8 main sights of Moscow. List of sights of Moscow with the name, description and photo

Moscow - some information about some of the most interesting sights.


  • Moscow Sights: Red Square, the Kremlin
  • Bolshoi Theater
  • Moscow Sights: China Town
  • Museums of Moscow
  • Tretyakov Gallery: photo and description
  • Temples and Monasteries of Moscow
  • Houses and Manors, Buildings
  • Planetarium
  • Poklonnaya Hill
  • Gorky Park
  • VDNH
  • Vorobyovy Gory
  • Ostankino Tower
  • Moscow Metro
  • Natural sights of Moscow: photo
  • Ancient sights of Moscow: photo with description
  • Video: Tsar Cannon
  • Video: Tsar Bell
  • Architectural sights of Moscow: photo with description of
  • Video: Novodevichy Convent
  • Video: Christ the Savior Cathedral
  • Moscow Sights: Moscow Zoo, photo and description
  • Video: Moscow Zoo
  • Sights of Moscow - Tverskaya, Arbat: photo and description
  • Video: Old Arbat.
  • Video: Sightseeing tour of Moscow

You can talk endlessly about the beauty and historical values ​​of the hero city. Every time learning something

new, I want to know even more.

Sights of Moscow: Red Square, the Kremlin

Moscow sights: Red Square, the Kremlin
  • The undoubted leaders of all the sights of the Russian capital are Kremlin and Red Square .
  • This is not just the greatest monument of architectural buildings - it is a symbol of greatness and inviolability of the great Russian state.
  • Functionally, all buildings can be divided into church, serf and civil.
  • The grandiose fortress consists of twenty towers and walls. The three towers are of circular shape: Beklemishevskaya , Waterbearing and Corner Arsenal , the remaining ones are square.
  • The Spasskaya Tower is the main part of the historical heritage. For tourists, the entrance to it is closed. The clock-chimes established on it indicate the exact time at which the entire country lives.
  • The main church cathedrals: Uspensky , Archangel's and Blagoveshchensky , of Ivan the Great .
  • The famous temple of St. Basil the Blessed ( Pokrovsky) represents the unity of the nine churches. Central - of the Protection of the Virgin .Further - of the Three Patriarchs, of the Holy Trinity, of Velikoretsky Nikola, Ustin and Cyprian ;The entrance of the Lord's to Jerusalem, of Gregory the Armenian, of Alexander Svirsky, of Varlaam Khutynsky.
  • No less valuable are the museums: Armory Chamber , museum exhibits - Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon.
  • A little further away is The place of execution, designed in historical times for public executions. Behind him is the Red Square , covered with bright paving stones.
  • On the outskirts is the Russian Museum .On the left side of the Red Square, the stretches the Kremlin wall, , the completion of which is the travel card of the Nikolskaya Tower .Once a popular place - Lenin Mausoleum and part of the Kremlin wall with honorable burial places, now
    is framed by blue fir trees, and is not in high demand among tourists.
  • Opposite the Red Square is GUM , the oldest Moscow department store.

Bolshoi Theater

The sights of Moscow - the big theater Moscow's Landmark - Bolshoi Theater

The big theater is undoubtedly a symbolic symbol of the rich spiritual culture of all Russia. This sight is located in the heart of the city, on the Theater Square.

An interesting and very dramatic story of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater.

  • The date of its origin is December 30, 1780.The initiator of the construction was Prince Peter Urusov. In 1805, as a result of the fire, there was no trace left of the building.
  • 11 years later, Dmitry Golitsyn decided to restore the theater. Thanks to the efforts of the architects Mikhailov and Beauvais, on 6 January 1825 a new revival of the Bolshoi Theater occurred.
  • In 1853, another fire occurred, which caused great damage to the building.
    On the eve of the coronation of Alexander II, the reconstruction was completed as soon as possible. With the investment of huge funds from the treasury of the state. Which were justified by the grandeur of the reconstruction done. Three years after the start, it was opened and received the name of the Imperial.
  • After the October Revolution, the new authorities threatened to close the theater. But by a miracle, it was possible to preserve it, thanks to a formal recognition of the evidence of culture in 1922.
  • During the war, the building was destroyed by a bomb. In 1943 the building was restored.

Architecture and decoration

  • The Bolshoi Theater building is made in classical Russian architectural style
  • Large pillars 15 meters high frame the central entrance, directed to the Theater Square.
  • Huge auditorium located in five tiers, holds about 1800 visitors. An interesting highlight of the theater is the underground vestibule.
  • The chic and luxurious interior of this repository of art admires its splendor.
  • The largest and longest restoration work carried out from 2005 to 2011 was restored and updated the original appearance of the premises.
  • The basis of the interior is chosen red and gold colors. The theater was decorated with gold, which was used for about four thousand grams.
  • The floors of the building are covered with mosaic and tiles, and the top is painted with stucco and painting.

A huge, six-meter chandelier, decorates the auditorium. Its weight is about two tons. On the whole height and diameter there are thousands of sparkling crystal flowers.

Sights of Moscow: China Town

Sights of Moscow: China Town
In 1535, on May 16, the base of a stone wall with four towers was made. Later it is called China-city .This historical part of Moscow, developed later than the Kremlin.

The gate of the China-city

The towers were arranged in the form of 4 gates:

  1. Nikolsky( Sretensky)
  2. Ilyinsky( Trinity)
  3. Barbarian( All-Union)
  4. Resurrection. Of particular importance is the miraculous icon of the Iberian Mother of God.

Cranes of the China-Cities

Special chapels designed for the people's kissing of the people in certain solemn occasions. Here, tsarist and patriarchal decrees were announced. There were three of them in China-city: Nikolsky, Ilyinsky, Barbarian.

Cathedrals in China-city

  • of St. Basil the Blessed. The historical beginning takes from 1352 the
  • Kazan. The beginning of construction is 1630 year.

Churches in China Town

  • Prophet Elijah, previously functioned Ilyinsky, a monastery of masculine purpose. The first mention of the beginning of construction in 1519.
  • SVNikola miracle worker - at the big Cross.
    Milestones begins with construction in 1680
  • St. Nicholas the Wonderworker-Red Chime.
    In 1626 it was built on the site of the burnt stone church
  • of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The popular name is George
    on the Pskov mountain. It was built in the 16th century.
  • Barbarians of the Great Martyr. The Perfect Architecture in China Town.
    It was erected in 1514.
  • of Maxim the Blessed. On a piece of land, where a wooden burned down in 1676, in 1698 the construction of a stone church was started.
  • The Conception of St. Anna .For the first time the chronicle mention of it was commemorated in 1493 by
  • of St. Clement, Pope of Rome. Founded in 1626.It was completely reconstructed in 1741.
  • of St. Kosmy and Damian's Unmistakeable. In 1737, the roof and individual images were charred. It was reconstructed in 1803.
  • of the Holy Trinity in Nikitniki( Georgian Mother of God). The people are called the Georgian Mother of God. The wooden building was renewed in 1628.
  • of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Andrew the First-Called. Destroyed in 1783.
    On the previous basis in 1829 the
  • of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker of the Wet was revived. This name is used in colloquial speech. The correct name of the Protection of the Holy Virgin. The roots go back to 1697.
  • of the Ascension of the Lord .It was erected in 1757.
  • of John the Theologian, under the Elm. There is no exact information on the basis, but in the Nikon scripture of 1493 there was already a mention.
  • of the Vladimir Mother of God .Since 1395 there was a chapel. The erection of the wall did not prevent its existence.
  • House of the Office. Earlier there was the Old Zemsky Dvor, a bit later - the Coin. In 1781, Catherine II Presence places were exported to this place.

Mystic yard

  • The rooms of the Mystic Court belong to the first half of the 16th century. Decorated with a rectangle, among which is the square.

There are many buildings of this historical architectural monument, which can not be told in one article.

Museums of Moscow

Count the number of museums located in Moscow is not possible. But there are museums that deserve special attention. Apart from the Tretyakov Gallery and the Planetarium, which we will discuss below, I would like to focus on three very popular museums.

Attractions of Moscow - diamond fund Sightseeing in Moscow - Diamond Fund

Diamond Fund

Exclusive gems, unique jewelry, pure, unworked ingots of gold and platinum, imperial crowns, scepter, "Tsar's apple" - this is a small part of the expositions presented to visitors in 2 huge rooms of thisHistorical heritage.

Armory Chamber

  • In 1806, based on the unique collection collections of the "Armory", this treasury of Russia's cultural heritage was created.
  • 9 halls of the building of the middle of the XIX century fill 4 thousand items.

Museum of Optical Illusions at VDNH

The history of the modern world is no less tempting, both small and grown-up.

The Tretyakov Gallery: photo and description

In Moscow, the Tretyakov Gallery is a place where guests of the city wish to visit. The first gallery began in 1889 with a miserable collection of paintings by P. Tretyakov, who presented his rare copies of canvases performed by Monet, Repin, Bryullov, Pissarro, Degas and many others.

The landmark of Moscow is the Tretyakov Gallery Sightseeing in Moscow - Tretyakov Gallery
Sightseeing in Moscow. Old Russian art in the Tretyakov Gallery
The landmark of Moscow is the Tretyakov Gallery Attraction Moscow - Tretyakov Gallery
The landmark of Moscow is the Tretyakov Gallery Attraction Moscow - Tretyakov Gallery
The landmark of Moscow is the Tretyakov Gallery Attraction Moscow - Tretyakov Gallery
The landmark of Moscow is the Tretyakov Gallery Attraction Moscow - Tretyakov Gallery

temples and monasteries of Moscow

In total there are 14 in Moscow by functioning monasteries and 900 churches.

Monasteries which are worth giving priority to:

  • Novodevichy. Settled in the most beautiful corner on the banks of the Moskva River. The origins of the foundation date back to the 16th century.
  • Saint Danilovsky. The oldest in the city , the history of origin begins in the 13th century. This is the residence of the Patriarch.
  • of the Don. A symbol of the shrine of the monastery is the Don icon of the Mother of God.
Monument of Moscow - Don monastery Moscow Attractions - Donskoy Monastery

If you choose from among the numerous temples, the most important and popular are two:

  • Christ the Savior - the leading council of the Russian Orthodox Church, where the most important church services.
  • St. Basil's Cathedral( St. Basil's Cathedral) is located on Red Square.

Houses and homesteads, buildings

The landmark of Moscow is the Tsaritsyno Estate Moscow's landmark - Tsaritsino Estate

The Holy See of is full of various noblemen's estates and royal suites.

  • priority should pay attention to the estate Kuskovo , Arkhangelsk , Ostankino , Tsaritsyno.
  • Impressive : high-rise Stalinist buildings of the Mead, houses on the Kotelnichevennaya embankment, hotel "Ukraine", the main building of the Moscow State University.


Places of interest in Moscow - Planetarium Sight of Moscow - Planetarium
  • The first stone of the Moscow Planetarium was laid in 1928.This place is visited with joy by adults and children.
  • The mystery of the Universe immerses into the atmosphere of immeasurable outer space. Allows for a while to forget about everyday worries and problems, and to realize their place on this planet.

Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow Attraction

The sights of Moscow - the worship mountain -

Poklonnaya Hill Poklonnaya Hill - a huge memorial park, which with great honor in the form of memorials and sculptures, famed for the honor and glory of the fallen soldiers of World War II era.

Gorky Park

The sights of Moscow are a bitter park Sight of Moscow - Gorky Park

Gorky Park is a very bright and glorious landmark of the white-stone capital. The number of various attractions won the hearts of more than one generation of kids. After all, his story arose in the early 19th century, far back in 1923.


The sights of Moscow - Moscow Attractions - ENEA

August 1, 1939 opened with «-Union Agricultural Exhibition »( Agricultural Exhibition).Later the salon was reconstructed repeatedly. Undergone change and name.

Amazing structures are formed on the territory of advanced ENEA:

  • at the entrance - a vast arch
  • symbol "Friendship of Peoples" - Fountain
  • «The Stone Flower" - a sculpture
  • «Golden Ear" - a sculpture
  • Titanium rocket - industrial progress symbol
  • and many more informative andInteresting

Vorobyovy Gory

The sights of Moscow are sparrow hills Moscow's landmark - Vorobyovy Gory
  • Highly on the banks of the Moskva River, there is a unique artifact of nature - the Vorobyovy Gory. This is an ecologically clean forest area protected by the state.
  • The grandeur of the hero city opens with a bird's eye view, which you can enjoy sitting on the observation deck, built on this natural unique.

Ostankino Tower

Sights of Moscow - Ostankino Tower Moscow's landmark - Ostankino Tower
  • 45 storey tower, which has the most powerful television and broadcasting equipment.
  • Does not have any analogues in the world, in terms of equipment. It rests in the sky above 0.54 km.
  • Many additional balconies and areas are rationally used throughout the building.
  • The tower is accessible for excursions to all viewing platforms.

Moscow Metro

Moscow sights - the metro Sight of Moscow - the metro
  • "Underground Kingdom" is decorated with various architectural monuments of 1930-1950s. The best in design mini-stations - "Mayakovskaya", "Kiev - ring", "Revolution Square", "Kropotkinskaya", "Komsomolskaya-Ring", "Novoslobodskaya", "Arbat".
  • The creation of this magnificent masterpiece of art was attended by high creators in the field of architecture and drawing.
  • The metropolitan consists of 12 lines with a length of 298.8 km and 182 stops.
  • Modern metro stations are made in simple and simple modern style.

Natural sights of Moscow: photo

The sights of Moscow - Izmailovsky Park Moscow sightseeing - Izmaylovsky park
Kolomna Park is a landmark of Moscow Kolomensky park - sight of Moscow
Attractions of Moscow - Botanical Garden Patriarchal ponds - Moscow sights
The sights of Moscow are clean ponds Moscow sightseeing - Botanical garden
The sights of Moscow are clean ponds Moscow sightseeing - Chistiye prudy
The sights of Moscow - the Alexander Garden Moscow sights - Alexandrovsky garden
The sights of Moscow are a boring garden Sight of Moscow - Neskuchny garden
The sights of Moscow - Tsaritsyno SightseeingMoscow - Tsaritsino
The sights of Moscow are Arkhangelsk Sight of Moscow - ArchaGelskoye
The sights of Moscow are a bitter park Sightseeing in Moscow - Gorky Park

Ancient sights of Moscow: photo with description

The landmark of Moscow is the Tsar Cannon Sight of Moscow - Tsar Cannon

Video: Tsar Cannon

The landmark of Moscow is the Tsar Bell Sight of Moscow - Tsar Bell

Video: Tsar Bell

Architectural sights of Moscow: photo with description

Sightseeing of Moscow - Novodevichy Convent Sight of Moscow - NovodevichyMonastery

Video: Novodevichy Convent

The sights of Moscow - the temple of Christ the Savior Sight of Moscow - Christ the Savior Cathedral

Video: The Cathedral of Christ the Saviorator

Moscow Attractions Moscow Zoo, photo and description

oldest zoo .It was founded in the 18th century. Currently, there are more than 1000 animals in their enclosures.

Attractions of Moscow - Moscow Zoo Moscow sightseeing - Moscow zoo
Attractions of Moscow - Moscow Zoo Moscow sightseeing - Moscow zoo
Attractions of Moscow - Moscow Zoo Moscow sightseeing - Moscow zoo
Attractions of Moscow - Moscow Zoo Moscow sightseeing - Moscow zoo
Attractions of Moscow - Moscow Zoo Moscow sightseeing - Moscow zoo

Video: Moscow zoo

Moscow sights - Tverskaya, Arbat: photo and description

Arbat -The oldest street, constantly changing its appearance.

Songs and music are constantly heard on it. Street performers overflow this busy corner of the capital.

Attractions of Moscow - Arbat Sightseeing in Moscow - Arbat
Attractions of Moscow - Arbat Sight of Moscow - Arbat
Attractions of Moscow - Arbat Sight of Moscow - Arbat
The sights of Moscow are an old arbat Sight of Moscow - Old Arbat
The sights of Moscow are the restaurant of Prague. Abode of a lion thick for public readings Sight of Moscow - restaurant Prague. Abode of Leo Tolstoy for public readings

In honor of living together for some time a couple in love in a house on this street, a sculpture is installed.

Arbat Sight of Moscow - sculpture "Pushkin and Natalie"

Video: Old Arbat.

  • For the first time about Tverskaya street is mentioned in the XII century. In the fourteenth century, it was the base of the road to Dmitrov and Tver.
  • Dynamic building filling began in the 17th century.
Sights of Moscow - Tverskaya Street Sights of Moscow - Tverskaya street
  • A beautiful house in the style of art nouveau was built from 1905 to 1907.The facade is lined with multicolored tiles, turrets are decorated with sharp spiers, the window frames are framed with a pattern.
  • An interesting fact is the movement of the house, without relocating the tenants, inside by 5000 cm. All this was done in one night.

Street Tverskaya, house 6, building 6. Savinsky metochion. Sights of moscow Tverskaya Street, Building 6, building 6. Savinsky Compound. Sights of Moscow

In 1901, by reconstructing the old apartment house, the construction of the hotel began.
Достопримечательности москвы. гостиница "националь" ул.тверская Attractions of Moscow. Hotel "National" Tverskaya street

Sightseeing in moscow. Yeliseyevsky store, the origins are from the 18th century Sights of Moscow. Yeliseyevsky store, origins from the 18th century.

Sightseeing in moscow. The hotel was a sheepdog. Early 18th century. Sights of Moscow. Hotel Shevaldysheva. The beginning of the 18th century

You can talk endlessly about your beloved city. But it is better to at least occasionally not forget and visit, walking along the streets, enjoy the power and power of this most beautiful historic place of our Motherland.

Video: City tour of Moscow