches, have become a standard for every user and have the right, is on the most actual and main place of man - han
Clock &costume clock &Suit
  • etiquette rules in the effective use of hours, are often faced with their classification and types, so it is possible to determine that such a classic watch is convenient to wear to business meetings, where they are emphasizing their rigor and quality, will play on the concepts of human andHis role in this situation.
  • In this as in other cases, the clock is also selected according to the conditions of the event, the type of person, his purpose and role in the event, as well as relying on creating the necessary effect for hours.
  • In an attempt to choose a hand for which a unique accessory will be assigned, a person develops a certain etiquette, according to which it is really possible to determine why it is worth wearing a watch on this hand. For example, for left-handeders it is recommended to wear the watch on the right hand, and for right-handers on the left.
How to wear a watch how are the girls watch
  • You can determine on which hand should be a clock with a mechanical head hours, she manages the configuration time, themselves hours and often is either left or right. In this case, it is likely that it is necessary to wear the watch from the installed side.
  • You can wear the watch face down, it looks rather unusual, but allows you to keep track of the time unnoticed, without violating the etiquette of communication, for example during a conversation.
Elegant costume and watch elegant suit and watch

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Which hand carry women's watch?

Turning to the general watch etiquette between women, it is worth noting that the clock, which in this case accentuates special attention, it is customary to choose the size of the wrist and the type of character.

Strong and purposeful women prefer to wear watches on an active hand, they do not distract them and on the contrary make them go through difficulties to success.

Selena gomez, with a clock on her right hand Selena Gomez, the clock on the right hand
  • Also important also look at the main hours of hand, because by using it to characterize the type of woman.
  • The case is selected by the hand of a woman individually, so as not to emphasize its miniature or vice versa its bulkiness.
  • In order for the watch not to be distracted and tightly seated on the hand, women pick up the strap or bracelet of the clock slightly wider than the size of the hand. This will help to make sure that the watch does not clamp your wrist and dangle, attracting attention.
  • In other cases, when a woman prepares to attend an event or a celebration, to wear large "commanding" hours, it would be rather inappropriate, in these cases it is recommended to give preference to a more modest and miniature clock.
Miniature and Large Wrist Watch miniature and large wristwatch

But there is another interpretation that says that girls need to wear a watch on the right hand, regardless of whether it's right-handed or left-handed. This is due to the fact that a person unconsciously associates his life stages with what he has gone through - the left and the future - the right, hence the desire to look to the future time now and to do everything to be happy now. On which hand do you wear a man's watch?

  • Men, focusing on watches as a luxury item and status, focus their attention on the ambiguity, functionality and price of watches.
  • Conservative views on the clock, also help to adhere to the extreme aggressiveness and seriousness of the clock and its owner. This is especially important in the business sphere of work.
  • Men save hours in active working conditions, strive to place them as far as possible from the main hand to protect against sudden impact, rain or unwanted contact with the clock.
Combination of clothes with a clock on the left hand combination of clothes with a clock on the left hand

On which hand are the hours of the guys and girls wearing?

In an effort to keep pace with progress, the clock is gaining momentum, creating unimaginable forms, mechanisms and styles so quickly that even modern youths face issues at the expense of the complexity of choosing their watches and the place for them on their hands. In most cases, the watch is combined with the rest of the clothes and accessories, so nothing is complicated here.

At the moment, more attention is paid to respectability and style of watches, so their main essence is that - they should be visible. It can be a wrist either further from it, closer to the elbow of both the left and right hands.

How the clock looks on the right and left hands how the clock looks on the right and left hands

It's worth remembering that for the clock there are no strict rules and places on the human body, so everyone is free to choose. The only condition that comes into opposition to this proposition is relevance. It is necessary to remember that the surrounding people also improvise, perfecting the fashion and your "new chip" can be regarded as not unique enough or on the contrary tasteless. On which hand do you wear the right-hander's watch?

Among the population on Earth, six people out of seven are right-handed, perhaps that's why the watch is worn most often on the left hand, which helps them to practice with their right hand and help them to keep them with most of their operations with their right hand.

This desire to keep the watch takes its roots from the beginning of the Second World War, at the time of which mechanical hand watches appeared. As a replacement pocket, they received the first popularity among officers who, during the performance of combat operations, often damaged the clock. The watch is a valuable thing, so the desire to keep them is understandable.

Many watches in those days did not have a crown seal, so when used on the right hand, they often broke from splashing rain and broke. What can not be said about using the clock on the left hand, where when the clock is facing down, the crown is completely sealed and inaccessible to rain.

Ease of use of the watch on the left hand usability of the watch on the left hand

Which hand is the left-handed watch worn on?

People whose left hemisphere dominates the right hemisphere, often did not accept right-handers in society and under the pretext that left-handed people serve the devil, allowed themselves to manifest aggression and is extremely unforgivable. But over time this notion of left-handed people is outdated and eradicated, they began to be treated as normal people.

At the time of mass production of the USSR hours there was a GOST, in which the emphasis was placed on the fact that the clock setting head was installed only on the right side, so that the clock on the left hand was convenient for people with the main right hand. Left-handers were more difficult, because they were forced to wear watches in the same way on the left hand.

The clock on the left hand of the left-hander clock on the left hand of the left-hander

For left-handed people, it is most important to wear the watch on the right hand, it will help to maintain the quality of the watch, and it can also strengthen the impression of yourself at the moment of handshake, which is carried out mainly with the right hand. A person will certainly notice the watch on your hand and will have time to appreciate them, even if the contract takes place very quickly.

The handshake is performed only with the right hand. Since ancient times, the left hand is treated like a dirty hand, which serves to carry out dirty deeds. Therefore, there is a condition under which a person, who greets with his left hand, does not respect another person or wishes him harm.

The clock on the right hand is expressed during the handshake the clock on the right hand is expressed during the handshake

On what hand do the hours of Muslims wear?

There is no exact answer in the Muslim world that could explain on which hand a watch should be worn, but there is a belief that the Messenger of Allah used the ring with both left and right hand.

A mechanical watch can be considered an element of an ornament that, like a ring, can be on both the right and the left hand. But just like in the Muslim world there is a belief that says good things are done with the right hand.

Muslim watches Muslim watches

On what hand do the Jews wear watches?

Jews do not have a prohibition about where the watch should be. It is allowed to wear the watch, both on the right and on the left hand.

Watch no watch with the return stroke of the arrow and the Jewish numbering of the time watch "no watch" with reverse arrow and Jewish numbering

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