Thanksgiving letter to the kindergarten teacher, teacher, supervisor. Letter of thanks

To express gratitude and to make pleasant to an important person for you it is possible with the help of a letter of thanks. It is very simple to compose it: how to strike with eloquence in this letter and tell this article.


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From time to time in our life there are some significant events - the first orThe last call from the child, the birthday of our dear people, the jubilee of the boss, a friend. On all these holidays we want to shine with eloquence.

But what if the words do not match the sentences? Our article will help you in this - in it we will tell about the kind of gratitude and give you universal examples that you can take note.

Thank you text: sample, template

Thank you letter is a kind of business

letter that contains words of gratitude to a certain person for any reason. Any thank you note consists of the following subsections:

  • Address to
To understand that thanks to her, she is so called, that in her there should be pleasant words of gratitude, indicate only the positive qualities of .What should not be included in the text of thanks:

  • Negative personal qualities to the recipient of gratitude;
  • Personal moments or long memories from life;
  • amount of aid( if it is grateful for financial support)

But even knowing exactly what needs to be present in gratitude, and what we are not talking still pick right words , arrayed in a logical structure, it is not always easy. In such a situation, will provide a sample of gratitude.

Sample thanks

Thanks to parents by the school administration( sample)

« THANKS parent committee school № 54

Dear parents, school administration number 54 expresses its gratitude for an excellent educationYour children. In each child we see the rays of your parental warmth and care. Thank you , that you helped schoolchildren with lessons, painted wonderful pictures on our holidays and taught complex poems with them.

We will never forget your for the improvement of the school - you have been keeping our school all the time - painting walls and desks, washing windows and planting flowers in the school garden. We thank you for the creative approach of and an active life position that we are sure you will pass on to your children.

Your children are the pride of our school. We hope that thanks to our and your efforts in the future they will become the pride and elite of our country. Thanks to the joint work of educational institutions and parents, young people will be full of energy, aspiration for knowledge and creativity.

We will happy to see you in our school, because for your children it has long become the second home! The doors of our establishment and the heart of the whole administration are open to you!

Director of the school

Class teacher »

Gratitude to the parent committee is usually expressed during various public events

Thank you letter to the teacher, the director of the school

In this type of business letter, parents or children of express gratitude to the teacher of for the upbringing and education of their children. The document structure is standard and consists of the same sections.


Dear and expensive ____________, how fast time flies and it seems, most recently we were small and timid first-timers , who held a heavy bag in one hand, and in another - a beautiful bouquetAstr. And now we have grown up standing on the steps of the schoolyard and remember those happy days that we spent in these walls of our own school. Each cabinet, each desk and board became for us a piece of memories from childhood.

We are very grateful to you for the patience and kindness, affection and support for , which we received every day. Now we understand how, probably, it was difficult for you with noisy squabbles. But you always found sincere and kind words to everyone could gently take by the hand or pat on the head, calm down and suggest how best to proceed.

For all these years you became our second mother , because five days a week our hysterics and shouts suffered, wiped our tears and taught us to write, make friends and believe in yourself. You put the girls on your lap and calmed down when the boys pulled their pigtails. Thank you, our dear teacher, that you have been our protection and support of all these years.

We thank God that you have become our guide to the adult life of .Thanks to you, we have retained kindness in the heart, a bright mind and pure thoughts. Thank you for what you are. We love you with all our heart and soul!


Students 11 Class A »

express gratitude to the class teacher can be both written and oral

Thank You Letter headteacher

These words can be used as parents with children, And teachers on the last call or graduation. In this case, it is better that the time you pay for the words of gratitude was no more than five minutes , because the event will focus more on graduates and all students.

" Dear, Alexander Dmitrievich!

Parents and school number 137 graduates express our gratitude

Thanks to your efforts in this school assembled a remarkable team, which no evil place and deceit .You have assembled a team of teachers who support children and parents throughout the of all school years of the , worry about their academic performance, creative, sports success no less, and perhaps even more than their parents.

Only thanks to the director and , his sensitive management meets us with a beautiful garden, new classes, friendly teachers and a decent level of education. It was you who managed to organize the atmosphere of coziness in the school family , for which we express our huge gratitude.

Forgive our children if there were moments of disobedience and unsatisfactory behavior. All pupils will forever remember your strict, but nevertheless careful morals and parental pat on the shoulder of .After all, you, as a wise mentor, always found the right words and the right approach to adults and children.

From the whole parent committee of , we express our deep gratitude to to our director for the fact that thanks to the education received within the walls of this school our children will choose a worthy life and become worthy people!


Thanks to the school principal can be written on behalf of the students and their parents

Thankyou kindergarten teacher

People who work with our children on a daily basis, educate them and teach life skills also deserve gratitude. In gratitude to kindergarten teachers, you can also thank:

  • Kindergarten directors
  • Babysitter
  • Cooks or mention everyone as a team

The following sample can be the basis of congratulations, supplemented by your words from the heart.

The work of the kindergarten educator, which is pleasant and incredibly complex, deserves thanks


Dear Anna Alexandrovna! We want to thank you for what you are. After all, your everyday work, your love, warmth and care for , which you give to children, does not go unnoticed.

With your diligence, kindness and wisdom through education, invest in the hearts of our children the basics of the behavior and morals of .After all, thanks to you, they already know from kindergarten what is good and what is bad, how to do it and why.

Under your careful guidance, they are excitedly preparing for the holidays, dance and music lessons, fun walks and games. Childhood memories never will not leave the hearts of the children , even when they grow up.

Special thanks to you for how exciting and touching were the concerts with the participation of our children. You very diligently approached the issue of preparing kids for the holiday , and every word of the pupils was permeated with love. None of these speeches could not do without tears of joy and tenderness for their children. And this is only your merit.

Throughout the beautiful days in the garden, you patiently answered them for hundreds of questions, taught the children to fantasize, communicate in the team and rejoice in every ray of the sun. Each of the parents repeatedly observed how mentally you told the children on a walk about flowers and birds, how you should protect nature and love animals.

We very appreciate the work of every caretaker .And we want to thank for the love of children, the kindness and true vocation of the to carry wisdom and knowledge. The years our children spent in this garden will surely be an excellent start for school and further success.

Parent's committee »

Thanks to the kindergarten teacher can be written both on behalf of the entire parent team and from individual parents

Thank you letter to the head of the organization

In case of a birthday or other significant day, yourLeader, the collective of the organization can compose a congratulatory or simply letter of thanks. You can decorate the letter with the company's coat of arms or do it on a letterhead.


Allow all labor collective of the company "Orion" to express their admiration for with your talent as a leader of and remarkable strategic thinking. Thanks to your ability to correctly prioritize and achieve the goals, our organization has achieved significant success in development.

You very carefully check new employees at the interview and it gives its positive results - our company assembles competent and qualified employees of , who know how to find an extraordinary solution to get out of various difficult situations. But, nevertheless, despite the active work process, the atmosphere in the team always remains benevolent and warm.

I would like to mention your organizational abilities - joint meetings and rest with employees brings their positive results - the team of employees is well-coordinated so that everyone can count on the support of colleague.

Thanks to your care of subordinates and the desire to improve our qualifications, we always keep up with the times, because the specialized courses that we visit give us an opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in our work - we are modern and imaginative.

entire staff of our organization appreciates all of your efforts and the efforts for a common cause, because each of us - it's a big cog mechanism .We hope that in the future the situation in these walls will be as favorable for work, the working conditions will enable us to improve the results and build our organization to new heights, led by you.

Employees of the company "Orion" »

Thanks to the head

Thank you for your help: text

  • In situations where we need help, people who are able to respond to someone else's needs and from a cleanhelp heart
  • to thank the benefactor you can write him a personal letter, or write anything on your mind in a letter of thanks
  • use the structure of the business letter, if you apply to the organization or dignitaries , or use a more random shape, if you are a benefactor in a relationship
  • In the accompanying text, be sure to specify who the letter and that you thank that person
express gratitude for the help in the official form, you can sponsor or deputy, who helped to solve the problem

« Thank You letter CEO" Alfatek »

Dear Sergey Ivanovich house malyuemKey number 30 in Moscow expresses deep gratitude for financial aid and assistance in the development of our institution .Adults have a lot of problems and often forget about children. So it happens with our house babies - the funds allocated by the state, not always enough for everything you need for children. Therefore, we are sincerely grateful to such noble and kind-hearted patrons of the , like you.

Children are our future, our protection and support. All pupils of our house babies are wonderful healthy babies whom lacks the most important thing - the parental care of and caring. We do our best to give them this warmth, but our forces also have boundaries.

With your help, we have bought the good books and computers for the children of , in order to give them a good education and help them to develop comprehensively. Learning is light, with this slogan we try to bring our children the most necessary information for their age so that in future they could be worthy members of society.

Do not convey our words of gratitude for your kindness and sensitivity. Thanks to you our students will develop, and grow educated and developed people. From ourselves we wish success in your work and all the endeavors of , creative development and well-being.

Thank you for expressing your gratitude to the official form

Thank you for your work: text

Any good leader will want to support the of a successful subordinate .This can be reflected in the premium, promotion on the job ladder or simply thanks. Here is an example of thanks to the employee for a job well done.

« Thanks from the management company" Sagittarius »
employee of Manufacturing
Ivanov Peter Alekseevich

Dear Peter A., ​​the leadership of our organization and the entire staff thanks you for responsible approach to work and goodResults in terms of its implementation. Thanks to your enthusiasm and active work, our performance in your industry has significantly increased, which gave our company significant revenue and the push of the to develop and cooperate the with other partners.

Thanks to the high level of your professionalism, we manage to keep a high level in work and develop as a stable and large company. Responses about your work from colleagues are also exceptionally positive - speaks of you as an honest and responsible employee of .All this shows you only from the positive side in the eyes of the leadership.

We hope that in the future our cooperation will be the same fruitful and successful. We wish you energy, good health and creative plans!

Director of "Sagittarius»

Kiyashko AP »

Write a letter of thanks and express important for you to man pleasant words are much easier than it seems. To do this, you only need to find the appropriate sample and decorate it with words from the soul, which is appropriate for the to this person in a particular case.

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