Home-made laminates for eyelashes: photos before and after, reviews. Care of eyelashes after lamination

What is the use of eyelash lamination, what is the use of it? How to laminate eyelashes at home with gelatin and industrial compounds? Necessary materials for laminating eyelashes. Treatment of eyelashes after lamination.


  • What is the procedure for laminating eyelashes?
  • Use of eyelash laminates
  • How to make eyelash laminates correctly?
  • Materials and preparations for eyelash laminates
  • How often can lamination of eyelashes be done?
  • Eyelash care after lamination
  • Is it possible to increase eyelashes after lamination?
  • Laminating eyelashes with gelatin at home
  • Homemade eyelash lamination: photo "Before" and "After"
  • Laminating eyelashes: reviews
  • Video: Laminating eyelashes

Every girl dreams of chic eyelashes. Happy owners of lush eyelashes do not have to stand for a long time at the mirror and pull out every cilium with a bracelet or go for a permanent eyelash extension. They just need to bring the eye with a pencil and, at the worst, apply a little carcass on the eyelashes


To achieve such an effect, in principle, you can and those ladies whom nature from birth deprived such wealth. To help them today came the procedure for the lamination of eyelashes. What is the essence of the procedure for eyelash lamination?

What is the essence of the lamination procedure?

What is the essence of the lamination procedure?
  • Laminating eyelashes in something similar to laminating hair. In both cases, each hair is strengthened with the help of special active substances
  • The main active substance in the lamination of eyelashes is keratin. This component is responsible for the appearance and state of the eyelashes
  • Keratin applied to the eyelashes in the composition of the special tools, envelops each hair outside, thus creating quite a strong protective film. This film allows you to protect the cilia from the effects of negative external factors( ultraviolet rays, cosmetics, mechanical damage).In addition, the barrier created by keratin protects the hair from the loss of the pigment embedded in the hair during the lamination procedure.
Keratin Laminating Eyelash Keratin Laminating of the Eyelashes
  • The Keratin protective film also gives the lashes a natural sheen and provides the very notorious effect of the
  • Penetrating the inside of the hair, the active ingredient keratin returns to it the natural structure and strength lost in the fight against the aggressive external environment
  • In addition, the active ingredients composition, Used for lamination, help to strengthen the hair, accelerate its growth and sufficiently moisturize it.

The use of eyelid laminates

The use of eyelash laminates

Following the procedure for eyelash lamination, women observe the following changes:

  1. The cilia become more bulky andStrong
  2. The lashes have a natural shine and a rich color
  3. The result of the procedure is noticeable right away. The volume and density of the eyelashes increases by almost one and a half times.
  4. Each subsequent procedure further improves the condition of the eyelashes. After three lamination eyelashes can be doubled
  5. effect of the procedure lasts for at least six weeks
  6. almost completely eliminates the need for dyeing eyelashes mascara, especially handy in the summer time, when I want as little as possible to feel on your face makeup
  7. Laminated eyelashesdo not require additional care
  8. lamination procedure does not contradict the rules of use of contact lenses
  9. laminated eyelashes can be in contact with allcosmetics( cream, mask, gel, mascara, eye shadow, pencil)

How to make a lamination of eyelashes?

How correctly to make a lamination of eyelashes? How to properly make eyelash lamination?

Algorithm during the laminating procedure of eyelashes:

  1. We clean the eyelashes and the skin around the eyes from the debris of cosmetics with a special degreaser
  2. We comb the cilia with an
  3. eyelash brush We work the skin with moisturizing and emollient
  4. Apply a sticky silicone tape under the lower eyelid to protect the skin from the active componentsFor lamination
  5. To the upper eyelid with the help of glue we attach special silicone molds, which allow to protect the mucous from getting onto it of the active substance, and to make eyelashes lazyNogo bending
  6. applied on eyelashes tread, after which cover the whole surface active agent eyelashes. These two tools allow you to visually increase the volume and length of the hairs, as well as prepare them for the staining procedure. Strengthen the effect of active substances using a warming compress made of a film applied on the eyelid and a cotton wool folded in half and placed above the film. We put a terry towel on top of the cotton pad and leave it for fifteen minutes.
  7. Apply the paint to the eyelashes with the pigment of the desired shade. Many professionals recommend choosing a blue-black color - it gives the look extra attractiveness and mystery
  8. Remove residual paint from eyelashes
  9. To fix the effect and create additional eyelash protection, we cover them with keratin
  10. After ten minutes, remove the silicone molds
Execution of eyelash laminationlaminating eyelashes

materials and products for lamination eyelashes

Materials and preparations for eyelash lamination materials and products for lamination eyelashes

Today, you can easily find starter kits for laminating eyelashes. There is an opportunity to purchase a standard set or a set of premium class. The standard set, as a rule, includes all the most necessary, no frills. Premium kits, in turn, may contain auxiliary elements and additional( not very mandatory) means.

The standard set for laminating eyelashes often includes:

  • formulations №1, №2 and №3 - for each of the formulations a certain function is fixed. Composition №1 responsible for mitigating the hair structure and its preparation for the procedure, the composition №2 - for saturation cilia beneficial trace elements and fixing the twisting effect, and the composition №3 - this is actually very keratin, the final lamination procedure and creating a protective layer over the entire surfaceeyelashes
  • adhesive - is needed for fixing the silicone pads to the eyelid and eyelashes thereto
  • pigments - are used for coloring eyelashes
  • oxide for pigment - used for dilution of the pigment and create okra
  • silicone molds for spinning
Standard set for laminating Standard lamination kit

The premium kits in addition to the listed materials can also include the following components:

  • special tool for working with eyelashes
  • makeup remover
  • remover
  • makeup brush mascara
  • pads under eyes
  • adhesive tape, which is attached under the eyelid
  • wipes for disinfecting air conditioner
  • Oner mascara
  • capacity for dilution of paint

How often can make the lamination of eyelashes?

How often can you laminate eyelashes? How often can I laminate eyelashes?
  • Frequency of lamination eyelashes procedure directly depends on their condition
  • If eyelashes at the time of lamination are in good condition( they are rather long and bulky), the procedure can be repeated no earlier than two months
  • If the stateEyelashes leaves much to be desired, then lamination can be done in a month and a half after the first procedure
  • In any case, it is not recommended to apply the procedure for eyelash lamination more than once a month

Care for lashes after lamination

Care of eyelashes after lamination Care for lashes after lamination

As mentioned above, eyelashes after lamination procedure do not require any additional care or any restrictions. Lovely ladies can safely use cosmetics, visit baths, bathe in salt water, wash with cosmetics and sunbathe.

The only condition - you can not wet your eyelashes within twenty-four hours after lamination.

Is it possible to increase eyelashes after lamination?

Is it possible to increase eyelashes after lamination? Is it possible to increase eyelashes after lamination?

Experts recommend to abandon the extension of eyelashes immediately after their lamination. It is advisable to wait at least a month from the day of the lamination procedure.

This is because the components of the tools used in both manipulations can in the complex adversely affect the condition of the eyelashes. In addition, it is not known how these components react to each other.

Lamination eyelashes gelatin at home

Laminating eyelashes gelatin at home Lamination eyelashes gelatin at home

If the girl can not buy a set of laminating eyelashes, or during lamination in was not detected an allergic reaction to one of the components of the active composition, itYou can try to conduct a lamination procedure at home using gelatin.

For this manipulation we will need:

  • Gelatin - 1 packet( 15 g)
  • Warm water - 50 g
  • Hair balm - 15 g

Procedure for laminating eyelashes with gelatin:

  1. In this amount of waterwe dissolve the gelatin and put them on the fire
  2. After keeping gelatin solution on the plate is not more than five minutes, remove it from the heat
  3. Add the gelatin to the hair balsam
  4. removed from the eye makeup and eyelashes degreasing
  5. moisturize the eyelid skin cream
  6. We fasten the silicone mold to the upper eyelid( if there is no mold, we can use a half of the cotton swab), and to the bottom we use the adhesive tape
  7. . Cover the eyelashes with warm gelatin
  8. . We keep the gelatin on eyelashes for about half an hour.
  9. Remove gelatin residues with water
The procedure for home gelatin lacquering eyelashes Procedure for home gelatin lashing of eyelashes

You can immediately notice that the duration of the effect of gelatin lamination is significantly inferior to the duration of the effect of the keratin. If in the second case the cilia will have a chic look for at least a month and a half, then gelatin can provide only a two-week beauty.

In addition, such pronounced changes after the first lamination procedure with gelatin should not be expected. Only a few regular procedures can have a noticeable effect.

Home Lamination of Eyelashes: Photo "Before" and "After"

Laminating the Eyelashes Before and After the Procedure
Home Laminating eyelashes: before and after photos Home Laminating Eyelashes: Before / After Photos

Laminating Eyelashes: Feedback

Reviews about laminating eyelashes Reviews on Laminating Eyelashes
  • Girls who experienced the lamination of eyelashes, say that the procedure itself is very pleasant, and the effect of it is observed for at least a month
  • The only drawback of this transformation of cilia can be called the price of proceduresry. As a rule, in good salons it exceeds procedure increase twice
  • However, if the lashes naturalness and natural, you can only dream of, the laminated lashes look natural and attractive
  • Women build up lashes prior to lamination, appreciated the opportunity to sleep faceIn a pillow and ease of washing

Video: Laminating eyelashes