Biorhythms of man. How do biorhythms affect health and performance?

What are the biorhythms for? How can we use them in our lives?


  • The concept of "biorhythms"
  • Classification of biorhythms
  • The processes of origin of biorhythms. Basic functions of biorhythms
  • Biorhythms and human performance. How to calculate biorhythms for each day
  • Emotional compatibility of biorhythms
  • Physical compatibility of biorhythms
  • Food and biorhythms
  • Health and biorhythms
  • Video: Shnol - Biological clock - Academy. Channel Culture

The concept of "biorhythms"

Some flowers fold their petals at night, as if falling asleep. This property becomes even more amazing from the fact that the plant behaves the same way in a dark room with a constant temperature. That is, the flower is not oriented either to sunlight or to heat. He reacts only to cosmic biorhythms.

The same happens with our body. Only in everyday vanity can we not notice this. Biorhythm is a periodic change in the intensity of processes in our body. He is tied to the time of the day, the lunar cycle,

the time of the year.

Simon Shnol is a biophysicist who has been dealing with the problem of biological clock for more than 50 years. He tells about it this way: "The genes that determine their own hours, have all living organisms. Even in every cell has its own genetic apparatus-chronometer. The result is a cycle of biorhythm. True, this device is not accurate. Under normal conditions, the body corrects them, focusing on the sun. But for cosmonauts, for example, this is a big problem. Day at them "creep".

Classification of biorhythms

Biorhythms are of two types:

  • physiological
  • environmental

The first have a duration in fractions of a second. This, for example, heartbeat. But we are more interested in the latter. Because with their help we can influence our life.

Environmental biorhythms are those that are associated with natural phenomena. For example, with the change of day and night, the seasons. Evolutionally, it turned out that a person should stay awake during the day, and sleep at night. Acting differently, we are harmful to the body. Apparently, not for nothing by law, work on the night shift should be paid higher. Processes of origin of biorhythms.

.Basic functions of biorhythms

In the process of evolution, most living beings are used to acting during the day and resting at night. This is understandable: the day is warmer and everything is visible. Gradually, many systems of our body obeyed this. In the afternoon our pulse and breathing speed increases, the blood runs faster through the veins, we become more cheerful. There are more growth hormones, therefore, we develop faster in the daytime. It would be insulting to oversleep such a burst of activity. Biorhythms and working capacity of man.

.How to calculate biorhythms for each day

Our intellectual activity also works in accordance with biorhythms. If we study the natural features of our biological clocks, we can correctly formulate our own regimen and increase our efficiency several times.

  1. 6:00 - 7:00.This is the period when our long-term memory works best. If you need to learn speech for your presentation, it is best to do this with morning coffee and brushing your teeth
  2. 7:00 - 9:00.Time for logical thinking. If some important problem at work is not solved today, leave it until tomorrow. In the morning on the way to work the solution will come to you
  3. 9:00 - 11:00.The brain easily copes with large volumes of information, figures, statistics. Your work day should start with mail processing and data collection
  4. 11:00 - 12:00.This period is inevitably associated with a decrease in intellectual activity. Willy-nilly, mental activity will have to be postponed. You can devote this period to mechanical work: to put things in order at the workplace, carry papers, transfer orders or just go to a smoke break
  5. 12:00 - 14:00.The whole organism is set to digest food. Blood drains from the brain and rushes to the stomach. It is better to devote this time to dinner. So you will not ruin your digestion. Working in the lunch break will still not be effective
  6. 14:00 - 18:00.The peak activity of your body. Any work, physical or mental, during this period will be especially effective. It is dangerous, however, to get too involved and stay up late. This greatly excites the nervous system, prevents you from calming down and relax well before going to bed. It turns out that recycling will never be as effective as the work itself
  7. 18:00 - 23:00.Time for resting the nervous system, the brain and the whole body.
  8. 11:00 - 01:00.If you spend this time on a dream, it will refresh your nervous and physical strength well.
  9. 01:00 - 06:00.Sleep at this time restore the emotional energy and makes you mentally stable

Emotional compatibility biorhythms

is believed that biorhythms can influence even on such delicate matter, as love, tenderness, falling in love, compassion. Official science does not recognize this as truth. On the Internet there are special tests for friends, lovers or spouses. Passing through them, you can get a result about the emotional compatibility of your biorhythms.

On the one hand, the more similar the oscillations of these cycles are, the seemingly more harmonious communication between people. But on the other hand, if at the moment both of you have an increased tendency to conflict, this can create problems.

Physical compatibility of biorhythms

Physical compatibility of people is another fact that is not recognized by the official science. It is believed that if your indicators of physical compatibility are high enough, you will be comfortable spending time together, doing active work. This applies to joint trips to the gym, cycling, hiking. For spouses, this may indicate success in intimate life.

Food and biorhythms

Our biological clock tells us to eat often, but in small portions. The organism is set up for four meals a day. How to distribute these meals is an individual matter.

  • It is recommended that skaters eat a more substantial breakfast. The main meal should be in the so-called "lunch".Lunch and dinner is better to make easier
  • body owls during lunch still asleep. Therefore, it is better not to overload the body in the morning. As you wake up to lunch, you can eat densely. Lunch can be postponed later, and eat it, as if getting hungry. For dinner, you should not overeat

Endless snacks, tea with biscuits and sandwiches are not recommended to anyone. Maximum - a glass of yogurt or an apple. Before going to sleep, owls can afford such a small meal to "hold out" until morning.

Health and biorhythms

There are some simple tips on how we can affect their health, using the mechanism of jet lag.

  1. Here's a tip from the aforementioned Simon Shnol: "The simplest regulator of biorhythms is light. If you read before going to bed, lighting your face greatly, you are beating yourself a biological clock. After that, you are not sleeping very well at all. "
  2. Refuse night work. Especially harmful it affects the female body. Often it is paid better than the day. But for this money you sell your own health
  3. One of the scientific methods of treating depression is the patient's stay in a room with fluorescent lights. If you feel a breakdown, walk more often in the sunlight. And when the mood has completely fallen, spit on everything and go to sea
  4. Do not eat tightly at night. In the dark, the stomach does not secrete enzymes and hydrochloric acid. Undigested proteins lie until the morning "dead weight".They are processed by microorganisms that release toxic waste.
  5. The person is affected not only by the presence or absence of light, but also by the length of his wave. That is color. For example, blue acts better when waking up
  6. Simon Shnol in a joking form advises giving the parents blue lights so that they "illuminate" the children before waking them up in the garden
  7. Scientists who deal with biological clock issues themselves adhere to an unusual daily routine. Most often their day starts at 4:00, and they go to bed at 20:00.In their opinion, this is how they capture the most "productive" time of the day. Perhaps we should follow this example
  8. There is a particularly dangerous time for the development of the disease. Most often, the aggravation comes closer to the night. One of the eloquent examples is the fact that most births occur precisely at night. People who have serious health problems should consider this

So, with the help of a biological clock, we can significantly change our lives. Correctly using this mechanism, you can greatly improve efficiency. On the other hand, you can completely upset your health and even take away a few years of life( for example, working at night).

Video: Shnol - Biological clock - Academy. Channel Culture