Gifts for newborns from diapers. How to make a cake from pampers?

In this article I would like to tell you about this rather interesting and unusual gift for a young mother, like a cake from diapers. It turns out that you can make such beauty yourself.


Surely you've heard of this in the lastTime popular gift for the newborn, like a cake of diapers. What could be better than a useful gift?

And it's better than useful and at the same time beautiful, unusually designed, the more nothing is found. Perhaps you will be surprised, but such a cake can be done on your own. Time will take a little, and the process of creating such a beauty is very exciting.

Diaper cake for a girl

What features of a similar gift for a girl?

  • As for the color range, it is worth choosing gentle shades, which are also called pastel. These include pink, green, yellow, purple
  • Contrast can be brought in with the help of ruches and earrings
    , which, despite their airiness, will make the gift vivid and interesting
  • Paints can also be adorned with dragonflies, butterflies, flowers. If you want something more moderate, then limit yourself to small beads and satin ribbons of restrained colors.

IMPORTANT: Especially brightness is appropriate if the baby was born in the summer or in the spring - in such a case, juicy colors are simply necessary.

Brightness is what you need in summer Brightness is what you need in the summer or in the spring.
  • Jewelry is not necessarily limited to ribbons, beads, and flowers or dragonflies.
  • You can add pupae, bunnies or cubs, graceful elves - in general, any toys to your taste. If you want to come up with a practical side, decorate the cake with socks, booties, use combs, creams, clothes as a filler - a young mother will definitely appreciate such help.
Pink Beauty Pink Beauty
Cake of tender pastel shades Cake of soft pastel shades
Without a lot of jewelry, but no less beautiful Without mass of ornaments, But not less beautiful
Unusual tender lime cake Unusual tender green cake
Restraint in colors is also beautiful Restraint in colors is also beautiful
What you need if you want something mottled What you need if you want something mottled
Air gift Air gift
Beauty with booties Beauty with booties
White and turquoise cake for princess White and turquoise cake for princess
A small but elegant castle A small but elegant lock

A cake for diapers for the boy

  • As for the boys, the best color range for them is blue, beige, Light green. Brightness here should not be the same as in the case of a gift for girls. However, even thus it is possible to create an amazing gift, which is sure to be remembered by
  • . Something about decor, it can be the most diverse - for the future football player, sailor, scientist, pilot, cosmonaut. Toys here are also appropriate, only with the amendment to "boyish" predilections. You can even make the very shape of the cake in the form of a typewriter, a locomotive or a ship. The lovers of the practical approach will show their approach to decorating the gift with sliders, caps, ruffles, combs, booties, lotions and creams, towels
The future motorist Future motorist
Option with toys and children Variant with toys and children's cosmetics
Laconic and cute Laconic and cute
Here is a toy that can be displayed on the very top of the cakeHere is a toy that can flaunt itself on the very top of the cake
Here is a means of transportation from diapers Here is a vehicle from diapers
A lot of usefulness in one gift A mass of utilities in one gift
Train from diapers Train from Podguzhniko
The toy is a wonderful bright accent Toy is a wonderful bright accent
Lime cake, but in the version for boys Green cake, but in the version for boys
Shoes and children Shoes and children's cosmetics - what could be better for a practical gift?
The future sailor Future sailor
Sunny cake Sunny cake

Cake from diapers is a step-by-step wizard class

You can make such beauty yourself, anybody can do it. Let's see what it will take:

  • Pampers - it is recommended to purchase 1-st or 2-nd size, depending on the age of the baby. In general, it is better to take diapers for growth, if you are afraid to lose. The amount of this material depends on the size of the cake you plan to make
  • So, for a large product from three tiers you will need an average of 80 to 90 pampers. In some cases, even about a hundred. It is recommended to buy the products of three kinds - thus will achieve visually smooth transitions between layers

IMPORTANT: As for the brand of diapers, it is best to ask the parents what brand they prefer to buy - so you will not go wrong.

The number of diapers depends on the idea number depends on diapers ideas
  • stand cake - ideal piece of wood fiber webs square shape, sides of which would be approximately 37 centimeters. To it it is necessary to pick up and a packing paper of slightly larger size. From ordinary cardboard refuse immediately, as it will surely bend under the weight of the finished gift
  • Food film
  • Polyethylene for packing
  • Disposable gloves
  • Take care of the material that will be stapled - tapes, double-sided scotch, elastic bands, clothespins,wire. As for tapes, it is better to take at least 3 meters, but it is desirable to have a stock. Stock up and thread, rubber band or by narrow ribbons to bind to each other directly diapers
Means of bonding must be mandatory bond funds must be necessarily
  • Scissors
  • Baby stuff for decorations and toppings, if you liked the practical approach. These are booties, ryazhonki, diapers, nipples, teethers, children's cosmetics, anti-scratch. And, of course, toys are welcome
Items for decoration can be anything items for decoration can be anything

Now let's get down to the process of creating a cake:

  • hygiene - above all, so each diaper twist to the food film. Do not put this hygiene item on the table, even if the table seems clean. Twist the gloves. How to wrap
  • It is thus possible to process each diaper individually, and several pieces can be used at once. A bit of advice: start folding from the rubber band - in this case, the side fold will be neat
  • And if you also fill the rubber band itself - it will be generally great, because nothing will stick out. Make sure that the diaper tube tightens tightly. Fasten each tube with an elastic band or temporarily a clothespin.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands and the materials that you are going to work with.

Accurate ducts Accurate tubing
  • Now place the diapers in a tier. As for the quantity, you can not wait for clear recommendations, because it's up to you to decide what size the cake will be - maybe it will consist of one tier
  • One tube can be inserted in the middle, and you can leave the middle for something else - things, For example, or even a bottle of champagne for the joy of parents. You can twist as one tier or several, each of which is smaller than the previous
Here is what the stage is - preparatory stage Here is what is a tier - the preparatory stage
  • Now wrap storeys - as a coating can partially close the circle and completely. Even the partial will already look pretty festive, besides the bands with which the diapers are bandaged, you will hide
  • Tapes here will be very even appropriate. If you want to completely wrap the diapers, it is recommended to use special wrapping paper for this purpose or, even better, a diaper
  • . Fasten the edges of the diaper with pins. Recommended special pins for diapers - they are more, and more elegant. Now remove the pegs of diapers, if you have them hitched

IMPORTANT: if the option of diapers you liked the most, fold it diagonally - so edge for fixing will be thinner and hold them will be much easier.

A diaper or blanket is ideal for wrapping longlines Diaper or blanket - ideal for wrapping longlines
  • When all the so-called cake floors are ready, you can start collecting it in a single composition. If you did not put anything inside, except for rolls of diapers, it is advisable to insert a thin stick there. Without anything in the center of the whole composition in danger of collapse
  • Do not forget that the cake should collect on a solid basis, as a useful and we stand. Just wrap it in a gift paper - it will be much more aesthetic.
  • Arrange toys and clothes as your imagination tells. Things can also be interesting issue - for example, socks strung into rectangles of cardboard, with the result that turn out candles for the cake
  • If confused look through the top layers of diapers, you can disguise them with something - perfect for this suitable special decorative grass
The tiers are assembled into a single compositionThe tiers are collected in a single composition
So you can make candles for a cake So you can make candles for the cake
So the cake can look as a result So the cake might look like in the end
  • Now you can, if you want to pack the entire cake in a transparent film, tighteningits top beautiful bow - it is convenient and hygienic, and practical
This is how the cakes look, packed completely So look cakes, packed full

Cake of diapers: tips and reviews

Reviews of such a gift the most positive - and beautiful, and applyPractice is possible. As many women note, a cake can be presented as in addition to anything, and as a completely independent thing.

As for the sizes, then the opinions diverge - one seems a lot of cumbersome, and for others it is an excellent opportunity to present as many necessary things as possible.

Whatever it was, but it is necessary to listen to the following advice:

  • Keep the not only the hands, tools, materials and wallpaper. It is necessary that the whole room be clean, dust free. Pets during the process of needlework attend next just do not have
  • On the number of diapers you can argue for a long time, because everything depends on the individual ideas, but please be at least 60 diapers
  • In no case do not remove diapers inside out - it is very unhygienic. If you do not like excessively motley coloring, it is always possible to disguise
  • improvised materials With respect to sterility, be sure proutyuzhte things that will decorate a cake. If, however, the decoration will be present something made of glass, handle this thing antiseptic
  • Toys choose only quality, free from foreign smell
  • Eraser associate diapers should carefully - it should not squeeze the ranks, but fall apart rolls also should not
Here is such a beautiful gift, if you do everything right Here such a beautiful gift will turn out if you do everything correctly

From the side it seems that it is very difficult to create such beauty, however, if there is adequate knowledge, it is absolutely impossibleitelno. In addition, the process is so addictive that it is an excellent way to spend leisure time. And what is the gratitude of the parents! For the sake of such moments, and worth working.