How to tie a card of Sberbank to the phone: ways. Mobile Bank of the Savings Bank: how to connect / disconnect / unblock via the phone, the Internet, the Sberbank online Personal account, the ATM itself?

Find out by what methods you can attach a Sberbank card to your phone.


  • How to bind a Sberbank card to the phone: ways to connect the Mobile Bank
  • How to connect the Mobile Bank of Sberbank through the phone?
  • How can I connect Sberbank Mobile Bank online through my account?
  • How to connect Sberbank Mobile Bank online via ATM?
  • How to connect Sberbank Mobile Bank online through Sberbank branch?
  • How to unlock Sberbank Mobile Bank: ways
  • How to untie a phone number from a Sberbank card - disable Mobile Bank: ways
  • How to disable Sberbank Mobile Bank via phone?
  • How can I disable Sberbank's Mobile Bank online through my account?
  • How to disconnect the Sberbank Mobile Bank online via ATM?
  • How to disable the Sberbank Mobile Bank online through the Sberbank office?

Sberbank does its best to make its customers feel comfortable using its services. With the development of new technologies, the number of these services is also increasing. For the convenience of controlling the funds on

the Savings Bank card, performing a number of other operations, you can link it to your android. And then you can manage your card through online spaces, transfer funds, receive them from another card, pay off your loans, and even block the card if it is lost. Further we will stop on a subject how to disconnect, connect this service - more precisely: mobil banking.

How to tie a Sberbank card to the phone: ways to connect Mobile bank

It's a shame, but not everyone is familiar with the instruction of binding SMS banking to a smartphone. It is important to know that only one cardholder can do this procedure and there is two tariffs mobile banking : complete, economical. There are several ways of linking the card:

  • in the branch of the banking institution itself - it's best to immediately activate the service when creating a plastic card
  • using ATMs, terminals - just select the necessary items from the
  • menu with the help of the operator -Telephone
  • connection via onlain-banking on the online portal in your personal, client profile.

How to connect Sberbank Mobile Bank via phone?

When you are not set up to stand in queues for half a day at the very institution of the Savings Bank, or you do not understand how you can connect SMS-banking online, you can perform this process through the support service. More precisely, you need to call the operators on the numbers:

  • +7( 495) -50-055-50 - for users who are in Russia or abroad
  • 8( 800) -55-55-550 - free of charge absolutely for all regions of Russia.

In addition, before calling, you must first prepare your documents, namely: a passport, TIN, other documentation, on a plastic card. Because the consultant operators will authenticate of your data, check whether you are the real owner or not. And only after that will connect the mobile banking to your phone number.

Cylinder Connection banking

IMPORTANT : When you tie a plastic card to the phone number, make no mistake, dictating to the operator your mobile number.

How to connect Sberbank Mobile Bank online through your personal account?

To start using Sberbank onlain, you will have to register on this page. To do this, you will need your card number, mobile number. You will receive a one-time password on the smartphone, on it you can enter the portal. There come up your own: login, password. Then:

  1. Visit your personal account, click the tab - Mobile banking
  2. Go to the item - Connection details, then choose favorable conditions for yourself
  3. . Using further prompts, connect your android to the banking.
Mobil banking

How to connect Sberbank Mobile Bank online via ATM?

It is not at all difficult to make connection of the card through special devices( ATMs, terminals).To do this:

  1. Insert your card in the box
  2. Go to the main menu, press - Mobile banking
  3. Go tab: Snap card
  4. Select the appropriate tariff
  5. you connect, exit the application.

The service is not always connected instantly. When the card is tied, you will receive an SMS on the mobile number.

\ Usilvpiyskr Connection via

How to connect Sberbank's Mobile Bank online through the Sberbank office?

It is possible to connect a plastic card to the customer's smartphone in the establishment of a nearby Sberbank. It is most profitable to make a process when you receive a new card. The only thing that needs to be done in this case is to dictate your number.

If you have a card for a long time, but is not bound to a cell, do the following:

  • Bring a map and the documents attached thereto, passport, taxpayer identification number.
  • Visit the bank, explain the essence of your question to the employee.
  • After that, the bank employee will offer you to fill in a special application form for linking the card to your mobile.
  • Carefully fill in the application fields.
  • Specify your full name, card number, the number of your mobile and the operator that provides you with communication services.
  • Please complete the form with your signature and send it to the employee of the banking institution.
  • Wait for SMS messages that this service is already connected.
Banking in the office Connection banking in

department How to Unlock Mobile bank Sberbank: ways

Unfortunately, sometimes the bank may unilaterally and without warning disable SMS-banking, for example, due to the fact that on a plastic card was negativeBalance at the time of payment for a particular service. In such cases, after replenishing the account, you should unlock the service. For this it is enough to do the following:

  1. Call the round-the-clock customer support by the single number: 8( 800) -55-55-550.Where the operator-consultants themselves will unlock you.
  2. You can send SMS-ku to the general number of operators - 900 with the last four digits of your plastic card, control digits.
  3. In the establishment of Sberbank you will be provided with such a service consultants. You must take your passport with you, a card, do not forget to tell the employee a code word.
Outdoors unlock-lock SMS-banking

How to unbind phone number Sberbank card - turn off the Mobile Bank: ways

As bind the card to the smartphone and disable this service possible in several ways. In particular, it is:

  1. Cancellation via terminal, ATM
  2. Cancellation of this service in the very savings institution
  3. Cancellation via your client onlain office
  4. Refusal by contacting
subscriber support service Disconnecting the card from mobil banking

How to disconnect the Sberbank Mobile Bank via phone?

There are different reasons for customers forcing to disable SMS banking. If you do not like to solve these issues in the banking institution, then use the phone. More precisely by calling the customer service provided to the Savings Bank website:

  • + 7-( 495) -50-055-50 - for users who are in Russia or abroad
  • 8-800-55-55-550 - free number absolutely for all regions of the Russian Federation

Provide information about yourself and follow the operator's prompts.

cancel SMS-banking

How to disable Mobile bank Sberbank online through a personal account?

In cases where you are already registered on the Sberbank's onlain portal, you will not be able to disconnect the service. It is enough to enter your office, find the tab - "mobile bank", continue to cancel the service of interest( sms-banking).That's just the process of disconnecting will not immediately. SMS can appear in a few days.

PopOff Failure onlain from SMS banking

How to disable Sberbank's Mobile Bank online via ATM?

The process is similar to connecting SMS-banking. Again, you should perform the following actions:

  1. Insert your card into the ATM window
  2. In the main menu, find the link: Mobile bank
  3. After disconnect the service of interest
VOOPRGGY Cancellation of SMS banking with the ATM

Now, after the provided instruction, you can choose the method that suits you best for connecting, disconnecting SMS-banking.

How to disconnect the Sberbank Mobile Bank online through the Sberbank office?