Malignancy in pregnancy: causes and consequences. What is dangerous for hypochlorism? Treatment of lack of hydration

In this article, you will know on what basis the diagnosis of "water deficiency" is made and how dangerous it is for a woman and her baby. And also what are the causes of this deviation, how is malnutrition treated and what measures should be taken to prevent the onset of complications?


  • There is such a diagnosis of "low water".This means that the amount of amniotic fluid less than normal at a certain stage of
  • Now, thanks to ultrasound examinations, oligohydramnios easy to identify, and the diagnosis is made only 5% of pregnant women
  • But, unfortunately, it still exists and this deviation treatIt is necessary and as soon as possible to avoid undesirable complications, including vices in the physical development of the fetus.
Arrangement of the fetus during pregnancy Fetus location during pregnancy

What does hypochlorism mean in pregnancy?

  • Amblerous waters contain many substances necessary for the child, for example, salts, hormones, oxygen and vitamins. Also, amniotic fluid protects the fetus from many harmful external factors
  • But such deviation happens when not enough amniotic fluid and it seriously complicates healthy childbearing
  • at different stages of the amount of liquid is different, so in the last trimester, it should be 0.81.5 liters. If the amount of water is less, it is referred to oligohydramnios
  • There division oligohydramnios at moderate and marked to determine the severity of the deviation is set to the degree of shortage of liquid

Moderate oligohydramnios pregnancy

With moderate oligohydramnios fluid volume is slightly less thanShould be in normal pregnancy, and is about 400-700 ml.

Treatment of such an inadequacy is to establish a diet, you need to adhere to a special diet rich in vitamins and minerals, lead a healthy lifestyle, visit a doctor regularly to monitor the dynamics of the disease and not miss a deterioration. As a rule, this is enough and moderate water shortage does not harm the fetus.

Moderate hypochlorism in pregnancy Moderate oligohydramnios pregnancy

Expressed oligohydramnios pregnancy

Expressed oligohydramnios means strong deviation from the normal volume of amniotic fluid. With severe malnutrition, urgent and radical measures should be taken, sinceThis condition is very dangerous for the life and health of the baby.

Treatment is usually conducted in a hospital under the constant supervision of doctors. If you are diagnosed with this, it may affect your unborn child - because of lack of hydration, there may be a delay in fetal development, hypoxia, which in turn will cause problems with the central nervous system, an incorrect formation of the skeleton and tissues, and even interruptionPregnancy.

Women with severe malnutrition, only 0,3-0,5%.

Symptoms of hypochlorous pregnancy

The pregnant woman does not usually feel that she has such a deviation as anhydrimony. The only thing that can alert, this is the appearance of sharp pain in the abdomen, when the baby is pushed. This may indicate a lack of fluid in the fetal bladder.

doctor on examination may reveal the likelihood of water scarcity lag following indicators:

  • growth of stomach
  • measuring the bottom of the uterus
Table of norms of height of the uterus bottom and abdominal volume during pregnancy Table height standards uterus and stomach volume during pregnancy

According to these data, a doctor can make an assumption of a deviation from the norm, must necessarily send a pregnant woman to an ultrasound examination, where the diagnosis will be accurate.

The ultrasound machine makes it possible to measure the amount of amniotic fluid and determine whether it is sufficient or not.

If you have moderate oedematous artery by ultrasound, do not rush to grieve, it's better to remodel the ultrasound in another place, maybe the doctor is wrong or the device is not accurate enough, and the results will differ.

reasons for water scarcity in pregnancy

All the reasons because of which there is water scarcity are not fully understood, but the experts are the following:

  1. Leakage of amniotic fluid or scientific - amnionalnaya gidroreya. Leakage of water occurs long before the PDR due to rupture of the fetal membrane. Doctors believe that this happens because of infection of the shell or its premature aging, which leads to its thinning and the appearance of a gap. This deviation is treated with bed rest, while the liquid has time to recover and its loss does not harm the child.
  2. Disturbances in the development of the fetal membrane. There are many such violations and the reasons for their occurrence, too, the most common include genetic disorders and the harmful effects of the environment
  3. Infection of the fetal bladder. There are a number of viruses from which the placenta can not protect the baby and infection of the fetal bladder occurs, its proper functioning is disrupted, which leads to anhydrimony
  4. Fetal reductions. The placenta and fetal membranes are not working at full capacity, the child does not come he needed nutrients and the condition of his body deteriorating, difficult as blood circulation in the shells, which in turn leads to a decrease in production of amniotic fluid
  5. Underdevelopment tissue membranes or their poor secretoryWork
  6. Pathologies in fetal development. Here doctors distinguish genetic abnormalities facial development and kidney
  7. Bacterial infections in rare cases can penetrate not only in the birth canal of women, but in the amniotic fluid
  8. When multiple pregnancy, there are cases that incorrectly distributed blood in the placenta, and therefore a child losesnecessary substances, and the other gets them too much
Malnutrition in multiple pregnancies water shortage in multiple pregnancies

What threatens oligohydramnios during pregnancy?

  • Malnutrition during pregnancy can cause quite a lot of complications. If the water is not enough, the walls of the uterus begin to strongly compress the fetal bladder, which exerts excessive pressure on the child
  • . The baby will be bent in an uncomfortable and unnatural position for him. This development leads to a curvature of the spine in a child and deformity, as well as the skin can grow together with the membranes
  • also may be formed simonartovye ligaments that wrap around the fruit and restrict his movements, may even lead to injury
  • If these ligaments will embrace the umbilical cord, The child will receive less nutrients, hypoxia of the fetus may occur, a violation of blood flow, which will lead to a delay in development and possibly even death of the fetus.
  • Amblerous waters, besidesProtect the baby from the environment that can cause him harm, and their lack of protection will result in unreliable or lack
  • becomes weak when there is insufficient water in the cervix childbirth may slow to unfold, labor. Contractions are painful, but not strong enough. After childbirth, bleeding can occur

If severe fluid retention is detected late and has irreversible impairment of fetal development, doctors insist on early termination of pregnancy.

Mild inadequate water can be said to never have a negative effect on a child, unless, of course, the diet and lifestyle of a pregnant woman are adjusted.

Dried water during pregnancy, what should I do?

If your doctor has diagnosed you with "low water", he will definitely prescribe you treatment and tell you what to do.

First thing is not to worry. Delivered in time diagnosis, this is 50% success rate of treatment. Follow the doctor's instructions strictly, if you need to go to the hospital, do not even think about it - lie down, because the health of your future baby and, in some cases, even his life, depends on it.

How to treat hypochlorism in pregnancy?

A woman should understand that even with the diagnosis "moderate infertility" she should not self-medicate or even ignore it.

The doctor will prescribe additional tests: general blood and urine tests, infection tests, fetal CTG( cardiotocography), ultrasound, a smear on water if there is a suspicion that they leak.

Uzi in case of hypochlorism in pregnancy Ultrasound in a low in water in pregnancy

These examinations will help to assess the condition of the child and the severity of the deviation. According to their results, the gynecologist will prescribe the necessary treatment. Also it is necessary to try to determine the cause of the appearance of low saliva, this will help to choose the right treatment.

  • If the cause of malnourishment is obesity and a violation of metabolic functions in the body, then you need the right diet, taking vitamins and medicines that improve the blood supply of the placenta. If the water is moderate, treatment can be done at home, but if it is severe,
  • should be hospitalized. If the cause of malnutrition is a viral infection, antiviral drugs are prescribed and general restorative therapy is performed. The doctor will definitely appoint a vitamin complex and medications to improve blood microcirculation
  • If the cause lies in the development of a fetal bladder, doctors try to keep the pregnancy and prevent infection of the fetus. In this case, treatment is carried out only in the hospital and the woman is prescribed an additional survey to assess the state of its organism and the fetus
  • When perenashivanii doctors are doing a puncture of membranes and stimulating drugs cause birth
  • Also important is the reduction of physical activity, decreased motor activity and complianceBed rest
  • In case of malnutrition, doctors send a woman to do more ultrasound and dopplerography to monitor the dynamics of the deviation and for changingiyami for the better or worse in the mother and the child's condition
  • If the pregnancy is already high and the child donoshen, the doctor may recommend a premature birth, which will be called special stimulant drugs

Be sure to tell your doctor if in previous pregnancyYou already had such a diagnosis, and it is better to have a couple of additional ultrasound examinations to exclude this deviation or detect it as soon as possible.

Index oligohydramnios during pregnancy

On ultrasound examination are diagnosed with "water scarcity" is based on the record the amniotic fluid index( AFI), which is calculated ultrasound machine. The device measures the amount of water in several places and calculates the IOL.

Table and in different stages of pregnancy Table IJD at different gestation times

In the third trimester:

  • if the index is within 5-8 cm, then the amount of water is normal
  • if the index is 2-5 cm, then this is a "moderate malodour"
  • at an index of less than 2 cm, the diagnosis is "expressed oligohydramnios┬╗

However, it should be noted that the AFI varies depending on the gestational age:

  • 16 weeks norm is from 73 to 201 mm
  • at 20 weeks of 86 to 230Mm
  • in 25 weeks from 89 to 240 mm
  • 30 weeks from 82 to 258 mm
  • at 35 weeks of 70 to 279 mm
  • at 40 weeks of 63 to 240 mm

number amniotic fluid changed due to the fact that the fetus grows, swallowing liquid and urinate. But do not worry about the baby's condition, tk. Amniotic fluid is renewed every 3 hours, and every 3 days they completely change.

Nutrition for oligohydramnios during pregnancy

Proper nutrition in low water Nutrition at oligohydramnios

eat at oligohydramnios need to correct and balanced:

  • try to eat several times a day( 5 meals), but in small portions
  • products must contain a lot of vitamins and minerals to be nutritious
  • choose natural foods with minimal processing
  • exclude from the menu of fast food( hamburgers, hot-dogi etc.)
  • reduce the amount of sugar and salt
  • eliminate fatty foods from your diet
  • try to use less spices
  • avoid contains productsaschih preservatives, flavorings and colorings
  • meat, fish and seafood should be well thermally treated, they should not be eaten raw or semi ready
  • refrain from cheese eating moldy, unboiled milk and raw eggs
  • not drink strong tea,try to do without coffee and completely eliminate alcohol
  • instead of sweets and sugar eat more fruits

Be sure to watch for weight gain, becauseA rapid collection of it can also lead to low water level or deterioration of an already existing deviation.

The tendency to hypochlorous pregnancy: how to determine?

A woman may be prone to hypoabrasion during pregnancy in the following cases:

  • future mother smokes
  • pregnancy is multiple-bodied
  • the woman has metabolic disorders in the body
  • there are abnormalities in the development of the bladder
  • gestosis - toxicosis in latertiming
  • dehydration due to vomiting or diarrhea
  • has a bacterial or viral infection
  • woman suffers from diabetes
  • presence of chronic falls illTh in the future mother
  • pregnancy recurrence
  • there are defects of the kidneys of the fetus
  • was inferior in previous pregnancies
Control of weight gain in case of low blood pressure Control of weight gain in case of low blood pressure

If you fall into the category of risk, the doctor will assign you additional examinations and tests to detect the timeDeviation from the normal volume of amniotic fluid and start treatment as early as possible.

How to treat hypochlorism in pregnancy: advice and feedback

Let's sum up and define the main measures for the prevention of malnutrition:

  1. Proper fractional nutrition, the products should be most useful
  2. Compliance with diet if there are problems with excess weight
  3. Supplementing with vitamin complex
  4. exception of physical activity, change their hiking outdoors
  5. timely visit to a gynecologist, specimen collection, ProchREPRESENTATIONS necessary
  6. surveys If there are endocrine disorders( diabetes, for example, or obesity) need to undergo the appropriate treatment

When I was pregnant, everyone could not be happier that I have a little belly, as it turned out in the US - oligohydramnios. But, probably, it was moderate, becauseThe doctor did not prescribe any medications and only said that I would not be allowed to go around, but my son did not wait too long, was born a little earlier than the time - the birth was easy, there was no problem with the child's health.
Masha, 24 years old.

In fact, doctors all exaggerate, there is nothing wrong with lack of water. Well, that's understandable, they are reinsured. But here my friend was persuaded for premature birth, she did not agree and reported the child. My son was born healthy and on time. It grows and grows stronger.
Diana, 32 years old

In both pregnancies, I was given "moderate malnutrition", and both times 30-32 weeks. In the first pregnancy treatment was not prescribed, they said that at this time the moderate is not terrible, but in the second they did injections. The doctors were different. Both girls are healthy, and this is the most important thing! Christina, 27 years

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