Symptoms and treatment of muscle myositis at home. How to treat myositis medication and folk remedies?

The proposed article will be the answer to the most common questions about myositis. We will consider the symptoms of the most common lesions of the myositis of the muscles of the back, neck and limbs. Also this article will tell about the drug treatment and treatment of folk methods myositis muscles.


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  • The first is to decide what is it like to myositis muscle and what causes the development
  • Myositis is characterized by pain in the muscles and may have a different etiology origin ( chemical, traumatic or inflammatory).The literal translation from Latin sounds like a muscle inflammation
  • muscle inflammation is quite a common condition, w
    hich is accompanied by the formation of dense knots in the inflammatory site muscle
  • Most often this disease susceptible to skeletal muscles of the back, shoulders and neck, as the muscles of the limbs and chest. Of all these variants, the most common myositis of the neck muscles is

Causes of myositis of muscles

Causes of myositis of muscles Causes of myositis of muscles

We list the most common causes of this disease:

• Subcoolings after warm procedures
• Increased physical activity
• TraumaticLesions and bruises
• Infectious muscle damage
• Intoxication and chemical damage to the musculature
• Sometimes stressful situations with transportationWaking up the nervous system

With the reasons it was found out, it is worth to learn what common symptoms of this lesion for any localization.

Symptoms of myositis

Symptoms of myositis Symptoms of myositis

We will consider the general symptoms, and a little later we will try to disassemble these symptoms separately for each localization of the inflammatory process.

• Swelling in the site of the inflamed muscle
• Not always, but there may be a hyperemia of the skin over the site of the inflammation
• Pain in a restricted area that is strengthened by feeling the place of inflammation or body movement in this area, movements in the nearby joint canBe limited to
• Pain can intensify at night, in a calm state, and not just at the moment of movement. This can also happen when weather conditions change for wet and rainy weather
• Muscular weakness of the whole body increases, it is difficult for the patient to perform the most basic movements and keep himself toned
• Muscle is compacted to the touch and has nodal formation at the site of inflammation
• Possible presenceIncreased body temperature and headache

Now let's look more closely at those inflammations, the localization that occurs most often.

Back myositis, symptoms

Myositis of the back, symptoms Myositis of the back, symptoms

This type of inflammation is diagnosed often enough. Provocative factor is the characteristic of tissue inflammation muscles, thus having the following symptoms:

• back pain or spine
• seal in place
inflammation • local temperature increase( possibly)
• Limit

movements When chronization muscle inflammation process, Which are involved in myositis with time, atrophy and are unable to function properly.

Myositis of pectoral muscles

Myositis of pectoral muscles Myositis of pectoral muscles
  • Often the cause of inflammation of the muscle fiber of the chest is a transferred inflammation of an infectious nature, or rather, SARS, acute respiratory disease, influenza, etc. In this case, myositis becomes a complication of the disease. Rarely the cause of inflammation can be toxins or exposure to parasitic tissues
  • This form is most common in categories of people who, due to working conditions, are forced to stay in a non-convenient position for a long time- drivers, violinists, PC workers
  • .A severe form of this pathology is purulent myositis. This form is the result of a local infection muscles and further development of purulent process in the form of abscess and even cellulitis

When inflammation of the chest muscles, in addition to the above symptoms, the patient's condition can be aggravated by the following states:

• Swelling andSoreness often causes stiffness of movement and inability to breathe in full breast, this causes partial tissue hypoxia, possibly dizziness
• General weakness and weakness of
• Complications in the form of purulent process leads to an increase in temperature and the appearance of symptoms of general illness

Myositis neck muscles

Myositis of the neck muscles Myositis neck muscles

Well, this form of muscle inflammation certainly experienced each. A common cause of this form of inflammation is the effect of low temperatures, especially in the autumn-spring period of the year.

symptoms of cervical myositis characterized by this:
• Pain in the area of ​​inflammation, which gives the neck and shoulder
• The pain may spread even to the waist
• Headache
• On the morning of the head seriously raise with

cushions To make an accurateDiagnosis and not to confuse cervical myositis with similar diseases, doctors recommend carrying out a radiography of the affected area of ​​the muscle.

Shin myositis, symptoms

  • Shin myositis is a frequent pathology of professional athletes, as this category of people most often traumatises muscles in the process of playing or training. Also, a common cause in this case is muscular overload during active physical activities.
  • Muscle stretching can also cause inflammation in the muscle. For those who are engaged in professional sports this problem is not rumored, and can be the reason for the termination of a career. For these reasons, the issue of therapy of this pathology becomes the most urgent and raises questions. We will try to answer them
  • Before you get acquainted with the methods of treatment of this inflammation, you need to establish an accurate diagnosis, and for this you need to know how to accurately conduct the diagnosis

Diagnosis of myositis

Diagnosis of myositis Diagnosis of myositis
  • For the diagnosisThe decisive role is played by the collection of the anamnesis of the disease and the presence of the main symptoms of myositis, which are voiced by the patient
  • . However, the doctor necessarily conducts a full examination of the patient and palpation inSinge portion. To clarify the diagnosis of myositis, X-rays of the area of ​​inflammation are carried out, general clinical tests are prescribed that indirectly indicate the presence of inflammation
  • However, the electromyography is the most informative. This is a kind of ECG, only for the muscles of the skeleton

Medical treatment with myositis

Medical treatment for myositis

Like for any disease, the treatment of myositis directly depends on the reason for which it arose. First of all, the treatment is aimed at eliminating symptoms and relieving inflammation. Begin therapy as soon as possible and under the supervision of the attending physician, in order to avoid the onset of complications.

To treatment apply the following general strategy:
• inflamed areas provide comfort and warmth, for it is usually wrapped in a warm scarf or handkerchief
• It is desirable to provide a sedentary lifestyle for a period of illness and floor bed
mode • inflammation of the muscles rubbed warming ointmentUp to 3 times a day, it alleviates the symptoms and relieves soreness, you can also rub it with a tincture of pepper, which also has an irritating and warming effect. Ointments: Indomecin , Capsicum and Diclofenac .Such ointments possess anti-inflammatory action
• orally ingestible tablet formulations anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs): Ibufen , Ortofen , Reopirin
• When treating recommended massage those parts of the muscles that are inflamed. Massage accelerates blood circulation to the site of inflammation and removes blood stasis, improving
tissue nutrition • It is also recommended to rub the muscle M enovazinom
Conventional medicine does not abandon the national methods of treatment, but it must be accompanied by major therapeutic measures

Folk remedies in myositis

Folk remedies for myositis Folk remedies for myositis

Traditional medicine has a lot of prescriptions for the treatment of this disease, but they are not always effective. We list the most popular of them.

1. Recipe: The white cabbage leaf is lavished soap generously and sprinkled with baking soda, then applied to the inflamed area, wrapped around with a warm cloth( scarf).It is indicated that this procedure relieves the pain sensations

2. Recipe: home ointment from myositis, which, according to the description, has an analgesic effect. It is prepared as follows way-fresh lard or butter and the tail powder of the field dried is mixed in a 4: 1 ratio. This ointment is rubbed into the aching muscle

3. Recipe: mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 glass of warm clean water. Drink this mixture should be 2-3 cups per day, and inflammation rub apple cider vinegar

Remember that rely on traditional therapy should be combined with traditional treatment.

Massage in myositis

So how to describe this topic is quite difficult, we suggest you review your video:

How to treat myositis: tips and reviews

reviewing some comments on this subject, it should be noted that the recipes of traditional medicineThe treatment of myositis is quite a lot and they are quite effective. However, for the speedy recovery and more rapid removal of the symptoms of this disease, medication is needed. The most effective drugs are shown by a number of NSAIDs.

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