Dangerous periods of pregnancy. The most dangerous period during pregnancy. Treatment in critical stages of pregnancy

Dangerous periods during pregnancy for weeks and trimesters. Treatment and model of the future mother's behavior during critical periods of pregnancy.


  • Are there any dangerous periods during pregnancy?
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Pregnancy - is a great and unforgettable state for any woman. However, doctors warn that at any pregnancy there are risks of spontaneous interruption, miscarriage or premature birth. Such risks, as a rule, fall on certain periods of pregnancy.

Are there any dangerous periods during pregnancy?

Dangerous periods of pregnancy Dangerous periods of pregnancy

Critical periods during pregnancy are not a myth. They do exist. In a certain period of its development the baby is endangered and may die. This is due to the constant processes in the body of a woman and the behavior of her organs and systems.

Those ladies who do not adhere to the recommendations of doctors, and do not follow the regime provided for pregnant women, are at risk not only the life of her baby, but her life as well.

dangerous period of pregnancy in the first trimester: Time

Dangerous periods of pregnancy in the first trimester dangerous period of pregnancy in the first trimester
  • at first, and perhaps the most crucial period of pregnancy crouches as many as three of the critical period. The fact that at this time there is a tab of all organs and systems of the fetus
  • same placenta, which advocates the protection of the future baby, begins to take shape only in the middle of the first trimester. That is why at this time, as never before, the fruit is extremely vulnerable and can be exposed to any danger
  • For this reason, in the first trimester, even small doses of alcohol, medications and any impact on the future mother and her body are strictly prohibited.
Danger to a pregnant woman in the first trimester Hazard for a pregnant woman in the first trimester

Here are the three most dangerous periods in the first trimester:

  • The first period falls on the gestation period of 2-3 weeks. The indicated time is the implantation period. That is, at this time the ovum is still attached to the walls of the uterus
  • The termination of pregnancy during this period is considered the most morally painless, as often a potential mother may not even suspect the presence of the pregnancy

The most common causes of miscarriage at 2-3 weeks of pregnancy are considered:

  1. stress and emotional overloads
  2. excessive exercise
  3. presence in the female body critical doses of alcohol, nicotine andWhether other toxic agents
  4. various pathologies and fetal development abnormalities
  5. presence of rumen in the uterus after surgery
  6. uterine fibroids
  7. incompletely formed or not restored endometrium( eg after cleansing)
  8. pathology of the uterus
  • The second critical moment in the first trimester falls on 4-6 weeks of pregnancy. At this moment, all the organs and systems of the fetus are formed. Therefore, the danger can be not only in the interruption of pregnancy, but also in the development of various pathologies and abnormalities in the future baby. Because in such a crucial period, the woman better care of oneself and to try to eliminate all negative factors and bad habits that can negatively affect the health of the embryo
  • third dangerous time for pregnancy is the period from the eighth to twelfth week. At this moment, the placenta begins to form - the most important shield and amulet for the future of the crumb. Any violations( especially hormonal) in the body of a pregnant woman can affect the correct placenta structure, and accordingly the development of the fetus. All of these disorders can lead to the inevitable death of the child in the womb
The causes of dangerous periods of pregnancy in the first trimester Causes dangerous periods of pregnancy in the first trimester

Summing up, it can be concluded that first trimester - the most serious and decisive period for all during pregnancy.

It is during this time that all the organs and systems of the fetus are laid, as well as its protective shell - the placenta, accompanying and preserving it throughout the long and difficult path to birth.

The main causes of the fetal and placenta threat in the first trimester of pregnancy are as follows:

  • harmful habits of the future mummy
  • emotional stress and stress
  • reception of strong medicines
  • harmful effects of work or habitat environment
  • physicalOverloads
  • colds, as well as infectious and viral diseases
  • chronic or acute diseases and pathological conditions of the genital organs of a woman

dangerous period of pregnancy in the second trimester: Time

Dangerous periods in the second trimester of pregnancy dangerous period in the second trimester of pregnancy
  • second trimester of pregnancy is considered to be the easiest and calm compared to the rest. At the time of the second trimester, a woman stops suffering from toxicosis and headaches
  • The baby inside her is not yet so big as to cause her discomfort. Because at this time, as a rule, a woman rests, relaxes and enjoys her unusual and interesting position.
  • However, during the second trimester, the fourth critical period of pregnancy also falls. It starts from the eighteenth week and continues until the twenty-second. Dangerous for the given period may be a so-called "late miscarriage»
  • This phenomenon can not be called a premature birth, as the child is still too small, however, and abortion it is also not called
Causes of a dangerous second-trimester period cause dangerous period in the second trimester

Obstetricians give three main reasons for the "late abortion" in the second trimester of pregnancy:

  1. CIN - cervical incompetence
  2. Improper positioning of the placenta
  3. Sexual infectiousii
  • CIN - a phenomenon that when the uterus muscles relax under the influence of the weight of the fetus and the DC tone, and as a consequence the cervix dilates. This leads to premature labor
  • should be noted that cervical incompetence is extremely rare, and timely treatment of its symptoms to the doctor, you can avoid the negative consequences
  • In order to keep the pregnancy a doctor can apply to the cervix a couple of stitches, or useObstetric pessary( device for maintaining the uterus).With these manipulations, it is possible to prevent danger to the fetus
The fight against emotions in a critical period of pregnancy Control of the NIH during the critical period of pregnancy
  • Improper positioning of the placenta can be shown in its full or partial previa, a low attachment or location in the area of ​​the scar, or other formations on the walls of the uterus
  • critical for such states is a situation when the placenta begins to exfoliate and stimulate bleeding. All of these processes can lead to fetal death
  • to infection, which can cause a critical situation in the second trimester of pregnancy, are chlamydia, herpes, ureaplasmosis
  • Such infections can disrupt the protective function of the placenta, to provoke full or partial leakage of amniotic fluid and fetal death

dangerous period of pregnancy in the third trimester: time

Dangerous periods of pregnancy in the third trimester dangerous period of pregnancy in the third trimester
  • in the third trimesThird of pregnancy can also be allocated the most dangerous period, and it falls on 28-32 weeks of gestation.
  • A critical moment for this period is the premature onset of labor. However, at such times the baby is considered to be fully formed
  • Because, as a rule, the crumbs born in these weeks, thanks to the achievements of modern medicine, survive. The main causes of danger in the third trimester of pregnancy are considered to be:

    • late toxicosis( gestosis)
    • premature plaquent detachment
    • ICS
    • phytoplacental insufficiency
    • Hydramnios or hydrangeater
    • hormonal disorders in the female body

    What is the most dangerous period of pregnancy?

    The most dangerous period in pregnancy The most dangerous period during pregnancy
    • All of these critical weeks are quite dangerous for a pregnant woman and her future baby. Throughout the period of such an interesting situation, the future mother should be careful not to risk
    • However, the most dangerous are the critical periods falling on the first trimester. They can conceal a danger not only for an appropriate period of time, but also have consequences at the final result. This is due to the fact that at this time there is a bookmark all baby material( physical and psychological), and from that, how will this tab will depend on all subsequent life crumbs
    • Because, as time is, in the first trimester of pregnancy, a womanTo be as cautious as possible. She needs to listen to the doctor's recommendations and unquestioningly follow all his prescriptions and prescriptions

    Critical gestation after the eco

    Critical periods for eco-pregnancy Critical periods for IVF pregnancy
    • The critical gestation period after IVF almost completely coincides with the dangerous periods in usual pregnancy
    • The most common examples of IVF pregnancy interruption, like usual pregnancy, fall into the first trimester and its three dangerous periods - 2-4 weeks, 4-6 weeks8-12 weeks
    • For the second trimester and is characterized by a critical moment in the 18-22 week
    • But in the third trimester preterm labor risks increase at 28-32 weeks' gestation

    What treatment is administered in the critical stages of pregnancy?

    Treatment in critical periods treatment during the critical periods

    during the first period of pregnancy and the negative effects during it more dependent on the woman, her behavior, lifestyle and environment.

    To treat it in dangerous periods of the first trimester, doctors practically do not have the opportunity, since taking any medications at this time is strictly prohibited.

    In the second and third trimester, in critical situations that can cause abortion or premature birth, depending on the cause of the danger, doctors can prescribe the following types of treatment:

    • taking hormonal drugs
    • suturing the cervical canal
    • treatment for controlling the tone of the uterus
    • taking preparations to improve blood flow in the placenta
    • course of antibacterial drugs for controlling infections of the genital tract

    What to do in dangerousPeriods of pregnancy?

    What to do in critical periods during pregnancy What to do during critical periods during pregnancy
    • If a woman has no serious complaints about their own health, and she and her husband in the family was not observed complex genetic diseases, the critical period of pregnancy she should not worry. It is better to devote this time to himself, his wife and future baby
    • At the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, a leading woman gynecologist will already be on hand the first ultrasound, in which he will be able to judge the condition of the placenta, the fetus and the pregnant woman's uterus. Therefore, all subsequent actions will be regulated by him. If the results of ultrasound reveal any violations, the doctor himself will report on possible precautions or necessary treatment for
    • Therefore, a woman should not worry about critical periods. From it is only required to comply with all requirements of the physician, and, in the case of showing any alarming symptoms, immediately contact him

    dangerous during pregnancy: tips and reviews

    Dangerous periods of pregnancy dangerous period of pregnancy
    • addition, specified inArticle, critical periods of pregnancy there are also additional dangerous periods
    • Doctors believe that in those days on which the woman before the pregnancy had menstruation, she also needs to be more attentive to herself. After all, the body for a long time has got used to regular monthly hormonal leaps, and during pregnancy it can behave exactly the same.
    • Still it is necessary to be more cautious to those women who in the past experienced a miscarriage or a frozen pregnancy. The fact is that with the approach of a date that coincides with the previous incident, the future mother may begin to get too nervous and panic, thereby harming herself and the baby. Some doctors even recommend the place at this time a woman in a hospital under constant supervision of doctors that will calm a little woman and she will feel more secure

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