All about ties.130 photos. How to choose the right color for a suit and a shirt? How to choose a tie as a gift to a man?

In this article I would like to highlight such a topical problem for women as the choice of a tie as a gift to a man. Sometimes it seems that in the variety of the types of this accessory you can get confused, but everything can be sorted out.


  • How to choose a tie as a gift for a man?
  • How to choose a tie as a gift to my father, father?
  • How to choose a tie as a gift to her husband?
  • Men's neckties
  • How correctly to combine a tie, a suit and a shirt?
  • How to choose a tie for a suit?
  • Which tie will suit a blue man's suit?
  • Which tie will suit a gray man's suit?
  • Which tie will suit a black man's suit?
  • Which tie is suitable for white and light men's suits?
  • With what shirt and suit should wear a white tie?
  • With which shirt and suit to wear a red tie?
  • With what shirt and suit should I wear a pink tie?
  • With which shirt and suit should I wear a blue tie?
  • With what to wear a thin tie?
  • With what to wear a bow tie?

Did you know that, according to statistics, about 600 million people wear ties every day? Surely such statistics can lead you to the idea of ​​what to give a man for any holiday. However, such a detail of the wardrobe must be chosen wisely, given some nuances.

How to choose a tie as a gift for a man?

  • Quality - pay attention to this point above all. It is believed that the best quality ties are Italian, since most of them can be attributed to manual work. Such manual work excludes synthetic materials, as does a rigid seam on the back side. Along the seam and can be determined, belongs to a line to the car or not - in the case of manual operation seam is almost invisible, it is soft, is an uneven stitches
Silk Italian tie valentino Silk Italian tie Valentino
Italian tie christian lacroix Italian tie Christian Lacroix
Tie Christian Lacroix

IMPORTANT: If the expensive manualModel you can not afford, all the same, carefully inspect the surface of the thing you like - at the seams you can find out, from two or three pieces of fabric they are sewn. In the first case, you can immediately talk about low quality. Low quality will manifest itself in the form of various defects.

on the surface of the tie should not be defects

The rule determining the quality: it is necessary to put the product on the palm so that it hung. If the end is wrapped, then put this tie right away.

  • Dimensions - also an important reference point for the selection of a tie. Pay attention here is on the size of clothing, in particular - to cut the jacket. So, to wide lapels you need a wide tie. The average width of a tie varies between 7-9 centimeters, and the length is 130-145 centimeters. However, much depends on personal preferences: so, if a man is a fan of complex knots like "Windsor", he will need the product more authentic. The same applies to a very high people
Wide necktie wide tie
A knot for windsor requires a long tie for Windsor knot tie needs a long

IMPORTANT: The golden rule of selecting the length of the tie says it after tying should just reach the buckle pants, but do not overlap it.

The right length - just before the buckle length male tie: is the right length - just to
  • buckle As for tissue , then choose only natural materials - silk, wool, cashmere, linen. The first option is the most preferable in the event that you do not know exactly what is worth buying, but want something universal and quality. In the case of silk miscalculate difficult, because he always looks terrific, and his strength to withstand all sorts of
Silk tie nodes silk tie silk tie
Silk tie looks very stylish looks very stylish with brown suit
Model tie linen
Model tie Cashmere Wool
Woolen tie on closer examination tie on closer examination
  • Inspect lining tie - it must be made of the same fabric as the product as a whole
  • loop back - a detail that is required to be in high-quality tie. It is she who allows him not to hang out, to look neat. If the tie is of good quality, its loop will be sewn into the back seam, and the fabric will be the same as the main product
  • . Pay attention to the symmetry of the - for this it is worth to tie the tie across the hand and attach the narrow end to the wide one. If everything works out as it should, such an accessory will be able to be transformed into excellent medium-sized nodes
Symmetry is very important

How to choose a tie as a present for the father, father?

Such a thing as a tie, it is desirable to give only a loved one - so you definitely will not lose with his tastes. For example, if your father prefers a business style, such an accessory will have to come in handy. If you want to buy a thing that emphasizes solidity, the following recommendations regarding the picture will come in handy:

  • Fine pea is an ideal find for business meetings, but at the same time it can emphasize elegance. It is believed that peas can also emphasize the credibility of the tie carrier

IMPORTANT: If you want to emphasize the credibility of the future owner of a tie, buy the darkest model with the smallest and lightest peas.

Peas - a style Tie in peas - a style
Small peas are a symbol of seriousness Tie in small peas - a symbol
seriousness with costumes matched perfectly tie in fine peas
The smaller the print, the better smaller print - the better
  • foulard - this pattern, representing a small elements that repeat on a single tone cloth. It is considered a fairly versatile version of the
Foulard Tie fulyar
An example of a tie foulard
  • Diagonal strip - is considered a classic option. The owner of such a tie gives the impression of a business calm person who can be trusted

IMPORTANT: According to the unspoken rule, the larger the stripes on the necktie, the less formal it is.

Diagonal strip Diagonal strip tie
Example of an informal tie in a large strip An example of an informal tie in a large strip

Of no small importance is the appearance of the person who will wear this accessory:

  • To low thin men large designs
  • are contra-indicated. It is recommended for men with a bald head to wear either models with a picture foulard or solid models
  • With a full build and a short neck , it is preferable to give preference to one-color variants, as well as a diagonal strip. As for the color scheme, dark is preferable, as, as everyone knows, the dark color visually slits up
A plain tie

How to choose a tie as a gift to her husband?

To select a tie, the husband can use the same rules as in the case of the choice of a presentation for the father - if the spouse prefers rigor and seriousness, they will come in handy. But if a man do not mind to bring in their way of fresh notes and follow fashion trends, it is worth paying attention to the following:

  • brightness and showiness particularly preferred for people with dark skin and hair
Example of a bright tie Example flashy tie
Another example of a bright tie Another example of a bright tie
  • Pattern peysleyz -Something like a pearl, only in the form of a drop. This pattern is very popular, giving the image an elegance and freshness.
  • Checkered pattern - at first glance it seems that this is a sample of business style, but in fact the cell fits perfectly into the non-delicate situation. Blends perfectly with both cardigans and a flannel suit, jacket-type sports
Checkered tie is perfectly combined with the same shirt Checkered tie blends perfectly with the same plaid shirt
Variety of checkered ties Variety neckwear checkered
Bright, fresh cell combination suit, shirt and tie in a cage. Bright additive freshness cage
Another multicolor cell Tie in a cage with a shirt. Another multicolor cell
Bright and informal Tie in a cage with a white shirt and jacket: bright and informally
  • We should also mention the so-called club ornament - it includes absolutely informal heraldry, animals, sports motifs

IMPORTANT: Even with this freestyle coloringThere is a nuance - it is desirable to select a fine drawing. Although this is not necessary, if the tie is bought to create a fun image.

Unusual tie Unusual tie
Tie with Lambs Tie with lamb
Unusual colors Unusual colors and tie drawings
You can choose a model with a logo of something that her husband is addicted to Tie with logo: you can choose a model with a logo of something that the husband likes
Unofficial Pattern Unofficial tie pattern
Merry smiles Tie with cheerful smiles
Bright patterns Tie with bright patterns and suit
  • Geometric drawings can significantly refresh the image, give it a relaxed
Here is such a catchy geometry Lacy tie and suit: here is such a flashy geometry

Men's neckties

Men's brand-name ties will allowIts owners look bright and stylish, so this gift is just a find for those representatives of the stronger sex who carefully monitor their appearance. Such things are always made by from quality materials, varied in color and surprising in design.
The world's brands include the following: Paul Smith, Armani, Burberry, Swallowfigh, Gucci, Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hermes. In general, their products are worn under business suits, so the advantage is given to the quality of cut and fabric, rather than extravagance.

Tie Paul Smith with suit and shirt
Tie Armani with white shirt
Tie Burberry with white shirt and suit
Another model from burberry Another model of tie from Burberry with white shirt and suit
Gucci tie with shirt and costume
Another option from gucci Another option from Gucci: a tie with a shirtand costume
tie Boss with
Chic gray from boss shirt Classy gray tie by Boss suit and shirt with
Ermenegildo Zegna: a shirt, suit
Bright Hermes tie with shirt and suit

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that a world-class European brands are never usedAs a viscose material, as the products from it quickly lose their presentability and are short-lived.

However, popular brands do not disdain and unusual models - especially for those who want to stand out always and everywhere:

  • The regatta is a fairly handy model, representing a pre-assembled unit, an elastic band and a retainer. People who are related to the army often prefer this model
Regatta Tie Regatta
  • Windsor - a find for those who prefer to buy and elegance together with style. It wears the name of the knot in which it is tied and is the widest and longest tie
Windsor Tie Windsor with white shirt
  • Sharpei is quite an extravagant piece that can be recognized by several creases near the knot. A holiday or an official event is not so important, after all the tie-sharie is suitable for both, and for another
Sharpay Sharpei's tie, shirt, vest, jacket
  • Ascot is a favorite model of the British who often wears it for weddings and other celebrations
Ascot Tie Ascot with a suit triple
Bordeaux ascot Bordeaux tie ascot with a suit and white shirt
  • Plastron - will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of a loving man's waistcoat. Similar to Ascot, but this model is usually decorated with a pin
Plastro Model Plastro tie with a light suit and shirt
  • Tie-bolo - if a man loves brooches and unusual, then this model is the most preferred. In fact, the bolo is a brooch with a lace
Bolo Bolo tie
Bolo suits and suits Bolo tie is suitable for

suits How to properly combine a tie, suit and shirt?

  • Remember that with a color or light shirt should wear a tie of the same color or at least a close shade. If it really turns out that an identical color to choose does not come out, make sure that the accessory has been one tone darker than the shirt, but on a lighter tone suits
Combination combination of black suit with a tie
Tie is darker than shirt, but lighter than suit combination tie and gray suit: tie a dark shirt, but lighterCostume
And here it is perfectly combined on a scale and with a suit, and with a shirt And here the tie is perfectly combined on a scale and with a suit, and with a shirt
Another example of a good balance between shirt colors and costume The combination of a dark blue suit with a blue tie and shirt. Another example of a good balance between the colors of shirts and suits
A wonderful combination with the costume light gray suit with a gray tie and white shirt: a wonderful combination
  • Models ties striped universal - they are perfect for any shirts and suits
A strip makes a tie suitable for a shirt and suit, not identical with colors strip does tie suitable for shirts and suits,is not identical with it
And here is the complete coincidence of colors, thanks to which the image becomes chic colors Tie in horizontal stripes with a dark blue suit: full color-matching, so that the image becomes chic
  • As for universality, that is to say a white shirt, a tie that fits any shade
With a white shirt and a red tie looks great with a white shirt and red tie looks great
like watching an orange tie with a white shirt and black suit?
  • If the shirt is in the cage or strip of the , select the tie in the color of the cells or strips of the
Neck Tie Strips Tie and striped shirt: tie in stripe tone
The tie is as dark as the cage on the shirt Tie and shirt in the cage with the suit: the tie is as dark as the cage on the shirt
Another great combination with the cage Tie withplaid shirt and suit: another great combination with
  • cell If you liked tie with polka dots , remember, there is in the locker room at the men's shirt in the color of peas
Peas under the color of the shirt tie in peas with a white shirt and white suit: peas in the color of the shirt
  • With a dark shirt , the colorful accessories of the

look great. IMPORTANT: Vivid inscriptions, even if they seem funny to you and very suitable for the gift object, exclude immediately. The fact is that under a shirt and suit, such a tie will never suit.

A black shirt with a bright tie that fits in with the details of the
  • costume. The color of the clothes may be different, but the texture for the tie, shirt and costume must be the same. and avoid giving brilliant ties - is a sign of lack of taste
  • If something from the wardrobe motley , better to pick the other components of the image of self-colored
Motley tie, but solid-color shirt and suit

How to pick a tie to the suit?

  • Much depends on the material of the costume - so, the summer cotton suit will look great in combination with a smooth accessory made of silk. But the winter suit made of wool is perfectly complemented by some thick wide tie
cloak of thick cotton suit of fine wool, cotton shirt, a tie made of silk, all Burberry
winter jacket and a tight tie
  • lovers prints as peas often wonder whether such a tie to wear with a suit. You can, if you adhere to the following rules: a business suit must be accompanied by an accessory in a light pea smaller, but to the everyday costume, you can choose a large pea
  • If your man wants to look elegant, but strict dress it is not possible, give him Mr. alstuk in medium-sized tapered stripOr with a picture foulard
Tie in beveled strip Tie in bevelled strip with white shirt and dark suit
Another example of a striped accessory Another example of a striped necktie with a white shirt
Figure fulyar perfectly suits the costume Male tie: a drawing of a foulard perfectly suited to a suit
And here is an example of strips and a foulard tie case with a black suit and shirt with stripes: the case and strips, and foulard
This picture will perfectly refresh the image Here's a great tie pattern refresh image
  • If men already have checkered suit , tie him to choose the best monophonic. But if he is a fan of such prints, then they should at least be a cell of different sizes on different components of the wardrobe
The cage is on a suit, but the tie is monophonic cell on a suit, but his tie while monophonic
Another example of a checkered suit with a monophonic shirt and tie Example checkered suit with self-colored shirt and tie

What tie to blue suit man's suit?

Strangely enough, but the blue suit is enough universal clothing , because it matches ties of absolutely any color scheme. For example, if you have a blue suit and a white shirt, the best solution is either a burgundy or a dark blue tie.

IMPORTANT: Although the blue color is soothing, versatile, but extremely demanding on the quality of the material. Therefore, the owner of a blue suit will have to worry not about the compatibility of shades, but about the quality of clothes.

The tie here goes well with the suit blue suit, dark blue tie and white shirt: tie here goes well with a suit
Red tie is good for a blue suit and a light shirt red tie is well suited to a dark blue suit and light shirt
Stylish and unusual Suit threesome with a white shirt and dark blue tie: stylish and unusual
Even the green will fit perfectly Green tie with a blue suit andLight shirt: even green will fit perfectly
Pink is also suitable Pink tie with a blue suit and white shirt

Which tie will suit a gray man's suit?

The gray suit is rather universal clothing , therefore, an accessory to it is suitable, too, any. This is an excellent find for those men who try to follow fashion trends, experimenting with gamma.

Excellent combination of gray and blue gray suit with a blue tie and a light jacket: the perfect combination of gray and blue
Gray-claret tie Gray and burgundy tie and gray suit with
The uniformity with the suit is also welcomed shirt gray suit, dark gray tie and black shirt: Plain with the suit also welcome
Brightness also does not hurt light gray suit, red tie, and whiteShirt: brightness also looks good.

Which tie will suit a black man's suit?

In this case, too, we can say about the universality of combinations, but with one "but", namely in the presence of a white shirt .Then you can safely choose a black, blue, red, gray, purple and even a yellow tie.

IMPORTANT: Especially stylish looks black tie with silver finish.
If the shirt is not white, then focus on it, and not on the suit. If you are at a loss, then choose a black tie.

A classic combination of a black suit and a tie with a white shirt Classic combination of black suit and tie with white shirt
Blue tie Blue tie with blue shirt and black suit
Black and Blue Necktie Black and blue tie, blue shirt and dark brown suit
You can bring a bright violet note Tie with a purple stripe, white shirt and dark suit: you can bring a bright violet note

Which tie will suit a white and light man's suit?

Light suits are most often worn in the summer, which is why they perfectly match 's accessories. However, if you want to completely create a sublime clean image, you can choose the same light tie .With a sand color, they perfectly combine cherry, burgundy and brown.

Bright yellow gives freshness Light suit, white shirt with yellow tie: bright yellow adds freshness
Gray dilute will also be good Beige suit, striped shirt and gray tie: gray dilute will also be nice
Bright burgundy tie will allow the costume not to look like a uniform White suit, white shirt, claret tie: bright tie of burgundy will allow the costume to look good
A gentle salmon tie will also come in handy Gentle salmonTie with white suit and white shirt - exquisite style
A bit of brightness in the form of a shirt and tie will allow the image to become memorable White suit, blue shirt, beige tie: a little brightness in the form of a shirt and tie will allow the image to become memorable.
Black tie in white peas also suitable Fashionable beige three-piece suit, rubA cage in a cage and a black tie in peas: an unforgettable image of

With what shirt and suit wear a white tie?

White ties are samples of good taste, as they bring a note of freshness and purity to the image, it is presented with a favorable image. Especially this is necessary in the event that the shirt and the suit are black - such a contrast looks very profitable. A little advice: if a man likes interesting ideas, you can give him the opportunity to successfully combine in one ensemble silver tie and white shirt, which will serve as a kind of game of textures.

Clean and fresh White festive suit, white shirt, light tie: purity and freshness
But an example of contrast - white looks great against the background of dark clothes Black suit, white tie, black shirt with purple collar: contrast example - white tie looks great against the background of dark clothes
Refreshing white accessory White tie with dark blue suit and shirt: refreshing whiteAccessory

With what shirt and suit wear a red tie?

Red ties are usually purchased for men who like to emphasize authority, temperament, authority, and also try to always attract attention.

IMPORTANT: Due to the fact that the red accent is sure to strike the eye, it must be used with great care, trying not to bend the stick with brightness.

Best red accessories combine the with dark blue suits, as well as with dark gray and gray. A black suit is also suitable, but this option sometimes seems too provocative. As for shirts, the scale is the same as in the case of costumes, but you can also add a white color.

The evoking combination Red tie with a black festive suit and white shirt: a provocative combination of
With a gray suit, the red tie looks more peaceful With a gray suit, a red tie looks more peaceful
And here A red tie with a dark blue suit and a white shirt: it looks contrastingly, but does not defiantly

With which shirt and suit wear a pink tie?

Pink tie - this is quite an unusual accessory by definition, it is often chosen by romantics, creative personalities. If you want to bring a similar color to a man's image, give him a pink tie, especially if his wardrobe has a black, dark blue, gray, dark purple suit and a light purple, light pink or white shirt.

Perfectly blends with a blue suit pink tie
In combination with a white shirt Pink tie combined with a white shirt and a dark suit
Pink tie with a white shirt

With what shirt and suit wear a blue tie?

The blue color, according to the research, is the most popular among the male part of the population, as it is perceived by the symbol of tranquility, poise, restraint, maturity and elegance. It is not surprising that he is often preferred to see in ties, especially in combination with a dark blue or light gray suit and a blue, light pink or white shirt.

With a dark blue suit Dark blue tie with a dark blue suit
Black and blue tie in combination with a black suit and white shirt Black and blue tie in combination with a black suit and a white shirt
With a white shirt Dark blue tie with a white shirt
Dark blue suit, dark blue tie and white shirt

With what to wear a thin tie?

Such a tie, nicknamed "herring", in the sixties was a sample of style, symbolizing the minimalism of , which attracts some men to this day. Previously, it could be worn exclusively with those jackets that had narrow lapels, but now a narrow tie is allowed to combine with almost any clothing in different styles.

IMPORTANT: Despite the fact that such an accessory is allowed to be worn with almost any clothing, a T-shirt and shorts will not work. Under a wide choice, we mean different models of suits and shirts, even vests.

It should be noted that the massive accessories in combination with such a tie will not look. For example, large watches, chains. In general, minimalism in the image is desirable.

Slight negligence Slim black tie with gray striped suit
A bold experiment with flowers Purple tie with white shirt
Business style Business style: tie, suit, shirt
Shirt with rolled up sleeves looks great with such a tie Shirt with rolled up sleeves looks great with such a tie
When allowed not to adhere to a strict style Tuxedo with a tie: when not allowed to adhere to a strict style
Jacket and jeans Jacket with a shirtTie and jeans
Shirt and jacket Shirt, tie and jacket

With what wear a bow tie?

Bow tie is suitable for both celebrations and events, which are official in nature, therefore is based on the specifics of the events.

So, if a man often goes to serious meetings, it is worthwhile to choose a silk or velvet butterfly of black color for his suit or tuxedo. And for friendly meetings, a tie of bright palette will fit, which will complement the shirt and jeans.

This model is for friendly meetings Suit, shirt, butterfly: this model for friendly encounters
Can be bright colors even with a suit Suit, shirt, butterfly: can be bright colors even with a suit
Jeans and a shirt with a butterfly Jeans and shirt with a butterfly
Another example of an informal tie Another example of an unofficial tie
Casual style Shirt with a butterfly: Casual style
Official style Suit, shirt,butterfly: official style
Butterfly has always been considered an indicator of style suit, shirt, butterfly: always been considered an indicator of style
Interesting bright accents in business style suit, shirt, butterfly: interesting bright accents in
Tuxedos with butterfly business style tuxedo with butterfly

As you can see, a tie - is not just a piece of cloth that can be pGet it in five minutes. This accessory requires an attentive attitude towards yourself, turning into a real highlight of the image. If you present a gift to a man that tie, which he will need, such a present will not soon be forgotten.