How to make a bouquet of chocolates with your own hands? Bouquet of chocolates: master class

The art of creating bouquets of chocolates. Bouquets, baskets of sweets for birthday, wedding, such holidays as March 8, February 14 and 23.


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Arts make bouquets of chocolates or another suite design, appeared not so long ago, but it is gaining popularity. A bouquet of sweets is an ideal gift for a woman, a child and a man. It is appropriate for any holiday: March 8, February 23, birthday or first date

. Having received such a gift, you can first admire the bouquet, and then disassemble it, and eat the sweets. A bouquet of chocolates is a real surprise for any person.

Bouquets of sweets with his own hands for beginners

Bouquet of sweets «Pineapple»

those who only started suite design, can be assembled to recommend "Pineapple" in the beginning.

Bouquet of sweets «Pineapple»

to work you need:

  • plastic bottle, 1.5 liter, better wide
  • round in golden candy wrapper
  • corrugated paper glue green
  1. start to make a bouquet. We take a wide plastic bottle of 1.5 liters, if not, then a narrow one will do. We cut it into two parts, we place it in the lower part of the upper part. If the resulting structure is high - cut it off again, so it was not high, like a pineapple.
  2. The resulting base from the bottle pasted in rows of sweets.
  3. From green paper, cut long leaves and place them on top, inserting into the bottle. The work is ready.

Bouquet of chocolates with own hands step by step photos

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Bouquet of sweets "Crocuses"

We need the following:

  • candies in pieces of paper
  • Scotch tape
  • wire
  • white, pink and green corrugated paper
  • scissors
So wrap the candies
Paste the petals and green leaves
The flower is ready
  1. Let's start making a bouquet. Cut from the paper stripes 5 * 20 cm stripes are twisted in the middle and bend twice. On the bend, the paper is straightened, and the other side is squeezed. It will be petals.
  2. Wire we attach sweets to skewers, and one by one - 3-4 petals. A flower in the base and a skewer are wound with a strip of green paper. From the same paper we cut out leaves and fasten 2 pieces each.- for 1 flower. The flowers are ready.
  3. We collect the bouquet.

Bouquets of sweets master class

Video: Snowdrops made from chocolates with their own hands

For snowdrops you need:

  • small candies
  • glue
  • white and light green corrugated paper
  • wire
  1. We begin to make snowdrops. From the green paper we cut rectangles 6 * 4 cm. We join in half and cut the upper corners with scissors. We stretch the future petal in the middle, spread a strip of glue inside the bottom edge and tighten the candy tightly, pressing the tails of pieces of paper to the candy.
  2. We insert the wire inside. Below tightly press the base of the bud.
  3. From white paper we cut 3 strips 1-1.5 * 6 cm. Each petal is sharpened from the middle to the top, and at the bottom a little cut off the corner. In the middle of the petals stretch, we apply a little glue from the bottom of the white petal and glue it at an angle.
  4. If you glue the petal closely - the flower will turn out to be closed, and we have a snowdrop, it should be open. So we glue all 3 petals.
  5. Now you need to close a strip of green paper, 1 cm wide, flower base and foot. Glue to the flower stalk 2 leaves and snowdrop ready.

Bouquet of chocolates on 14 February

Bouquet of sweets "Sweet Heart"

Valentine's Day is a holiday when I want to pay attention to a person who likes you.

For Valentine's Day, February 14, we will make our favorite bouquet of sweets "Sweet Heart" .

for bouquets need:

  • round candy
  • foam
  • double-sided tape
  • white and red crepe paper
  • toothpicks
  • narrow tape
  • scissors
  • knife
  • packing tape
  • red wrapping paper
  1. of foam on the image cut out heart and zamatyvaem it in red paper, attachScotch tape.
  2. One side of a candy wrapper is attached to a toothpick, fixed with adhesive tape, the other side of the candy wrapped.
  3. We cut rectangles of 6 * 7 cm from white and red paper. On one side we round them with scissors, and then round off the sides slightly.
  4. Sweets wrap the candy in the petal, first slightly stretching it. For one candy for 3-4 petals. At the top, the petals are straightened and stretched so that they are wavy. At the base of the petals we fix with an adhesive tape.
  5. On the heart of polystyrene we inflict flowers, in the middle are white, on the edge are red.
  6. We make the whole composition. We cut out strips of corrugated paper of such length that it was enough to wrap the heart from the foam.
  7. A strip of white paper, we take a width of 9 cm, red - 7 cm. The edges of the bands are slightly stretched so that they do not stick to the finished composition, but on top were wavy.
  8. We paste on the base with double-sided tape first a white strip, then red. We tie the ribbons out of the packing tape and make out their heart.

Bouquets of sweets for February 23

Sweet candy tank

For men on February 23 we will present sweet candy tank .

For the tank you need:

  • 2 boxes, one is bigger, the other is smaller
  • polystyrene
  • adhesive tape
  • brown wrapping paper
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • glue odorless
  • corrugated paper brown
  • 10 chocolate medals
  • candy one, you can several kinds
  • bottle of beer, Can cognac
  1. The big box will be the base of the tank, so we straighten the sides of the box with a triangle and fix them with adhesive tape.
  2. On both boxes we glue the strips of double-sided scotch and wrap it in brown paper. We stack boxes one on another.
  3. From foam we cut out 2 billets for caterpillars along the length of the tank. We paste on them a double-sided scotch and wrap the future caterpillars in brown paper.
  4. Adhesive tape adheres to the caterpillars wheels - chocolate medals.
  5. From brown paper, we cut out strips as long as caterpillars, add paper to 3 layers, for strength and paste on caterpillars to slightly look out the edges.
  6. Caterpillar glue on the tank. At the top we install a barrel from a bottle of beer, you can brandy, and paste on two-sided scotch sweets throughout the tank.
  7. Sweet tank ready. You can congratulate your beloved man.

Bouquet of chocolates on March 8

Picture-059 Basket of chrysanthemums from sweets

On March 8, a woman will be pleased if a man gives her a basket of chrysanthemums from sweets .

For chrysanthemums you need:

  • colored corrugated paper
  • round candies in a golden wrapper
  • small skewers
  • wire
  • scissors
  • adhesive tape
  • basket for flowers
  • organza or cellophane for flowers
  1. First we attach the scotch to the sweets sweets. Cut into 4 rectangles of 15 * 8 cm paper of different colors.
  2. Fold rectangles of the same color one on the other and make 20 notches in width, but not to the end, and 2/3 of the width are petals.
  3. We take sweets on skewers and wind on them strips with petals. At the base we fix the flower with wire.
  4. A small basket for flowers is covered with an organza, and can be transparent cellophane for flowers so that the cellophane is slightly hung from the sides, we put in the basket chrysanthemums. The work is ready.

Bouquet of chocolates for birthday

Cake of chocolates with roses

For the birthday we make to our close people a cake of chocolates with roses .

We begin to prepare the cake. For him you need:

  • polystyrene
  • long chocolate sweets
  • scissors, knife
  • corrugated paper burgundy, light yellow, green and brown
  • round roses for roses
  • double-sided scotch
  • thin tape
  • small skewers
  • satin ribbon
  • artificial leaves
  1. First cut outOf thick foam 2 cake bases: one more, another smaller. You can use two cans.
  2. We wrap the base in brown paper, glue it with double-sided adhesive tape and glue to it sweets without gaps. We follow that the pictures on sweets were of one direction. We fix them with satin ribbons and bows.
  3. Making roses. We fix the sweets to skewers with scotch tape. Cut out burgundy and light yellow rectangles 10 * 5 cm, round one side. These are petals.
  4. Buds for roses cut from rectangles 10 * 18 cm. Take a rectangle, a little stretch the middle, wrap the candy on a skewer, and fix the base with adhesive tape.
  5. Also attach the petals. To our flower was like a rose - straighten and bend the petals. At the base of the flower and skewer wrapped in a strip of green paper.
  6. We spread the roses on the cake. Between the roses we insert artificial leaves. The work is ready.

Bouquet of sweets for the wedding

Bouquet of sweets for the wedding bride

We compose bouquet of sweets for the wedding bride. In addition, bouquets will have to be stamped 2: with sweets inside the flowers and without sweets - a pacifier, so as not to injure the heavy bouquet of girlfriends of the bride who will catch the bouquet.

For the bouquet it is necessary: ​​

  • candy
  • little white floral mesh
  • port handle
  • Satin "skirt" for colors
  • wire
  • white corrugated paper
  • little white cloth
  • tape
  • glue
  • lace or braid
  • masking tape
  • skewers
  • foam
  • scissors
  • beads or rhinestones
  1. firstDraw a port handle( a plastic device for a bouquet that resembles a microphone).From the device we take a sponge, we do not need it, it is needed for fresh flowers.
  2. The lower frame of the handle port is wrapped in a white cloth and refills it inside. We cut a circle of the appropriate diameter from the foam, insert the handle port inside and close it with the upper frame.
  3. We put on the handle a special lace. We fix it with a plastic device. Plastics are covered with a floral net, we tie with a satin ribbon. All the handle and the ledge at the base are covered with lace and decorated with rhinestones.
  4. We produce white roses. First, cut out the petals from the paper. For 1 rose you will need:
    2 wide lobes
    2 blanks in which 4 petals( they can be made from a rectangle, not cut to the end, but 2/3 of the width, the resulting rectangles are rounded)
    1 billet for 5 petals.
  5. Prepare the petals: wide stretch in the middle, with 4-stretch the tips, with the 5-th - stretch all the petals in the middle, and twist the tips. We collect a rose.
  6. We wrap the candy 2 with wide petals - the bud turned out. We wrap around the bud in turn the blanks with 4 petals so that the petals are overlapping. A band with 5 petals is twisted so that the petals overlap only at the bottom, and at the top they should be deployed.
  7. The base of the flower is attached with a wire to the skewer, and attach to it the green sepals. So do the right amount of roses.
  8. Picking a bouquet. We put all the colors in the styrofoam pen port evenly. If there are gaps, fill them with an organza. The work is ready.
Port handle

Bouquet of Raffaello sweets

Bouquet of Raffaello sweets

Raffaello sweets are delicious and popular with everyone. But you can make a bouquet from them, which will please not only your taste buds, but also your eyes.

Bouquet of Raffaello sweets

For bouquet you need:

  • candies
  • foil
  • pink and white ribbons
  • adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • long skewers
  • pink organza
  1. Sweets are wrapped in foil, but not completely, and to see a little wrapping, and fix itOn skewers.
  2. Each skewer is also wrapped in foil. Cut out the squares of 20 * 20 cm from the organza, add them in half, each candy wrap around, the top remains without matter, at the base of the leg tie a pink ribbon.
  3. When all the flowers are ready, we bind all the stems together with scotch tape. We wrap the bouquet in the organza, tie it with a pink ribbon. Between the flowers let's pass a white ribbon. A bouquet from Raffaello is ready.

Bouquet of sweets, roses

Basket of roses from sweets

Roses - popular flowers. And basket of roses from sweets will surprise and please someone who will give it no less than a living rose.

For work you need:

  • round candies
  • wicker basket for flowers
  • long skewers
  • scissors
  • glue
  • red and green corrugated paper
  • polystyrene
  • adhesive tape
  • green organza
  1. Sweets with sweets are fixed with adhesive tape. Cut red large rectangles, size 10 * 18 cm - for buds, and small, 10 * 5 cm - for the petals.
  2. One side of the petals is rounded off with scissors.
  3. Large rectangles a little stretch and wrap the sweets with skewers, the base is fastened with adhesive tape, then attach the petals. The base with a skewer is covered with a green strip. We cut out the leaves and we also attach them to the skewers.
  4. To the basket we put the foam plastic to the size of the bottom, we close the basket with the organza, we set the flowers. The work is ready.

Bouquet of chocolates tulips

Bouquet of tulips from sweets

A bouquet of tulips from sweets is unusual in that it is made of chintz and sweets.

For work you need:

  • oblong chocolate sweets
  • pieces of felt
  • pieces 10 * 10 cm calico red, pink and white colors
  • scissors
  • scissors
  • scotch green
  1. Sweets are wrapped in different colors of fabric, from below we insert skewers and fix them with scotch tape. We tape the base of the flower and the skewer. Cut out leaves from felt and fasten them to skewers.
  2. Ready tulips are picked in a bouquet, bandaged with satin ribbon and the bouquet is ready.

Bouquet of chocolates in a basket

Basket of strawberries from sweets

Would you like to get a strawberry basket as a gift in the winter? Probably, none of us would refuse such a gift, even if it is a basket of not real strawberries - and basket of strawberries from sweets .

So, we start to recreate the basket with strawberries and flowers from sweets.

For her need:

  • corrugated paper green, yellow and red with white peas
  • tape narrow
  • tape bilateral
  • toothpicks
  • scissors
  • glue
  • white paper dense
  • foam
  • wicker basket
  • candy round in a red wrapper
  1. At the bottom of the basket glue double sided tape. Cut out the foam from the oval in the diameter of the basket. We paste it with green paper with the help of an adhesive tape. We paste it into the basket.
  2. Now produce strawberry flowers. Unfortunately, they are without sweets. It's just an ornament. Toothpicks paste a green strip of paper. From the thick paper cut out white round petals, 5 pieces each. On each flower.
  3. We cut yellow paper into small pieces, mnem them, we roll into balls - this is the core of the flower. Adhesive glue the petals together, and the core - in the middle. Then cut out 2 green leaves for each flower, and glue them. The ready flower is fastened with a toothpick to the foam.
  4. Now the berries. We wrap the sweets in red pieces of paper with white peas, insert toothpicks, the base is glued together with a narrow tape. A toothpick is wound with a strip of green paper and also glued with adhesive tape.
  5. Cut the green petiole for each berry and glue it to the base, the green leaflets glue to the stem. Strawberry on a toothpick is strengthened in a basket alternating with flowers. Your cart is now ready.

Simple bouquet of sweets

Bouquet of poppies from sweets

We make a simple bouquet of poppies from candies .

For poppies you need:

  • round candies
  • long skewers
  • adhesive tape narrow
  • scissors
  • foil
  • adhesive tape double-sided
  • corrugated paper of red, green and black colors
  • artificial green leaves
  • satin ribbon
  1. We wrap the sweets with foil and attach it to skewers with scotch tape. Cut out the black rectangles 15 * 8 cm, on the one hand, cut them into 1/3 of the width - they will be stamens.
  2. We wrap sweets in a paper on a skewer and fasten it with adhesive tape. Then cut the red rectangles 5 * 8 cm, one side rounded with scissors.
  3. These are the petals. They need 4 pcs. On the flower. We make our petals look like petals of a poppy - we crush them, and then straighten them. To the lower part of the petal we glue a thin strip of double-sided scotch. We paste the petal on the bud. So do the rest of the petals.
  4. We wrap the flower bases and the skewer with a green stripe in 2 layers so that the leg is thicker and fastened down with an adhesive tape.
  5. From ready-made poppies we make a bouquet, we insert piece leaves, we tie with a satin ribbon. The work is ready.

So, we learned how to make bouquets of chocolates for gifts to our close and familiar people. As you can see, this is not at all difficult.

Video: Tulip from candy. Video master class