Triphobobia - what is this disease? Signs, causes and treatment of triphophobia

An inexplicable panic desire to escape or hide, accompanied by dizziness, vomiting and weakness, occurs in triphophobes at the sight of several holes located close together.


  • What trypophobia in humans: the symptoms
  • Which is why there is a fear of the cluster of holes and holes?
  • Triphobobia on the skin: photo
  • Treatment of triphophobia
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Triphobobia is a state of panic in a person, which results in the appearance of a cluster of small holes( cluster holes).This phobia is one of the most "young" - for the first time it was discovered in 2000 by Oxford specialists, and received its name in 2004 from two Greek words: tripo - hole drilling and phobos - fear.

A photo of a coral can cause a fear attack with trypophobia Photo of coral can cause fear of fear with triphophobia

What is human triphobia: symptoms

A lot of holes collected in a separate group cause some people panic, in most cases accompanied by:

  • heart palpitations
  • retching
  • blanching of the skin
  • incoordination
  • dizziness
  • sweating
  • limb tremor
  • hDifficulty in breathing
  • skin itching

It is noteworthy that this fear arises both before the holes of living and inanimate nature.

Triphobobia in humans can cause a natural natural accumulation of holes Triphobobia in humans can cause natural natural accumulation of holes

The most frightening things are called triphobobs:

  • moves of worms, caterpillars, larvae, honeycomb
  • plant seeds, more precisely, the grooves in which they mature( sunflower, cornpeas)
  • holes in foods( cheese, bread, meat veins)
  • violations integrity of the skin in the form of blackheads, enlarged pores
  • geological formations in the form of holes

IMPORTANT: Suddenly ispugathuman suffering trypophobia may completely safe in all respects, objects or phenomena, such as condensate, drops of rain on the glass or bubbles in a cup of coffee.

To become the cause of an attack of triphophobia can absolutely safe object A completely safe object

can cause an attack of triphophobia. What causes fear of cluster holes and holes?

Triphobobia is often a kind of defensive reaction of the body .Subconsciously, a person tries to hide from a multitude of holes, from which something may appear and cause harm. However, occasional unpleasant events contribute to the appearance of triphophobia.

For example, a man in his childhood was attacked by a swarm of bees, and he through his whole life carried the pain of fear that he felt then. Since then, any holes resembling honeycombs cause panic attacks.

Cluster holes cause triphophobia Cluster holes cause trypophobia

Factors contributing to the development of trypophobia, experts also include:

  • heredity
  • social conditions
  • habits and traditions
  • age-related changes
  • biological aversion

IMPORTANT: According to statistics, the elderlySuffer from triphophobia 1.5 times more often than young people. Obviously, this is due to the accumulated life experience.

Negative experience in the treatment of dermatological diseases can lead to the development of cutaneous triphophobia negative experience of the treatment of dermatological diseases can cause the development of cutaneous trypophobia

trypophobia on the skin: photo

trypophobia arising in the form of skin lesions associated with the fear of dangerous skin diseases. Scars, wounds, sores on the body give the impressionable people a feeling of disgust.

Triphobobia on the skin trypophobia on

skin Even miniature artificially applied to the skin "wounds" may give rise to panic among trypophobia.

Decorative holes on the skin that cause triphobobia Decorative holes in the skin, causing trypophobia

Treatment trypophobia

The goal of treatment of triphophobia is to restore the patient's normal mental state. At sessions of psychotherapy, the doctor suggests that the triphobate be viewed. Immediately before the patient there are calming landscapes of mountains, rivers and forests, and then - a "terrible" picture.

Triptophobia treatment sessions use frightening photos The frightening photos of

are used in treatment sessions of triphophobia. Based on the data on the degree and severity of the reaction, the physician adjusts further treatment.

Some for ever getting rid of triphobobia helped hypnosis , and some group lessons .Each case is individual and requires a special approach.

Treatment of triphophobia with hypnosis Treatment of triphophobia with hypnosis

Despite the fact that tryptophobia is not officially recognized as a disease, tens of thousands of people around the world suffer from it. Panic fear awaits patients with triphophobia at every turn, making their life unbearable.

Video: Triphobobia, or why people are afraid of holes?