Totem - instructions for use

A "totem" drug, often prescribed for anemic iron deficiency conditions. We will discuss its specific properties, in what cases it is prescribed and when this drug has contraindications for use.


    "Totem" instruction for use
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« Totem » guide to application

  • Described means is effective at restoring level iron in body at anemic states , associated with iron deficiency. So same « Totem » contains components magnesium and zinc, that take direct part in vitally necessary body oxidation - recovery reactions
  • Iron , contained in preparation « Totem » takes part in bluesTaize component part hemoglobin - heme , in building myoglobin , some types of protein structures . Iron so same necessary for create and adequate functioning certain enzymes body. role iron so same consists in stimulation respiratory function on cellular level
  • In norm microcell iron bad sucked in system GASTROINTESTINAL . But with it sharp deficit this process flows much more active . Most part drug comes in body of lumen duodenal intestine and initial departments thin bowel
  • For improve absorbability iron of gastrointestinal worth , on number with reception « Totem » n ascorbic acid , which facilitates the assimilation of the of the iron . When this use caffeine-containing beverage ( coffee or tea ) significantly reduces volume intake iron

« Totem » form release

Totem form of release« Totem »form of issue

medicament produced in ampoules volume by 10 ml , which contain dark liquid with expressed odor iron sweet taste .

« Totem » testimony to use

  • For application this drug there one main reading - is Iron deficiency anemia different genesis
  • Totem apply for prevention iron deficiency status from people , which are to group risk - is pregnant , teenage age and children , women in age childbearing and elderly people
  • Apply his in conditions, when no opportunities provide sufficient delivery microelements with products power

« Totem » dosage

Totem dosage «Totem" dosage
  • solution , contained in ampoule , necessary dissolve in glass or half cup water , possible at this add s sugar . In period therapy need strictly comply those recommendations , that wrote attending Dr. , comply mode and dose , prescribed in this case for therapy .
    Adults « Totem » assigned from 2 to 4 ampoules in day
  • duration rate treatment is to six months . For prevention iron anemia at pregnancy « Totem » appointed in dose 1 ampoules in day , on over first half pregnancy ( one and 2 - of trimester )
  • For use vial you must open , broken off ends ampoules with both sides . means drunk on hungry stomach , for gain suction iron of lumen gastrointestinal . But only at absence nausea at reception , means in Otherwise case « Totem » taken in point receiving food or after it

" Totem " for children

  • drug not contraindicated for application in children and can used already with moment execution baby 3 - x months
  • dose drug for kids calculated in accordance with weight child . On each kilogram mass body baby allowed from 5 to 7 mg preparation « Totem » in day . When this daily dose necessary divide on 2 or 3 receiving
  • Assigned « Totem » for prevention anemic states at hemorrhage , correction insufficient Incoming microelement in body with food or in situation elevated needs organism in gland

« Totem » side action

Totem side effect «Totem" side effect

Reception drug can provoke development following states :
Feeling heartburn and nausea
Color feces changes , colored with in dark color
may presence emetic reflex and vomiting
Violations digestion and chair like in side constipation , so and diarrhea
sensation morbidity in region stomach
Enamel teeth can be painted and darken
may development allergy
« Totem » contraindications
Totem has number restrictions for reception and contraindications :
Hemochromatosis ( at this able erythrocytes have high color indicator , the - have full iron , but their number little ), hemosiderosis
Anemic state , that not linked with lack in body micronutrient
Aggravation diseases GU and ulcers duodenal intestine
Insufficient number sucrose and not tolerability fructose
Age child to 3 - x months
High sensitivity to components components drug

Carefully worth apply means at presence in Patient Sugar Diabetes .

" Totem " Special indications

Totem special instructions "Totem" special instructions
  • should conduct control indicators blood later 3 months after start therapy
  • should remember , that in time course treatment can not abuse with caffeinated drinks
    Optimal method drink preparation is its drink through cocktail tube for reduction exposure iron on enamel teeth
  • Patients , suffering SD is recalculate dose main preparation, so like 10 ml « Totem » comprises 3 g sucrose
  • Reception drug not affects on care and ability control transport means

« Totem » overdose

  • With exceeding concentration preparation can observed weakness , nausea , possible convulsive state , disorder digestion and pain in area stomach

In practice described cases dying cellsgastrointestinal epithelium and development shock

  • For therapy such states carried washing of the stomach 1 % solution drinking soda . possible need intravenous introduction deferoxamine and holding symptomatic therapy

« Totuma » analogues

Cysteine ​​
Green older
Nutrikon plus

Video: Iron deficiency anemia symptoms. Iron preparations for anemia