A wedding bouquet with your own hands. How to make a bouquet of brides from satin ribbons? Wedding bouquet from roses, peonies, tulips

You can buy a ready-made bouquet for the wedding, reducing wedding hassles. And you can surprise the guests with a bouquet made with your own hands.


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important attribute of the wedding is the bride's bouquet. The symbol of handing the bride to the bride on the wedding day is the confirmation of the offer made by the beloved. If the bride took a bouquet, then she agrees to marry him.

The bride should not

let go of the gifted bouquet until the very beginning of the banquet. Therefore, the bouquet is an integral part of the wedding wardrobe. The selection of which must be treated no less carefully than to any other part of the image of the bride.

You can order a wedding bouquet from a florist. But suddenly, despite all the advantages of a specialist, the bouquet will not be to your liking. Whatever is disappointed and does not spoil an important day in your life, you can make a wedding bouquet yourself.

Wedding and flowers Wedding and flowers

How to make a bridal bouquet with their hands?

In order to make a bridal bouquet with your hands comfortable and beautiful, you need to follow the sequence of manufacturing:

Select shape.

  • A bouquet of round shapes is the most popular. Suitable for almost all brides. Except for girls with a small height.

For such a bouquet usually use different flower combinations, or roses or lilies. The bouquet is executed in the form of a ball with a comfortable handle.

  • Bouquet cascade. Or in the form of a drop, a waterfall

Here you can see flowers with long stems. The length is chosen according to your taste.

This bouquet looks great with a dress with a train. Well lengthens growth, and adds slimness to the figure.

Nosim "cascade" with both hands, keep at the abdominal level

  • Color ball

Very original bouquet, which is rare in Russia. From a round bouquet differs in that it is made without a handle. The bride keeps it with a fixed tape or beads.

  • extraordinary bouquet

For lovers of euphoric release, you can prepare a bouquet in any non-standard form: fans, baskets, clutch, umbrella. The main thing is to understand that such compositions are very difficult to perform. They require certain skills, patience and effort.

Determine with the size.

There are some nuances that must be considered when choosing the size of a bouquet:

  • Large, round bouquet for a lush bride
  • Fragile and a small girl - a miniature bouquet
  • Layered dress - a lush bouquet
  • If there are other decorations on the dressA kind of rhinestones, sequins, beads, on a bouquet we exclude decorations.

Select the handle.

In order that it would be convenient to hold the bouquet, you need a comfortable handle. We make from the stems of flowers or we use portbuketnitsu. This is a convenient device for holding a bouquet, while it feeds flowers with moisture, due to the installed wet sponge.

Choose the colors.

  • We choose flowers, so that they stand out against the background of the dress. It is better to choose contrasting colors. To a red bouquet - add pink, white, yellow. To yellow - lilac, red, blue. To the pink - a variety of colorful colors
  • The most popular bouquets for brides - from roses. Roses symbolize love, beauty, devotion. They retain their appearance very well and for a long time. Therefore, they are most in demand in the preparation of the wedding bouquet
  • Lilies slightly inferior. But, undoubtedly popular. Their beauty represents hope, happiness, purity
  • brides from high society is necessary to give the orchid myrtles.
  • For the spring, tulips
  • are suitable. Depending on the taste, you can make a bouquet from any colors: peonies, asters, camellias, narcissuses, callas, lilacs

For making any bouquet you need:

  • Fresh flowersAnd leaves
  • A line of satin
  • Adhesive based on silicone
  • Knife
  • Needle
  • Any decorations on the taste

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Wedding bouquet of roses

Vintage bouquet of roses
looks gorgeous vintage version of the bridal bouquet.

  • prepare in advance, in addition to the basic materials variety of brooches, beads, earrings, stones and wire
  • Attach the cut pieces of wire to each decoration
  • gently inserted into associated large rose decoration. We interchange them with small ones. Form a composition
  • connects all the stems and decorate satin ribbon
  • beads strung on a wire length of 7-8 cm, we make of them hooks. We fix each on a long wire. We are wrapping the satin ribbon. Garnish
  • compositions bottom Take 1.5 m taffeta tape threading gofriruemym wire. The edges are connected with glue. We put on the bottom of the bouquet a skirt. We decorate, wrapping the medium width with ribbon. We decorate the top with a little more thin tape. We decorate with crystals

Video: Wedding bouquet of green roses

White wedding bouquet to the bride

White wedding bouquet in the form of a waterfall white wedding bouquet in the form of a waterfall

Very original it turns out a white bouquet made by a waterfall.

  • We choose flowers of different degree of maturity and sizes
  • We form a bouquet starting with the biggest flowers, finishing with small
  • Making such a bouquet is no different from the process of making a round bouquet described above
  • Everything depends on your imagination

Video:Bouquet of white roses. Floral sketches

Wedding bouquet of ribbons

Wedding bouquet of ribbons Wedding bouquet of ribbons

to create a bouquet of satin ribbon needed:

  • sticks
  • bouquet feet to the base of the funnel
  • Floral base or ball of foam
  • Rigid mesh or lace
  • Finished magazine stamens
  • Scissors, wire, needle
  • Ribbon, the choice of width depends on the size of the desired rose
  • Glue gun

AttackI eat creativity:

  • for manufacturing pens, wrapped with its satin ribbon. The length of the handle is not less than 12cm. The remaining tails of the tape are straightened in four directions
  • The funnel is meshed, glued to the handle, where the ribbon is sticking
  • The ball is attached to the funnel using glue

We pass to the flowers:

Step-by-step making flowers Step-by-step flower making
  • The edges of the cut pieces of tape up to 5 cm in length, are fired. So that the fabric does not fray. Leave two squares tape at 3 cm, for the manufacture of the core. The two upper corners of the fabric are sealed. We bend the two lower corners, gluing in the middle of the petal. We do so with all the prepared fabric
  • Prepared tape 3 cm in size, fold into a tube. We fix it with glue. We envelop this tube also, next. We sew and glue them
  • together Ready petals pasted on the center of the circle so that the new, slightly out of the edge of the finished
  • first stage is over. Preparing a composition selected from the sets of colors, glue ready flowers diameter circle
  • decorate brooches, beads, rhinestones. Just like the above-described compositions sets
Wedding bouquet from satin ribbons Wedding bouquet of satin ribbons

Video: Wedding bouquet understudy ribbons

wedding bouquet of peonies

Wedding Bouquet of Peonies Round wedding bouquet of peonies

make round wedding bouquet ofpions:

  • has cut the stems of the same length of 20-25 cm
  • Clear the stem of the rough, leaves, twigs
  • Most blooming, four large-teip pions associate tape
  • added to this basisrugu rest of peonies, making your favorite song. Fixing the tape
  • With the same material we wrap the stems of the pions from top to bottom, forming a handle. Fix pins
  • Add decorations if necessary. Not forgetting firmly secured with glue or pins

Video: Wedding bouquet of lilies of the valley and peonies

Wedding bouquet of tulips

Wedding bouquet of tulips Wedding bouquet of tulips

Wedding bouquet of tulips in portbuketnitse:

      • imbuesWater sponge portbenitsy
      • Turn, top to bottom, prepared leg with a satin ribbon. We fix the layers alternately with silicone glue or glue gun
      • Install the prepared leg into the
      • vase. Cut the desired length of the tulips
      • Insert one by one into the formed tube
      • We decorate any composition
      • We check for empty space. Carefully hiding
      • sponge Decorate with sprigs of green, ribbons, beads, crystals
      • fix a leaf, rhinestones, beads - glue gun. Lace - needles

set of colors in portbuketnitse can be formed from any of the flowers.

White wedding bouquet to the bride White wedding bouquet in portuetteet

Video: Making original bouquet of tulips

Color of wedding bouquet

Choose the color of the wedding bouquet Choose the color of the wedding bouquet

An important factor is the choice of the color of the wedding set, not only for the purpose of aesthetic and harmoniousKind, but also taking into account the psychological factor of color perception. The palette of the bouquet is able to raise or worsen the mood, since each color has its own meaning.

Red color of a bridal bouquet

Red roses to give to the lady of the heart, is accepted thanks to the ancient legend. Once, the goddess of love Aphrodite, fled to a meeting with her beloved, and accidentally pierced her foot with a thorn of a white rose. A beautiful white flower turned into a blood-red. That is why red roses are associated with the symbol of love.

It is not necessary to present one rose. Red means power, activity. Any composition of red color can cause a sense of satisfaction in the bride with such a character.

White wedding bouquet White flowers

color signifies innocence, credulity, purity and morality. Therefore white flowers are presented to chaste girls. At the wedding to give a white bouquet to the bride, is considered a good sign, promising a long and comfortable home life for the young.

Pink color of a bridal bouquet

Pink color means hope, modesty, love. It is a pleasant sign for a wedding celebration. The beginning of a new, pleasant phase of relations.

The yellow color of the wedding bouquet

Do not be afraid of yellow in the wedding bouquet. The times when this color was associated with treachery and betrayal passed. Now a bouquet of this color is a sign of joy, fun, happiness and optimism.

blue color in a wedding bouquet

Blue wedding bouquet like a mysterious, mysterious girl. After all, it means blue. The composition, with the benefit of blue, says the great loyalty, devotion, generosity groom. Very strong and pure love.

Orange in wedding bouquets

This tone wedding bouquet groom best avoided. As it is most often presented to the bosses, and he is a sign of admiration for the authorities.

Wedding bouquets for the bride photo

Bouquet of roses for the bride bouquet of roses for bride

Bright wedding bouquet loyalty
Vintage bouquet for weddings
tenderness, purity, freshness
Bride and white bouquet

Roses and wedding
Variegated bouquets for the wedding

Wedding bouquet with gerberas Wedding bouquet with gerberas
Variants of passionate, red bouquets for a wedding celebration Variants of passionate, red bouquets for the wedding celebration
Delicate, white wedding bouquet Delicate white wedding bouquet
White flowers and not White flowers with delicate green
Wedding bouquet with lavender Wedding bouquet with lavender
Delicate wedding bouquet of white tulips Gentle wedding bouquet of white tulips
Wedding bouquet of tulips Wedding bouquet of tulips
Bride and bridal bouquet of beautiful roses Bride and wedding bouquet of beautiful roses
Purple wedding bouquet Purple wedding bouquet
Exquisite wedding bouquet GourmetWedding bouquet
Wedding bouquet from pink roses Wedding bouquet from pink roses
Pink and white roses in a wedding bouquet Pink and white roses in a bridal bouquet
White roses with a brooch in a wedding bouquet White roses with a brooch in a bridal bouquet
Interesting wedding bouquet Interesting wedding bouquet
Bridal bouquet Wedding bouquet
Colorful wedding bouquet Colorful wedding bouquet
Wedding bouquet in the form of heart Wedding bouquet in the form of heart
Color devotion in blue wedding bouquet
Delicate wedding bouquet Gentle wedding bouquet
Wedding bouquet with decorations Wedding bouquet with ornaments
Bright purple wedding bouquet Bright purple bridal bouquet
Wedding assortment of flowers Weddingassorted colors
Callas in a wedding bouquet Callas in a wedding bouquet
To surprise visitors it is possible an unusual wedding bouquet surprise guests can be an unusual wedding bouquet
Another variant of an unusual wedding bouquet Another option unusual wedding bouquet
Extraordinary wedding bouquet Extraordinary wedding bouquet
Purple bouquet for a very fancy bride Purple bouquet for a very fancy bride
Several options for unusual wedding bouquets Several options for unusual wedding bouquets
Fantasy wedding bouquet with berries Fantasy wedding bouquet with berries

You can make very beautiful wedding bouquets yourself. If there is a desire, patience, perseverance, a tendency to creativity and taste. It is worth trying in advance and making your wedding bouquet. If in doubt, contact a florist. For sure, a good florist will offer a variety of options to find something suitable. And maybe something fits from the above photos.

Video: Bridal bouquet with pink hydrangeas with their hands