How to quickly learn how to play poker well from scratch yourself: the rules of the game for beginners. How to buy a set and chips for poker on Aliexpress? Combinations of cards in poker in ascending order: table

In the article you will learn information about how to learn how to play poker. Also read the secrets of the game and the rules, winning combinations.


  • How to buy a set of poker chips and chips on Alyexpress?
  • Poker rules for beginners
  • Combinations of cards in poker in ascending order: table
  • Combinations in poker by seniority: strong, higher, winning
  • Weak combinations in poker
  • Three cards of the same suit in poker seniority
  • Secrets of the game of poker for beginners

Poker is a popular card game. The main purpose of it is to get bets of playing rivals. You can obtain them by two methods. The first is to collect the highest poker hand, consisting of 4 or 5 cards( depending on the type of game).The second is when the player forces to stop all the other players in turn, by increasing the bets.

How to buy a set and chips for poker on Aliexpress?

So, if you decided to get acquainted with such a game as poker at home, then you can not do without a set. A variety of options for

chips, deck cards and other attributes for such a card game you can find on the trading platform Aliexpress .The prices for the kits vary within 1600 rubles and above. Many sellers offer free shipping. However, you will need to wait about one month for the departure.

Poker Sets Poker Sets

Poker Rules for Beginners

There are a lot of poker variations. The classic version of this game is Texas poker .It is the rules of this traditional game that we will explore further. As mentioned earlier, the goal of the card game is to get all the participants' money bets.

Poker Rules Poker Rules

The process is as follows :

Poker can play from two participants at once to ten people. In the beginning, two players make bets( chips) clockwise from the dealer. These rates charge, even before the start of the auction itself, so that players get into the excitement.

It is then allowed to make basic rates. Playing all participants use a certain slang:

  • Bet ( put) - which means: bet
  • Raise ( raise) - put more than rival
  • Fold ( discard) - open cards, finish the game
  • Check , or with other with the words - with the words such as and previous player
Playing poker A poker game for beginners

The trade ends only after all the participants have placed bets or opened cards.

If after the first betting round the game continues( there are more than one participant left), then three open cards are placed on the table, which are used to compose various combinations. Call this action - flop .

In the next round, the fourth card is still displayed( turn ).

Next, upload one more common card( river ).After that, there is a trade. If even after that there are two participants, they can open their cards. In such a situation, a winning combination of one of the two players wins. Also, if one of the players bet a big bet and they do not get killed, then he can not open his card combination, and automatically wins all bets of rivals.

Combinations of cards in poker in ascending order: table

To know in which order the winning combinations of cards in poker go, you will have to study the table below. Here the positions are listed in order as they should be: starting from a royal flush, ending with a high card.

Table of winning hands combinations

If you describe them in ascending order, then the following goes:

  • Highest card - out of two such combinations, the player with the highest card in his hand wins. More precisely: the ace beats the king, the lady of the waltz, etc.
  • Pair of .Two identical in status cards of five form a pair. Again, two Aces are higher in status than two ladies. Accordingly, a player with two aces wins the game.
  • Two pairs of .The name speaks for itself. If you have two kings, for example, and two sevens of any suit, then your layout is suitable for this group.
  • Set .This map layout consists of four different in suit, but identical in status cards. For example - four aces, and the fifth card can be any.
  • Straight - when cards of different suits are collected in ascending order by status( for example: ten, jack, queen, king, ace).
  • Flash .The balance is five cards of the same suit in scattered order.
  • Full house .In this scenario, there are three cards that are the same in status plus a couple.
  • Kare - when the player has compiled a layout of four identical cards according to the status.
  • Straight Flush is a combination of five cards of the same suit, running strictly in ascending order. The oldest in this situation may be the king.
  • The Royal Flush is the most advantageous combination when in the player's hand cards of only one identical suit are collected, from ten to an ace.
Poker - Royal Flush Poker - Hand Combination of Royal Flush

IMPORTANT : There are ten winning positions in a poker card game. If two rivals have the same folds, but different suits, the winnings are divided into two.

Combinations in poker by seniority: strong, top, winning

Any poker hand consists of five cards. The winner is the one with the best combination and the older card.

  • The most advantageous layout is the royalty flush ( five consecutive cards of the same suit, led by an ace).
  • The Royal Flush will always beat with a straight flash.
  • A straight flush ( five consecutive cards of the same suit) will beat the square ( four cards of the same rank, but of different suits).
Card combinations by seniority - poker Card combinations by seniority - poker

IMPORTANT: Based on the above, you can conclude that the most winning combinations of cards in poker are those that stand higher in the table. Still - this is a card, a large rank( ace, king, lady).With the combination of cards, which are described at the end of the list, it is very difficult to win the game, especially if they have a small status.

Weak combinations in poker

We consider weak hands in a small status( waltz, dozens, etc.) in the composition two pairs, pair, high card. Even beginners who collect a straight-flush or just flash during a game with a small status of the high card, sometimes there are disappointments when the last cards fall out of the wrong suit.

Weaker position of the hand - poker Weak positions of hands - poker

IMPORTANT : If your combination leaves much to be desired, do not show it at the table to your opponents in any way. Remember: you have the opportunity to win by increasing the bet.

Three cards of the same suit in seniority in poker

This spread in gambling poker does not give anything. In any case, the player should collect at least two pairs of or two more cards of the same suit. In this case, victory is possible.

Game of poker - a combination of cards Game of poker card combinations

The game of poker is equated with gambling. Some people devote their lives to this lesson. After all, thanks to poker you can become rich, it is this reason that attracts the dependent. But there is another side to poker. In cards you can lose all your cash in just one evening. Therefore, it is better to reason and not resist the temptation, not to make big bets, especially if you are a beginner.

Secrets of the game of poker for beginners