Epididymitis in men - symptoms and treatment. Epididymitis in children. Antibiotics for treatment

  • For start let find out , that represents itself disease epididymitis . epididymitis - is really inflammatory disease , but not of testicular , and appendage testicles . It often is infectious character inflammation
  • This disease can hit boys and men in different age , but more often disease exposed men in age from 20 to 39 years. Children disease affects by greater least in result obtained injury egg
  • Anatomically appendage egg forms semiring around testicles and palpable how not large crest on back wall IPFA . On touch appendage less dense than itself egg , and its length is to ½ circumference egg Male . appendage is transition part from testicles to ejaculatory ways , because infected he can how of urethra , so and by entering bacteria of testis
  • appendage need for accumulation sperm , its maturation and promotion on ejaculatory ways . It is paired body genital system . appendage represents a folded and densely packed duct , which located very close rear testis . Length this duct may be from 6 to 8 meters , if its untwist and stretch
  • Getting of ducts testicular , sperm move on appendage on over 14 days, dozrevaya it in it .In tail portion testis thickens and forms « chamber » for accumulation of spermatozoa in it

This article will tell you about the disease of men-Epididymitis. We will consider the causes of the disease and the consequences of this disease.


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Inflammation testicular - epididymitis in men

reasons development epididymitis

Causes of epididymitis The causes of epididymitis

We already mentioned 2 way aboutiknoveniya infection in appendages testicular .When this getting through urethra on upward ways , infection so same can hit and prostate . 80 % affected of male is defined by urogenital infection .

There 2 main type bacteria , that cause epididymitis :

Bacteria , that in normal live In the intestine of the person
Infections , transmitted gonad by

1 . In age to 39 years often reasons development epididymitis serve infection , that provoke development venereal diseases - is Chlamydia and gonorrhea

2 . In more older age after 40 years , more frequent cases is development epididymitis on reason infection Bacteria of intestine . With this they provoke development of cystitis ( inflammation urinary bladder ). The most are frequent similar infections from of men , which are engaged in anal by sex . more rare cases infection fungi .

3 . Epididymitis so same can be provoked reception cardiac preparation « Amiodarone »

4 . Development chemical epididymitis may be caused entering in appendage urine , at lesson sex with packed urinary bubble

5 . have children cause development pathology can serve disease viral infections ( infectious Paraty - pig )

epididymitis : Symptoms and features

Epididymitis: Symptoms and Symptoms Epididymitis: symptoms and signs

Symptoms this disease can develop gradually and enough slowly , but often monifestiruyut in during 1 days after start disease. Home disease is characterized by the presence of painful sensations in area scrotum and groin , then develop following signs :

  • noted pain in side affected appendage and in bottom part belly , these symptoms develop on reason of , hundred inflammation originally develops in ejaculatory ways , and only then falls in appendage. When this inflammation and symptoms may be unilateral or be stronger with one hand
  • On over 4 - x hours dimensions epididymis and testicle may increase in 2 times from normal pamers in result edema. Pain at this growing
  • When urinating notes pain , possible signs blood in urine
  • From urethral channel may observed allocation
  • Increased temperature body to fever
  • Mozha vomiting

All listed symptoms require immediate treatment to urologist for diagnostic pathogen and urgent treatment .

Classification epididymitis

Classification of epididymitis Classification epididymitis

There are several types flow disease:

1 . In depending from hand on which develops inflammation
Bilateral development epididymitis
unilateral - right - or leftside development of epididymitis

2 . In depending from duration flow disease:
Acute epididymitis - rapidly developing disease with bright symptoms ( head pain , hyperthermia , pain in scrotum and . .). When this even change position body accompanied sharp pain in inguinal region
Chronic epididymitis - formed in result protracted not treated acute epididymitis .When development this form occurs scar formation , and symptomatology at chronic form reduced to minimum. This form disease can become cause decrease ability to to fertilize .

3 . In separate form output tubercular epididymitis .When this form pain weakly expressed , and subfebrile temperature to 38 degrees Celsius . Normal antibiotic therapy at tuberculosis form epididymitis not brings effect

Acute epididymitis

  • When development acute form temperature body patient becomes very high , patient chilly and notes acute pain in the area groin . With hematogenous pathway infection ( via blood ) in first turn suffers head appendage . When provided urogenital path infection , first infected tail appendage
  • Pain bright manifested often with audio of of the sides , bilateral epididymitis occurs 1 case of 5 . Pain often can give to area loins or the rump . appendage at inflammation swells and squeezes itself egg
  • disease can cure own , but there risk development abscess like complications or transition disease in step chronic inflammation

Chronic epididymitis

  • According after acute phase inflammation and absence adequate therapy develops chronic phase disease , but have cases original forming chronic phase disease
  • Epididymitis in chronic phase flow may Be consequence of running of urethritis , of syphilis , of gonorrhea or of prostatitis . So same can develop after ectomy or dressing ejaculatory ducts
  • Chronic form often leads to formation two-way pathology . With this pain is expressed not bright , and temperature body corresponds to subfebrile .Characteristically formation of adhesions and connective strands

Epididymitis and infertility

Epididymitis and infertility infertility and epididymitis

As complication disease after epididymitis can develop infertility . This occurs occur according to following reasons :
After disease can violate function secretion appendage . In normal this secret promotes high motor activity sperm
deteriorating conditions maturation sperm in process promotion them for channel appendages
Inflammation violates function and deforms internal epitheliumminutes channel appendage , in result which channel may clogged
In result inflammation immune cells take in process inflammation active part , and barrier egg may be broken and immunity starts produce cells against own sperm , killing their

epididymitis in children

Forms and symptoms disease in boys not differ from those from adults , but in children can yt other reasons disease. By him include :
Abnormal development urinary ways , that can lead to breached removal urine and rising infection
Transferred injury area scrotum
Viral mumps with defeat appendages
Narrowing lumen urethra and chronic stagnation urine
Tuberculosis defeat
Medical procedures, related with penetration in the urethra

Should note , that epididymitis in child age enough rare phenomenon .

Complications transferred disease can serve :
Inflammation testicles and his abtsedirovanie
transition unilateral disease in double-sided form
Perforation and formation fistula scrotum
With not adequate therapy or its absence disease goes in chronic form and threatens infertility

What antibiotics need With epididymitis ?Epididymitis treatment with

What antibiotics are needed for epididymitis? What antibiotics are needed for epididymitis?
  • Appointment that or a therapy antibacterial drugs possible only at determining reasons development disease. That - have definition bacteria , caused disease
  • Before accurate definition bacterial infection appointed antibacterial drugs , having wide spectrum action
  • According to measure receiving analysis smear defines hSensitivity identified microflora to certain antibiotic and prescribed most effective of them
  • Treatment may carried like With by combining with several antibiotics as and in form mono therapy

epididymitis treatment in home conditions folk means

People medicine so same offers their methods treatment This disease :

Recipe 1
In as an analgesic , uses infusion of the wintergreen . For preparation infusion 10 tea spoons grass should pour 1 liter boiling water and give stand in thermos. Accept infusion recommend by 50 ml to 3 times in day

Recipe 2
D To removal inflammation should prepare broth .For this necessary mix in equal proportions parsley , dandelion , shepherd bag , bearberry and fruits anise . Then take the 6 st . l . of this mixture and pour 2 liters boiling water . Take broth on over day , replacing them conventional drinks ( tea , coffee ).

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