Useful and dangerous appliances in the house. What is the use and harm of microwave, TV, computer, air conditioner, light bulbs, vacuum cleaner, cell phone, tablet?

Than household appliances are dangerous for humans. Ways to minimize their impact.


  • Benefits and harms microwaves
  • Benefits and harms cleaner
  • Benefits and harms conditioner
  • Benefits and harms TV
  • Harm and danger of gas cookers and columns
  • Benefits and harms refrigerator
  • The use and harm of a washing machine
  • Harm to energy-saving light bulbs
  • Why is it dangerous to leave unattended electric heaters and work with faulty ones?
  • Multivark use or harm
  • Harmful radiation from a hair dryer
  • Use and harm of cell phones
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  • The benefits of civilization in the form of electronic home appliances have swiftly entered our life and continue to conquer allMore space in our houses
  • And how to abandon them if the pace of life accelerated, which means that we have to spend less time for domestic needs. Because without a vacuum cleaner, food processor, microwave oven and electric kettle is difficult to have time to do all that was planned for
    the day
  • On the other hand think about it - what real harm are "iron" man his invention and the environment

Benefits and harms of microwave ovens

The man warms up food in the microwave man warms up food in the microwave
  • Microwaves are so simple and easy to use that most women do abandoned pots on their kitchens
  • Companies, etc. The manufacturers of these devices accentuate the buyers' attention only on the rules of operation of the device, the timeliness of repair and checking the tightness of the door before switching on. In the rest - on the advertising posters you will see a bunch of useful slogans from the presence of a microwave oven in the
  • . Thanks to the conversion of electrical energy into high frequency waves, which force the water molecules of food to move similarly, the microwave oven heats what is placed in it. Agree, it is clear from the useful principle of operation of the device
  • Scientists in Europe and Russia repeatedly published the results of studies on the effect of microwave oven waves on the human body, which eats the food, heated or cooked in ney. Odnako not everything is rosy and easy
They noted:
  • increased risk of cancer, because our digestive tract does not recognize food ingredients after processing in a microwave oven. It envelops them with fatty tissue and leaves
  • debris as a litter of digestive system deterioration, and therefore all internal processes of the body
  • decrease in immunity
  • increase in the amount of bad cholesterol, white blood cells in the blood plasma
  • decrease in efficiency, attention, memory
  • frequent depression, lack of vitality

Benefits and harms of a vacuum cleaner

The girl cleans the room with a vacuum cleaner girl cleans a room with a vacuum cleaner
  • battle for clean Mrs.ische dust lasts as much as the person lives.
  • a huge number of different components in the microscope housing household dust can be seen - from dust mites waste products to the food pieces and hairs
  • Regular cleaning - the key to cleansing the space from the dust and allergens that are present in it. It seems that it is the vacuum cleaner that perfectly copes with such task
  • However, the very principle of its operation suggests the opposite. By turning it on, you will collect a visible and partly invisible dust to the human eye.
  • At the moment of shutdown, when the fan stops, the flow of dust collected and going through the pipe is returned back. Have you noticed how after the vacuum cleaner works the air around to sparkle in a light beam or the odor specific appears? This is the dust
If the vacuum cleaner is equipped with an aquafilter, then spores of mold are emitted with the emerging particles.
Danger of frequent use of the vacuum cleaner:
  • suffers from light dust particles
  • increasing the number of respiratory diseases
  • increasing number and variety of allergy pathogens
To get the most out of using the vacuum cleaner:
  • clean the filters after each cleaning up to rinsing and drying
  • collect dustAnd garbage only in hard-to-reach places, on the upholstery of furniture
  • ventilate the room after cleaning, but preferably before, during and after it
  • ,Mode-temperature in the rooms. To reduce the number of bacteria, viruses, mold in the room should be cool

Benefits and harms conditioner

Air conditioning works in the room air conditioner operates in
room there are conflicting opinions about the benefits and harms of the air conditioner. Some argue that the proper operation of the device and the fulfillment of the maintenance requirements of the premises guarantees only the advantages and comfort of using the air conditioner. The second prove that it is harmful because of:
  • increase in the growth of respiratory diseases
  • increase in the number of pathogens, toxins, mold spores, which leads to the emergence of the
  • allergy hypothermia, a decrease in the functions of its natural thermoregulation
  • circulation of that air, That is in the room, without fence fresh o-two from the street
  • However, please note - do all your friends and organizations after the end of the colds make the cleaning of the air conditioningjers from the accumulation of dust and toxins? Usually, many of us neglect and keep up with the requirements of THAT until all filters of the devices are clogged and return even more polluted air instead of purified air.

    Benefits and harms of TV

    The kid is near the TV toddler stands near the TV close
    More recently, the TV was an attribute of people wealthy home. But in our time he is present in every house and even in several copies.
    Reasoning reasonably, you will find more harm than good from regular watching TV.For example:
    • he steals our time, that we could use to close contact, playing with children, walking, sports and self-development
    • absorbs our life energy. The result is an increased risk of heart disease, excess weight, malignant formations
    • fuels our greed, the desire to keep up with others. So
    • develops the consciousness of the fly and the poor
    • floods the negative, strengthens fears and fears in life
    • distracts from the intellectual process, analyzing one's life and making reasonable judgments
    The positive aspects are:
    • travel to exotic countries on the couch, exploring the diversity of wildlife animals
    • learning new, for example, the culinary transfer of the
    • study on other people's mistakes. Although this point is controversial

    Harm and danger of gas cookers and columns

    Included gas stove top included kamforka gas cookers
    Gas appliances cheap to operate, but dangerous combustion product - carbon monoxide.
    This chemical compound comes into contact with human hemoglobin, displacing oxygen. Then it spreads blood throughout the body, gradually poisoning it and causing oxygen starvation. So all the processes in our body slow down, turn into illnesses and destruction.
    Minimize the harm by following the safety recommendations:
    • Ensure good ventilation of the rooms with gas appliances
    • always install the hood near them
    • minimize as much as possible the time you spend directly near the
    • gas stove at the first suspicion of leakageGas shut off the appliances and open all the windows and doors in the house / apartment
    Otherwise, the harmful effect of carbon monoxide will be felt as:
    • dizziness
    • sore throat
    • sensation of oxygen shortage
    • arrhythmia
    • unconsciousness
    • development of serious diseases of the brain, blood, internal organs, nervous system

    The use and harm of the refrigerator

    A girl chooses food in a large refrigerator The girl choosesProducts in the large refrigerator
    The use of the invention of the refrigerator is huge. Thanks to him, we can eat not spoiled food and extend its shelf life.
    However, the damage to the refrigerator should not be denied:
    • cooling element leaking outwards, contributes to the destruction of the ozone layer of the planet
    • , plastic parts and the cabinet of the refrigerator generates harmful chemical compounds when heated
    • electromagnetic radiation from the operating
    • in case of ignoring the conditions of the correctOperation and timely repair of the refrigerator, he develops pathogenic microorganisms that cause poisoning and human diseases.
    If you compare the useful and harmful properties from the operation of the refrigerator, then the first is likely to be more. Again - if you fulfill the operational requirements and have it far away from the food zone.

    Benefits and harms of the washing machine

    The washing machine has a door in the washing machine door is opened
    Washing machine - an indispensable tool in the modern home, which saves time for doing a hostess and family.
    Plus, if you properly handle stains on laundry before washing, then the machine is excellent to cope with their inference.
    But also detrimental moments from the operation of the washing machine are also available:
    • it is a source of electromagnetic radiation that is absorbed by our body and provokes disruptions in the work of the sexual, nervous systems. Therefore, never be near a functioning appliance. Find for him such a place in the house to minimize the stay of children nearby
    • fine particles of synthetic fabrics fall into the drain and natural ponds, thereby poisoning the lives of their inhabitants. For example, fish, When the wolf invisible lint chemicals, killed or severely ill
    • nagrevayuchis, plastic flying body cars emit volatile chemical compounds
    • small children living in the home, often play with the machine, throwing in her toys, pets, yourself pilinginside

    Hurt energy saving light bulbs

    Broken Energy Saving Lamp broken energy-saving lamp
    design features energy-saving lamps allow more carefully considerthe harm that they can cause to the human body.
    Manufacturers of these types of lamps convince buyers of their long-term quality work.
    In fact, the life of energy-saving lamps depends on:
    • the room temperature in which they will work. Cold reduces their ability to ignite, and heat - to the strength and quality of the light flux
    • constant current in the network. The more frequent the jumps, the faster the lamp will fail
    Like any other electrical appliance, these lamps create an electromagnetic field, but less power than a TV or microwave. Nevertheless, his influence is felt for our body and overall health.
    harm of this invention for the human organism consists in:
    • decrease in visual acuity, if the light from the lamp changes in intensity
    • occurrence of skin and allergic diseases in infants and persons with a sensitive skin type
    • disorders of the nervous system, brain
    • increase fatigue
    • reducing protective functions
    minimum clearance conventionally to energy saving lamp fluctuates in the range of 30-50 cm. Because andRun their use in bedside lamp, table lamp bedrooms and children's rooms.

    Why is it dangerous to leave unattended electric heaters and work with faulty ones?

    A poster with a call not to leave working household appliances unattended poster with a call not to leave working household appliances unattended
    What is created by man, will never have a constant unchanging nature. So, games with electricity are dangerous and deplorable.
    Basic hazards for prolonged switching on of appliances that are unattended:
    • short circuit
    • ignition of the room wiring
    • heating of the surfaces around the unit and their possible ignition
    • failure of any component device and fire / explosion
    • locationNear easily flammable materials, for example, fabrics, paper, oils, combustible liquids
    Accordingly, the operation of a faulty electrical appliance is prohibited by all of themManufacturers in order to avoid the emergence of work for firefighters, rescue and medical teams.

    Multivarrow use or harm

    The girl is preparing a potato in a multivarque a girl preparing a potato for a multivariate
    Convenient invention for those who are accustomed to cook tasty and varied at home.
    Useful properties of the multivarker:
    • keeping a higher percentage of nutrients in the food after preparation
    • minimum consumption of cooking oil
    • ease of washing the working bowl
    • minimum space in the kitchen
    • no need for constant presence near the upcoming dish, Speed ​​control of its preparation
    The cartoon has a harmful effect on our body:
    • is an electrical appliance, which meansIt has its wave radiation during operation of the
    • Teflon coating of the working bowl is capable of causing malignant tumors. According to the manufacturers of multivarieties, this is possible with the purchase and operation of cheap models of
    • devices in the presence of the smallest scratches and breach of the integrity of the bowl, the inner coating metals react with food products. They can cause poisoning, serious disruptions in the digestive tract
    For highly sensitive customers, the market offers multivars with a ceramic bowl. But their lack - in the burning of food, and therefore the need to control the cooking process.

    harm of radiation from a hair dryer

    Hairdresser dries her hair with a hair dryer client the hairdresser dries the hair dryer
    Dryer in the degree of electromagnetic radiation refers to sources with low levels of it. This does not mean that you can safely use this device several times a day and do not worry about your health.
    As we apply it to the day of hair drying, then the maximum damage goes to our head.
    Low-frequency electromagnetic radiation propagating from a hair dryer gradually harms our body and mind in the form:
    • headaches
    • memory loss
    • apathy, depression
    • increased irritability
    • blood circulation deterioration
    However, we note thatIt is possible to minimize the negative effect of the device by reducing the frequency of using a hair dryer.

    The use and harm of the cell phones

    The girl is talking on the cell phone the girl is talking on the cell phone
    With the advent of mobile phones, we have heard about their benefits and benefits from everywhere:
    • usability, ease of operation
    • round the clock on the connection
    • possibilityTo call from anywhere in the world
    And nowadays there is also a stable Internet, that is, an active life in the virtual world.
    Later, scientists went deep into the research and began to publish denials based on the results.
    First of all, a cell phone is a source of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. This device we use regularly, many even sleep with him, thus exposing themselves to a stable electromagnetic smog.
    The more powerful your mobile phone, the more radiation dose you get with each contact with it.
    It is especially harmful to:
    • women in an interesting position because of the high risk of fetal abnormalities early lifetimes
    • small children, because there is a load on the psyche, the organs of vision and perception
    On the other hand, few of us are able to completely abandon the mobile phone. And it's reasonable to limit communication with him.
    Read more about the effect of cellular phones on the human body in this article.
    Our planet lives more than one thousand years. And while he suffers all our quirks and inventions for a comfortable life.
    Remember the movie "Beautiful Green".There is an episode where all people in one instant completely abandoned household appliances. And they became not only healthier, but also more developed.
    Be Healthy!

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