Scenario of the rally at the obelisk and concert on May 9 Victory Day. Scenario of the holiday in kindergarten and school

Scenarios for the children's holiday on May 9.


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Children's holiday May 9

When everyone celebrates Victory Day, kindergartens also hold small concerts. Their peculiarity is that the holiday should become bright, memorable, so that children can feel their belonging to the great victory, to cultivate in them respect for the heroism of the veterans, their courage and heroism.

Honorary guests in days of Victory in schools, kindergartens become veterans, for whom the program necessarily provides for a concert and congratulations.

To make the Victory Day our scenarios help you to make interesting and solemn.

Scenario of the concert on May 9, the day of victory

In the preparation of the holiday educators, teachers should focus children's attention on the inadmissibility of a repetition of military hard times.

Children's awareness of military events and the cultivation of careful attitude to veterans and all who died fighting for their Motherland are also important.

Let the children take part in the preparation of the assembly hall where the celebration will take place. As an ornament, green branches and lilacs will do. From the scenery on the stage, you can use the front motifs.

You can make an improvised fireplace, hang a campfire over it, place a tent layout nearby. Children may wear military uniforms, helmets

Decoration of the class on May 9

Decoration of the class on May 9

Designing a stage to celebrate the day of victory in school

Decoration of the stage in the school on the day of victory

rally scenario at the obelisk on the May 9 Victory Day

song "Take The Overcoat" sounds before the start of the holiday


Many years of our glorious Victory,
Again a peaceful dawn, silence. ..
And it's not audible goes on the planet
Spring returned to people!
Behind the already distant,
Years, as if in a fog, are visible.
And for a long time already adults became
Grandchildren of those who returned from the war.

. Victory Day is a joy and pain of loss, it's laughter and bitter tears.
. This day the volleys of festive fireworks are heard in all the cities of our Motherland. The May days of 1945 returned the future to Soviet children. Everywhere flowers were given, songs were heard, laughter and mirth were heard. In the days of the national holiday, people danced right in the streets.

Pg.1 .Volleys of a thousand guns Moscow saluted Victory! It will be performed today in honor of the glorious Victory.

2 pupil.
We are here with you not because the date,
As an evil fragment, memory burns in the chest.
To the grave of an unknown soldier
You come on holidays and weekdays.
He protected you on the battlefield
Fell, never stepping back,
And the name is this hero -
Great army of the simple soldier!

The scene is framed using front-line motifs. On the stage there is a mock-up of a tent, a fire, a bowler. Next to the tent sit fighters - high school students, on the stump, near the deck. In their hands - open envelopes with letters. The soldiers read.

How to design a scene on the frontline motif

Scene in the garden on the day of the victory

Music sounds "I'm in a cold dug-out warm from my unquenchable love"

The music subsides and one of the fighters reads a letter:
"My family! How I've missed you! How much more we will have to live apart is unknown. With native greetings, I kiss all! ".
September 15, 1941.

Reads second

"Hello, little sister! Finally I found time to write. From the hospital I got back to my own on the front line in Smolensk direction. I will not write much about myself. After the fight, I'll send the news again.1942 year.

Sounds the continuation of the song "" I'm warm in my cold dug-out from my irresistible love. "The music subsides again.

A girl comes to the stage. She reads:
Still do not quite understand,
How am I, and thin, and small,
Through fires to the victorious Mayu
In kirzachah stopudovyh came.
And where did the strength of
come from? Even in the weakest of us?. .
What to wonder! - Was and is Russia's
Eternal strength eternal supply.
The second girl appears and reads:
I have seen so many times hand-to-hand,
Once in reality. And a thousand in a dream.
Who says that the war is not scary,
He does not know anything about the war.

A soldier rises, approaches the girls and reads "Wait for me and I'll be back"

The steeper the walk at Victory
That nationwide celebration,
But in the 41st enemy did not know,
That in the 45th is waiting for him.
It was full of bulldog arrogance,
Until it got stuck!
The Victory came with a new song
To us at that stern, menacing hour.
Victory! How did she get it?
: How did you come to it?
And the wounds were also fatigue.
And scars on the chest of the earth.
Armor in dents of deep,
And they gave the passed roads,
And orders on tunic,
Where sweat mercilessly cloth burned
I wish that on the planet
Peace and silence were preserved,
To descendants, our children,
We never knew war.
Centuries later, in a year, remember!
About those who will never come again, remember!
Do not cry!
In the throat, keep moaning, bitter moans,
In memory of the fallen, be worthy!
Forever worthy!
As long as hearts knock - remember!
What is the price of winning happiness -
, please remember!

. We will honor the memory of those who died on the fronts of the war, who did not live up to the Victory Day holiday, which we are celebrating today. A minute of silence is declared

. From cities and villages to the front of the Great Patriotic War, more than two dozen million soldiers were taken. More than 14 million 616 thousand people died.

For many, the first post-war year was the last year of life, others were forever crippled. We will always remember the names of those who lay down their heads on the fronts of the war, who perished, fulfilling their duty, defending their Motherland( listing the names of the dead compatriots).

. On this festive day we remember the unprecedented feat of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Let no explosions from bullets and shells never sound on our blessed land. Let these balls fly into the peaceful, cloudless sky in memory of those who left the war!

Children release balls.

Ved 1 .Solemn meeting, dedicated to the Victory Day, I ask to be considered closed. Flowers to the monument to those who died in the Second World War - to impose.

Holiday scenario in kindergarten

The celebration of the Victory Day in the kindergarten should also take place in a solemn atmosphere. We offer educators and organizers of the holidays an interesting scenario of the Victory Day, which will surely please the kids, and will be cognitive for them.

Victory day in the kindergarten

Children can take part in the festive decoration of the hall, cut out and hang multi-colored flags, prepare drawings on the theme "War through the eyes of children."On the stage, you can hang up a card, binoculars, a mock-up of an automaton, a cap or a cap

May 9 in the kindergarten

Toddlers plant, give out a flower and a flag, bundles of colored ribbons as symbolic "salutes."The leader appears.

Scene in the garden on the day of the victory

Lead : On May 9 we celebrate Victory Day over fascist Germany. Every year on this May day, both people and the country rejoice! We will always remember a memorable date and solemnly celebrate it.

The song "There Was a Time of Storm" is sounding, the music of Azantine Fattah, the words of Vladimir Korkin.
Hello, holiday Victory Day,
Great day, glorious!
You and the adult, you and the child,
The holiday is the most important.

1st child
Now the Kremlin clock
Solemnly break through,
And I'll see with my mother
In honor of the holiday fireworks.
2nd child
It will illuminate the whole area,
All persons, orders. ..
So Victory Day
The country celebrates again.

Lead : At dawn, when both children and adults were sleeping peacefully, Nazi Germany launched an offensive on our borders.

read in the parents queue:
. .. summer night, at dawn,
When the children were sleeping peacefully,
Hitler gave orders to the troops he sent soldiers
against all Soviet people -
This means - against us.
He wanted people free
Turn into people hungry,
Forever deprive everything.
A stubborn and rebellious,
On your knees not fallen,
Exterminate to one!
He ordered to crush,
trampled and burned
All together we kept,
Forest eye cherished,
So we need tolerated,
our songs to sing did not dare
near his home,
That it was all for the Germans,
ForFascists, foreigners,
And for Russians and for others,
For peasants and for workers -

Moderator .The struggle against the fascists lasted four years. The victory was not easy.

Mayday noon radiant,
Above Berlin, a thunderstorm ceased,
And silence came
A cautious-keen follower. ..
The one who saw her,
Who then looked into her eyes,
That forever remembered the
Features of the long-awaited Victory.

The song "Victory Day" by D. Tukhmanov, the children sing together by the activists.

1st child
There was a great Victory Day
Many years ago.
Remember Victory Day,
Knows each of the grandchildren.
2nd child
Remembers the glorious Victory Day
The entire beloved country,
On Victory Day, our grandfathers
are wearing the Order.
3rd child
We are about the first Victory Day
We love to listen to their story -
How our grandparents
fought For the whole world, for all of us!

The host invites veterans to the stage, gives them the floor. Children give flowers to veterans and invited cut from colored paper flags

1st child
Outside our
Twenty houses,
Outside our
Twenty yards.
2nd child
In the street of our
The sky is one:
It's open, ringing,
For all it's.
3rd child
And woes and grief
The wound is one:
Twenty grandfathers of our
The war was killed.

The song "Eternal Fire"( music by A. Filippenko) sounds.

Presenter: After the Great Victory, our people began a new struggle - for the restoration of war-torn cities and villages. It was necessary to raise industry, agriculture. Children, guess who healed the wounds of the war. What is your profession?

read in turn children:

In the machine it day and night,
all know how he -. ..( work).
The oven hums like a samovar,
Steel in it cooks. ..( steelmaker).
Flame flashes with heat,
Perspiration sweats from the face,
Zvonko hits the steel
Hammer. ..( blacksmith).
Before work, he is a hunter,
Day-day with a plane. ..( carpenter).
Under the spring bird whistle
Plows the ground. ..( tractor driver).
A choir is heard in the harvester field,
Bread ship leads. ..( combine operator).
Scaffolds he is a resident,
We are at home. ..( builder).

Peace Day floats over us -
Joy in villages, cities,
above the plants, fields -
clean sweep of Heaven.
Children will say our amicable-
Well in the edge of the native!
We need to learn well,
We are growing for joy.

Re-enactment "Border guards"

On the stage - the layout of the border pillar. Around the clock walks, examines the area. It stops and says:

At the very border in secret
I carry a sharp-sighted service,
For every hillock in the answer,
For every tree in the forest.

Frontier outpost,
Cedars, hills, silence.
Time after midnight.
The barracks in the dream have been sunk for a long time.
Rather, quickly miss, watch,
I need a boss. Let me through, I'm mine!

Head appears: What happened?
I saw a dog, disappeared in the forest,
A dog whistled from a distance,
A heavy collar is worn around the neck.
The dog is not ours - we do not have that.
Head of .By horses!
They race around the hall. Stop.
Hour. Mission Complete!
Boy .The secret documents were sewn in the collar.
Border guard, you are in charge
For the people, for peaceful work,
Let the
grow happily in the towns and villages. ..


Everything is not the same today,
It's not like it always is.
Everybody goes outside,
Everybody then shout "Hooray!"
Everywhere is noisy, interesting,
Everywhere is fun and cramped,
Drums are loudly beating,
Everywhere they dance and sing.

Boys and girls are dancing in pairs( music to choose from)

The dramatization "We are the military" on the poem by S. Mikhalkov

Telephone operator ( with phone)
Hello, Allo, Jupiter, I Diamond.
Almost completely you can not hear.
We took the village with a fight.
What about you? Hello Hello!
Nurse ( starts bandaging a soldier who sits on a chair and groans)
What do you roar like a bear?
A trifle left to suffer,
And your wound is so easy,
That will heal for sure.
Sailor ( looks through binoculars)
On the horizon plane.
At the rate of full turn, forward!
Get ready for battle, crew!
To leave, our fighter.
Here I climbed to the attic.
Perhaps, the enemy lurks here.
Behind the house we clean the house,
We find enemies everywhere.
Pilot ( examining a map)
Infantry is here, and tanks are here.
Five minutes to go.
Understand the battle order?
Everything. The enemy will not leave us.
Private ( with the order)
I am a young infantryman,
I fought fascistically near Moscow.
More than once I went to the reconnaissance,
The colonel awarded me.

Children perform the song "The solar circle".

To the sound of the song "We wish you happiness," the presenter offers guests to see what pictures the children prepared for the holiday. Children give visitors homemade cards and drawings.

Scenario of Victory in school

Before the beginning of the holiday the song "Bury Overcoat" sounds

Presenter : Hello, dear our veterans, children and their parents, teachers! The closeness of the epochs and generations, reigning in this hall, warms the hearts. The burdens of a long and monstrous war, which our veterans carried on their shoulders, were left behind.

Today you look at the generation of children who do not know the fear of war. The only reminder of those days for them were monuments, monuments, books, history lessons, films. We dedicate our concert to everyone who celebrates Victory Day today.

The word for the opening of the rally is given to the principal of the school
The anthem sounds
The word to the guests

The song "For a long time We Have Not Been Home" Efrem Flax sounds.

The song gradually abates and the student comes out onto the scene:

Care boys - on the shoulders of his overcoat,
Care boys - bravely singing songs,
retreating boys dusty steppes,
dying boy, where - they did not know. ..
gets the boys in a terrible barracks,
catching up with boys fierce dogs.
Kill the boys for escaping on the spot,
The boys did not sell the conscience and honor. ..
Did not want the boys to succumb to fear,
The boys went up the whistle to the attack.
In the black smoke of battles, on the armored slope
Boys were leaving - squeezing machine guns.
to see the boys - the brave soldiers -
Volga - in forty-one,
Spree - at forty-five,
show the boy for four years,
Who are the boys of our people.

pupil appears on the stage and reads the poem:

Remember the serene child's dream, happy
The first sunshine - leisurely
The smell of apples ripening in the garden
Let's remember the most terrible day of the year
Let's remember the city of the glow utterly burned
In the field the harvest, Fire asleep
Explosions, death, eyes, filled with pain
Russia's borders, filled with blood.
Recall that fighters glorify
To people of all the earth to send
Spell, sounding light:
There should be no war in the world!

The school waltz sounds. Girls in dresses in peas dance with boys in school uniform.

Lead :
It was the usual morning. Peacefully slept in their cribs little children, saw bright dreams adults. Silence and peace occasionally broke with their singing the birds that had awakened from the rustle of leaves and a splash of water in the river.

The sounds of the school waltz came from somewhere far away. This was another farewell to graduates with childhood, when they crossed the threshold of the school, and before them opened a grown-up life.

Who would have thought then that long and terrible four years of war are waiting for them, and many children will not have a future. The earth was quiet in the pre-dawn haze. There were last minutes of silence.

The music sounds quieter and the recording of Levitan's speech on the radio about the beginning of the war is heard. Boys and girls run away from the stage.

Against the background of the sound of a siren, flares from explosions on an interactive screen, pupils and pupils dressed in military uniforms appear with mock rifles.

flower in dewdrops all the flower pressed
and border guards handed them
hands And the Germans had finished drinking coffee at the moment
get into the tanks, closed
Such was hatches all breathed silence
that all the land was still asleep, it seemed
Who knewbetween peace and war
Total public - five minutes left. .....

( sounds song "Holy war")

Meeting scenario on the day of victory

leading : 1,418 days and nights of the war. The Soviet people entered a mortal battle, with every minute bringing victory closer.

A nationwide trouble has rallied soldiers, partisans, collective farmers to give a worthy rebuff to the enemy invasion. And only selfless love for the Motherland, unparalleled steadfastness and mass heroism helped the Soviet people survive and stand in the deadly battle with the brown plague.

Ground battles wobbled in the first year of the year
Only we stood by the centuries in sight
So much grief, we do not know
How did Russia stand, So it will stand!

Read children:
Criss-cross blue strips
On the windows of cringed huts.
Native thin birch trees
Anxiously watching the sunset.
and dog on the warm ashes,
Until eyes smeared in ash,
It is a whole day someone looking
and do not find in the countryside. ..
Throwing old zipunishko,
the kitchen garden, without roads,
hurry, hurry kid
by the sun -Straight to the east.
No one on the distant road
He was not warmer,
No one hugged at the
threshold. And he did not look after him.
In unheated, broken bath
night pass, like an animal,
How long has he his breath
warm chilled hands could not!
But on his cheek never once
Did not pave the way for a tear.
There must have been too many
at once. Saw his eyes.
Everyone who saw, at everything ready,
On his chest sinking into the snow,
Ran to his naked
Ten-year-old man.
He knew that somewhere far off,
Howl may, out of that mountain,
him as a friend in the dark evening
hail Russian hour.
And he, clinging to his greatcoat,
Native hearing voices,
Will tell everything what
looked at His childless eyes

Girl reading:

In class is very cold,
I'm breathing on the pen,
I'm dropping my head
And I'm writing,writing.

The first declination is
Female gender on "a",
Immediately, without a doubt,
I deduce - "war".

What is more essential than
Today for the country?
In the case of genitive:
No - what? - "war".

And behind the word howling -
Mom died. ..
And far battle still,
To make me live.

I'm sending to the "war" of the curse,
I remember only the "war". ..
Maybe for an example I like
Choose "silence"?

But "war" Today we measure
life and death,
received "Excellent" I -
This is the same place. ..

about "war" the bitter,
proud that lesson,
And I remembered him
to eternal life.

Lead : Do not convey in words the pain experienced by family and friends, seeing off sons, fathers, brothers on the front. What will become of them? Should I go home? Will they ever see your loved ones again? There were no answers to these questions. And only the sad forebodings exhausted the soul and tormented the heart. But hope did not fade away even in the most terrible moments.

Meeting for Victory Day

( sounds song "Dark Night")

Get out children and read a poem:

What is war?
Why, why
Does it arise
In the dark smoke?

In the impenetrable anguish of
Not forgiven offenses. ..
Is it really me
Is this all going to work?

Why are people filled with
Is this
Happening to You?

I can not comprehend
And I can not understand,
Why does this world
Love to fight?

Evil envious darkness
And pride destiny -
This adult game is
For a worldly repartition.

A bloody torture:
Iraq and Chechnya
Will they touch
You and me.

Children of the whole planet,
Let's all we
Let's stop the horror of this
Mad war!

ban our adults,
have forgotten about us,
will publish a children's anti
military decree!

Children chorus sing:

And you once had a child
naive, kind and simple,
Played, naughty, laughing loudly,
easy to ask for forgiveness.

You never took revenge for years
And forgot all the insults.
Always ran with a question to mom,
When I met an unclear one.

there in life - long dictatorship
adult child is not grown.
But children of all issues
is the most important question for you:

Why are you fighting, people of the earth?
Would not you have been able to live without war?

Is Peaceful Happiness of the Planet of People
Not More Expensive than All Other Riches and Zates?

Maybe you are on your progressive way
Have forgotten the magic word "I'm sorry"?

There are laughs and jokes
And hardly audible the crack of the fire
It's rest minutes -
The long-awaited time!
Who said that we should throw songs in the war?
After the fight, the heart asks for music doubly!
( Sounds the song "Aircraft")

Lead : The war has long ended. ... Only the trenches that are equal to the ground remind of it. Front lines can no longer be seen among the fields sown with loaves.

Covered our fighters from German shells dugouts are covered with wildflowers. But on earth, where blood was shed, there will always be a trace from the war. He will remain in the hearts of people!

The war is over, leaving the lists of the dead in a righteous battle.
The obelisks froze in the immovable stone structure
"Fallen the death of the brave" - ​​answer and live again in the future day
A minute of mournful silence let's remember the fallen!

( Minute of silence)

( Sounds the poem "Why did you win?")


Why won?
The simple question is not simple. ...
Because fearlessly
Have risen in full you growth!
Why won?
There are not a few reasons here
Because you are together
There were all like one
Why won?
What is in vain to guess?
Because they loved
Our Motherland - Mother!
Well, if it's otherwise
To be clearer:
You loved the homeland
More your life!

( The song "Victory Day" sounds)

Lead :( Against the background of the song "Victory Day")
So our meeting came to an end. Congratulations once again on the occasion! Peace to you the sky above your head, health and prosperity.

: Guys, now we will play an interesting game. Care in it will help you. I have four flags. Each of them means a certain action. When I lift the blue flag, you will sail;The blue color of the flag is the sky: you will fly;Green means the earth( imagine you are jumping on a horse), the red flag means victory: as soon as I lift the flag, you shout "Hooray!".

The leader starts alternately to raise the flags up, and the children show how they swim, or jump on horseback, shout "Hooray!" Or how they fly.

You can divide children into groups, classes, and compete.

Relay "Physical Training"


Set 6 pins along the line of motion. Teams line up in a chain one after another. Each participant puts an outstretched hand on the shoulder ahead of him and bends his legs in the knees. The team wins, whose participants can overcome the distance from the mark to the mark, skirting all the obstacles and not rising to their full height.

"Moving to the battlefield"

Set skittles in staggered order. The task of the participants is to creep between the skittles, without hurting them.

"Pass through the tunnel"

The chairs are arranged in a row. The task of the participants is to crawl between them, without hitting.

"Sharp shooter"

The guys are invited to share on two teams and on the command of the leader begin to throw soft toys or balls in the center of the target. Then the presenter stops the game and judges: which player made more accurate shots, that remains for the continuation of the game and the choice of the "most accurate arrow"

"Save the wounded!"

Two teams. Two participants act as a wounded man, which should be attributed to a medical center( put chairs at the other end of the class).

The game "What? Where? When? ": the host calls the date, and the participants must guess what event happened on that day. For example:

1. August 23, 1939( the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Treaty was signed).

2. September 1, 1939( Attack of Hitler's Germany on Poland).

3. June 22, 1941.(Attack of Hitler's Germany on the Soviet Union.).

Video: concert in honor of May 9