How to do logopaedic massage with stuttering and dysarthria? What are the methods, techniques and tools for speech therapy massage?

Description of the procedures for the prevention and treatment of stuttering and dysarthria. Effective methods of treating the baby.


  • How to do logopedic massage with stuttering and dysarthria?
  • What is a logopaedic massage?
  • Types of speech therapy massage with stuttering and dysarthria
  • Is it possible to perform a speech massage yourself? Massage of the language
  • Video: Logopedic massage of the language: master class
  • What are the methods, techniques and tools for speech therapy massage?
  • Tools for speech therapy massage
  • Rules for performing massage with
  • tools Video: Logopedic massage for stuttering and dysarthria
  • Video: Occupation of child with speech therapist
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How do speech therapy massage with stuttering and dysarthria ?

Photo: at the reception of the massage therapist

The development of of each child passes on - different . One kid without special problems starts say , another encounters with difficulties with pronunciation sounds and words . Some children generally refuse to talk and are silent to certain age .

  • reason such children behavior act variety physical deviation , problems psychological , postnatal injury and postnatal
  • disease Such situation should explored experts , so like problem violation speech not will disappear just . Go consultation with a doctor - speech therapist , decide with most effective complex treatment
  • Today most effective way vylechivanija acts massage from speech therapist . This treatment in priority with stutter , dysarthria and defective complexities

What is speech therapy massage ?

Photo: Speech massage in prone position

Massage speech therapist - exercise , with influence receptions mechanics on state nerves , tissue in speech apparatus, where located blood vessels .It technician treatment and normalization state speech pronunciation , emotion child .Such

massage used successfully at dysarthria , stuttering . It perfectly improves blood circulation and holds activation lymph system , the general of the organism the state on the physiological level .

main tasks such massage act :

  • activation apparatus speech , muscle small ability contractile
  • bringing in tone articulation
  • active stimulation proprioceptive sensations
  • equipment fortress swallowing reflex stimulation
  • head brain in speech zone afferentationand

Massage logopaedic obliged pass in warm and -ventilated room. The loop consists of of of ten - of twenty everyday sessions . Break should do gap in one - two months.

Types of the speech therapy with of stammering and of dysarthria

  • Spot - operates in the of the active biological points . Passes in zone hair cover
  • Classic - massage practice strokes , vibration action
  • segmental - reflex : segmented techniques classic reception in certain areas . Executed exercises in collar zone , in cervical department face
  • Massage probe . Running for account using tool - probe
Photo: session with speech therapist

Can do independently perform speech therapy massage ?Massage

Such language specific type of massage necessary trust qualified and specially trained person , for security and best efficiency conducted procedure.
For use in home conditions possible use following exercise :

  • Massage lips held with using toilless strokes and tingling lips at baby
  • Massage language held with using electro toothbrush brush . With its using spend impact on tip language the center
  • Massage child hands accompany gentle movements massaging limbs fingers

Efficiency any of methods speech therapy massage will achieved even with heavy forms in violation speech .
Mandatory conduct all procedures in established by neuropathologist and pediatrician term .Watch the video below how to do this massage.

Video: Speech massage language: master class

Which there are techniques , receptions and tools for speech therapy massage ?

Logopedic massage consists of of whole complex techniques and receptions . There is three complex , targeted in the zone symptoms pathological .

  • first collection exercise occurs at high tone
  • second - at dystonia , ataxia and appeared giperkinezah
  • And last complex suggests massage at low tone

Example Massage assumes :

  • rationing tonus muscular mass in bodies articulation
  • normalization motor apparatus
  • establishment reflexes accuracy , rhythm , switching

Professional masseur in during held methods should determine :

  • sequence work with sounds ; work and bring to automation basic articulation way sounds, that need in adjustment
  • develop hearing fonematiki
  • work words complex sound - syllabic structured

Diagnosis dysarthria - is often occurring disease in the of the speech therapy. By initial symptoms on disease include : terrible diction , incredible replacement sounds structure syllable , slurred speech .

Basic speech therapy program is planned so :

  • H and conventional exercises with detkami studied material , which directed on overcoming underdevelopment speech
  • reflex on classes individual character occurs correction action proiznositelnoj side speech , passes elimination dysarthria
  • The healing process passes to somerye certain stages . At the initial stage provides normalization of the muscular tone .Here speech therapist conducts massage , and plans classes leading to the normalization of motor articulation apparatus
  • Introduces specialized exercises to strengthen voice and breathing . fundamental element all sessions with a speech therapist is development fine motor skills

main view specialized massage acts massage on language .

  • Here enters in deal meeting action physical , that defined on recovery areas child body , that amazed
  • Duration procedures are not less six minutes not more of twenty on of the last sessions session
  • Contraindications to such massage act : vomiting urge , disease tooth cavity , viral disease - infectious group
Photo: Instruments for use in speech therapy massage

Tools speech therapy massage

Speech has auxiliary elements in his work . includes probes . They are divided they on two subspecies : developed by from of metal and from of plastic . Form their enough diverse :

  • ball , snail , hatchet , mustache , fungus

These devices are safe for child .

Rules of massage tools

Distinguish two safe poses for perform massage exercise :

  • Location - lying on back with using pillow under neck
  • In pose - sitting on chair , with using head restraint ( possible using child attachments : seatand , strollers).For success in procedure muscles should be relaxed and be in alone. first performed gymnastic exercises for stretching

Exercises , conducted at dysarthria :

  • Gain longitudinal and transverse of the muscle for the account of the compression plastic probe points to language . Motor processes targeting from roots to tip language
  • Carrying probe in a ball on longitudinal muscles , to strengthen their . Exercise perform ten time
  • Valet muscle cross probe
  • All perimeter tongue cut away umbrella in for ten seconds
  • Spending point motor turns against arrow hour
  • massaging the entire language with your fingers . For strengthening muscle
  • zeroing pressing and shaking language, keep his for tip
  • Spending vibrating movements probe on edge

language number held massage depends from individual features the body baby .

The use of from of the LOGO massage with of the stasis and of the dysarthria is achieved only with regular holding sessions .

Children , having smaller degree disease faster restore development speech.

Video: Logopedic massage for stammering and dysarthria

Video: Occupation of a child with a speech therapist

Video: Home speech therapist