Exfoliation. How to make face peeling at home? Home-made peeling recipes

This article recommends how to cleanse the face skin at home. Prescriptions of cleansing preparations


  • Exfoliation. Or why is peeling done?
  • Home peeling for dry skin
  • Home peeling for oily skin
  • Facial peeling mask
  • Chemical peeling face at home. How to make a deep face peeling at home
  • Glycolic peeling at home
  • Peeling with calcium chloride. Face peeling with calcium chloride at home
  • VIDEO: Hollywood peeling with calcium chloride
  • Almond face peeling at home
  • Lemon peeling at home
  • Salicylic face peeling at home
  • VIDEO: Facial scrub |Peeling aspirin
  • Fruit peeling of the face at home
  • Peeling: advice and feedback
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If the facial skin is dull, thin, flabby, wrinkled or covered with a rash, it will improve its peeling procedure. Mechanical or chemical, it can be made at home.

Exfoliation. Or why is peeling done?

Peeling - cleansing the skin from dead cells Peeling - cleansing of the skin from dead cells

Peeling is a cosmetic procedure for deep cleansing of the skin, during which exfoliation of its upper layer from dead cells takes place.

IMPORTANT: The term "peeling" is derived from English. Verb peel( "scuff", "scrape").The procedure has another name - exfoliation

The procedure for getting rid of the horny layer of the skin is carried out with the purpose of :

  • improving the oxygen supply of living cells
  • improving blood circulation in the subcutaneous vessels
  • accelerating the cellular metabolism
  • accelerating the regeneration of skin cells
  • skin preparation for the procedures of nutrition, moisturizing, rejuvenating with masks

If the peeling is carried out regularly, it is possible :

  • get rid ofSmall wrinkles appear
  • prevent the appearance of new
  • smooth out other irregularities on the skin
  • clean and close the pores
  • make the skin more elastic
  • improve the complexion
  • get rid of acne, other rashes
Peeling promotes skin rejuvenation Peeling promotes skin rejuvenation

Peeling can be done in a cosmetology room or just at home. By what exactly affects the skin, exfoliation is distinguished:

  1. Mechanical - fine abrasive particles in the skin cleanser act on it like sandpaper
  2. Chemical - removal of dead cells with acids and alkalis
  3. Ultrasonic - the use of a special device that creates ultrasonic waves. Under their influence, the bonds between the living and dead skin cells of the epidermis are broken, and as a result the latter are separated
  4. Laser - removal of the stratum corneum by laser light
  5. Biological - using enzymes( pepsin, papain, bromelin, etc.) withPurpose of accelerating the natural processes of cellular renewal

There is a whole arsenal of folk and store tools that can be used for home peeling for all skin types.

IMPORTANT: Preparation for mechanical exfoliation called skrbom or exfoliant

With the help of peeling you can remove acne With peels can remove acne

have procedures home peels have contraindications:

  • open wounds and ulcers
  • acute inflammatory process
  • oncology
  • treatment ointments withHormones( glucocorticosteroids)

Home peeling for dry skin of the face

Dry facial skin requires gentle cleansing Dry facial skin requires delicate cleaning

Holders dry or sensitive with concern refer to peeling, rightly considering it a traumatic procedure. Some people prefer not to do it at all. It is not right!

IMPORTANT: Dry skin needs to be cleaned no less than other types. To carry out its exfoliation at home it is possible and necessary

But! As part of the scrub, there should be no :

  • absorbent substances
  • of large abrasive particles
  • too coarse abrasive particles
  • other damaging thin skin components

Substances and products that effectively and safely clean dry and sensitive skin, It is :

  • fruit acids( grape, lemon, other)
  • mancha
  • oat flour( from crushed flakes)
  • strawberry
  • coffee grounds
  • other

Through exfoliation procedure, holders of a thin, dry, sensitive skin should follow a few rules :

  1. Making peeling no more than once every 7-10 days
  2. Procedure duration - 1 minute
  3. Rubbing scrub the skin, should not be muchOn it press
  4. Flush exfoliating substance better with milk
  5. After exfoliation it is recommended to make a moisturizing mask

IMPORTANT: Before applying any exfoliant for dry skin, it is necessary to checkЬ it for an allergy. Allergotest is done on the inside of the elbow bend. If no reaction occurs in a day in this area of ​​the skin, the drug is used for the intended purpose.

Home peeling for oily skin

The choice of peeling agents for those with fat skin is much greater. To clean the pores of toxins and remove the upper stratum corneum cells can be used:

  • milk
  • sugar
  • honey
  • sea salt
  • cosmetic clay
  • crushed in a coffee grinder rice bran
  • Other
The procedure of exfoliation can solve numerous problems with oily skin procedure exfoliationAble to solve numerous problems with oily skin

Exfoliation rules for oily skin :

  1. Peeling done every 5-7 days
  2. Duration of the procedure - 2-3 minutes
  3. Rinse with warm water preparation should
  4. After the procedure is recommended to apply on the skin nourishing mask

IMPORTANT: Before peeling oily skin to steam can, for example, via daisy-wet towels in broth or steam baths with herbs. Then pores cleansed better

mask peeling person

This tool differs from the exfoliant that it not only cleanses the skin but nourishes and moisturizes it. The effect of the caring procedure will be double.

IMPORTANT: The peeling mask is not rubbed into the skin, but acts on it for a while

Typically, the composition of household masks with a cleansing effect includes:

  • dairy products
  • fruits and berries
  • vegetables
  • oils
  • cereals

RECIPE number 1: mask - peeling for oily skin with oatmeal and lemon juice
This medication cleans pores, nourishes the skin cells with vitamins, tones the skin, promotes the separation of its stratum corneum. Prepare mask - peeling from 2 tbsp. Spoons of oat flakes ground in a flour and juice of a lemon( as a rule, seizes half of fruit) so that at it there was a consistence of a thick gruel. The drug is evenly distributed on the face and left to dry completely. I wash off with warm water or decoction of chamomile

Oatmeal - a component of mask-peeling for oily skin Oatmeal is a component of mask-peeling for oily skin

RECIPE № 2: Mask peeling for dry skin from strawberry slurry and fatty sour cream
During the application of this remedy, the skin becomes moisturized and cleansed.
Take 2 tbsp. Spoons of crushed strawberry berries and 1 tbsp. A spoonful of fatty sour cream, mix. The mixture on the face is left for 10 minutes, then washed with milk diluted 1: 1 with water

Strawberries with sour cream will clean and nourish dry skin Strawberries with sour cream will clean and nourish dry skin

RECIPE № 3: Rejuvenating Max - peeling
To improve the state of aging skin, honey, Wheat bran and lemon juice.
Slightly warmed liquid honey( 2 tablespoons) is mixed with wheat bran( 1 tablespoon) and lemon juice( 1 tablespoon).The mask is done for half an hour, after it is thoroughly washed and a rejuvenating cream is used. Chemical peeling of face at home.

.How to make a deep face peeling in

home home chemical peel can be done with acids:

  • glycolic
  • almond
  • salicylic
  • citric
  • grape
  • other

To remove dead skin cells oftenUse the inexpensive and effective calcium chloride .

IMPORTANT: A natural reaction to chemical home peeling is facial skin hyperemia that persists for 8-18 hours after the procedure. Therefore, purify better in the evening before the weekend IMPORTANT: Tolerant tingling or burning of the skin during chemical exfoliation is normal. But if the discomfort is too strong, the drug should be washed off immediately and contact the dermatologist

as soon as possible. Glycolic peeling at home

Glycolic acid for peeling is sold in bubbles Glycolic acid for peeling sold in bubbles

Glycolic fruit acid is very often used for home skin cleansing. The substance is extracted from sugar cane. It is not aggressive, but it has the property of deep penetration into the epidermis, where:

  • facilitates the detachment of dead cells
  • improves cellular metabolism, in particular, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin
  • destroys melanin

IMPORTANT: Glycolic peeling levelsskin and improves its color

Running procedure follows :

  1. On clean face to apply a gel or lotion preparation with 10-15% content of glycolic kisOta
  2. Application drug produced a special brush
  3. formulation is applied in a circular motion from above downwards, from the forehead to chin
  4. impossible to apply a gel or lotion to the area around
  5. eye for 15 minutes until the drug affects the skin with a cotton valochek is madeLight acupressure
  6. Mask rinsed with running cold water

Peeling with calcium chloride. Peeling for face with calcium chloride at home

Calcium chloride in ampoules Calcium chloride ampoules

Peeling calcium chloride good that it can be carried out for any type of skin. In addition, the allergy to the substance is very rare.

IMPORTANT: Calcium Chloride and Calcium Chloride are the same substance

10% calcium chloride is suitable for purification purposes. It is available in ampoules at any pharmacy:

  • ampoule with calcium chloride is opened
  • in wetting agentcotton pad
  • means in several steps is applied to the entire face except the upper lip and eye area
  • when the contents of the vial runs out, it is necessary to wash the face with warm water, but do not wipe
  • when moisture is absorbed into the skin is appliedMoisturizing Cream

VIDEO: Hollywood Peeling with Calcium Chloride

Almond Face Peeling at Home

Peeling with mandelic acid is mild, but effective. Peeling with almond acid is mild but effective.

Almond acid obtained by glycolysis of almond extracts as a peeling:

  • eliminates acne and other types of rashes
  • improves skin color by combating pigment spots
  • promotes regeneration and skin rejuvenation
  • stimulating the synthesis of elastin and collagen, Improves skin relief

IMPORTANT: You can use almond acid for home peeling with light-skinned and dark-skinned girls

Almond acid is used in pure form as a multi-onentnyh cleansers.

RECIPE number 1: Peeling

mandelic acid on purified from cosmetics and sebum, steamed face coated first with a 5% toner with almond acid, then the pre-peeling with 10% mandelic acid, and only in the last instance the actual 30%a drug. After the procedure, a calming mask with collagen, laminaria and lactic acid is applied to the face for 20 minutes.

RECIPE № 2: Peeling with almonds

Take 1 tbsp. A spoonful of ground almonds, 1 tbsp. A spoonful of oat flour, 1 tbsp. A spoonful of cream. Mix and apply to the face. Exposure time - 15 minutes.

IMPORTANT: In order to have an almond peeling was the effect, making it necessary to regularly every 2 weeks, alternating with less damaging cleaning procedure

Lemon facial peels at home

Lemon, peel, citric acid in powder, - all is suitable for peeling Lemon peel, citric acid powder, -For the peeling is suitable all

For lemon exfoliation, you can use :

  • lemon juice
  • lemon slice
  • lemon peel
  • citric acid

The first three substances are usually included in the masksexfoliants. The advantage is that the additional components can be selected according to the type of skin: olive oil and cream - for dry, honey and clay - for greasy, the like.

Citric acid is used in this way: on a cleansed and steamed face with a cotton disc or sponge applying 15% acid, after washing with warm water and make a nourishing mask.

salicylic facial peels at home

For home salicylic peeling you need a pharmacy aspirin For home salicylic peels needed pharmacy aspirin

When hyperpigmentation of the skin, wrinkles, acne and seborrhea recommend doing salicylic peels. At home, it will take ordinary aspirin.


Pilling solution with salicylic acid

2 tablets of pharmacy aspirin are dissolved in 0.5 teaspoon of water and 1 teaspoon of honey( instead you can use olive oil for dry skin, aloe juice forOily).The drug is applied to the prepared face for a quarter of an hour, the remnants are removed with a cotton disc and make a toning mask.

VIDEO: Facial Scrub | Peeling aspirin

Fruit peeling face at home

You can cleanse the skin with the help of other fruit acids cleanses the skin, you can use other fruit acids

refreshes the skin, fight wrinkles, rashes and seborrhea, normalizesebaceous glands, and other fruit acids, which can be used at home:

  • tartaric
  • lactic

malic acid concentration in a preparation for exfoliation should not exceed 25%.After its application, the skin must be soothed and moistened.

Peeling: advice and feedback

The results of using acids for exfoliation at home are obvious, the skin condition is really changing for the better. But since the procedure is comparable to a thermal burn, before it is carried out, you should always contact a dermatologist, doctor, to approve it. If there are contraindications, it is better to choose a more sparing way to remove dead skin particles.

VIDEO: Peeling in the Home Conditions. Chemical Face Peeling In Home Conditions