Exotic fruits. Fruits of Thailand, tropical fruits of South America - for game exotic fruit 94 percent

The article gives a brief description of the most popular tropical fruits from around the world.


Exotic fruits of Thailand: names, photo, description for the game

Longan( "eye of the dragon")

Longan Longan

Small beige fruits Longan have a thin rough skin. The flesh is milky white, pleasant, refreshing. Inside there is a shiny brown bone.


Pomelo Pomelo

The appearance looks like a big green orange. The rind is thick. The core is orange, more or less saturated in color. It tastes like grapefruit, but more sweet, without bitterness.


Lychee Litchi

Gentle, fresh taste, milky hue cream core lychee top covered with rough skin reddish color. Inside there is a bone that can be eaten. Fruit size of 2.5-4 cm.

Mango Mango Mango

Bright red shade fruit slivoobraznoy form. The pulp is juicy, yellow-orange .Inside there is a small flat bones. Skin is not used for food, cut by a thin layer. Sweet, but not cloying, fairly dense in consistency.

Lansium Parasiticum

Langsat Lansium Parasiticum

sour-sweet fruit size of a walnut. It grows in clusters on trees. The outer beige peel is scraped off. Inside are lobules of milk-colored pulp, which are used for food.


Kumquat Kumquat

A miniature copy of an orange. The fruit can be eaten fresh, whole( along with the skin), or in the form of marmalade, jams, additives in tea. It is rich in vitamins. It is highly valued as a folk remedy.

Pink apple

Pink Apple Pink apple

It has the shape of a bell. The structure resembles an apple: a skinny reddish skin and a dense crispy light flesh. Taste and aroma is similar to a rose.


Coconut Coconut

unique smell and taste of coconut is recognizable anywhere in the world. In Thailand, the coconut is often used to quench thirst: in the upper part of the fruit, a hole is made into which a straw is inserted. Coconut milk has a tender and light taste. The coconuts themselves in fresh form have a green color on the outside and a familiar white inside.

A pineapple Pineapple Pineapple

juicy exotic fruit it is important to eat in ripe condition. Pineapple has a thick brown skin, the pulp is bright yellow. The shape is oval, with a small bunch of hard leaves at the top. In Thailand, it is eaten with salt.

Durian Durian


Very mixed fruit. It has excellent taste qualities, but an intolerable aroma. The tender flesh is in the center of the rounded spiked fetus. Gourmets say that if, despite the unappetizing smell of either gasoline, or rotting foods, still try an unusual fruit, the more you can not think of anything else.


Jackfruit Jackfruit

A huge fruit weighing up to 50 kg is the "progenitor" of the chewing gum Juicy Fruit produced by Wrigley .The pulp of the jackfruit consists of pieces that look like yellow bell pepper. Above, the fetus is covered with a thick green-brown peel. The taste is sweet, the fibers are slippery and juicy. The food is used in raw or cooked form.

Passion Fruit Fruit

Passion fruit Fruit Pure

There are two types: the gold passion fruit and the so-called "passion fruit" with purple-violet skin, which is considered slightly poisonous. The flesh is jelly-like, with lots of seeds, sweet and sour to taste.


Mangosteen Mangosteen

A small fruit covered on top with a dense smooth skin of a rich eggplant color. In food use the white core of the fruit, consisting of lobules, like a mandarin. The taste of is sour-sweet , pleasant.


Rambutan Rambutan

The fruits of the plant are small, up to 6 cm, rounded. On top are covered with bright crimson peel with long, bent to the end processes. Milk pulp, juicy, fresh. The taste is similar to sweet white grapes.

Pitahaya( in the Russian version of "Eye of the DragonĀ»)

Pitahaya Pitahaya

kiwi fruit resembles the taste, but not the appearance. A dense, scaly-like skin of a saturated pink-crimson color hides a white flesh, with lots of tiny black seeds.

Carambola Carambola Carambola

Juicy and sweet floral taste carambola and its unusual star shape make a unique fruit. Ripe yellow fruit, eaten whole.

Cherimoya( noyuna)

Cherimoya Cherimoya

A fruit with a green, thick and tuberous inedible peel. The inside is sweet, with a lot of solid bones, similar to beans .Ripe fruit is soft, easily cut or even broken in half.

Exotic Thai fruit: the names, photos, description for the game

Jujube( jujube)

Jujube Jujube

Berries have a rounded oblong shape. The color of the skin is greenish, turning into red-brown. The core is white, dense. Inside is a solid bone. It tastes like an apple.


Papaya Papaya

The structure of papaya is similar to a melon. Thin, but coarse skin, juicy pulp and a cluster of black bones in the core. The taste is peculiar, sweet. It echoes the taste of pumpkins and carrots.


Watermelon Watermelon

not exotic for our latitude watermelon may surprise in Thailand. Here it happens not only habitually red, but also orange, and yellow. There is a sort of pitted.


Goji Goji

Become unthinkable popular due to its healing properties of goji berry bright coral color, slightly elongated. In food is used mainly in dried form. Fresh fruit can cause stomach upset.


Amalaki Amalaki

Small green berries in appearance resemble something immature plums. Peel thin, edible. Inside there is a dark green bone. Grow on trees, directly on the bark. It is believed that they have unique rejuvenating properties. Contain large amounts of vitamin C.

popular tropical fruit from South America

Asai Asai Asai

fruit of the Brazilian palm. It looks like blueberry. The food is used in the form of juices, puree, as an additive to muesli .The taste is similar to grapes.


Guava Guava

The size of the fruit with a large apple. The rind is tuberous, coarse, green in color. The flesh can be yellow or reddish. The taste depends on the variety: from sweet to sour.


Tamarillo Tamarillo

A distant relative of familiar to all tomatoes. Oblong, orange and red shades. The skin has an unpleasant aftertaste, so it is removed before eating. The taste is similar to a tomato, but with shades of passion fruit .


Physalis Physalis

Small fisalis fruits are located inside the box from a dry sheet. A bit like a large yellow cherry. The taste is juicy, sweet.


Cashew Cashews

Cashew fruit, which in our latitudes is mistakenly considered as nuts, consists not only of of a dense seed of .Part of this fruit is juicy and sweet to the taste. Outwardly, the fruit of cashews resembles a pod of pepper of red-orange color.

Pepino Pepino Pepino

oblong fruit creamy greenish hue with purple longitudinal stripes. Stone is inedible. Eat a juicy, melon-like flesh.


Breadfruit Breadfruit

Large diameter up to 30 cm, breadfruit in form similar to the melon. The rind is green, stiff, with small tubercles. Core creamy yellow , sticky, sweet to taste. In food is often used in cooked form, can be eaten raw.

Tropical fruits photo, name, description

Snake fruit( Salak)

Snake Fruit Snake fruit

fruit has the shape of a drop, the size - with an average pear. The rind resembles a snake scales, a shiny brown color. Easy to clean. The flesh is white. Different varieties to taste may differ.

tamarind( tamarind)

Tamarind Tamarind

part of the plant called the fruit "capsicum fruit."Externally, the fruits look like beans of light brown color. From the seeds inside the pod, sauces, mousses are prepared. They can be eaten and raw. The taste is sweet, pleasant.

Cocoa Cocoa Cocoa

Children's fantasy of growing on trees chocolates are without real justification. Fruits, the seeds of which receive chocolate, grow on the trunks of tropical trees. Outwardly resemble a very elongated pumpkin. Depending on the variety and degree of maturation may be yellowish or red.


Sapodilla Saprodilla

A fruit that resembles a persimmon in the structure of the pulp. In not ripe condition knits. Round, top covered with a skin of a brown hue. The flesh is dark, with small, easily separable bones.

Sirsak( soursop)

Searsak Sirsak

large, up to 7 kg fruit. Outside covered with a greenish, dense and rough skin. The flesh is white, airy, with a pleasant taste of strawberries and lemon.