Coniferous oil. Essential oils of pine, cedar and spruce: properties and application at home

Healing properties of coniferous oils. Where are essential pine oils used?


In coniferous trees from the family of pine, Pine, spruce and cedar, curative are needles, cones, resin and oil. These are therapeutic properties:

  • antimicrobial
  • anti
  • anesthetizing
  • diuretics
  • diaphoretic
  • cholagogue
  • antiscorbutic

Also in the needle and pine nuts contains vitamins A, E, C, P, K, PP, Group B, and from minerals there are such:

  • copper
  • chrome
  • cobalt
  • iron
  • manganese

Essential oils contained in needles and resin have antibacterial action. Therefore, even in ancient times people knew about the healing properties of coniferous trees. Some tribes left the sick person for several days in a coniferous forest, and he was cured.

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Medicinal properties of softwood pine oil, cedar, fir and pine tar

Coniferous resin

drop pine tar

Coniferous resin or more it is called oleoresin , antiseptic, antiinflammatory, wound healing, analgesicAnd antibacterial properties.

In folk medicine zhivitsa treat various diseases.

Diseases of the skin :

  • fungal diseases
  • herpes
  • trophic ulcers
  • bedsores
  • boils

Recipe .

  1. To the sore spot, apply several times folded and lubricated with resin, gauze, for 30 minutes, then this place is wiped with an antiseptic( hydrogen peroxide, alcohol solution).
  • Compresses made of gum do with radiculitis, burns.
  • To improve immunity, if the bones fail to grow together after fracture, in case of osteoporosis , the resin is first frozen, then ground into powder and ingested by 0.5 teaspoon, 1 hour after eating, 2 times a day and more.
  • Angina, bronchitis, oral infections( stomatitis, caries, periodontal disease ) are treated as follows: 1/3 of a teaspoon of oleoreside is placed under the tongue and dissolve.
  • In gastritis, stomach ulcer and colitis , it is recommended that folk doctors take a bread sandwich in the morning with 5 grams of gum.

Pine gum oil

If you mix the May pine gum with some vegetable oil, you get oil , which is stronger than the .

For the joints and muscles of , you need to prepare the following oil, and rub it before bedtime for sore spots.

Recipe :

  1. Mix for 50 g of pine resin, vegetable oil and vodka , we insist 1 week in a cold place.
  2. The mixture is filtered into a jar and closed with a lid.

When mastopathy , 20 grams of pine oil are mixed with 100 g of olive oil, heated in a water bath and compresses are made for 35 minutes, every day. The oil left on the skin after the compress is rubbed into the chest.

oil from pine, spruce needles and young branches

pine oil extracted from pine needles and young, yet soft pine branches, spruce, cedar, steam extraction method, but the process takes a long time( 5-6 hours), and oil yieldSmall, only 0.3%.The healing properties of this oil are the same as those of gum.

Cedar oil

Cedar oil is cold-pressed

Cedar oil is produced from pine nuts .There are 2 ways of making butter: cold and hot. The most delicious and useful oil, prepared by cold pressing. It is transparent, has a golden color with a gentle pleasant smell of pine nuts.

Cold-prepared oil is used for oral administration with a healing purpose and in cooking, and hot pressing - in perfumery, cosmetology and medicine.

Cedar oil contains, in addition to vitamins and minerals, the optimal amount of fatty polyunsaturated acids omega-3 and omega-6 , and this is an excellent opportunity:

  • to clean the vessels from cholesterol
  • prophylaxis of heart attacks and strokes
  • to improve blood composition
  • cure inflammatory diseases in the body
  • restore damaged tissue

detected in oil phospholipids , with regular use, improve brain function, nerveoh system.


Chlorophyll , contained in cedar oil, has healing and bactericidal action , stearines - antitumor and antifungal properties , and essential oils help to kill inflammatory processes in the body .

Contraindications to the application of cedar oil .You can not use people who are allergic to cedar oil, obese and those with an exacerbation of gallbladder disease.

Application of coniferous oil in medicine

based on grease from pine with the addition of wax and vegetable oils in industrial production ointment "Zhivichnaya" is manufactured in the industry, which is used to treat such diseases:

  1. Skin lesionsWounds, burns, boils, abscesses, sprains and bedsores ) are lubricated with ointment in a warm form.
  2. gynecological diseases( cervical erosion, uterine, fibroids, ovarian inflammation) lubricate the skin over a sore spot salve in conjunction with medication that prescribed by a doctor.
  3. When colds and viral diseases( influenza, bronchitis, cough) warm ointment rubbed into the back, chest and feet, wrapped up with a warm blanket.
  4. In case of a cold, sinusitis the nasal mucosa inside, and also on top of the nose, lubricate overnight with ointment.
  5. With angina 0.5 teaspoon of ointment is kept in the mouth until it is completely resorbed.
  6. With pneumonia, tuberculosis , drink half a glass of warm milk 3 times a day with 1 teaspoon of ointment dissolved in it.
  7. When mastitis and mastitis chest smeared with warm ointment impose cellophane and on top wrapped a woolen scarf. In addition, you can do massage, but first you need to consult a doctor.
  8. When hemorrhoids ointment is injected in the morning and evening in the anus.
  9. With gout, rheumatism , the joints are rubbed overnight, and wrapped with a woolen thing.

Important : Ointment "Live" can not be used if the patient has a fever.

Important : Ointment "Zhivichnaya" is stored at room temperature and used only warm.

The same principle is used to prepare the ointment from spruce and cedar.

Fir needles from pharmacological enterprises make camphor , and on its basis are then prepared:

  • injection solutions
  • camphor ointment
  • camphor alcohol
  • ear drops of camphor solution with paraffin
  • homeopathic anticonvulsant "Camfora"
  • drops of dental "Denta" to calm severe toothache
  • preparation "Camphocin" for rubbingArthritis and rheumatism

Pine oil inhalations

Cold inhalation
Hot inhalation

Inhalations with essential oil of the pine are of two types: cold and hot.

Cold inhalation - is inhalation in the room of essential oils, hot - inhalation of essential oil with hot steam. Hot inhalation is more effective than cold inhalations. But there are cases when a hot method is contraindicated, for example, by young children, who are suitable only for cold inhalations.

Inhalations with pine oil have an expectorant property for coughing.

Hot inhalation is done as follows:

  1. In a vessel with hot water, drip pine oil( for 1 liter of boiling water, 2 drops of oil).
  2. We cover ourselves with a plaid with a head and breathe in hot air, first with our nose, and exhale through the mouth, and then vice versa.
  3. The duration of the inhalation is 5 minutes.

For cold inhalation, pine oil drips onto anything that can be removed. It can be spent much longer than hot, but still at night the essential oil can not be left, it can prevent the baby, sleep peacefully.

Application of pine and hair oil for hair

Beautiful hair after applying pine or spruce oil

Pine and spruce oil is good for hair and scalp. It is added to shampoos, conditioners, masks, spend aromatism.

If you frequently perform hair treatments with pine and spruce oil instead get:

  1. Improve blood flow to the skin and strengthen hair follicles with strong hair loss .Such a result is achieved, thanks to the active substances of the oil, the hair begins to grow faster.
  2. Good blood circulation will improve the structure of the hair .The result will be even more effective if the procedures with oil do together with a head massage.
  3. Regular treatments with spruce and pine oil will give a shine to the hair.
  4. Thanks to the essential oils of pine and spruce , dandruff will disappear without a trace.
  5. Thin and lifeless hair with pine or spruce oil will make the easier to comb.
  6. Very greasy hair will become less greasy after several masks with spruce or pine oil.

How to apply pine or spruce oil?

  1. You can add oil to shampoos, masks and other products that you use, but you need to do this before use, and not beforehand, as the essential oils evaporate. It is done this way: put a little shampoo on the palm, drip a few drops of oil, mix well and apply to the hair.
  2. Aroma hair combing with pine and spruce oil, to give the hair a lively shine and volume. The comb for this purpose should be wooden with natural bristles.
  3. Preparation of masks for hair at home with the addition of pine or spruce oil.

Egg mask

The mask improves the appearance, eliminates dandruff and hair loss.

Recipe for .

  1. Mix 2 yolks, 1 tbsp. A spoonful of flower honey and 3 drops of each of the oils: pine, orange, lavender, cloves .The mixture is well stirred, we apply for the entire length of the hair, first we wrap the hair with cellophane, and then with a towel for half an hour and wash it off.

Note .Water for flushing hair should be warm, not hot, otherwise the egg will curdle and it will have to be washed out for a long time.

Application of pine and fir oil for the face

Pine and spruce oil is added to the daily face cream

Oil obtained from pine needles, young pine and fir branches, when exposed to the skin of the face, has the following properties:

  • powerful antiseptic
  • helps remove swelling from the face
  • with it smoothes wrinkles and rejuvenatesface
  • cleansed facial pores and increases blood circulation

How to apply oil of pine or spruce ?

  1. Oil can be added to face creams or masks, 3 drops per 5 ml of cream.
  2. 5-6 drops of pine or fir oil can be added to the massage oil for cosmetic massage.
  3. Pine or spruce oil( 2 drops) can be added to cosmetic ice, and rub it twice a day with face and neck.

Also products with pine or spruce oil help fight with age spots, acne and skin rashes on the face of .

How to make coniferous pine, cedar and spruce oil at home?

drop pine oil

gum ointment can be easily manufactured at home conditions.

Recipe :

  1. Take 100 g pine resin( available fir, cedar, fir) and beeswax, 200 g of olive oil , all mix and cook for 10-12 minutes.
  2. Adding 2 st. Spoons of honey and cook for another 10 minutes.
  3. Then add 2 g propolis and continue to boil for 10 minutes.
  4. Cool, pour into glass jars with twisting lids. The ointment is ready, it is possible to be treated.

Oil from needles of coniferous trees at home can be obtained, but this is a very tedious procedure for .

Recipe for .

  1. Pure pine needles, spruce, cedar are cut, placed in a ceramic vessel, filled to the top with water , close and let stand for several weeks.
  2. After the due time, will appear on the surface of the water - it is oil.
  3. Gently absorb oil with fleece from the surface of water and squeeze into a small container, store in a glass bottle, tightly closed.

Application of pine oil for baths

Bath with coniferous oil

Each coniferous tree and essential oil has its own healing properties:

  1. Pine oil helps with diseases of bronchi, lungs, arthritis, stonesIn the gallbladder and kidneys.
  2. Oil ate copes well with injuries, bruises and scratches, it helps with swelling, fatigue, upper respiratory tract diseases.
  3. cedar oil is best for diseases of respiratory organs, overwork and restores strength after a serious illness.
  4. Oil fir helps with diseases of the lungs, bronchi, arthritis, osteochondrosis, with fatigue the eye.

Bath with pine oil helps :

  • improve the condition of the body, especially the skin
  • with fatigue and insomnia
  • coughs and bronchitis
  • in diseases of joints and osteochondrosis
  • soothe nervous disorders
  • atinflammation of the bladder
  • improve the state of intoxication of the organism
  • boost immunity
  • recover exchange
  • substances for heart disease
  • at Bolenyah kidney
  • recuperate after serious illness

To prepare a bath with pine oil need:

  1. Pour almost a full bath of warm water 37 ° C and add to it 10-15 drops of coniferous oil.
  2. Immerse in the bath, but so that the heart area is not covered with water.
  3. Bath should be taken 15 minutes before bedtime. The course of treatment 10-15 sessions, you can every day or every other day.
  4. You can not take a bath on an empty stomach or if you just ate. After meal should pass not less than 1-2 hours. Contraindications to the use of the bath .

.Coniferous baths can not be taken with cancer, atherosclerosis, hypotension and if there is an allergy to needles.

cedar essential oil hair

Cedar with cones, which are arranged in peanuts

cedar essential oil obtained from cedar wood, cedar bark and twigs. First, all is ground, and then, by distillation with steam, an oily mass is obtained. Essential oil is no less valuable than from nuts.

Essential cedar oil has beneficial properties such :

  1. Accelerates blood circulation and strengthens the hair follicles of the head.
  2. Has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and antifungal effect.
  3. Normalizes the work of sebaceous glands and eliminates the excessive fatiness of scalp and hair.

Contraindications : Essential oil of cedar - allergenic product before you use it, apply the oil on a small area of ​​skin and wait a few hours, if during that time there is no redness or itching, so you can use it.

healthy hair shine after washing them with essential oil of cedar

Apply cedar essential oil for hair in several ways:

  1. Aromaraschesyvaniya with a few drops of oil.
  2. Addition to shampoos, conditioners on a few drops.
  3. Masks for hair growth , they are made as follows: in 2-3 st. Spoons of burdock oil add a few drops of essential oil from the cedar, mix and apply to the hair, so hold 1-2 hours, wrapping his head with a towel, then rinse.

Cedar essential oil for the face

Cedar essential oil is widely used in cosmetology. Especially it is useful for oily face skin .The oil penetrates deeply and soothes the inflamed skin of the face, cleans it with acne rash .

smooth facial skin after application of the essential oil of cedar

Some recipes use cedar essential oils for the face:

  1. When acne scars. In the cream( 20 ml) add 1 drop of cedar essential oil and 2 drops of bergamot oil, use as a day cream.
  2. Facial cleansing with steam baths, which contribute to the rapid recovery of damaged facial skin. For 0.5 liters of hot water, 1-2 drops of essential oil of cedar.
  3. Ice for the face .It is used for wiping the face in the morning and in the evening. Ice is easy to prepare: take 1 glass of mineral water, 3 drops of essential oil, 1 teaspoon of sour cream and honey, stir, pour into a special vessel with cells, and freeze in the freezer.
  4. Mask for the fading skin .Flesh halves of ripe avocado grind, mix with 1 drop of essential oil of cedar and 0.5 teaspoon of cream or sour cream, put on face, and after 15 minutes wash off.
  5. If you add 1 drop of cedar essential oil to cosmetic milk, you will get an make-up remover with a toning effect.

Rinse mouth pine oil, use

Rinsing the mouth with pine oil
  • The language will tell us about the state of our body. If the language is a thick layer of white coating, then our body is clogged with slag and clogged with bacteria.
  • You can clean the body of toxins by mouth rinsing in the morning.
  • A good effect is obtained by rinsing with olive oil( not refined) with the addition of coniferous oil.
  • Mouthwash with coniferous oil .In warm water( 1 glass), add 1-3 drops of any coniferous oil, stir and rinse your mouth, spitting out the liquid.
  • Rinsing the mouth with oil. In 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil( preferably olive), drip 1-2 drops of coniferous oil and rinse your mouth until the foam begins to form between the teeth of the oil, and the oil becomes liquid, like water( 5-10 minutes).Then spit out the oil.
  • Theory of mouthwash is new. It began to be studied only in Russia and the post-Soviet space. In the West, this method of treatment is silent. In the east, in Indian medicine there are similar procedures, but there they rinse their mouth with a few drops of oil, spit out, and then brush their teeth with toothpaste.
  • The healing powers of coniferous oil have been proven for centuries. To date, there are many serious diseases, for the treatment of which can not do without coniferous oils.

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