How nice to pack a gift for the holiday? Ways of gift wrapping

Packing is the business card of your gift. The way your present will visually look, decides its future fate and impressions from it. In the modern world, there are many ways to create creative packaging with your own hands.


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What methods of wrapping gifts are there?

Original and creative packaging can attract attention and create a proper impression of the gift. In the modern world, there are many techniques and ways to create a festive mood with the help of wrapping packaging.

You can make a package yourself, you can buy it in a store, wrap a gift in paper or cloth. The main purpose of the gift is to give joy and create the proper mood.

Creative packaging is a way to surprise and please a person creative packaging - a way to surprise and please a man

If you want to move away from the stereotype and gift packaging standard paper and tape, it is necessary to get acquainted with other interesting ways. More and more gaining popularity:

  • newspaper packages
  • pack of wide satin ribbons
  • shaped packages
  • kraft
  • glass jars
  • fabric packaging

To decorate your gift, you can resort to bright accessories, laces, bows, flowers, Beads, glass beads. Everyone is able to show their creativity and let go of fantasy in flight.

Video: 5 ways to wrap a gift. How to pack a gift yourself?

How nice to pack a gift without a box?

A box is just one of a thousand ways to present a gift. More and more people try to diversify the standard box and invent the original ways of decorating their surprises. In the course are all the improvised means. The main thing is to absorb the soul and love into your work and then anyone will appreciate your work with dignity.

Candy packing

Packing-candy is always an intrigue and aesthetic pleasure candy package is always an intrigue and aesthetic pleasure

In order to pack a gift in this "wrapper" you will need:

  • corrugated or wrapping paper
  • ribbons and canvasthread fittings
  • glue, double-sided tape
  • scissors

Packaging-candy can be cylindrical, square or round. It all depends on what you will give to a person. The most popular in the form of a candy bar.

Cylindrical packaging or candy bar cylindrical packaging or candy bar

This package is great for clothes, cosmetics, towels, bedding, accessories and more. The main task is to form a gift into a roll and pack it tightly with cardboard. Then proceed to decorating:

  1. Wrap a gift with packing or corrugated paper
  2. Leave 15 cm of paper at both ends for tails
  3. Seams of paper fasten with adhesive tape or glue( instant)
  4. Tape the ends of the candy on the bows
  5. Tape the candy with greetings, beads and other decorativeElements

Gift wrapping "Bag with a surprise"

For this package you will need either corrugated paper that easily takes any forms or fabric.

Упаковка подарка "мешок" gift wrapping "bag"

You will need:

  • bright fabric( organza or satin) or corrugated paper
  • satin ribbons
  • threads with a needle
  • decorations: crystals, beads, sequins

SelectAny thing for a gift. Lay out a piece of cloth( about a meter per meter, but it all depends on the size of your gift).Place the gift in the center of the fabric and fold it from all sides.

Secure the knot with tape and form a bow. Tail, which turned out at the top of the fluff, decorate with stones and shiny elements. Attach a small greeting card to the ribbon that ties up the gift.

Video: "Candy is a surprise inside"

How to pack a gift in corrugated paper?

Corrugated paper makes it possible to unfold fantasies, as the variety of colors of the material and the ease of working with it are available to you. Corrugated paper is extraordinarily light and plus it is that it is capable of keeping shape for a long time. The cost of this material is completely accessible to everyone and a whole roll can be purchased for just $ 0.50.

Gift wrapped in corrugated paper gift wrapped in corrugated paper
  1. Expand a roll of paper and put a gift in it
  2. Fold the sides of the paper to wrap the gift
  3. Fix the edges with adhesive tape
  4. To hide the edges of the glue, use corrugated paper( video)
  5. If desired, decorate the flowers with ribbons, beads and stones

Video: "Roses( flowers) of corrugated paper"

How to pack a gift in wrapping paper?

Packaging paper has won the hearts of customers with its colorful variety of patterns and accessibility. To buy such a paper is easy in any store of needlework and in clerical departments.

The advantage of packaging paper is that you can choose a drawing of any subject: by the New Year with Santa Claus, with a birthday cake for Birthday or with Easter bunnies.

Gift in wrapping paper gift in wrapping paper

To pack a gift carefully, you should precisely cut off a piece of paper that will completely wrap the thing.

  1. Put the gift in the center piece
  2. Wrap it on both sides of paper
  3. Fix side tape
  4. Fold inside the paper ends by hiding the exposed parts
  5. gifts Fold Envelope little corners and secure with tape
Scheme of gift packaging circuit packaging gift

Video: How nice to wrap a gift in your own hands?

How to pack a gift with a ribbon?

The ribbon wrapped with a ribbon can decorate your gift and give a holiday sensation. This method is very popular because it fits the gift of any shape and always looks elegant. It is not difficult to make such an ornament. All you need is tape, scissors and technology execution.

Gift wrapped in ribbon gift wrapped with a tape
  1. Prepare a gift pre-packed in paper
  2. Depending on the size of the gift, you will need a certain length of tape, but always cook with a margin. For a small box, one meter is enough.
  3. . To wrap a gift with a ribbon follows from itself horizontally, then cross and return again to the front side.
  4. The tape is tightened well and tied with a bow
Gift wrapping scheme with ribbon gift wrapping scheme with tape

Video: "We decorate the gift with a bow fromTapes »

How to pack a gift with a cloth?

It's not enough to make a present, it needs to be packed! Quickly and cheaply pack a gift will help Japanese technology "furosiki"( sometimes "furoshiki").

Fabric allows you to pack a gift of any size and any shape. Using this material, you can create fancy shapes and surprise with the coloring. It is best to pack use:

  • cotton
  • silk blended fabric
Gift wrapped in fabric gift, wrapped in cloth

Inherently furoshiki can be compared with origami. Do not be discouraged if you immediately get a very tidy job. Over time, you will master this technique and be able to easily create packages.

Technology gift wrapping cloth technology of gift wrapping with fabric
  1. Furosiki is first folded diagonally so that the face is inside
  2. Tie up the ends with a knot
  3. Next, turn the furrows inside out
  4. All corners fold to one large

Video: "We decorate gifts with technologyfuroshiki »

How unusual and creative gift pack?

beautiful handmade box will be executed personally decorated with lace and tie a braid. To do this, you need to prepare a cardboard blank, clearly observing the dimensions.

Blanks for boxes blank for carton
  1. Cut blank of cardboard
  2. Glue edges preform hot gun or strong fast drying glue
  3. Glue braid of ribbon
  4. Pattern the box
Decoration of packaging decoration

packaging try to surprise close box of irregular shape, forExample pyramid. In this package is perfectly fit decoration, sweetness, key chain and any other trifle.

Packing-pyramid packaging-pyramid

Make it is not difficult, using the proposed scheme.

  1. Draw a pattern on the paper
  2. Cut out the
  3. template Glue the carton edges at the specified location
  4. Attach the tape and tie it to the bow
The scheme for creating a package-pyramid pyramid creation scheme

Video: "We make creative packaging for the gift ourselves»

How to pack a gift in the form of a shirt?

Packaging-Shirt - is the modern way to congratulate beloved with any holiday. Such a package is made in manual, and design and style can always be chosen according to your taste.

Packing-shirt packaging-shirt

To produce, you will need:

  • wrapping paper or kraft paper
  • tape
  • buttons
  • glue
  • scissors
  • line
  1. Paper lays on the table face down
  2. Both ends are bent inward
  3. Turn the blank face him
  4. Fold the edge of the paper, which was not yet bent
  5. corners are folded from the center of the workpiece
  6. on the other hand also to the bendsParadise
  7. Folding shirt, decorating
Shirt-packing scheme Scheme of packing-shirts

Video: "Gift wrapping-shirt for boy and man with their own hands"

How to pack a sweet gift?

In order to pack sweets perfect pack cake.

Cake - packing for sweets and other small things cake - packing for sweets and other little things

Such packaging is very interesting in that it has a visual similarity with a dessert like cake. It consists of 12 pieces, which can be filled with the most unexpected sweets, chocolates and candies.

Decorate each piece can be varied. By creating this package the right to "bake" the chocolate, cream and even fruit cake and decorate it, you can with coffee beans, ribbons, lace and beads.

Important: This cake will be the ideal present for a birthday, a professional holiday, March 8, Valentine's Day and just. Modern shops sell a variety of sweets that are comfortably accommodated in each piece: M & Ms, chocolates, zefirki, zheleshki, peanuts in the glaze, and more.

  1. In order to create a cake, it is most desirable to print the template on the printer. Then all 12 pieces are the same size and shape and you do not spend time on drawing
  2. Merge all the edges on the specified template
  3. Pattern the each slice as desired
  4. Collect all the pieces on a serving plate and optional tie ribbon so that they are not scattered
Pattern for pieces of cake-packing template for cake packaging pieces

Video: "master class box in the form of a piece of cake»

Original packaging of gifts: tips and reviews

preparing for any CELEBRATIONYou need to take care of the gift in advance. Allow yourself to surprise your loved ones with a pleasant surprise and please them with a non-standard packing of your gift. Impressions from the creative approach will be mass, and pleasures even more.

Important: If you put your soul into the package, it will be a distinct advantage of your gift and he will love to all who will receive it.

Video: "The original gift wrap for 5 minutes»