How to get rid of acne? Recipes for the best masks for acne

Prepare a face mask at home is not difficult. There are many recipes that can rid any skin of acne and acne.


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Effective home masks from acne, recipes

There are many differentPopular recipes that successfully cope with the problems that arise on the face. Rashes, acne and pimples are not an exception.

Cosmetics cooked at home Cosmetics made at home

Important: Cosmetics prepared at home, contains in its composition natural ingredients that favorably influence the dermis, caring for it and treating it on inflamed areas.

For centuries, people have been studying the properties of plants and home remedies to invent an effective way to fight acne. So, extraordinarily effective are the masks:

  • yeast
  • from aloe juice
  • with honey
  • soda
  • from the body of
  • gelatin

Home cosmetics are much more useful than what is sold in stores and contains chemical impurities. Even the most expensive products from boutiques can sometimes cause allergies, irritations, intolerance and a complete lack of healing properties on the skin.

Mask - cosmetic procedure mask - cosmetic procedure

Acne is a disease of excessively expanded pores. It's time - the place of growth of the hair follicle, it ensures the air saturation of the upper layers of the skin and produces sebum, which is released outward. Too much time is hammered by dust, then dirt from the environment. This is why an inflammatory process occurs that affects the neighboring tissues.

Pimple - inflammation of the skin pimple skin inflammation

It is important to find an effective tool that can gently clean pores and narrow them to avoid contamination.

Treatment with masks can be carried out periodically as needed, but you can introduce an intensive course aimed at complete recovery.

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Mask Aloe acne, prescription

Aloe - a wonderful healing house plant, which used hundreds of years ago. Its juice has properties:

  • reduces inflammation
  • cleaned
  • eliminate bacteria
  • treat
  • heal
Aloe - a powerful antibacterial agent aloe vera - a powerful antibacterial agent

Important: Juice aloe can also be used in its pure form: to rub on the skin cleaned twice a day, but much more efficient to cook from his mask.

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How to make a mask of aloe with clay?

To do mask , need have all two ingredient: scarlet and cosmetic clay ( buy can in pharmacies ) e .Remember scarlet in porridge , mix with cosmetic clay .

Mask made from gray clay cosmetic mask made from gray clay cosmetic

. Such a cosmetic procedure is able to moisturize even the driest skin, dry some areas, eliminate excess body fat and freshen the face.

Cosmetic clay cosmetic clay

is important to know about the necessary stored scarlet. Cut the most fleshy leaves from the rhizome of the plant. Store scarlet in the refrigerator on the side shelf or in the vegetable compartment, wrapped tightly in paper or a plastic bag. Use scarlet only after two weeks of storage. It is this condition that guarantees the effectiveness of the tool.

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Mask from acne from acne, recipe

A fresh-water sponge, which is dried, rubbed into powder and received a remedy for problem skin. The unique properties of concoctions are struggling with:

  • acne( acne)
  • effects of acne( post-acne)
  • skin inflammation
  • pigmented skin
  • wrinkles
Fresh water fresh bodyaga fresh

can say that bodyaga with confidence - the wayKeep the skin young and beautiful. The secret of the bodyworm in such a substance as silica. It acts on the cellular level, renewing the layer of the skin.

Mask cooked from body-water in salon conditions mask made of bodypainting in the salon conditions

Important: The masks from the body spas are suitable for all types of skin: oily, dry, problematic and combined. The only condition that should be adhered to - the bodyguard can not be applied to the skin, which has purulent inflammations and has open wounds.

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How to make a mask from acne concoctions?

The preparation recipe is quite simple, but it depends on the type of your skin. If you do not have sensitive skin, then mix a few spoons of powder with water peroxide hydrogen peroxide. The mass should resemble sour cream in its structure. For those who have dry skin, you can replace peroxide with plain water or vegetable oil.

A specially prepared mask of powdered chemotherapy and hydrogen peroxide is the best way to exfoliate the skin self-made mask from powdered chemistry and hydrogen peroxide - the best way to exfoliate the skin

The mask is applied for 15 minutes and then thoroughly washed off. It is necessary to moisturize the skin after the procedure. In some cases, redness is possible due to the fact that the bodyguard has "cleaned" the old layer of skin, so do not go out and have a rest in the home.

Important: The mask should not touch the lips, eyes and nasal mucosa!

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Mask from yeast from acne, recipe

A yeast mask prepared at home can perform miracles because it contains many useful micronutrients, Beneficial effect on the skin:

  • Vitamins PP, E, B and H
  • antioxidants
  • Mineral substances
From yeast, you can prepare a wonderful remedy that relieves the skin of the face from the shortcomings from yeast can be prepared a wonderful remedy that relieves the skin of the defects of

Important: Properly prepared mask puts in order even the most problematic skin and it turns into velvet. The mask removes all inflammatory diseases on the face, acne and post-acne.

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How to prepare a yeast mask?

There are three prescriptions for the most popular yeast masks of different skin action plan:

Mask eliminating sebaceous discharge and oily shine:

  • dry or soft yeast - 10 grams
  • warm kefir - 20 ml
  • not oilySour cream - 20 ml

This procedure is able to give a matte tone to the skin, to get rid of excessive rash. Keep the mask for half an hour, no less.

В рецепт можно включать как "живые", так и пакетированные, сухие дрожжи in the recipe can include both "live" and packaged, dry yeast

Mask cleansing:

  • yeast( any) - 10 grams
  • tablespoon vegetable oil
  • tablespoon flour

MaskPut on the face and hold for half an hour. During the procedure it is necessary to ensure the peace of facial muscles of the face. Rinse thoroughly with water. The effect of the mask is not worse than from the scrub: the skin breathes, gets rid of the old cells of the dermis, the inflammations become smaller.

mask of black dots:

  • yeast - 1 packet( dry)
  • boiled water( necessary quantity)
  • lemon juice
Skin disease: black dots skin disease: black dots

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Mask from acne with gelatin

Gelatin is increasingly used by cosmetics companies in caring cosmetics. All because it is in his power to heal the skin and rid it of various acne, blackheads and black spots.

Gelatin mask is very similar to film gelatinous mask very similar to

film Important: Gelatin contains a large amount of natural tree - collagen, which favorably affects the skin.

It is not difficult to prepare gelatinous mask. The main thing is to observe the proportions one to five, where a larger quantity belongs to the liquid. In the composition of the mask can be included, like ordinary water, so the milk( nourishes the skin) and the decoction of herbs( cleans).Before use, gelatin is necessarily soaked to swell, and then the lumps are dissolved on a steam bath.

Conventional food gelatin ordinary gelatin

Recipe gelatin mask of black dots

  • tablespoon gelatin
  • lemon juice
  • aloe juice
  • egg white

dissolved gelatin cooled, add to it a protein and a teaspoon of juiceLemon and scarlet( you can have one thing).The mask is applied to the face for 20 minutes. We wait for drying and we wash off.

Gelatine mask with the addition

excellent activated carbon clears wide pores of activated carbon:

  • purified water - 50 ml
  • charcoal tablet( crushed)
  • gelatin food - teaspoon

Melt gelatin, mixed with the ingredients. Keep on the problem areas for half an hour, remove as a film.

Mask on a gelatin basis with the addition of activated carbon in the recipe mask on gelatin basis with the addition of activated charcoal in the recipe

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Oat face mask from acne

Oat flakes are full of Group B vitamins and trace elements, which favorably affect the skin. A mask of oatmeal fits any type of skin and can even soothe inflamed areas and eliminate acne.

Oatmeal mask is made both from the main component, and with numerous additions: essential oils, decoctions, vitamins. Apply the oatmeal mask necessarily to problem areas, avoiding sensitive ones.

Oat flakes Oat flakes

Important: It is effective even the most common mask, which is prepared by brewing oat flakes with a glass of boiling water. But if you pre-make the face on a bath of medicinal herbs, then promote a deeper penetration of medicinal and nutrients.

It is recommended to make a mask on the decoction:

  • a glass of decoction of any curative herb
  • 5 table spoons of oatmeal
  • lemon juice - several drops
  • aloe juice - one teaspoon( optional)
Cosmetic, prepared from oatmeal - a sure way to get rid of pimples cosmetic made from oatmeal- the correct way to get rid of acne

Important: Keep the mask for up to half an hour, rinse with cold water. Aloe juice and essential oils, added to the recipe, can moisturize dry skin, and jojoba oil - soothe.

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Egg Facial Mask for Acne

The easiest facial mask that can save acne is egg. In order to prepare such a mask, only one egg, a blender( mixer) and water are needed.

Whipped egg white whipped egg whites

It is recommended to use only protein, but if you have too dry skin, you can use the yolk. In the dishes chilled protein is beaten to a stable foam. After that, it is applied to the face. You should completely immobilize yourself and lie down until the mask is completely absorbed and dried. You can not move your face muscles.

Mask from egg for face Face Mask for Face

After the mask has dried, it must be thoroughly rinsed off with warm water and moistened with cream. The pores after the egg mask narrow and white, and the inflammations become smaller.

Video: "Getting rid of black spots and acne. Egg mask »

Mask with honey and cinnamon from acne recipe

It's hard to overestimate the benefits of honey. Honey is full of many useful microelements that nourish all layers of the skin. It is able to have a bactericidal action, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing. Honey heals wounds and eliminates acne.

Honey and cinnamon - a remedy for acne honey and cinnamon - acne remedy

To prepare a mask with honey and cinnamon, you will need:

  • cinnamon - third spoon
  • sour cream - one spoon
  • honey( any) - spoon

Honey needs liquid, If you have candied - try to melt it in a microwave( a few seconds).Mix the ingredients and apply to the face. Keep the mask for fifteen minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Video: »Mask from acne and traces of acne with honey and cinnamon»

Aspirin facial mask for acne

Acetylsalicylic acid( aspirin) is able to eliminate oily sheen and treat inflammation on the face if added to the faceCosmetic masks. It is worth to carefully consider the tolerability of this substance. Acting on the dermis, it improves blood circulation and stimulates the growth of new cells.

Aspirin tablets aspirin tablets

Important: This mask should not be used too often, since excessive exposure to aspirin on the skin provokes the appearance of a vascular network. Aspirin mask effectively removes the skin, removing all keratinized cells.

Aspirin mask is suitable for those who are tired of fighting with persistent pimples and acne. If you have very dry skin, mix the mask with oil and do not forget to moisturize the skin after the procedure.

Preparation of an aspirin mask preparation of aspirin mask

Aspirin mask can be very simple: crush the tablet and mix it with water, get a gruel. It should be applied to the problem area and washed off after 10 minutes. But there are recipes that, in addition to the therapeutic effects, have a nourishing effect:

  • oat flakes - four spoons
  • water
  • liquid vitamins
  • aspirin
Aspirin Face Mask aspirin face mask

Flakes are poured over with boiling water and infused. The crushed tablet is added to the cereal slurry. There we pour liquid vitamins - ten drops. Vitamins can be chosen according to their needs:

  • vitamin A - restores the skin at the cellular level
  • vitamin C - slows down aging
  • vitamin E - hydrates

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How to get rid of acne in the home: tips and feedback

Get rid of acne with the help of traditional medicine - you can! Moreover, the recipes created by the years are no worse than the expensive cosmetics of famous brands, and sometimes even better. Masks from improvised means and medicinal plants narrow the time, eliminate sebaceous discharge on the skin, prevent the appearance of acne and can even remove acne.

Маска для лица - "бюджетный" секрет красоты face mask - the "budget" beauty secret

Every time you decide to experiment with one of the masks, make sure that you carry the components well, because many people are allergic to honey, aspirin or bodyguard. Try to keep exact proportions and apply masks strictly to the required areas. Do not use the mask on the areas around the eyes and lips - since this skin is too sensitive.

Regular cleansing and moisturizing of the face can effectively relieve you of inflamed acne, acne and black spots. The standard course of treatment is one month, after which it is necessary to arrange for itself "beauty courses" and arrange procedures as needed.

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