Italian snack - bruschetta: 25 best recipes for delicious bruschetta

Italian cuisine is usually associated with such dishes as pasta, risotto and pizza. But, in this article we will not talk about them. We will cook bruschetta. This very tasty snack from fried bread slices is one of the symbols of gastronomic Italy.


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Generally, bruschetta, pizza, pudding and other dishes out of simple dishes of the rural poor. In order not to throw the remains of food in the garbage, the Italian peasant women used them as a stuffing for roasted bread. But, today the representatives of rich Italian families are not averse to enjoying the bruschetta.

In general, every region of Italy is famous for its bruschetta. In some parts of this country it is called "panutto", and in Tuscany - "fettuta".In the alpine Piemonte, this snack resembles a sandwich. Fried and rubbed with garlic, bread is placed one on top of another, and slices of tomatoes are placed between slices. They are salted, peppered and flavored with olive oil.

How is bruschetta prepared?

A sandwich In preparing such snacks there is nothing difficult

And this case is unlikely to go away more than 5-10 minutes. Before preparing bruschetta is important to understand a few rules:

  • Taste snacks should be bright and saturated
  • bruschetta ingredients should not interrupt each other

snack recipe is a great deal. Fried and rubbed with garlic bread is the simplest bruschetta. But, there are more refined recipes for such a snack. If there is a desire, then when preparing this dish, try experimenting with complex flavor combinations.

classic bruschetta prepared as :

  1. White bread cut into slices and fry on the grill or frying pan
  2. When the golden crust is necessary to cool the slices of bread and rub them with garlic
  3. cleansed from the skins of the tomatoes and cut into slices
  4. on bread sprinkled witholive oil and tomato laid
  5. Salt, pepper and laid sheet basil

In more complex embodiments may use different bruschetta thick lotions and pastes. In Italy, this appetizer with a mixture of green asparagus and smoked duck's breasts is very popular. There are also sweet variants of children's bruschetta.

bruschetta with tomatoes

Classic sandwich bread, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil - these are the main ingredients of classic bruschetta

The first version of this snack was given above. But, it can be improved. For this:

  1. sliced ​​bread( 1 pc.) Into equal pieces
  2. Each piece lubricates thin layer of butter( 100 g)
  3. chop basil( 1 tbsp. Spoon) and using a special press shred garlic( 3 cloves)
  4. tomatoes( 350 g) is peeled and cut into small pieces
  5. Mix tomatoes, basil and garlic
  6. Add balsamic vinegar( 1 tablespoon), ground pepper and salt
  7. into this mixture. Stir in the filling and lay out on slices of bread
  8. LubricateA pan with olive oil( 1-2 tbsp.(200 g)
  9. Bake until cheese melts

Such bruschetta can be served to the table both hot and cold

Bruschetta with cheese

Cheese, the second ingredient after tomatoes used in the preparation of this traditional Italian snack

But, in this recipe, Adyghe cheese will be used. It can be purchased at every supermarket.

  1. Tomatoes( 1 pc.) Cut into 2 halves and cut into thin slices
  2. Garlic( 3 cloves) let it through the press and mix with olive oil( 40 g)
  3. Cut Adyghe cheese( 100 g) by batch pieces
  4. GrindCoriander( 10 g)
  5. Cut the bread and cover it with olive oil and garlic
  6. Fry in a pan until golden brown
  7. Put each slice of tomato slice and a piece of cheese
  8. Bake in medium heat until the cheese melts
  9. Let's sprinkleCilantro and served at the table

If you want to bring the recipe for this appetizer closer to the Italian one, replace the Adyghe cheese with Mozzarella

Bruschetta with eggplant

Eggplant and feta With the eggplant, the Feta cheese

is best combined. Therefore, the following dish will be usedTwo products.

  1. Eat eggplant( 4 pcs.) With a fork from all sides
  2. Unclean garlic( 1 head) cut into two halves, watered and wrapped in foil
  3. Lay eggplants and garlic on a baking tray and bake at 200 degrees for about half an hour.
  4. Cut
  5. Chiabatta Italian bread( 2 pcs.) into slices 1.5 cm thick
  6. lubricate their olive oil on both sides, and bake on the grate in the oven until they flushed
  7. extract of roasted aubergines pulp and garlic REMOVE MISFEDekaem from the husk
  8. chop roasted vegetables, season with pepper and oil
  9. Because feta is quite salty type of cheese salted vegetables do not need to
  10. Pine nuts( 50 g, 60 g) should be calcined in a dry pan
  11. Fet( 300 g)With small hands or cut with a knife on uneven pieces
  12. We spread vegetable paste on slices of bread and sprinkle with pieces of Feta
  13. Put sprinkled with pine nuts

Before serving, you can sprinkle with olive oil

Bruschetta with chicken

With chicken This kind of snacks of the wife of Italian peasants brought their husbands working in the field

Chicken meat has a high nutritional value and can not be spoiled for a long time. Bit improves the dish:

  1. Grind tomatoes( . 2 tablespoons), green chili( 1 pc.) And onions( . 2 tablespoons)
  2. Simmer the vegetables until they are soft
  3. added thereto chicken( 1 cup), dried coriander( ½ tsp) and fry until ready
  4. Cut white bread into slices( 2-3 pcs.) And fry them
  5. Top put the filling and serve

Thanks to the coriander, thisBruschetta will resemble dishes of Indian cuisine

Bruschetta with herring

With herring The herring in Italy is also very popular

And of course it is used in the preparation of various snacks. And bruschetts including. In this recipe, herring is combined with pickled cucumbers. They can be purchased at the store, but it's best to marinate yourself.

  1. The deep dish mix olive oil( 3 tbsp. Spoons) and vinegar( 2 tbsp. Spoons)
  2. finely chop dill( 1 beam) and add it to the oil-acetic mixture
  3. Add the marinade salt and pepper
  4. Cucumbers( 2-3 pcs.) Cut into thin slices and put them in a bowl with marinade
  5. Cucumbers must be completely covered with marinade. We are waiting for 15 minutes
  6. finely chopped red onion( 1 pc.) And covered it in a colander
  7. To bow lost bitterness and a sharp taste to douse it with boiling water
  8. fillet herring( 2 pcs.), Cut into small cubes and add to theOnion
  9. Cut the baguette into pieces 1-1.5 cm thick
  10. Cover the pan with parchment paper and put the sliced ​​bread on it
  11. Bake it to crisp crust
  12. Put the pickled cucumbers and herring on the ready hot bread
  13. On topWater the leavesMarinade

This bruschetta can be used as a snack to a traditional Russian 40-degree drink.

bruschetta with arugula

With arugula This "sandwich" is better to cook with brown bread

For the preparation of the meals are very good herbs such as rosemary, oregano and basil. If they are not at hand, then you can experiment with other spices.

  1. Cut the bread into thin pieces and sprinkle with chopped herbs
  2. Spray a small amount of olive oil and put in the oven
  3. Cut the onion and bake it in the multivark( can use a steamer or oven)
  4. Add the chopped chilithinly sliced ​​eggplant and sun-dried tomato
  5. mix the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a pinch of sugar and a little herb
  6. Puts vegetable mixture on bread
  7. top wayVai sheet arugula and sprinkled with seasoning

number of ingredients can be determined according to taste.

Brisketta with beef

With beef You can cook delicious bruschetta with beef tenderloin

Its taste can be improved by Pesto sauce.

  1. Fry the steak( 300 g) on ​​the olive oil until ready
  2. Remove the fire and leave the meat in the frying pan to reach
  3. When the beef has cooled, cut it into slices 2-3 mm thick
  4. Sprinkle the rye bread( 4 slices) with olive oil andfried in a pan with two sides
  5. Mazhem bread sauce pesto( 2 tbsp. spoons) and top lay sliced ​​dried tomatoes( 6 pcs.) bovine and arugula( 40 g)
  6. Salt, pepper and serve

Such "sandwiches" can be taken with you to the pcially and bite them at lunch

pepper bruschetta

Pepper and feta Pepper very well with feta cheese

To try an irresistible taste of a snack can be cooked Italian "sandwich" bruschetta.

  1. Bake pepper( 1 pc.) In the oven on the grate until the burns are complete
  2. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and fry the white bread( 2 pieces)
  3. When the bread is browned, place it on the plate
  4. For baked peppers, remove the core and remove the skin
  5. Cut the peppers into long pieces and lay them on the bread
  6. Top put crumbled Fetu( 40 g) and basil leaves( 2 sprigs)

Bruschetta with mushrooms

ThisT type of snack can be considered exquisite. When preparing this bruschetta onions and mushrooms are caramelized. Their taste is improved by aromatic spices.

  1. Onion( 2 pcs.) Husk and cut into thin semiring
  2. In a small pan warm up olive oil( 1 tbsp. Spoon) and fried onion for 5 minutes
  3. Adding the pan tablespoon of water, brown sugar( 1Spoon)
  4. Mix and continue to fry onion for another 10 minutes
  5. Rinse the champignons( 150 g) and cut into plates
  6. Fry the mushrooms in butter for 8 minutes on medium heat.
  7. Add the wine vinegar( 3 tbsp.) To the mushrooms. Spoon), black pepper, salt, a pinch of driedof chili pepper and thyme( 2 branches)
  8. Fry mushrooms 6-7 more mine, then add the onion mix and remove from heat
  9. sliced ​​white bread( 1 pcs.) into slices and bake them in a preheated oven
  10. Removing breadFrom the oven and let it cool down a bit
  11. Smear the bread with curd cheese( 120 g) and spread the mushrooms and onion on it
  12. Solim and add balsamic vinegar( 2-3 drops)

Bruschetta with shrimps

With seafood Shrimps veryTasty seafood, which is widely usedMediterranean cuisine

They found its application in the preparation of bruschetta.

  1. Fry large and fresh shrimps( 200 g) in a shell on a mixture of olive oil and butter
  2. To strengthen the taste of shrimp in oil, you can add crushed garlic( 6 teeth) and ground pepper
  3. Ready-made shrimps must be poured with lemon juice
  4. (1 loaf)
  5. Sprinkle them with parsley greens( 50 g), salt and allow to cool
  6. Top spread prawns and water with soy sauce

Bruschetta with ham

A raw ham from the Parma region is famous all over the world. It can also be used as a filling for the traditional Italian dish of bruschetta.

  1. Cut the baguette( 1 piece) into slices, grease them with olive oil and bake in the oven until ready.
  2. Cut the ham( 8-10 slices) with very thin pieces and lay out on each slice.
  3. . Ruccola( 1 bundle) needs to be washedand remove the excess water using a paper towel
  4. spread on one slice 2-3 leaf arugula
  5. grind blue cheese( 150 g) and spread on top of pieces of multiple rocket
  6. in a mortar grind walnuts( 100 g) and using inAs the
  7. Sprinkle with ground pepper and send to the oven heated to 180 degrees
  8. Once the cheese begins to melt, remove the bruschetta and serve it

Bruschetta with avocado

With avocado Many fans of these Italian "sandwiches" reasonably consider the bruschetta with avocadoThe most delicious and healthy snack

In addition to the fact that this fruit is very useful for the liver in many respects, it can even replace meat.

  1. Cut the avocado( 1 piece) into two parts, remove the stone and remove the pulp with a spoon
  2. To prevent the avocado pulp from blackening with its lime juice
  3. Use a fork to crush the pulp and add spices to it
  4. baguette into slices and lay them on top of the mass of the pulp of avocado
  5. With grater shred Parmezam and sprinkle them on top

This appetizer can be used as the basis for other types of bruschetta.

Bruschetta with basil

Basil perfectly complements the taste of cherry tomatoes. In the recipe below, there is one more ingredient - hard cheese. He will make this bruschetta not only delicious, but nourishing.

  1. Cut white bread thin slices( 4 slices), olive oil lubricates( 1 hr. Spoon) and bake in oven
  2. Cut cherry tomatoes( 8-10sht.) Slices, adding crushed garlic( 1 clove), pour olive oil( 1 h. spoon) and wine vinegar( 1/2 h. spoons)
  3. grind basil( low beam) and add to the tomatoes
  4. slices of bread laid sliced ​​cheese( 50 g) and then tomatoes
  5. decorate whole basil sprigsAnd served to the table

Such a bruschetta is not only very pleasantTaste and appearance. This appetizer also smells amazing.

bruschetta tuna

With tuna bruschetta This type is very popular in Piedmont

mixture tuna flavors, tomatoes and olive embodies traditional Italian cuisine.

  1. sliced ​​white or gray baguette( 1/2 pcs.) Into slices, sprinkle them olive oil, salt and fry
  2. Cut at large tomato stalk and core and cut into cubes
  3. Skip the garlic( 3 cloves) through the press andadd to tomatoes
  4. tomato-garlic mixture salt, pepper, add olive oil and mix
  5. Clear the red onion( 1/2 pieces), cut into half rings and sprinkled on it lemon juice( 2 tbsp. spoons)
  6. on a fine grater shredCheese( 50 g) and wash the vetChop the parsley
  7. Separate the parsley leaves from the stems and chop them
  8. Olives( 10 pcs.) Cut into thin circles
  9. Put on pieces of brown bread pieces of canned tuna( 1 jar)
  10. Then put a layer of tomatoes and garlic
  11. NextLayer of onion and grated cheese
  12. Send the bruschetta to the oven until the cheese flows

Prepare the Piedmont "sandwich" with olive rings and chopped parsley.

Bruschetta with mozzarella

Perhaps this bruschetta can be called the most Italian. Find the bread of the day before yesterday. It is with his help that you can create a classic snack. And one more nuance, pesto sauce, which is used in this recipe is best prepared by yourself. And do not buy it in the store.

  1. Spread the bread slices on a baking sheet, sprinkle them with olive oil and send them to the oven for 6 minutes.
  2. Mix soft butter( 1 tablespoon) with Pesto sauce( 1 tsp)
  3. Cut the peeled tomatoes( 1Pieces) into cubes and finely chop the olives( handful)
  4. We combine olives, tomatoes, tomato paste( 1 teaspoon) and mix
  5. Mozzarella cheese( 1 bead) cut into slices
  6. Finished slices of bread grease with Pesto mixture with
  7. oil
  8. Above lay tomatoes with olives(1 teaspoon) and mozzarella slices
  9. Send the bruschetta to the oven for 2 minutes
  10. Extract the sandwiches and decorate them with basil leaves( 2 branches)

Bruschetta with salmon

With salmon Bruschetta with salmon is an excellent snackTo the wine

Bread better fry in a toaster or on a dry frying pan.

  1. Slice the baguette( 1 piece) with thin slices
  2. Spray it with olive oil and send it to the preheated( 180 degrees) oven
  3. When the slices are browned, they must be removed from the oven
  4. Cut the salmon( 120 g) with thin strips
  5. Moemtomatoes( 2 pcs.) and basil( 5-6 leaves) under running water, and spread on a paper towel
  6. grind basil leaves and tomatoes cut into small cubes
  7. Mix tomato and basil, olive oil and add( 3 tbsp. spoons)And ground pepper
  8. For the cooled slices of bread we lay vegetable dressing, slices of salmon, curd cheese( small amount)
  9. Top for beauty laying a sprig of basil

Bruschetta with salmon

Another "fish" bruschetta can be prepared usingMeat of salmon or the same salmon( Atlantic salmon).The difference will not be.

  1. Cut the loaf in small slices( 5-6 pieces)
  2. Fry them on a grill or dry frying pan until golden brown
  3. Using a pastry brush soak bread slices with olive oil
  4. Divide the avocado( 1 piece) into two parts and removeBone
  5. We clean the avocado from the skin and cut the flesh into small cubes
  6. Put the avocado cubes and the chopped dill( 2 branches)
  7. into the bowl of the blender. Spray the lime halves with their juice and add olive oil( 1 tablespoon), ground pepper andOl
  8. We make puree from the products loaded into the blender
  9. We spread the mashed potatoes on warm slices of the loaf
  10. Cut the salmon( 200 g) into thin slices and lay them on top
  11. Decorate the brucet with arugula and serve

Bruschetta with roast beef

With roast beef Is it possible to eat such Italian "sandwiches"?

Yes, if one of their ingredients is roast beef. Look in the refrigerator, maybe after the last holiday you have a piece of beef left, and you do not know what to do with it?

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and thinly cut the roast beef( 8-10 slices)
  2. Slice the baguette( 1 pc.) Slices and grease them with olive oil
  3. Bake them until crisp
  4. Frozen slices of bread grease with cream cheese( 5-6 tablespoons)
  5. Peel the onion and cut it into small cubes
  6. Fry them in vegetable oil until clear
  7. Put the onion on a layer of cream cheese
  8. Top spread the roast beef
  9. Decorate with greens and serveto the table

Bruschetta with parmesan

Easy and hearty "sandwich" can be cooked with tomatoes, garlic and Parmesan.

  1. Fry the bread( 2 pieces) on both sides until golden brown
  2. Cut the tomato( 60 g) into small cubes
  3. When the bread cools down rub it with garlic
  4. Mix the chopped tomato, basil( pinch) and olive oil( 20 ml)
  5. Spread the filling on the bread and sprinkle with grated Parmesan( 15 g)

Bruschetta pesto

With pesto For a quick snack or if you do not want to "bother" in the kitchen while preparing breakfast, take a look at this bruschetta recipeWith Pesto sauce

Her taste will not leave anyone indifferent.

  1. Basil leaves are washed in cold water and laid out to dry on a paper towel
  2. In a mortar, press garlic and fried in a dry frying pan pine nuts
  3. Add a little salt to the mortar and press everything in a circular motion
  4. The mixture in the mortar must turn greencream
  5. using fine grater triturated two types of hard cheese
  6. Mix cheese and a mixture of mortar and diluted with a small amount of olive oil

pesto sauce is prepared. But, if you do not want to mess with the sauce, then you can buy already ready.

  1. sliced ​​bread( 1 pc.), Sprinkle the slices with olive oil and send in a preheated 170 degree oven
  2. Cut the cherry tomatoes( 6-8 pcs.) Into two parts
  3. lubricate slices of cheese curd bread( 4-5 Article. spoons) and pesto( 4-5 Art. spoons)
  4. above stack the tomatoes and decorate with basil leaves

bruschetta with vegetables

Another satisfying bruschetta. Its vegetable basis is zucchini. And for the nutritional value meets the ham.

  1. Cut small fillet slices( 4 pcs.) And dried in an oven
  2. Zucchini( 1 pc.) Thick slices cut( 2-3 mm) and bake grilled or vegetable oil
  3. grind garlic( 1-2 cloves) andSeasoning them with cooling zucchini
  4. Solim and pepper zucchini
  5. Add shredded greens and leave for 10 minutes
  6. Wipe the slices of baguette with rubbed garlic and lay on them zucchini with garlic and greens
  7. Sprinkle with olive oil and put a slice of ham on top( 4 pcs.)
  8. Ukashaem greens and serve

bruschetta with bacon

With bacon Another tasty bruschetta can be cooked with bacon, goat cheese and leek

This recipe can also be considered for this classic dish.

  1. Cut the bacon( 6 pieces) and fry in vegetable oil until it crisp
  2. Put the slices of bacon on a paper towel to get rid of excess fat
  3. Cut the leek( 2 pcs.) With circles
  4. Cut the baguette into slices( 8Pcs.)
  5. Fry slices of bread on pure vegetable oil
  6. In a frying pan where the bacon was roasted before, fry onion rings until golden.
  7. Spread on slices of goat cheese bread( 150 g) and spread the onion
  8. .dem bacon and serve hot

Bruschetta with olives

in many recipes that include olive antipasto. But, most often they are used as decorations. If you want to cook not only tasty, but also useful bruschetta, do with olive paste.

  1. Put one can of black olives( 400 g) pitted in a blender
  2. Add a little vegetable oil( 70 g) and beat for 10 seconds
  3. Add to this mass cedar nuts( 2 tablespoons) and parsley and whisk for 20 seconds
  4. If the paste is dry, add more olive oil
  5. Separately beat the curd cheese( 5 tablespoons), salt and lemon juice( 1 tablespoon)
  6. Dry several slices of ciabatta in a pan, grease with olive oil and rub garlic
  7. We are spreadingOlive paste and decorate with greens

Bruschetta pate

With pâté This recipe was looked after by the famous Italian cuisine lover Nicky Belotserkovsky

Although this recipe uses chicken liver pate, such a bruschetta is prepared very easily and quickly.

  1. Fry onion( 1 head) in butter until transparent
  2. Add the chopped chicken liver( 500 g) into it and fill it with dessert wine( 150 ml)
  3. Stirring while waiting for the wine to evaporate and the smell of alcohol will disappear
  4. Cooked liverPut into a blender and beat until smooth.
  5. Place the liver again in a frying pan and pour in the chicken broth( 150 ml)
  6. Boil to the required state, salt and pepper
  7. Fry the bread and spread it with necessary quantityAsht

Bruschetta with liver

Another recipe in which there is a liver. But, instead of chicken, we will use beef liver. Another interesting ingredient in this bruschetta will be quail eggs.

  1. Cut the liver( 200 g) into pieces, and the onion( 1 head) with the semi-rings
  2. Heat the butter in a frying pan( 75 g) and fry the onions
  3. Add the liver to the pan, cover and fry until ready
  4. Season the salt1/4 tsp spoon), nutmeg( 0.2 g) and pepper( 0.25 tea spoons)
  5. When the liver cools it up in a blender or in a food processor along with butter( 0.75 g) and mayonnaise(2 tablespoons)
  6. Fry slices of white bread( 200 g) with a dry frying pan on both sides
  7. BoilingEgg quail eggs( 8 pcs.) And clean them from the shell
  8. We spread on the slices of bread liver pate and quail eggs
  9. Decorate with herbs( 8 branches) and olives( 8 pcs.)

Bruschetta garlic

With garlic Garlic is one of the most important ingredients of this dish is not only, but also the entire Mediterranean

When preparing bruschetta garlic bread slices rubbed with dried or crushed it, and add to the tomato mass.

  1. Dry the slices of bread( 5-7 pieces) and sprinkle it with olive oil
  2. When the oil is absorbed, grate the bread with garlic( 2 cloves)
  3. Cut the eggplant with thin plates
  4. Heat the oil in the frying pan and fry the eggplant strips with itTwo sides
  5. We lay eggplant on bread
  6. Finely chop garlic( 2 cloves) and sprinkle eggplant
  7. Cut Fetu( 150 g) into cubes and lay them on top

Bruschetta with fish

Easy snack can beCook from smoked salmon and cream cheese.

  1. Spread the black bread( 9 slices) on a baking sheet, sprinkle it with vegetable oil and fry in the oven for 8 minutes.
  2. In cream cheese( 2 tablespoons) add lemon juice and pepper
  3. Cucumbers cut into slices along
  4. Smoked salmon( 150 g) in small pieces
  5. Smear cream cheese on ready-made bread
  6. Top spread salmon and cucumbers
  7. Decorate with dill

Bruschetta with meat

With boiled pork After yesterday's feast left na lot of pork?

Great. Prepare from it a nutritious and healthy snack.

  1. Fry bread( 8 slices) in olive oil on both sides
  2. Clear the mushrooms( 4 pcs.) From contamination and boil them
  3. Spread on cheese slices of bread( 100 g), meat( 200 g) and leaves arugula
  4. top lay lamellae fungi
  5. sprayed olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper
  6. decorate green and serve

bruschetta with tomatoes

Let prepare "sandwiches" with tomatoes, pickles and cream cheese

  1. T(200 g)
  2. Tomato cut into small cubes and season with Tabasco sauce( 1 tsp)
  3. Salted cucumbers( 2-3 pieces) cut with longitudinal plates
  4. For bread spread cream cheese100 g)
  5. Spread tomatoes and cucumbers on the top
  6. Sprinkle with crushed green peas of black pepper
  7. Decorate with basil sprigs

Post bruschettes

With mushrooms If you hold fast, You can use this recipe of the Italian snack
  1. Clean the mushrooms( 300 g) from dirt and rinse them
  2. Chop the mushrooms and fry them in vegetable oil
  3. Cut the garlic( 1 clove) and the fresh greens
  4. Add to the frying pan and mix
  5. Add salt, ground pepper and chopped chili
  6. Mix and if necessary add olive oil
  7. Add butter and 2-3 tbsp. Spoons of water
  8. Spray lemon juice and simmer on low heat 3-4 minutes
  9. Fry the bread( 2 slices) and rub garlic
  10. Put on each slice of bread the same amount of the mushroom mixture
  11. Decorate with greens and serve to the table

Mini Bruschetta

This recipe for such delicious and appetizing snacks came to us not from Italy, but from the capital of Austria - Vienna. In contrast to the traditional Italian analogue, the Viennese bruschetta is miniature in size.

  1. Borodinskiy Cut the bread( 1 pc.) Wide, 0.6 cm thick
  2. Fry grilled on both sides
  3. Clear the pepper( 310 g) of seeds and solids
  4. We clean carrots( 330 g) and cut into squares
  5. grind pepper
  6. Fry carrots, onions( 460 g), pepper, chopped garlic( 30 g) and cut squares tomatoes( 570 g) in
  7. vegetable oil, add tomato paste( 120 g), sugar( 20 g) And freshly ground pepper( 2 g)
  8. Cooking lecho and spread out its slices(11 g)
  9. We lay out the sour cream and cut the bruschetta into two parts

The bruschetta with the recipe of Julia Vysotskaya

Julia Vysotskaya The well-known TV presenter Yulia Vysotskaya loves Italian cuisine

And she prepares oneFrom traditional dishes for this cuisine - bruschetta with fried pepper.

  1. Cut cherry tomatoes( 4 pcs.) 4 parts
  2. sliced ​​into two parts peppers( 2 pcs.) Laid on the grill, the top cover with foil and fry 8 minutes
  3. Overturn peppers other side and fry an additional 6 minutes
  4. ready peppers cut into thin strips and mix them with tomatoes, capers( 3 tbsp. spoons), olive oil( 3 tbsp. spoons) and red wine vinegar( 2 tbsp. spoons)
  5. salt, adding pepper and stir
  6. Fry bread(8 slices) on both sides
  7. Put the vegetables mixture on chlb, sprinkle with Parmesan and sprinkled with olive oil

bruschetta cheese

Cottage very well with tomatoes and herbs. Appetizer with these ingredients will be very tasty and hearty.

  1. Rinse the basil( 1-2 sprigs) and tomatoes( 3 pieces) under running water and let them dry
  2. Remove the leaves from the basil stems, and peel the tomatoes with
  3. . Cut the tomato pulp into squares and put them in the salad bowl
  4. sprinkle them with basil leaves and any spices
  5. For this recipe, perfect spice "Italian herbs"( 5-7 g)
  6. Finely chop the garlic( 2-3 cloves) and passes it through a press
  7. Add the garlic to the tomatoes and sprinkleWith olive oil
  8. Solim and mix the mass, let's go
  9. Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry the slices of bread( 4 pieces)
  10. Readiness is determined by golden color
  11. Put the fried slices on a plate
  12. Spread on each little tomato mixture
  13. "sandwiches" shredded cheese( 50 g)
  14. decorate basil leaves

bruschetta egg

With egg To prepare this bruschetta used poached egg

For its preparation, the egg is pre-broken and its contents are poured into a cup. And only then from the cup to the boiling water.

  1. Tomatoes( 1 large) cut into two parts and remove the seeds and excess liquid
  2. The roasting mold is lined with foil and put tomatoes in it
  3. Salt, pepper and sprinkle with olive oil( 1 tablespoon)
  4. BakeIn the oven for about 15 minutes
  5. To the pan, boil the water( 0.5 ml) and add the vinegar
  6. Stir the boiling water and infuse the egg( 1 piece)
  7. Remove the fire to a minimum and cook for 2-3 minutes
  8. Egg out the paperTowel
  9. We heat up the olive oil( 1 tbsp. Spoon) in a frying pan and fried bread slices on both sides
  10. Extract the tomatoes from the oven and milled
  11. On each slice spread tomatoes, half poached eggs, thinly sliced ​​bacon( 2 × 25 g) and parsley( 2 sprigs)
  12. Salt and serve as a table

Bruschetta with ricotta

This Italian sandwich is a warm garlic toast, on top of which is laid spicy dressing with balsamic vinegar and basil.

  1. Bread( 4 slices) fry in a pan with olive oil or dry it in a toaster and then sprinkle with olive oil.
  2. . Set the bruschettle base on one side with garlic.
  3. Remove the seeds from the tomato( 1 large) and cut the flesh into cubes
  4. Cheese Rekotta( 150 g) and cut into small cubes
  5. micronized red onion( 1 small head) and basil leaves( 1 tbsp. spoon)
  6. Mix ingredients toppings, add balsamic vinegar( 1 tbsp. spoon), pepper and solim
  7. Spread on bread and serve

bruschetta platter

Assorted What bruschetta platter?

This is a serve on the table at once several types of such snacks. In any Italian cafe and restaurant you can order such assorted of several sandwiches.

bruschetta calorie

Calorie this Italian "sandwich" depends on the filling ingredients. Below is a table with caloric content of classic bruschetta with tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and herbs.

in% of the daily value
proteins 6.24 g 9%
fats 20.61 g 28%
carbohydrates 13.89 g 5%
Caloric value 268.84 kcal 13%

Tips for cooking bruschetta

Katya .In my opinion, most successfully obtained such sandwiches from Italian bread - ciabatta. A baguette is also good, but it is drier. And when cooking bruschetta you need to pay attention to vegetable oil. It is best combined with this dish extra virgin olive oil "Extra Virgin".

Olga .They ordered a snack in Italy. We decided to try and later apply it at home. The waiter brought several different sandwiches on the same dish. Traditional with tomato and cheese, as well as more exotic seafood. I really liked it.

Video. Bruschetta with Suluguni