Increased stress resistance: ways and exercises. Formation and development of high stress resistance

What is stress resistance? How and why should it be used in life situations?

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  • Functions and mechanisms of stress resistance
  • Video: How does stress affect health?
  • Types of stress-resistance
  • Stress-resistance in professional activities
  • How to test stress resistance?
  • Test for determination of stress resistance
  • How to develop stress resistance?
  • Psychological exercises for the development of stress resistance
  • Video: The most important foundation and the secret of stress resistance from Alexander Petrishev

The tendencies of intense and stressful living standards, in modern human conditions, lead to an increase in negative emotions.
Which accumulate, form pronounced and long-term stress conditions.

Every person has different views on the problem. Depending on this relationship is formed such a concept as stress resistance.

Functions and mechanisms of stress-resistance

Stress-resistance makes it possible to avoid stress by revi
ewing the attitude to the situation. Should I run and get nervous if I'm already late anyway?
Any person, regardless of status and rank, experiences negative emotions. The difference is only in the sizes and causes of those that cause them. Unfortunately get rid of anger, resentment, resentment, disappointment, to avoid stressful situations is not in our power.

But to change the attitude to the emerging negative reactions is possible. This is called stress resistance.

The first positive function of stress resistance is to protect the body from negative effects on human health.

  • Many people know the state when after even a little overexcitation there are: headaches, malaise, lethargy, fatigue, pressure rises, heartbeat and other unpleasant sensations associated with deteriorating health become more frequent.
  • From a medical point of view, the level of cortisol increases dramatically during stress. It is due to the increase of this hormone that there are changes in the state of a person, far from the best. With the deep-seated consequences of

A person with high stress resistance has good health and is least susceptible to viral diseases.

The second function, it can be called - an easy and independent existence in all life spheres.

  • A stress-resistant person can perform the task in any conditions. It is not distracted: noise, extraneous matters, eternal, unreasonable discontent of the authorities, envy of colleagues, family problems.
  • . Such an individual always stands out from the masses - calm, confident, self-sufficient. This is a person - the leader of the
  • . In any extreme situation( fire, flood, flood, etc.), he finds the way out
  • . Rudeness, aggression, ridicule, gossip, intrigue, he misses by himself, just not noticing

Video:Affect health?

Types of stress resistance

Having no stress resistance, the chief reduces not only his efficiency, but also the entire
team. Scientific theories about the transformation of the incoming intelligence by the human intellect, in the event of stressful situations, subdivide people into four groups:

  1. Stress-resistant. "Hard-core" people, completely unwilling to adapt to external conditions. Not being able to change their principles and guidelines, any negative changes, both in personal and in the external environment, for them-
    stress When an emergency occurs, do not control their emotions, much agitated, aggressive. Adopt a quick and clear decision on the way out of the crisis situation is not in a position to
  2. Stress-training. People calmly reacting to gradual changes. When there are sharp, global changes fall into depression, are subject to negative emotions
    As experience accumulates in sudden changes in external circumstances, they are more calm to stresses. In this case, they can already make quick and adequate decisions.
  3. . Stress-brake. Invariably principled people in their life positions, and quite calmly reacting to external changes. Ready for a sharp change, to slow relate to stress.
    With a sharp change in the situation ready to become a leader in solving problems. With slow, sluggish stressful conditions, depression is depressed.
  4. . Stress-resistant. People are calmly reacting to any external changes. Psychologically, they are not subject to any destruction. Ironically refer to everything pre-planned and stable, understanding the relativity of all life processes. Organizers of new transformations, while, in the event of the threat of their personal space, go to the side. Excellent work in any force majeure. In areas with established traditions feel a little huzhe. Stressom for them are only the most insurmountable adversities his personal life and family

Stress resistance in professional activities

Stress resistance will not give up the opportunity to bring uncontrolled state
  • emotions Each competent leader is interested in the presence of stress-resistant subordinate himself
  • Not a stressful boss, with a team of the same subordinates who are always ready to silently listen to the flurry of his baseless chargeseny, after a personal, regular stress hardly dobetsya good results of the enterprise
  • fact listen and remain silent, not to be stress-resistant individual.
  • As we discussed above, it is important how to treat
  • . Can this team work more efficiently? Or after the next catching up, but also plus family problems, and even someone a cup of coffee shed on the table, the bus stepped on the foot. What will happen to this team? Anything good
  • Day will pass in experiences, discussions - what chief the boor
  • How the strong person will arrive? As if nothing had happened. Then he will forget about everything. Sit down and will work

Therefore it is important:

  • Not only when hiring, check the candidate for compliance. And not for the fact that he would listen in silence to the heat of passion. A competently and purposefully establish the real stress resistance of the future specialist
  • In addition, it is necessary to improve this quality among employees. To do this, first of all it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the psychological concept of "stress tolerance", attracting qualified specialists in this field
  • This will remove the stress tension in the team, which would significantly increase the quality and productivity, reduce turnover

How to test stress levels?

Check for resistance to stress in the interview is best done a competent psychologist
  • Any psycho-emotional state of a person can correctly identify only a professional
  • All interviews conducted to determine the stress, without competent approach may disappoint and the employer, and
  • candidate Newfangled stressful interviews, most often lead toThis result. Strung competitor, does not want to work, the employer's gross
  • And the employer who has brought the candidate to a stressful condition and can not identify it suited him or not
  • why not experiment better. Or to refuse such method, or to address to the expert for the help

And for personal use you can take a test.

Test for determination of stress resistance

Summarize the received balls.

We determine depending on the results obtained on the scale of stress resistance:

  1. Less than 150 - large. Ideal stress resistance for work by a manager of any level. Especially in conditions of constant stressful situations. The stress load on the body is scanty, which makes it possible to work effectively in any, most crisis situations. Do not harm the health of the
  2. from 150 to 199 - high. With a high degree of stress-resistance, there is no unnecessary waste of energy to equalize the psychological state, during stress. Efficiency increases, with the goal of prompt resolution of the problem. We recommend management work, with the possibility of stress situations
  3. from 200 to 299 - threshold. The average stress resistance says that most of the energy in the event of stress, goes to stabilize the psychological state. The bigger the problem, the less power remains to solve the problem. You can work as a manager, with a small number of stressful situations
  4. from 300 and above - low. A very small degree of resistance to stress. Easy vulnerability. Virtually all the energy of the body is spent on leveling the psychological state. You should reconsider your attitude to life
  5. If too many points are needed, urgent measures should be taken to eliminate stress. This is already threatening the nervous exhaustion of

. How to develop stress resistance?

Stress resistance helps to quickly and effectively solve any problems
Increase resistance to stress, you can use several methods:

Evaluation occurring

  • To do this, ask a few questions: "it is so important to me?", "How to change this my life?", "I canI have something to change? "

In a situation where the flight was delayed, you can not change anything. Is it worth it to be nervous because of this? Destroying your nerve cells

  • And if you do not like the service in the store, the quality of the goods. You are always nervous because of this. Really get rid of the problem of changing the store to a more suitable

Thus in the analysis of situations, it appears that they can be divided into two types:

  1. that can be changed
  2. not be

change in order to eliminate stress:

  • In the first case, we understand and accept
  • situation in the secondAct and change the situation

Give the output to the emotions of

All negative emotions need a way out.

  • has long been known and beloved by the Japanese method: boksirovanie pear
  • You can go to the park, to find the place deserted and just shout out loud, all that has accumulated. Until not subside emotional stress
  • possible to get a notebook and write everything that I wanted to tell the offender
  • You can go for a swim in the pool or go jogging
  • are many ways, it is for each individual. You need to dig into myself and find what suits you best to do the exercises
  • good way to relieve stress game "Brain Ring", "What? Where? When?".Which create an unconventional situation where you need to make the right decision quickly and clearly
  • Playing checkers, chess, football, tennis, football hockey
  • All that is related to making the right and instant decision in a non-standard for everyday life environment, helps to remove nervous tension
  • Health

An unhealthy person is most prone to irritability
Healthy, on the contrary, is less prone to stressful situations. Therefore


  • at hand should always be stored medications to relieve headache, toothache and other sudden pain
  • food must be complete and correct
  • doing any physical exercise( walking, running, yoga)

Psychological exercises for the development of stress resistance

Psychological exercises for the development of stress resistance

It is very important to properly combat attacks of aggression.

For this we use some psychological tricks:

At the moment when an angry person splashes out on you all his negative, it's hard to hold back.

  • Therefore, we leave our aggressor alone in the office and go out under any polite pretext. This respite makes it possible to rest and calm down you and your aggressor
  • Left alone, we try to get rid of the negative
  • We do a smooth breath through the nose and a sharp exhalation through the mouth. We repeat at least three times

A little calming down:

  • Trying to laugh yourself. We represent the offender hero of the most ridiculous anecdote, sitting on a children's pot, in idiotic clothes not in size. Anything that would transform aggression into laughter
  • We use the method of meditation. We turn off all unnecessary thoughts. We represent this person with a small, useless bug. Which you can blow at any moment and it will disappear. We do it mentally. And we feel how easy it becomes.
  • The best psychological exercises for increasing stress resistance, you can apply when attending yoga classes.
  • They contribute to the complete harmonization of the entire emotional state. Fill with energy and strength
  • A person who has harmony and peace inside, does not react at all to the manifestations of any negative reactions.
  • Elementary breathing and meditative exercises can be found on the Internet. But it is not necessary to perform complex

independently Video: The most important foundation and the secret of stress resistance from Alexander Petrishchev