Symptoms and causes of spontaneous miscarriage. Why does spontaneous abortion occur in the early term?

The article will reveal the very heart of the trembling topic for women-an interrupted pregnancy. We will talk about the cause of the development of spontaneous abortion and its consequences for the health of women.

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  • When does the threat of spontaneous miscarriage arise?
  • Causes of spontaneous abortion
  • Spontaneous miscarriage in early pregnancy
  • Spontaneous miscarriage in late pregnancy
  • Can the pregnancy after miscarriage?
  • How does it go monthly after a spontaneous miscarriage?
  • Is there an incomplete spontaneous miscarriage?
  • Cleaning after miscarriage
  • Spontaneous miscarriage with missed abortion
  • Preventive measures to prevent miscarriage
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  • According medical definition spontaneous abortion believe independent interruption pregnancy on different endogenous ( inside organism women ) reasons to period from 1 to 22
  • week at term more 22 weeks child , born with body weight more 500g can save . And is already considered premature birth , and not abortion
  • Abortion on early terms can confused with abundant monthly , so how women often even not suspect about its position , then can and not notice spontaneous rejection fetus . Such cases occur in average, 20 % pregnant women and not are rare
  • In that case , when woman knows of that , that is of toddler and is waiting for of this of child with not by patience , fact of miscarriage brings to her large emotional stress and possible development of depressive states
  • When same about this tragedy woman learns already how fact the accomplished , not suspecting of pregnancy , its psychological state much stable and easier carries this stress

When there is a threat spontaneous miscarriage ?

When there is a threat of spontaneous miscarriage? When there is a risk of miscarriage?
  • spontaneously abortion usually precedes state , called threat miscarriage ( threat spontaneous abortion), which has number provoking and factors specific
  • symptomatology When threatening abortion women with regularity experience weak pulling pain in the lower back and bottom belly .In this appear characteristic spotting spreadable allocation
  • color these precipitates can be from red admixture with up dark - brown . When appearance similar symptoms should immediately apply for advice to
  • gynecology at this early identify these symptoms and recourse using directly depends from order, succeed whether save this pregnancy
  • Abundant bloody allocation cramping and pain bottom belly says about volume , that fruit already is and is state is called " abortion in move ". Stop it already not possible and preservation pregnancy impossible . In this case watch for completion abortion and state women
  • When presence abortion go need urgently cause emergency help and hospitalized woman , so how possible her need operational help and drug
How does spontaneous abortion occur? support how the miscarriage

If briefly and on points describe development threat interruption pregnancy , the occurs is in next order :
Barely noticeable pain in waist and below abdomen , which can accrue and amplify to measure development threatening state
Bloody allocation , that with development abortion pass in abundant and in bleeding
Increased tone uterus - at this uterus very dense and on the touch looks like on the lump , which can periodically shorten

If you are in position, Be especially careful to their feelings .

reasons spontaneous miscarriage

Causes of spontaneous miscarriage Causes of spontaneous abortion

reasons , that can cause development spontaneous interruption pregnancy can be enough many :

One of reasons rejection fetus can serve insufficient quantity in body of the hormone of pregnancy - of progesterone .When timely treatment to gynecologist and passing necessary diagnostic , this cause possible eliminate appointment certain hormonal therapy ( Djufaston , Utrozhestan ).So same problem in harboring fetus is predominance in body future mother male hormone - testosterone

More one cause miscarriage can become incompatibility of mother and child on indicators Rh - factor , so-called Rh - conflict . As rule , first Rh - conflict pregnancy has positive outcome with full-term child-bearing fetus

Approximately in 80 % cases miscarriage cause are genetic mutations and violation development hatched fetus . It prevent not possible , but possible predetermine or diagnose to birth child

A common cause interruption pregnancy is transferred mother infectious disease on early the timing of pregnancy .When disease certain types of infections , doctors recommend terminate pregnancy for medical indications .So how child has most likely birth with near congenital abnormalities development and deviations or even be stillborn , if pregnancy not interrupted own

As not sad , but cause not fetation can become previously made medical abortion . So how after this intervention woman experiences huge emotional , hormonal and physical stress , the plan pregnancy in early period after this operations are not costs . So same instrumental abortion can become cause violations most uterus and she not has opportunities save fixed egg

presence chronic diseases in women and its weakened immunity so same can become cause miscarriage

Receiving medicinal preparations , that contraindicated in pregnancy can lead to its interruption , because should carefully read instructions their use

Stressful and emotional overload organism , release of large amounts of adrenaline in the blood can serve one of the reasons

Physical neenapryazhenie often leads to development spontaneous abortion

Injuries period gestation pregnancy and random drop may lead to disruption pregnancy

should remember , That reception of of prolonged of hot baths of by pregnant is contraindicated by

  • period spontaneous rejection fetus in term to 12 week pregnancy called early spontaneous abortion
  • reason development early itself - abortions often is not compliance woman certain measures precautions to to pregnancy . It on more part occurs on that reason , that woman just not guess of his
  • able So same reasons to miscarriage on early terms pregnancy can serve all the above factors . Symptoms itself - ABRT on all terms same
  • Early period pregnancy different only the , that occurred abortion on term to 12 weeks , how rule, has less than serious consequences of and complications of . course , at provided timely reference to gynecologist and monitoring state patient
  • In case spontaneous rejection pregnancy in term to 7 week together with blood clots must exit fetal egg . It has grayish color with blood streaks , and it dimensions in average correspond to quail
  • In
  • term with 7 on 12 week , at provided , that happened complete rejection , fertilized egg goes together with all shells . Its dimensions on this term will match chicken egg , but form its will be extended . Color his will approached to color skin veins
  • should remember , that woman can general not learn of happened spontaneous abortion , but therapy after it it costs to pass .That is why worth regularly attend their attending gynecologist examination and consultation

presence harmful habits , such how smoking , alcoholism and addiction are cause not only spontaneous abortion , but and birth not full child, in case storage pregnancy

Genital act in critical term pregnancy so same can become cause development tragedy

Spontaneous miscarriage on early terms pregnancy

Spontaneous miscarriage in early pregnancy Spontaneous miscarriage in early pregnancy

Spontaneous miscarriage on later terms pregnancy

Spontaneous miscarriage in late pregnancy Spontaneous miscarriage in late pregnancy

Late spontaneous abortion is considered abortion , occurred on timing with 13 on 22 weeks takeoverNost .

If interruption occurs 22 weeks later , the is state called premature birth .

On these terms miscarriage happens much less often , than on early terms pregnancy . reason itself - abortion later terms not may be a violation of fetal development . By him are :

Premature detachment placenta
Stormy experiences and stress
inflammatory process inside uterus or fetal place
Operational intervention in field of small pelvis

possible whether pregnancy after spontaneous miscarriage ?

  • After occurred spontaneous abortion necessary passage mandatory course hormonal therapy for recovery hormonal background
  • So same need pass number surveys to identify and eliminate reasons previous interruption of pregnancy
  • not worth immediately same trying to conceive a new takeThe , it risks run out by those same problems as . It is necessary to give the possibility of to the body to recover .Repeated pregnancy worth start planning how least later year after miscarriage
  • In theory pregnancy can occur already later 2 months after itself - abortion. But with each subsequent spontaneous abortion , woman all greater risks not bear fruit

As go monthly after spontaneous miscarriage ?

How do they go after a spontaneous miscarriage? How does it go after a spontaneous miscarriage?
  • Reconstruction of the of the menstrual cycle of the , with of the adequate therapy should occur already on the next month , after occurred abortion . If occurs failure menstrual cycle , the necessary apply to gynecologist
  • Often first monthly after itself - abortion occur later laid term on several weeks. If bleeding not stops , is immediate signal need treatment to specialist
  • There cases , when abortion occurred not fully and then need hospitalization women and instrumental cleaning uterine cavity for eliminate all residual parts pregnancy

happens if incomplete spontaneous miscarriage ?

Is there an incomplete spontaneous miscarriage? Whether there is an incomplete spontaneous miscarriage?

For start worth find , that there several types spontaneous interruption pregnancy :
Failed spontaneous abortion ( fruit died , but his evacuation not occurred )
Full itself - abortion ( fetus dies and own evacuated together with all and shells )
Repeated itself - abortion ( when woman suffered 3 spontaneous abortion consecutive )
Part or not completed itself - abortion - it when bleeding present , pain not subside , fertilized egg dissected , but at this fruit not rejected and not evacuated .

It in this case cleaning cavity uterus inevitable for women

Cleaning after spontaneous miscarriage

  • In that case , if state women not is under threat and it , relative to , well itself feels , doctor gives the possibility of to the body independently to evacuate all components interrupted pregnancy
  • But if this not happened and in cavity uterus remained shell fetal eggs or embryo, doctor obliged appoint cleaning cavity of the uterus after miscarriage
  • With using scraping and vacuum removal contents of the uterus is assigned medication erapiya . Then treatment includes in itself elimination inflammatory processes , determining cycle ovulations woman and necessary hormone

Spontaneous miscarriage at the stood pregnancy

By various reasons , as not regrettably , fruit can die in womb mother . This phenomenon in the people is taken call the frozen pregnancy . In depending on term pregnancy , is can lead or to spontaneous rejection fetus or fetal eggs , or to top premature generic activities .

Preventative measures for preventing spontaneous abortion

  • The ideal version of is that period , when pregnancy is initially planned and female is preparing to it in advance . When this necessary exclude factors , that can contribute development itself - abortion
  • special attention necessary pay on diet his power and image life future mother of the . So does follow for with the rhythm and with the calm its sleep .
  • Conduct prophylaxis of infections and of chronic diseases . It is necessary so same to adjust hormonal level of organism . Do not forget about regular visit of treating gynecologist and follow for its health

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