Compliments to a beloved man, a guy in verse, in prose. How to make a compliment in SMS?

Oscar Wilde argued that the right compliment is able to disarm any, even the strongest, man! In the article: the technique of compliment, examples of compliments for men for all occasions. Disarm men correctly!


  • What compliments do men like? A few important rules
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If the compliment for a woman is just a delicious sweetie, which she "ate and forgot", the situation with men is somewhat different. Compliment acts on a man as an energy drink, invigorating and pushing to action.

Why does this happen? Yes, because men are rarely praised!

average man lives in a complementary vacuum:

  • in the company of men of brutal guys are not taken to distribute compliments each other
  • compliments from Mom in the style of "mi-mi-mi" annoying( that's if the mother still says compliments), andcompliments of the pope - it's almost as brutal compliments from guys
  • compliments from superiors evoke thoughts of bad news
  • compliments from fellow-men( see paragraph on brutal guys)

Who spoils man complItem? Female!

What compliments do men like? A few important rules

Compliments to men Compliments to the men
  1. Sincere and well-deserved. Between the graceful compliment and crude flattery lies a huge abyss. Rough flattery can cause a reaction completely unpredictable: from joy to neglect. Unserved praise deprives a man of landmarks and incentives, turning into modern Oblomov
  2. Compliments can not be much. Even on the sun there are spots and your man is not always worthy of sincere praise. In standby insincere compliment no feelings
  3. never voiced his handpicked compliment, which is based on his comparison with your "former»
  4. To tell a man something nice to not have to wait for a holiday and to voice compliments during greetings. This will not be a compliment at all
  5. The compliment is valuable if it is presented personally and addressed. After all, it's not the praise itself that matters, but the intonation and feeling with which she is told.
  6. Speak only about what you are sure of. Compliment "You play football like Schumacher 'sounds
  • as mockery
  • like sheer stupidity
  1. Avoid wordiness and pretentiousness. Certainly, Roxolana's letters to Suleiman are very romantic, but, having received such a message, a modern man is likely to feel confused: "... Your letter dried bloody tears in my tear-stained eyes, filling them with light, and a sad heart filled with joy. Yes fulfill your day of my happiness, all desire and joy of the soul, but crowded are the gardens of your wellbeing beautiful jasmine flowers my love, enchanting, as your illustrious face, O my lord, my sultan, my Sultan! »
  2. The man impressed whenOf high value deserves it
  • act
  • result of any action
  • choice

A man likes to make an impression - this is part of the male nature. This is what should be said in compliments: the impressions that He and his actions produce on you

How to make a compliment to a man?

Photo2 Example of a compliment for a man

Every man has a secret button. Gently press on them, you

  • stay long in the memory( if it comes to flirting)
  • you will be able to achieve the necessary actions without resorting to an open confrontation( when it comes to family relationships)
    1. The phrase "I need your advice!" Has a magical effect on a man! Be sure to consult with a man and appreciate the beauty of the solution he proposed: "I can always count on your help: your advice is very useful and effective! Thank you very much! "
    2. Man likes to shine, especially in the company. Appreciate his charm and ability to communicate. Note by chance: "You feel great in any company. All my friends celebrate it! This is a real talent - pick up keys to such different people »
    3. Be sure to make a compliment to the driving skills of a man. Incomparable Mata Hari claimed: "To understand men, you need to understand one simple thing: they are all children!" All the boys adore chasing cars, scooters, bicycles, etc. Children grow up, and habits remain
    4. "Chocolate" on the abdomen, the size of the biceps and triceps - another topic for compliments. But here you need to be extremely cautious. It is important for a man to hear what impression you have on his physical form;Praise should sound like this: "Your physical form has made an indelible impression on me. Where / by what technique do you train? "And if you use the advice and visit the same gym / coach / master an exercise you will have a new interesting topic for communication
    5. your beau is popular with the opposite sex? And it annoys you? The phrase: "How lucky that you are with me!" Will attract His attention to you for a long time, because a rare woman will deny herself the pleasure of playing the jealousy scene.
Example of a compliment to a man Example of a compliment to a man
  1. Let a man
  • place an orderthe restaurant for you
  • buy products at the store
  • choose meat, vegetables or fruit on the market to choose
  • appliances

sure to ask why he chose this dish, beer, wine, gadget, etc. Praise his clarity, his resourcefulness vote, mark level of information

    1. Men's dreams sometimes resemble sand castles. But after all, dreamers change this world for the better. In addition, common dreams bind a couple stronger than a seal in a passport. Therefore, appreciate the dreams of a man and support ambitious projects.
    2. . Does a man make you laugh? Does he have a great sense of humor? Men consider the humor of one of the components of the image of a "real man".Do not forget to thank chosen because it fills your life with laughter, and therefore happiness
    3. Compliments man in bed - a guarantee of a good and varied sex. And this is useful not only for men's health! Regardless of social status, age, education and other characteristics for a man, it is important to be sure that he is "the best" in intimate games. Talk about the pleasure that you give to his touch, kisses, etc. Recognize how much fun it gives you the ability, how well you match with each other, as his voice excites you
    4. sure to appreciate good manners man, if you want to see next to a true knight."You are so gallant! Next to you I feel surrounded by attention and care! "- simple words that make the man repeat the gallant exploits more and more
Example of a compliment for a man compliment Example men
  1. The boy from childhood is preparing for the role of a defender."For me is very important sense of security that I feel just next to you!" - a man needs to hear it and be sure that he is doing everything right
  2. not overlooked male friends, but do not go overboard with praise. Just note that you are very pleased with the fact that next to an expensive person are people on whom you can rely
  3. Everything that a man does should be evaluated. The incentive to achieve new professional heights can be a remark: "I know how important that is what you do!"
  4. Do not ignore the hobby of a man. As a rule, men know a lot about the subject of their hobbies and gladly talk about it. If any information made an impression on you, tell your partner
  5. . Male principles are the holy of holies. They need to be understood, accepted and evaluated: "In today's world, people with principles are so rare! How good that you are one of such people! "
  6. Be sure to note in the presence of a man his strengths in communicating with friends or family. Your partner will appreciate

Compliment man sms

you long enough together in the past was a wonderful candy buketny period. Your SMS-correspondence has changed a lot


Return romance to life with SMS-compliments to a man!

man will be nice to get a few gentle words of the woman he loved:

  • «And yet, there are men who produce very strong desire to wait for them in the evening at home with a hot meal!»
  • «All the gold of the earth and all the wealthOf the world
    I gave b for the next to be with you.
    Only from your love can I be happy,
    And it will always remain with me »
  • Dreams! Joy! Love! Peace! A life! Fate! What unites all these words? Only one person - You! And my heart is much more sensitive than my own, as soon zaslyshit knock Thy immediately starts pounding louder, more often, as if to say: we are one
  • Thank you, my dear, because you make me every day anew with youfall in love and feel the happiest girl in the world
  • When I read your message, I want to quickly hear you. .. the words of the paper, from the screen of the monitor and phone warmed warmth of your voice. When I hear your voice, I dream to see you sooner. .. after all, the views are sincere words. When I look at your photo, I want to touch you. .. to feel the warmth of your hands. Let's meet soon!
  • I miss your hands that caress me. I miss your eyes that adore me. I miss your body, from which the heat comes. I miss your heart, which loves me. I miss you!
  • Before I met you I thought that real, strong, confident men no more, but you have fully persuaded in this and showed that a woman should be weak and defenseless. You taught me to trust you, your choice and decision and I'm very grateful to
  • . It seems to me that not all girls can say that they are as happy as I am. The reason for this happiness is the most beautiful, most intelligent and talented man, in whom I am just madly in love

Compliments beloved prose

  • Before, life was interesting, but some sulfur. After you entered it, I realized that I was deprived of real happiness, of what you gave me and continue to give me every day. Now I'm pretty sure that only you - the person with whom I want to spend my life, and not to leave never
  • I am pretty sure that with you any problems and troubles I will simply not terrible. Only around you my heart starts pounding more often, and sometimes it even seems that everything ceases to exist, unless such delectable slough your most beautiful eyes
  • The time spent with you to me is always small, because, no matter how many were together, it seems to me that only one minute has passed. Thank you very much for the fact that even in the midst of gray everyday life, rainy weather and winter cold, you give me the feeling of a blossoming and very warm spring that wakes up in my soul. Only your hands can embrace so tender and strong at the same time, only in your arms I want to be around the clock, thank you for that, beloved
  • There are people that do not want to leave, even for a moment. They are like a drug: the more you recognize them, the less likely they are to be forgotten. Such people want to comprehend, they want to dissolve. They captivate hearts, and delight the mind. Such people are few, but still they are. For me, such a person you are

Compliments to a beloved man in verse. Gentle compliments for men

  • My dear, dear man!
    I so long ago want to say,
    That in no huge book
    My love can not be described.
    You appeared so unexpectedly,
    And confused all the ways,
    My unknown secrets
    I do not need - I need YOU!
    You're the best, you know?
    Of those who love and love,
    You do not even know that,
    What did you discover in my soul!
  • You are the sun ray, made its way through the window,
    Fallen quietly onto my eyelashes.
    In my glass - a tart wine,
    My dream that I often dream about.
  • You are a joy smile on your lips,
    Sad, casual teardrop.
    You are furious devils in the eyes,
    From the thicket of the forest a narrow path.
  • You are a thin string of my soul,
    A throat of water that saves you from thirst,
    Lamp of a light in the night silence,
    A drug that will kill me once. ..
  • You are the first knock of rain in my window
    And a breeze, Caressing my shoulders.
    you - who I was ill for a long time. ..
    And you - the medicine that I will heal. ..
  • You have become so important to me. ..
    It's strange, but you need a lot. ..
    A spark your fire
    I covered part of the road...
    Heat of the short, strange phrases
    Warmed the soul with a revelation. ..
    And with the mad contrast in the past,
    Suddenly turned into a heal. ..
    You became so. .. needed. ..
    Though I was not looking for miracle. ..
    And the last pain bitter smoke
    Remained in crumpled patterns. ..
    I did not pray for you. ..
    Will you shut up? Will you hide? Do you condemn?
    But I live like in a wonderful dream,
    As long as you have. .. As long as you. ..
  • strong man - not pretentious macho externally. ..
    This shoulder support in all, if you want to. ..
    Sobriety mind maloslovie, good heart. ..
    With a strong man's soul it's very easy to get warm
  • A strong man about a woman will not say bad. ..
    In the back of others he will not push, he will not punish the opposite evil. ..
    Will stand the pain and will find the bad reason. ..
    All because is a strong man

Original setimenty man

  • If compliments that it is ready
    I'll resign as a poet,
    take and print stupidly,
    That country will have no forest.
  • Even 99 failures will not stop you: you are sure that you will succeed!
  • Near you the feeling that life has a taste of mint and chocolate!
  • You are a strange person - you never worry about weather forecasting. For you the main thing that in the shower is always sunny!
  • Usually angels call girls. But you are a man-angel, under the wing of which you want to hide from everyone!
  • You want to communicate with you, like an expensive cognac of years of aging!
  • You are unconscionably attractive!
  • Are you good without chocolate
  • Nobody is perfect, but you - unique!
  • This man is not the one who gets a new girl every night. And the one that every evening winds the same
  • You're perfect! Well, I'll have to teach you bad!
  • If the woman does not know. That such a hammer and screwdriver, never moved the furniture and did not repair the plumbing, so she knows a real man. .. Thank you for being among these women.

Smart compliments to a man

Example of a compliment for a man Example of a compliment for a male

EachFrom the following quotes can be an elegant compliment for your favorite intellectual.

  • We choose not to each other by accident. .. We meet only those who already exists in our subconscious( Freud)
  • real man distinguishes the ability to keep their promises
  • I love you not because of who you are, but forWho I am next to you
  • Some men, including you, like good wine: with age, only get better
  • There are men with whom we live. There are men for whom we live. And there are those men who are close to whom, we understand that we are starting to live really. ..
  • Good men make a woman happy, and bad men make a woman strong. How good that I'm a HAPPY woman!
  • I am convinced that woman to a brilliant look for life, you need a good, reliable husband that she could be proud and walk with heads held high( Galina Vishnevskaya)
  • Tenderness - the best proof of love than the most passionate oath( Marlene Dietrich)
  • no matter how strong was not a woman, she is waiting for a man stronger than himself. .. and not to he limited her freedom, in order to give her the right to be weak( Andzhelina Dzholi)
  • to be beautiful, It is enough for a woman to have a black sweater,black skirt and walk arm in arm with the man she loves( Yves Saint Laurent)
  • Honestly, I do not want someone who sees me as just good, I want someone who sees the bad in me, but allstill wants to be with me( Marilyn Monroe)
  • Words of love are always the same - it all depends from whose mouth they come( Gi de Mopassan)

Video: How to make an outstanding compliment to the man | psychologist Golikov?