Best words of gratitude to a man, husband, father, woman, wife, mother, daughter, friends

Words of gratitude is a special sign of attention that people seek to manifest between each other. This is not only a rule of good taste, it is a good tradition in communication and finding contacts.

Gratitude can be different: orally, in writing, in the form of a presentation and even an SMS message. It does not matter which of the methods of gratitude you choose, the main thing is from which side you show yourself. Attention and the desire to say "thank you" is welcomed always and everywhere!


  • Good, beautiful words of gratitude in verse and pr
  • Good beautiful words of gratitude in verse and prose friends
  • Good beautiful words of gratitude in verse and prose
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Good, beautiful words of gratitude in verse and prose

  • earn a good appreciation is not easy, but all good things must necessarily be rewarded at least - verbally. Words of gratitude can sound for native, close friends, colleagues and even simple acquaintances.
  • Saying words of gratitude to people is necessary in order to let them understand that you respect them and appreciate their work.
  • Thank-you words must be sincere, gentle and eloquent. Only then will your recipient understand how much you want to say thank you to him.
  • Such words can have different forms: prose or poems and in any case they will be winning for you.
gratitude, beautiful and kind words of thanks

Beautiful thanks in prose:

  • I want to say a huge "thank you" to the fate that introduced me to you. Only now I understand: what a great happiness, that our paths crossed into the same road. Thank you for all the good that you created!
  • Now I'm thinking about what I need to thank fate for our meeting .It was she who brought us together with you and thereby made me happy. Thank you for your sincerity, I thank you for your faithfulness, for your friendship and understanding, for your kind words and for always being near!
  • Thank you for the fact that after so many years, you never failed me and was always close at the right time. For all the years of our acquaintance, we have the best relations with you: you are a reliable friend and a loyal partner and therefore I will always thank you!
  • We would like to thank you for the excellent and fruitful cooperation! For held together in the year, we have a good relationship with good partners. We wish you continued prosperity and success in your work!

Beautiful words of thanks in verse:

Thank you very much to everyone
From the heart I speak and from the heart.
To keep words, alas, I do not have the strength
You are so kind and good!

my "thank you" - this is a little,
And let me you do not understand,
My big thanks,
Able to convey feelings!

Thank you very much, strong thanks
Today we sincerely tell you.
For the fact that you were able to support us beautifully
So sincerely and with all my heart we thank.

You know, good will always come well
In nature, do not destroy the response "boomerang"
Accept our friendship and trust
In our actions, feelings and words!

Kind beautiful words of thanks in verse and prose to friends

  • Friends are a constant part of every person, they help in difficult times and are always a kind of "vent", which saves from boredom, sadness, problems, anguish.
  • Friends deserve individual words because after family they are the closest people who always worry about you and are ready to help.
  • Different life situations force us to fall into the cases when a true friend provides the necessary support and protection and at such moments, as never words of gratitude in any form: in verse or prose.
words of thanks for friends in any form: in verse and prose

Beautiful words of thanks for friends in prose:

  • My beloved friend, thank you for the fact that in difficult moments you are always here, you are always there. I want to tell you so much, but all my feelings will be replaced only by the word "thank you."Thank you for your kindness and honesty, for your sincerity and loyalty, for your love and understanding!
  • Such as you, my friend, there is no more in the world! You are my "safety net", you are my "help", you are my "support", but most importantly - "you are my soul"!If it were not for you, it would be hard for me to cook my problems and grief in a hot cauldron. .. Thank you for being near!
  • Thank you,( name of the person), for the fact that you are my best friend and companion. You is always there and always ready to help me for no reason, without benefit and guile. I will endlessly thank you for your human love, understanding and pure, truthful words. You are the best friend in the whole world!

Beautiful words of thanks for friends in verse:

Saying "thank you" to all my friends today
I love them and more truly in the world simply do not!
It's good that I was so lucky to get acquainted with
. You are what brings me light in this life!

Thank you for saving
so many times. From distress and were side by side always.
I will keep our friendship forever
And it will not be scary for many years!

I know that my friends like me as a support ,
They are my reliable and strong wall.
I thank them, probably, I will forever,
I do not feel like I have friends without my friends.

Take all the words my gift today,
After all, the reason for "thank you" is and not always,
And you are alone, others you will not find
For that you appreciate, I love and my friends are devoted to you!

Kind beautiful words of gratitude in verses and prose to husband

  • Men are always demanding of attention signs and even if they never tell about it, to receive special gratitude for them is incredibly pleasant.
  • Such words must necessarily be saturated with tenderness, affection. They should emphasize the manliness of your man and his uniqueness.
  • The words of gratitude can be expressed in any form, the main thing is that you will not forget to say to the beloved "thank you".
words of gratitude for a man in the form of verses and in prose

Words of gratitude for a man in prose:

  • My dear, you know how long we have been together. All this time I have kept the faithful love and only the most sincere feelings for you. I want to tell you a huge "thank you" for the fact that in happy and sad minutes you find yourself next to me, trust me and endlessly support. If I were not you, I would not know how to live. Love you.
  • ( The name of the man), I want to thank you for everything you did for us. No price to your golden hands, your wisdom, your strength and strong character! Such as you simply are no longer on the whole white world.
  • Dear( name of the man), I want to tell you many thanks for everything that you are doing for for us. Your patience is boundless and it always saves us from any problems. In your hands, it's not scary to be a fragile woman, weak and secure. Thank you for all your courage and nobility.

Thanks for the man in the form of verses:

Thank you, my beloved, that it's so nice to live,
. Your wife should be, receive your affection.
Sometimes I look and without words I understand,
What you gave me a beautiful fairy tale!

I like to melt in the arms of the tender,
For this "thank you" I want to say.
Let the set be days serene
And everyday life will not be able to drive away sadness!

My lovely handsome man ,
I want to tell you honestly,
You're smart and insanely handsome,
I'm lucky to be your wife!

And of course, dear, thanks,
What in the summer and snowy winter
You're with me, my beloved man,
And I'm also forever with you!

Kind beautiful words of gratitude in verses and prose to a man

  • Very often men are the chiefs of organizations, on which an infinite number of women work. On a professional holiday or birthday, you always need to pick up beautiful words that will convey all your respectful and respectful attitude to his person.
  • Tell a man "thank you" you need to be sure, with sense and eloquence. Only such words can leave an impression and, as they say, "do their thing."
  • Gratitude can be expressed in various ways, but the most successful are correctly chosen words.
how to thank a man? Beautiful words of gratitude for men in verse and prose

Beautiful words of gratitude to a man in verse and in prose:

Dear,( name of man)!Allow me to thank you for the tremendous work that has invested in our joint work. Without your participation, we can not see success. Your masculinity, responsibility and self-confidence are enviable. There are no more leaders like you, and they will hardly ever be!"Thank you" from the heart and soul!

Thanks,( name of the man), for your help. Without your assistance would not have ended any of our business success. Your confidence, optimism and strength of mind could convince us and instill inspiration! Thank you for your keen guidance and understanding, for your trust and human attitude!

We do not have enough words and time,
Say "thank you" for the case,
After all, everything you did for us all,
Much more than words.

Thank you for your manliness,
It is for us as an ideal.
You have a great heart, kind
And pure as a crystal!

It's very difficult to thank a man,
But I want to say now,
It's impossible to imagine without you,
How can we manage.

Your person is so faithful,
Ready not that into the water, into the flame
Behind you quietly and faithfully follow,
Your work, the boss is perfect!

Kind beautiful words of gratitude in verses and prose to father

  • The father is always the head of the family, always a respected person and a beloved parent. To thank his father, there is no special reason, it can be done not only on holidays, but also for free.
  • It is especially pleasant for the father to receive words of gratitude on his birthday. Then these words are perceived with special trepidation and sensuality.
  • To thank his father should be with all his heart, speak only kind words, emphasize his uniqueness, kindness and be sure to say that the message of his work is not in vain.
  • It does not matter in what form you express gratitude to your father: in verse or prose. The main thing is that you will not forget to do it on a special day or in the most ordinary.

Слова благодарности для отца, красивое "спасибо" папе

Thank you words for father, nice "thank you" to dad.

Words of thanks to the father in prose:

  • Father, you have always been an example for me! You are my support and protection. I know that is in any case, in any situation you will be on my side and always support. Thank you, Dad, for the strength that you give to your family every day - it's priceless. Know, I am grateful to you only for the fact that you were given to me by destiny!
  • Dad, you mean so much to us! I will endlessly thank God for the fact that keeps you safe from harm. Thank you, Dad, for work and care, for affection and anxiety, for love and understanding. You are the best dad in the whole world!
  • My beloved father! You are the true nobility sent to us for the to cope with all life's difficulties. I thank you for your trust and many life lessons, without which your children would not have such experience and courage. Thank you, father, for courage and true parental love!

Thank you words to my father in verse:

Take, father, these are my lines,
I want to say thank you to you.
For us, you have done everything and very much,
So that we live happily on earth.

Of all the fathers, you are the best dad,
You are the pride of your mother, the respect of the children.
I do not know what to do without you,
I wish you more bright days!

Thank you father,
For the fact that you are always with me.
You're a real fellow
And I'm proud of you.

Such as you I have not met,
And so I was so lucky,
That you gave my life to me,
Gave me tenderness and love!

Dear my parent,
My father, Dad, best friend,
I want to thank you,
That you are near and you are around.

I'm storing your wisdom in the heart,
I'm in the shower keeping my lessons.
And take from me in gratitude to
My "thanks" and warm lines!

You, Dad, the very best,
You're what will light up my difficult path.
I know thunderstorms, rains and clouds,
Can not spoil my life's path.

Thank you, my dad,
That even on a rainy day.
You were invariably close,
You are next to me and now!

Kind beautiful words of gratitude in verses and prose to a woman

  • Women never forget words of gratitude, they with trembling perceive every word and appreciate all the meaning given to them verbally.
  • To say "thank you" to a woman properly is not difficult, for this you need to pick up pleasant gentle words that will reveal all your feelings and experiences.
  • If you strengthen your verbal gratitude with flowers, expect reward in the form of sincere tears of happiness, tenderness and love.
thanks to a woman, how to express gratitude to a woman with beautiful and kind words?

Words of gratitude to the woman in prose:

  • Dear( woman's name), I so much want to thank you for tenderness and understanding, for the trust and real strength that you invested in each of us. Thank you for your keen guidance, creativity and ability to smooth out the sharpest angles in the relationship.
  • Dear( name of the woman)!I want to thank you for your kind heart, for your open soul and what you always know how to support in a difficult moment. In our collective without you there would be emptiness and discord, you are what keeps us together and gives strength to not give up.
  • Dear our( woman's name)!You are always beautiful and fresh, confident in yourself and optimistic. Be always on top and always be with us. Thank you for the fact that during our joint work, you never lost faith in your team and gave us a positive. Thank you for your warm, friendly heart and trust.

Words of thanks to the woman in verse:

I can say a lot of warm words
On a merry day and even in a difficult hour.
I'm sure that such as you almost did not remain,
Therefore, thank you from us.

Let the bright sun in your window shine,
Cases are easy let it be, good.
Let the friends, relatives, children love you,
Thank you, dear, you are hearty today!

I want to say "thank you" to you very much,
Let me not thank you often,
Today I will hide my joy from you,
I love you, I believe in you, I appreciate you.

Thanks for the alarms and attention,
Which you donate not only to me.
I so want, that there was a prosperity
For you always and pleasure doubly!

Kind beautiful words of gratitude in verses and prose to mother

  • Saying "thank you" to mom is an important matter, this is an obligatory thanks to the woman who gave you life.
  • You can thank your mother about and without any reason, in any case of life, but you need to do this only with beautiful words.
  • Thanks mother accepted for Birthday, on the Eighth Marta Day, Mother's Day and all its thank-you words to accompany with a bouquet of flowers, delicious sweets, kisses and hugs.
words of gratitude to my mother, how to thank my mother with beautiful words?

Thanks for the mother in prose:

  • Dear, Mom! So much I want to thank you for no reason, for patience and love, for loyalty, for trust and for your infinite caress! You are what makes me move, you are what inspires me, teaches me to live and accomplish even the most difficult things. Thank you mom for every single day, because there was not a day in your life that you did not remember your children.
  • Mom, I want to thank you for once giving me life, you are not afraid of investing in me all your strengths, all your knowledge, all your abilities and all your love. Forgive me for all the problems that arose in the way of our communication with you, forgive me for the riotousness and speed, for the uncertainty and rudeness. .. Only now I realize how much I love you and how grateful to the judge that my mother is you.
  • Beloved, Mom! You are a strong and confident person, you are a real pride for your children. You taught us to eat, live, take care of yourself and be just good people. Unfortunately, we can not fulfill all your dreams, but we dream that you will always be healthy and happy only! Thank you mom, for your love and for being near us.

Thanks for the mother in verse:

My dear mother,
I'm sorry that sometimes I'm not me,
I'm angry, I'm offended, I'm screaming,
But I really love you!

You know what a joy for me,
When you're near me.
My words are very small,
But I thank you!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart ,
I need you like the sun to me,
I love you, my mother,
And I wish you long days!

Let my words like a luck
All will adjust, they will give peace.
You're with me and it means,
I'm happy, I'm a son and I'm yours.

Kind beautiful words of gratitude in verses and prose of daughter

It is possible to say thanks to the daughter in the simplest words, the main thing is to pronounce them with sincerity, love and trembling. Like all women, daughters are very sensitive to caressing speeches and will never forget all the pleasant things that have been done by you.

how to thank daughter? Beautiful words of gratitude in prose and verses for the daughter

Beautiful words of gratitude in prose for the daughter:

  • My daughter, thank you for being able to grow such a kind and a sensitive person. You are always ready to help and give your last to your parents. I thank you for that devotion, love and loyalty that you have bestowed on you!
  • My beloved daughter, I want to thank you for the huge amount of pleasant gifts and words that you gave me. Without you my world would not be so colorful and rich, so kind and bright. You are my pride and my love. Thank you!
  • Daughter, thanks for the help and support. How happy I am to have such a faithful and a loyal friend like you. You are always my protection and support, you are the embodiment of my hopes and my pride!

Beautiful words of gratitude in the verses for the daughter:

Beautiful and clever, there is no dispute here.
You are the best thing in the world.
Thank you, no matter what,
You're near, as always there should be children.

Thank you and heart and soul,
For the fact that you give me free of charge assistance.
I want to tell you that I feel so good,
That you are mine and you are my love forever!

Daughter, my beauty,
You like the song ringing and clean.
Thank you from the heart,
That you could grow up a good person.

I love you and honestly say,
. In the world, you are less pleasant and attractive.
I love you so fervently,
You are my angel, my little one!

Thank you, daughter, for your attention
I thank you from the bottom of my heart,
You gave me understanding,
And I love you in my heart.

I so always wanted to aspire
Your destiny blessed
And that all people without a shadow of a doubt,
You the way I loved very much!

Beautiful thanks: SMS.How to thank a short SMS?

You can thank a friend or a person close to you with the help of SMS.Such messages, as a rule, cause a lot of pleasant emotions, warm feelings and are read many times. Thankful SMS must be sincere, beautiful and sensitive. Write SMS should be simple, but at the same time, strong words that are of great importance.

thank you words in SMS, how to thank a person on SMS?
Thank you from the heart of my thanks
I'll repeat it hundreds of times,
101 times thanks,
I'll present my present to you!

To my "thank you" there is no edge,
I'm very grateful to you.
Your help to me is priceless such,
In your business - you are brave and good!

Thank you very much from me,
I sincerely thank you!
I will not hide my admiration,
I appreciate your work and care!

Thank you for your attention,
What you gave me.
I wish you prosperity,
Good luck in business - doubly!

Thank you mine,
Thanks - without you I do not have to be!
You gave me so much strength,
What joy can not hide!

Thank you for your kind words,
Thank you for spending your strength.
I sincerely thank you so much!
Huge and honest thanks!

Thank you for your keen attention
Thank you from the heart,
You gave me love and understanding,
I'll keep forever.

How should you thank your relatives, relatives, colleagues?

  • Gratitude is a special expression of feelings. As a rule, gratitude is preceded by a certain good deed, which one person commits for another.
  • Acknowledgment is not an obligatory condition, it is a voluntary desire of a person to leave pleasant impressions about himself and put him to himself.
  • You can thank absolutely everyone: colleagues at work, parents, children, friends and just acquaintances with whom the common cause has brought you together.
  • As a rule, if gratitude is not sent in the form of a SMS message, it is accompanied by some gifts: sometimes large, sometimes symbolic.
what is gratitude? How to thank loved ones?

If gratitude is diluted with flowers and other presents, it has a stronger meaning for others. Such gratitude is perceived differently and is capable of reminding oneself for a long time.

  • Thanks for the work and attention needed by the teachers of your children, caregivers in kindergarten, superiors, administration, relatives for congratulations on holidays, friends for help.
  • Generous gratitude always places people to each other and makes them more open. In addition, always when you thank a person - you show your indifference to him and your respect.
  • "To strengthen" thank you speech can be such a presentation, as: a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, a bottle of a noble alcoholic drink, a symbolic present for memory.
  • Thanking the person, you in absentia agree with him that in the future you can more than once help each other and work together.

Gratitude never goes unnoticed and is always a rule of good taste. If you want to put a person to yourself, be sure to try to make your gratitude special and unique.

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