Drawings for May 9 Victory Day for the competition for children. How to draw on May 9 a tank, an airplane, a star, a carnation, a dove?

There is a fairly common opinion that someone is allowed to draw, but someone has no creative origin. This statement is fundamentally wrong, every person is talented from birth. I suggest you get acquainted with how you can help your child to prove himself in the artistic sphere.


  • How to draw pictures by May 9 - Victory Day?
  • Patterns for drawing, copying with a pencil
  • Drawing a tank with a pencil
  • Drawing an airplane with a pencil
  • How to draw a carnation?
  • How to draw a star on May 9?Figure
  • Victory Salute
  • Figure Drawing colors
  • eternal fire
  • Figure dove of peace
  • Figure St. George ribbon
  • Video: How to draw St. George's tape?
  • How to draw a soldier?
  • What to draw children in the contest is easy?
  • Video: Children's drawings by May 9

What could be nicer than drawing with your child? Especially when there is an event that you can devote your work of art. Victory Day is a solemn holiday, which deserves attention. In addition to c

reating a picture, you can introduce the child to the story and tell him about the great feat of our ancestors.

How to draw pictures by May 9 - Victory Day?

There are several ways of drawing:

  • Through copying paper or a skylight( for example, putting the original pattern on the glass, squeezing a clean sheet on top of it and circling the lines).The easiest way to copy the image
  • By cells. You can transfer the original drawing to a sheet in a box, and then redraw, or draw both sheets into squares of the same size. If the image for srisovyvanie on your computer, you can not print it, and make the grid in Paint:
Draw on the grid by May 9 sketched on the grid by May 9
How to draw a tank As srisovat
  • tank in the form of geometric shapes:
    -Izmerte height and width of the original drawings made foritself limits the frame pattern
    -Try to start redrawing submit a picture in the form of simple shapes: square, oval, circle
    the representing value for both horizontally and vertically
    -Nachinayte adding detail, measuring the size of a pencil on their iskhoBottom drawing
    -Round the sharp corners, blend lines
    -Add the missing
Sketching by simple forms by May 9 Rendering with simple shapes by May 9
  • Arbitrary lines. In this case, you simply redraw the image, maintaining proportions to the eye, without measurements and auxiliary tools. The most difficult way of copying, often a copy is very different from the original image

Patterns for drawing, copying with a pencil

  • The holiday of May 9, like any other, has its own symbolism and distinctive features. For example, this is a picture of eternal fire:
Template for drawing eternal fire
  • stars:

    Template for drawing a pencil star

  • tankman:
Template for copying
  • or whole compositions:

Drawing a tank with a pencil

Boys adore tanks, so why not learn how to draw them? To learn how to draw a tank, you will need:

  • simple pencil of average hardness( to be able to draw lines of various thicknesses or shade)
  • line( straight lines are not at all well-received from the hand)
  • Paper
  • soft eraser

If you have prepared everything necessary, Proceed to drawing:

  1. Draw with simple figures
  2. Draw or draw a base for the tracks and body, mark the wheel arrangement in the track contour. They should be 5 of the same width and two small ones on each side
  3. Draw a tower and barrel. The tower is a beveled rectangle
  4. Draw five wheels of the same size and one smaller
  5. Round the lines of the tower and tracks
  6. Draw a gas tank and a hatch, draw small parts on the tower
  7. Draw the tank in details, add a contour of wheels, draw axes.
  8. Eraser remove excess lines, you can slightly shade
Drawing the tank with a pencil Drawing a tank with a pencil

Perhaps the above algorithm is a bit complicated for your child. For children of preschool age, you can slightly simplify the picture:

Of course, we must not forget about the youngest artists. For kids, the following tank model is suitable:

Drawing a pencil tank for children Drawing a tank with a pencil for children

Such a simple but cute tank also start painting from the base and caterpillars. In this case, it will be two flattened ovals on the top. Then go to the turret and the cannon. On request, you can add your details( fuel tank, hatch, tanker).

To combine business with pleasure, drawing on cells is possible. With this technique, you not only get a proportionally correct image as a result, but also develop the child's small motor skills and his imagination, because only the contour is drawn on the cells, and the inner contents are to be invented.

Drawing of the tank by May 9 Drawing of a tank by May 9

Drawing of an airplane by pencil

Of course, there are lots of types of aircraft, but let's first consider how to draw military and passenger aircraft.

When drawing a military aircraft, sharp angles and strict lines prevail, so keep the

  1. ruler handy. Use the ruler to draw the main lines of the case, to which you will later be guided. On the main horizontal line, draw a small rectangle on the right side. This will be the cockpit. Do not forget to make additional lines on the wings - flaps
  2. Circle the contours, give the aircraft a shape. Start trace with the bow, making it pointed to the wings move in the least, to see the proportion
  3. Separate the nose of the curved line and the corners of the rectangle( the cockpit) round off
  4. Take wings. Draw on the edges of the rocket, on the sides of the rectangles, mark the flaps. On request, you can add labels or markings
  5. Add details tail section
  6. Remove using the eraser extra lines, blend, where necessary, paint the
How to draw a military aircraft How to draw a military aircraft

The passenger plane is dominated by smooth semicircular line:

  • Begin drawing with the airframe, it isAn elongated oval. Using a ruler, draw a line wingspan and schedule tailpiece
  • writing lines wings to get triangles, draw the top
  • tail line using small circles picture a turbine aircraft tail section
  • Doris turbine to get cylinders shape the wings
  • Draw a line in the middleOval - so you will designate the windows
How to draw a passenger plane How to draw a passenger plane
  • Draw details and clean excess lines

For preschool and primary school childrenUse the following algorithm:

How to draw a plane How to draw a plane
How to draw a plane by cells How to draw a plane by cells

How to draw a carnation?

Another invariable attribute of Victory Day is, of course, carnations. Like any flower, start drawing from the stem - straight lines, then the base of the flower - an oval and petals - of an arbitrary shape.

A distinctive feature of the carnation is the jagged edges of the petals, so do not point the smooth edges of the petals at the beginning of the drawing, so that it is easier to erase excess lines.

How to draw a carnation How to draw a carnation
How to draw a carnation pencil How to draw a carnation pencil

How to draw a star on May 9?

How to draw a star with a ruler and a compass you can read in the article on our website.

I propose to consider other methods of drawing.

Without taking his hands

  • This is the quickest and easiest way of drawing the stars, but ideally even the first time it is unlikely to succeed
  • Draw inverted the V, starting from the bottom left corner( DAC)
  • Swipe right line so that it intersects the letter 1/ 3( CE)
How to draw a star without taking your hands off How to draw a star without taking your hands off

Next, draw a horizontal line, cutting off the third of the upper corner( EB).
Draw the last line to the star( BD).

How to draw a star How to draw a star
  • Start with an isosceles triangle
  • Draw an isosceles triangle( ABC) Extend the sides of the triangle 2 times
  • Extend the base so that the center( BC) is about 1/3 of the total length
    Draw the missing lines
How to draw a star without a compass How to draw a star without a compass

DrawingSalute Victory

Festive fireworks there are many kinds, here we will consider different ways of drawing.

  • Droplets
    Draw from the center curved strips with droplets at the end. The more such droplets, the more splendid the salute. For believability, add lines shorter in the center of the salute.
How to draw a salute How to draw a salute
  • Small segments
    You can also display a salute with small pieces or dashed lines of different lengths that are drawn from the center to the edge of the salute circle.
How to draw a salute How to draw a salute
  • Long lines
    The easiest way to draw fireworks. Draw as many curved lines as possible from the center.
Draw a salute Draw salute


flowers How to Draw cloves you know, let's look at how you can draw other colors:

  • Wildflower
    Begin drawing with the feet, then draw the semicircular head of the flower and petals on it. First, draw a few basic petals, and then add the rest between them, side by side, side
How to draw a dandelion How to draw How to draw
How to draw a field flower dandelion wildflower
  • Bell
    This flower heads begin to draw from. Designate with light lines the place of the flowers with circles, then draw the petals, start with the oval sharpened on both sides, and on the sides add sharp petals. Then Doris hemispherical base of the flower, stem and leaves
How to draw a bell How to draw a bell
  • Cornflower
    Draw a circle - this is the core of the flower petals around 7 draw, expanding outward. Make the edges of the petals serrated. Flower cornflower ready, it remains to finish the stem and leaves
How to draw a cornflower How to draw knapweed
  • Tulip Tulip
    start painting with the central, front lobe, which is oval
How to draw a tulip How to draw a tulip
  • Camomile
    daisy drawing start with loops. To do this, draw a line of the stem and above it 3 circles of different sizes - the center of the flower, the core and the diameter of the petals. Draw the petals in the space between the second and third circle.
    Doris stem and sharp
How to draw a chamomile chamomile leaves How to draw a daisy bouquet

  • Draw the outline of the leaves and buds, bud contours draw ovals or circles, place them in small groups.
  • Draw circles of buds smaller - these are the core of the flowers.
    Draw the shape of the flowers, label the petals with denticles or wavy lines.
  • . You can represent the bouquet ribbon by drawing two parallel semicircular lines in the base.
  • At the end, draw the leaves in the bouquet and draw the missing parts
How to draw a bouquet How to draw a bouquet

Drawing a perpetual fire

  • Draw a small oval and from it draw the rays of the future star
  • Between the lines of the rays indicate the grades
  • Connect the lines between each other
  • Additional duplicating lines can add volume to the star and burner
  • Draw a fire above the burner
How to draw an eternal flame How to draw an eternal flame

You can draw an eternal fire on a pattern and you will only have to add a fire and decorate the picture:

How to draw a perpetual fire on a pattern How to draw a perpetual fire on a pattern

Drawing a dove

I offer you 2 variants of the picture, but they differ only in small details. So:

  • Draw a circle and an oval - the head and body of the dove
  • Smoothly connect the figures and mark the tail. The tail is about the same length as the body of the
  • . Go to the wings. First, mark the contours with obtuse angles, then draw the large feathers
  • Add the beak( in the form of a diamond), the eye( a circle or pointed on the sides of the oval) and the extended legs
How to draw a dove How to draw a dove
How to draw a pigeon to children How to draw a dove to the children

Draw a St. George ribbon

  • Draw two parallellines criss-cross at the top
  • connect them poluovalami
  • Erase the extra lines in the middle of
  • Decorate

How to draw a St. George ribbon how to draw St. George's tape

Video: How to draw St. George's tape?

How to draw a soldier?

When drawing a soldier of any complexity, start with the head, then draw the neck and smoothly go to the body.

  • First draw a circle and, orienting yourself on it, draw the contours of the face
  • Draw oval eyes, nose, eyebrows. Not necessarily carefully drawn, a total proportion of the face is fairly small, so that the lips can simply designate a straight line
How to draw a soldier How to draw a soldier
  • Lightly lines raschertite sheet, per unit, take the height of the head without headgear
  • straight lengths designate the middle( the end of his uniform), schedule a handsAnd legs
  • On this "skeleton" draw the form
  • On the form you can draw epaulets, belt, orders, identification marks
How to draw a soldier with a pencil How to draw a soldier with pencil

For small artists not compositiont draw a marching soldier:

  • Draw a circle - head straight mark the trunk, arms and legs, hands and feet mark
  • triangle on the frame, add body and shape
  • Decorate
How to just draw a soldier How to draw a soldier

drew children to the competition easy?

The plot of the picture for the contest can be completely different and is limited only by your imagination. It can be a star with a ribbon, a soldier who is met by parents, a battlefield, a festive firework and much, much more.

We suggest you look at several children's drawings for the Victory Day, and, perhaps, they will push you to the idea of ​​creating your unique competitive work:

Video: Children's drawings by May 9