Recipes of masks with shea butter for face, hair and lips? The benefits and harm of shea butter

For the restoration of hair and skin, as well as for a beautiful and uniform tan, it is not worth buying innumerable cosmetics. It is only necessary to purchase shea butter, which has truly magical properties.


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  • Application of shea butter for hair
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  • Shea butter
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Body Shea Butter Homeland of Shea Butter or Shea - Africa. Its extraction from seeds, use and sale to civilized countries is of great importance to the local population. And if Africans apply this amazing product everywhere : for food, for economic purposes and as a medicine, then we have it known for its nutritional and restorative properties in cosmetology.

Use of shea butter

The seeds of the Shi tree have unique substances and have a pleasant nutty smel

l. Making oil resembles butter in consistency and taste, so it is not surprising that once on the European continent, it also was used in food as a butter substitute made from cow's milk.

Shea butter contains

  • fatty acids( oleic, palmitic, stearic, etc.)
  • unsaponifiable substances( in much larger quantities than in cocoa butter)
  • vitamin E
  • phenol
  • plant steroids
  • terpene alcohols
OilShi is sold in various degrees of purification and can have impurities - carefully study the composition of the

product. Thanks to this rich composition, shea butter has regenerative, moisturizing and rejuvenating properties, as well as It binds a protective effect. oil from the fruit of the tree shea actively used in cosmetology and medicine:

  • for humidification prone to excessive dryness and roughness of the skin( hands, feet, elbows)
  • to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, the first signs of aging skin
  • while eliminating
  • extensions for protectionfrom the action of ultraviolet radiation and other external negative factors
  • for hair restoration with fragility, posechennyh tips,
  • dryness with diaper rash in children
  • bites of insects in the treatment of psoriasis and dermatitis( in the co
  • as an anti-inflammatory treatment for wounds, scratches
Purified shea butter

Thus, shea butter is a valuable cosmetic agent that has found its application in the anti-aging, regenerative and eye care cosmetics for face and body. It's no wonder that many manufacturers add this component to their facilities and even create whole rulers with shea butter for hair and skin.

Application of Shea Butter for Hair

Useful properties of shea butter made him one of the most popular reconstructive hair products .On sale of cosmetic shops a large number of shampoos, masks and balms are presented, in the composition of which there is oil of this African tree.

But it is not necessary to buy an expensive store with shea butter, which has in addition a bunch of parabens and silicones, harmful to the hair. To improve hair and give them valuable care, you can use shea butter and as part of homemade masks and as an additive to your favorite mask or balm.

Karite oil in the hair mask has a complex effect

Hair care with shea butter will help:

  • to restore the visited ends and prevent their appearance
  • solve the problem of too dry hair
  • soothe and restore the scalp, remove the itch
  • soften the hair, give the combing of lightness
  • protect the curls from the ultraviolet

By purchasing a shea butter in the pharmacy, you can prepare healing hair masks, the result of which will be very pleased, and their price will save the budget. Products for such masks are at home for everyone, otherwise - they can be purchased at any store or pharmacy.

Repairing mask

If your hair looks like a towel, and store tools do not help them to recover, then do not despair - karite oil will cope with this task. To prepare a mask, you will need:

  • 2 tbsp. L.Shea butter
  • 1 tbsp. L.olive or burdock oil
  • any balm or hair mask
nutrients shea butter will help restore the health of the hair

Mix all the ingredients, pre-Melt shea butter, and apply the mixture on dry hair. Hair wrap in a food film or put on a cellophane cap and leave overnight. The morning mask can be washed off using any shampoo and warm water.

Anti-dandruff mask

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and soothing effect of shea butter, it is often recommended to use masks against dandruff. Prepare such a tool is not difficult - for the mask you need the following ingredients:

  • 2 tbsp. L.Shea Butter
  • 4-5 drops of essential oil( lavender, tea tree, rosemary)
Karite oil can be added to hair masks and balms or to prepare home remedies from natural ingredients

Melt shea butter and add essential oil to it. Mix the ingredients well and apply to the scalp , then wrap it in polyethylene and a towel. After an hour, the mask can be washed off with shampoo. With regular repetition( 2-3 times a week) the effect will not be long in coming, and the sensation of itching will leave after the first application.

Growth Mask

In order to accelerate hair growth and strengthen them, you can prepare a special hair growth activator .Its structure, in addition to shea butter, also includes other components that must be pre-purchased at the pharmacy:

  • burdock
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin A
If your hair to make a mask with shea butter and burdock

Burdock oil and shea butter, mix in equalQuantities and add to the mixture 1 ampoule of vitamins A and E ( you can buy a combination drug "Aevit", which contains both vitamins).Apply the mask for the entire length of the hair and scalp, soak 50-60 minutes under polyethylene and a towel, and then rinse with shampoo. Repeat the procedure in a week.

Mask against loss of

The mask combining the shea butter and castor oil will help to stop hair loss. To make it, you also need essential oil of rosemary, but if you do not find it, you can safely make a mask of the two components. Mix 2 spoons castor oil with 3 spoonfuls shea butter and 3 drops of essential oils. Then apply the mixture on the hair and leave for 2-3 hours.

Application and recipes for face masks with shea butter

Shea butter has truly magical properties in the composition of face masks. It heals and moisturizes, restores the skin elasticity and smoothes fine wrinkles, protects against ultraviolet radiation and has antibacterial effect of .To the effect of shea butter was the maximum it is combined with the various components that are available in the kitchen of each hostess.

Home remedy for face youth with shea butter

Nourishing and tonic mask

If the skin is dry, sometimes there is peeling and stiffening, then you just need a mask with karite oil. For its preparation , mix the yolk, a teaspoon of melted shea butter and as much olive oil. resulting mask put on the face for 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Due

nourishing mask skin transformed before our eyes: becomes silky, soft and moist, and about the annoying peeling you can finally forget, if you repeat a mask once a week.

Anti-wrinkle mask

From small wrinkles help to get rid of the mask with such components:

  • 1 tsp. Shea butter
  • 1 tsp. Olive oil
  • 1 tsp. Almond oil
Karite oil is effective against wrinkles

In melted oil shi add two other oils and properly them mix .After this apply mixture on cleansed skin face and keep not less 20 minutes. Then the can wash with a warm with water.

Lip Shea Butter

Active Shea Butter Nutrients make it an excellent Lip Balm .It is especially important that such a remedy will be in the hot summer season, and the healing components of the oil will have an anti-inflammatory and restoring effect on cracks and damages.

Cooked home lip balm will be no worse than not store counterparts, and its composition is completely natural:

  • 15 g Shea
  • '15 jojoba oil
  • a few drops of lemon oil
  • 5 ml of rose water
Lip balm of shea butter

Melt butter on water bath . Mix mixture to full softening , while consistency not will become similar to melted creamy oil . Then , removing balsam with water bath , gradually add pink water and several drops oil of lemon .Thoroughly mix components and balm ready . You can store of its only in glass container ( can use jar from - under cream ).

Sunshine oil

In order to get a beautiful and even tan, and not burn under the hot summer sun, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on an expensive product that protects during sunburn. Shea butter will be an excellent assistant and on the beach. In addition, it can also be used as a moisturizing and soothing after sunburn.

Melt the shea butter and apply for 20-30 minutes before leaves the beach. With this use, the product will protect against ultraviolet radiation, prevent the burning of the skin and its excessive dryness. If you mix the shea butter with wheat germ oil , then the protection effect will increase significantly.

Shea butter will not allow to burn in the sun

Using shea butter after sunburn, you can moisturize the skin well, remove tightness and return elasticity. Simply apply oil to the skin with massage movements after sunbathing.

Shea butter from stretch marks

Despite the fact that shea butter has become a well-known not so long ago it has become the most popular tool for stretch marks . It turns out that it even takes the first places in its effectiveness from this unpleasant skin phenomenon and only after it follows cocoa butter and olive oil.

When stretching it is recommended to mix shea butter and olive oil in equal quantities and rub three times a day with massage movements in problem areas. Do not forget that before such procedures it is necessary to clean the skin using a coarse sponge.

Stretch marks will become less noticeable if you use shea butter as a cream

Use shea butter will make stretch marks less visible , and the skin will become more elastic, which will prevent the appearance of new ones. It is advisable to use shea butter and as a preventative against stretch marks - for this it is enough to apply 2-3 times a week.

Shea butter during pregnancy

Most often stretch marks occur during pregnancy, when a woman is gaining weight, and the skin does not withstand a new load and does not have time to stretch. The use of any funds during this period is associated with a certain risk for the fetus in the womb, so the selection of funds should be thorough, and it is better and at all to use natural remedies.

Karite oil is not contraindicated in pregnancy

Just such - natural and effective - is shea butter. It does not adversely affect the fetus during pregnancy and can be used during lactation. The only exception is you are allergic to this oil , in which it is necessary to exclude its use.

Shea butter for the eye area

The skin around the eyes requires special care, because it does not have subcutaneous fat and is extremely thin. Therefore, the first signs of aging appear precisely in the area around the eyes - the so-called crow's feet .Many agents for the skin around the eyes have in their composition a huge number of chemical compounds, which only worsen its condition.

The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate - shea butter will be an excellent care for her

Shea butter is a completely natural product, which is completely safe for the skin around the eyes, and its effect is not inferior to many advertised cosmetic products. Nutrients, fatty acids and proteins shea oils will help strengthen the regeneration processes, will make the skin more elastic and provide the necessary nutrition.

Simultaneously with the regenerative action, shea butter protects the skin from ultraviolet, which is one of the main factors of skin aging and wrinkle formation. Thus, it is necessary to apply oil to women who already have wrinkles, and to younger girls, who want to keep their youth and beauty.

As a remedy for wrinkles around the eyes, shea butter can be used in the masks with other components and as an independent agent.

Pharmacy realizes carite oil in a solid form, for use it must be melt in a water bath

Prepare a mask for the delicate skin around the eyes from these components:

  • 1 tsp. Parsley
  • 1 tsp. Shea Butter
  • 10 g butter

Grind parsley to and add to it creamy oil and oil shi , pre- their having melted the .The oil apply a mask on portion around eye on 30 - 35 minutes , then rinse with using usual means for washing . Repeat mask 1 - 2 fold in week and wrinkles noticeably smoothed .

What is the harm of shea butter?

Shea butter is a miracle cure, but also it can cause harm to the skin. No clinical trials have been conducted regarding the effect of shea butter and it is not advisable to state the complete safety of this African product. Also, we should not exclude the possibility of the occurrence of allergic reaction , because the shea butter is made from exotic fruits.

If you have an allergy to nuts, for example, peanuts, then be sure to test the sensitivity by spreading a small area of ​​skin on the shea butter.

Apply it to a small area of ​​skin before applying shea butter and observe the

reaction. Harm will also result in the use of oil after the expiry date, which is three years old .If you have prepared a cream with shea butter, then it can not be stored for more than three months. In general, numerous reviews do not indicate that any harm has been caused by Karite oil - only positive results.

Karite oil - is an excellent substitute for the care cosmetics , because its use is suitable for the face, body and hair. You can buy this exotic product in any pharmacy, and it's easy to make a mask or balm. Pamper your skin with this natural remedy and it will thank you with its healthy look and beauty.

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