Which saint protects the house, family, children, health: icons and prayers. Strong Orthodox prayer, the protection of all saints for help, in gratitude, for all occasions: the text

Prayers for all occasions.


  • Which holy and icon protects the house from fire, protects against thieves and enemies
  • Prayer guarding house
  • Family icon is the keeper of the home, helping in love and family life
  • Prayer for family well-being andhappiness
  • icon brings good luck and prosperity in the home, family
  • Prayer for well-being and money, and luck
  • most powerful icon of the disease, which helps in
  • health of Prayer for healing and health
  • Saint, protecting children
  • Child health prayer
  • Icon of the patroness of women for marriage
  • Prayer for marriage
  • The most powerful icon in the world
  • Mandatory three icons that should be in every house
  • A strong Orthodox prayer-amuletAll saints for help, in gratitude, for all occasions: text

In difficult everyday situations people turn to God. The Almighty hears their sincere prayers and helps those who ask. That God has helped your trouble, you should properly apply to him and his assistants. On the saints and prayers you will lea

rn from this article.

What a holy icon, and protects the house against fire, protection against thieves and enemies

One of the mandatory attributes of the Orthodox religion is an icon. It is the image of the image of the Holy One. Of course, a believer can always turn to God when he needs it.

But sometimes it's hard to concentrate your thoughts on prayer. The icon is the symbol that helps the Orthodox to tune in to the Lord. The icon that was not consecrated in the church is just a piece of furniture. But the consecrated one - she is a powerful amulet protecting your habitation from adversity.

It is important to know which icon should be placed in the house, so that it can be saved from looting and disasters. Reliable shield from the fires and lightning are such icons: ·

  • St. Nikita of Novgorod - protects from evil energy. And it also relieves fears and cleanses the human soul. Place it in the main room.
St. Nicolas of Novgorod Sv. Nikita Novgorod
  • Burning Bush stands - it also protects people who work with weapons or fire.
Burning bush Burning Bush

about protecting their homes and material possessions from theft and looting made to request forces to the faces: ·

  • Holy Martyr Feodora Tirona - it is recommended to place an icon, if you live far from the thieving dishonest people.
Theodore Tyrone Theodore Tiron
  • of the Mother of God "The Sign" - protects against looting.
Icon of the Mother of God "Sign" Icon of the Mother of God "The Sign"
  • of St. John the Warrior - helps to find thieves and discover the stolen goods. Hang an image above the front door.
John the Warrior Ioann Warrior

Ignores the evil eye of evil people, envious persons and intrigues of enemies:

  • Seven-sided - depicts the Blessed Virgin, whose body was pierced by seven arrows symbolizing the suffering that she had experienced. This icon can also be prayed for human mercy. They hang her in front of the door to the dwelling. It is believed that people with bad thoughts will not be able to cross the threshold of housing, where this shrine hangs.
The seven-pointed icon Semistrelnaya icon
  • Mercy icon of the Mother of God - a powerful talisman against corruption and the dark forces. Also turn to her, asking for peace. Helps avoid quarrels in the family.
Brama Mother of God icon

Do not forget that the icon - it is not God Himself, or saints, but rather the image of them. Therefore, treat prayer not to the icon, but to the saint depicted on it. Priests always say that they worship the icon, but do not worship it. It is necessary to worship the Heavenly Father.

As an amulet, the icon works only when your faith in the Lord is strong.

IMPORTANT: Correctly place icons-amulet on the eastern wall of the house.

In the old days that's exactly what we did. Now, given the modern layout of our apartments, it is allowed to hang images of saints in other places. Only it is necessary to observe the main rules:

  • select the place for the icon, from where the entire room is visible. Wash and cross it.
  • place for images is selected once, do not move them unnecessarily.
  • before installing the icon, go with it to all the rooms.
  • between icons on the wall do not hang pictures or other decor
  • do not place them near the source of noise( TV, music center)
  • decorate the shrine with flowers or embroidered towels.
  • do not store icons in closed boxes or cabinets
  • you can put next to it candles, a lamp

Prayer guarding house

In various situations, believers ask God or the Saints for protection. Such an appeal, in fact, is a prayer that can be mental or pronounced aloud.

This is an attempt by a person, at moments of his weakness, to get help from the Higher Forces. Sometimes, leaving your home even for a short while, we are concerned about his safety. What can we say about situations when we leave for a long time?

In order to save your home from unkind people and disasters, use a prayer-amulet. It also helps to get rid of the negative and unfavorable energy of the house. You can address to the Almighty or to the Saints who guard the dwelling:

Prayer for the protection of the home Prayer for the home guard

How to read the prayer so that it helps protect your home Your:

  • go to church.
  • write a note for the health of your family.
  • before the images of the Son of God, Nicholas the Blessed and the Blessed Matrona of Moscow, put the candles.
  • dial the holy water.
  • purchase candles( 12 pcs.).
  • in their house light them near the icons.
  • read the prayer.
  • wash your face and household with water from the church.
  • sprinkle at the corners of the dwelling with the remaining water.

To protect your shelter from negatives, the following tips will also help:

  • invite a priest to the house to consecrate the room.
  • try not to quarrel and not swear in the house.
  • leaving home, bless him.

Family icon is the keeper of the home, helping in love and family life

It is believed that in every house the icons should be. In difficult life situations images of Saints help people.

With reference to icons, a believer is easier to cope with unfavorable circumstances. The family icon brings a special grace. It is believed that a strong family can be based only on one faith and spiritual intimacy.

Family icon - Joseph, Mary, Jesus Family icon - Joseph, Mary, Jesus

The family icon is passed from generation to generation, and represents a spiritual relic of the family. Tradition to have a family icon goes back to the times of Ancient Rus. Such an icon can be depicted:

  • heavenly patrons of the membersfamilies.
  • saints, especially revered in the Family family, can also become an icon with which there are any favorable events in the family and miraculous events, or an old shrine kept by all generations.

To have a family icon, which protected not one tribal knee - means to have a powerful amulet for your family. Such a shrine is endowed with a special, very strong positive energy.

Not all families have such holy things. You can choose an icon that will help you create and maintain a strong loving family. Traditionally, the icons with images are considered to be the keepers of the family hearth: ·

  • of Murom miracle workers Peter and Fevronia - despite all the tests that managed to preserve love. Dying in different monasteries in one day and hour, after the death of their bodies were together.
Peter and Fevronia Peter and Fevronia
  • of the Saints Joachim and Anna - the parents of the Blessed Virgin. The icon is considered the patroness of childless married couples.
Joachim and Ann Joachim and Anna
  • The holy martyrs Adrian and Natalia - subjected to torture for the sake of faith, Adrian died, and Natalia died on his coffin.
Adrian and natalia Adrian and Natalia
  • Saints Samon, Guria and Aviv - the patrons of married women. The icon helps to guide the family in the right direction and bring harmony into the family life.
The patrons of married women The patrons of married women
  • of the Blessed Virgin "Unfading color" - keeps peace and love in the family, reconciles in moments of quarrels and quarrels.
"Unfading color" "Undying color"
  • of the Mother of God "Inviolable Wall" - takes away from the family trials and troubles. Helps to return the incorrect spouse to the family.
"Indestructible wall" "Indestructible wall"
  • St. Matron the Blessed - faithful assistant in family affairs, will help to find a way out of a difficult situation.
Matrona of Moscow Matrona Moscow
  • of the Iberian Mother of God - helps to avoid conflicts and abuse in the family.
Icon of the Virgin of Iver icon of the Iberian Mother of God

Place in the house icons - patrons of family happiness. They will help to maintain in your family a good relationship, love and respect for each other, soften quarrels, and help in difficult days.

Prayer for family well-being and happiness

For each person, family, native people is the most important component of life. Tacitations and quarrels between relatives cause deep spiritual wounds and take away forces.

To save in the family well-being, love and happiness will help sincere prayers that are addressed to the Heavenly Father or patrons of the Holy. You can pronounce it in your own words. The main thing is sincere faith and love Divine in your heart and soul.

Prayer Prayer
Prayer of the Family Prayer family

Icon bringing luck and well-being into the house, family

It's good when our loved ones are safe and the family lives in stable prosperity. Sometimes it happens that luck is turning away from us, and no matter how hard we try, we can not get out of difficulties.

Overcoming family problems and bringing prosperity to your home will be helped by the icons depicting the Saints:

  • St. Spyridon of the Trinity of the Wonderworker, an assistant in material and housing problems. Praying for this icon about the successful sale or purchase of a house, if there is not enough money to purchase important purchases.
Icon of the Holy Spyridon of the Trimiphound icon of St Spyridon of Trimifund
  • of the Holy Great Martyr Tryphon - in the old days he was prayed during the famine. This image will serve as a reliable shield against property damage, financial problems · John the Beneficent - helps to find stable prosperity and material prosperity
Icon of the Holy Great Martyr Tryphon icon of the Holy Great Martyr Tryphon

Prayer for well-being and money and luck

We all know: money isNot the most important thing in life. However, no one wants to be in poverty. And we all want monetary stability and financial prosperity.

In order to avoid difficulties in money and bring good luck, you can ask for God or the Guardian Angel. Use these prayer words:

Prayer Prayer

Requests for prosperity Orthodox often refer also to the Saints:

  • Saint Spyridon
  • Chudotvortsu Nikolayu
  • Tihonu Zadonskomu
  • Xenia the Blessed
  • John the Merciful
Prayer Prayer

The strongest icon from illnesses that helps in the health

We do not think about health until we or our loved ones suffer ailment. Unfortunately, even the latest achievements of medicine can not overcome some diseases. And believers ask for healing from the Higher Forces.

In Orthodox iconography there are a number of miraculous healing icons, which are especially revered among the people. There are many legends about how the images of the Saints helped to rid themselves of terrible ills and even blindness. To what icon should I apply to ask for health to myself and my family?

  • The image of Jesus Christ is considered the most important icon that helps with illness and suffering. The Savior himself experienced terrible physical pains, that's why he understands the pain of asking a person.
  • Icon of the Theotokos "Skoroposlushnitsa" is one of the most healing icons. Known among the people for its miraculous healing ability.
Icon of the Theotokos "fast-obedient" Icon of the Theotokos "Skoroposlushnitsa"
  • Image of St. Panteleimon - he is one of the most powerful patrons of people who experience physical suffering. His image is able to protect even from the most terrible diseases. Also, the Saints pray when there is a difficult operation. Religious icons are placed near the bed of the sick man and they are addressed to them with prayer daily.
St. Panteleimon St. Panteleimon

Prayer for healing and health

In the case of diseases of your own or your own people, use the divine power of words. Pray to the Lord or the Holy Great Martyrs about your patronage and health.

Believe, Healers will hear everyone asking and suffering. They provide their help, relieving themselves of physical torment and giving strength to the spirit.

Prayer Prayer

Prayers for the health of ailing person have a truly immense power. It is necessary that he was baptized in the church. You can say prayer words in the Temple or at home, referring to the images.

Saint, protecting children

Clergymen say that children have special care for Heaven, since they are still defenseless and pure before the world. A child baptized in a church has his guardian angel. He is also taken care of by the Savior and the Blessed Virgin.

Among the Orthodox Saints are those who are especially patronized by small children. This is due to the peculiarities of their deeds in mortal life. The main patron guarding the children is the Holy Stylian Parfagonian .

Stylian Parfagonian

From a young age he was distinguished by a desire for holiness. Having reached the age of majority, he gave the property to the poor, took tonsure and settled in a cave. After the grace of God came upon Stilian, he began to heal the sick. Especially he dedicated his life to the healing and spiritual education of children.

In addition, St. Stilian was considered the patron saint of babies who were only to be born. To his help, women who suffer from infertility cry and ask them to give them children. In the icons, Saint Stylius is depicted with a baby in his arms. Read his on November 26.

also protect children from evil and misfortunes such heavenly patron:

  • Wonderworker St. Nicholas
  • Holy Martyr Neophytos Nicene
  • Holy baby - Martyr Gavriil Belostoksky
Gabriel Bialystok Gavriil Belostoksky

Holy, in whose honor is named dityaIkonyWith the image of these God's helpers to be placed in the child's room. Church attendants pay attention to the fact that these images are not a guard for the child. Help is sent by the Almighty through the prayers of the Holy One, to which you refer through the icon.

Prayer for the health of the child

The strongest prayer is, of course, the mother's prayer for the health of the child. Because there are no thoughts and words more sincere than the mother's plea for her child.

When the child is sick, loving parents are ready for anything, if only the pain receded. However, do not forget that prayer for your children is not a bargain with the heavenly forces.

Often in times of woe we give God any oaths, if only he helped in the healing of our relatives. And when the recovery happened, we forget about the promised.

Prayer for the health of the child should be conscious, devoid of thoughtless vows. After all, the Heavenly Doctor helps us without asking anything in return. Orthodoxy is treated with the prayer for the health of the children to:

  • to Jesus the Savior
  • to the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Healer Panteleimon
  • Matrona of the Blessed Moscow
Pray for the children Pray for the children

Pray for the recovery of children should be correct:

  • decide which Saint you will pray.
  • go to church and write a note about the child's health.
  • put candles in front of the icons of the Savior, the Mother of God and the Holy One.
  • in prayer, first ask for forgiveness for your sins and weaknesses.
  • ask to heal the servant of God( name) from illness and not torment the soul with his suffering.
  • when praying for a child under seven, say "God's Baby".
  • dial the holy water.
  • at home read the prayer, putting your hand on the child's head.
  • wash it with holy water.
  • pray better several times a day, even when you just thought about your child.

There are many canonical prayers for healing children. They can be found in Prayers or the Internet. But know, when you ask for a cure for a child, you can speak in your own words, you do not have to memorize texts by heart.

Prayer for children Prayer for children

God will hear you in any case, for prayer comes from the heart. Clergymen say that the Lord is merciful to the words of the mother, so you can pray Him for an unbaptized child.

Icon of the patroness of women for marriage

Almost every worldly girl wants to create a family by marrying a good man. In Orthodox understanding, the purpose of marriage is not only the birth of children, but also spiritual unity. Therefore, do not be shy to ask the Lord for marriage.

The desire to meet a decent man in order to live with him in love is natural and natural. Sometimes believing girls or her parents go to temples and monasteries, where the relics of Saints or miraculous icons are kept. There they raise their prayers, asking Heaven to arrange their personal lives.

Often with such prayers they cry out before the icons:

  • The Great Martyrs of Paraskeva Friday - it has long been considered the main patroness of girls for marriage. The martyr is not only a healer from various ills, but also helps girls to marry for love. In the old days, the icon with the image of Paraskeva stood in every house and helped women in marriage.
Paraskeva Paraskeva
  • The Fedorov icon of the Mother of God - this miraculous icon is revered as a reliable patroness of young maidens for marriage.
Theodore Icon Fedorov icon
  • "Undying color" of the Blessed Virgin Mary - helps to choose the right husband.
  • Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker - he is addressed in many difficult life situations, he helps and arrange a happy marriage.
  • Andrew the First-Called - it is recommended to pray before her daughters' parents, so that they are chaste and get married safely.
Andrew the First-Called Andrew Pervozvanny
  • Matrona Moscow is a consolation of the hearts of the lonely and the keeper of the family, helps the young virgins to find a family happiness.
  • to Saint Seraphim of Sarov - helps women to get married already in adulthood.
Saint Seraphim of Sarov

Prayer for marriage

The words of prayer, pronounced on the feast of , the Protection of the Virgin, have a special power. Many girls are waiting for this day to ask the Heavenly Forces for marriage. They pray for this before the Mother of God.

Before contacting the Intercessor, you should prepare:

  • release the grievances, forgive those men with whom you did not have a relationship.
  • bathe, clean not only spiritually, but also physically.
  • clean up in your house, there should be a harmonious and your home.
  • ask parents for their blessings · say the words of prayer.
Prayer for Marriage Prayer for marriage

You can also handle prayer to other Saints who are close to you in spirit. No special words need to know.

Ask about what excites you: about the desire to marry, about the fear of loneliness, about how you see your future husband and marriage with him. At the end of the prayer, do not forget to thank the Saint for his help and for what you already have in life.

Among believers, prayer for marriage to St. Joseph is considered very powerful:

Prayer to Joseph Prayer to Joseph

Remember that it is rewarded by our faith. Miracles happen more often than we think.

The most powerful icon in the world

In the Orthodox world, the strongest considered an icon of the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa» ( Gr. Pantanassa).This is a small image, dated 17 century. This icon is in Greece, in the Vatopedi monastery, which is on Mount Athos.

Since the beginning of this century, this miraculous shrine has become myrrh. It depicts on it the Virgin, the Most Pure in the garments of crimson color, seated on the Throne. In the hands of the Theotokos, a baby, the Son of God, holding a scroll. And in the background two angels are depicted.

The strongest icon The strongest icon

This image of the Mother of God has a powerful healing power. The miraculous properties of this shrine are known in the world.

Many people, she helped get rid of terrible diseases, including cancer. Also, people who pray for their children turn to it, if they become alcoholics and drug addicts.

Mandatory three icons that should be in every home

There are many icons of the faces of the saints. This is due to the fact that the needs and needs of human greatness.

Each Saint is endowed with a certain gift for his work or suffering. People turn to them with prayers.

There are no restrictions on the number of icons in the house. You can place as many holy objects as you want.

However, do not get too involved. After all, man's faith is measured not by the number of icons, but by his thoughts and actions.

Orthodox Christians have icons endowed with the greatest Divine power, and therefore especially revered by believers. This holy faces:

  • Savior ( the most popular image - Christ Pantocrator, or Holy Face).
  • ( for the home iconostasis, icons such as Kazan, Intercession, Vladimirskaya, "Unfading color", "Affection", "Skoroposlushnitsa" are often chosen).
Icon "Tenderness»
Kazan Mother of God Kazan Mother of God
  • Holy Trinity Life-Giving ( as a symbol of unity and love).
The Holy Trinity Holy Trinity

It is believed that they must be present in the home of all Orthodox Christians. But some clerics say that the images of the Son of God and the Virgin are mandatory.

They are taken to the wedding, and then left in the house as guardians of the family hearth. And the third man chooses the third icon himself. This may be the face:

  • of St. Panteleimon the Healer.
  • of Nicholas the Wonderworker.
  • Saint, in honor of whom you or your family were baptized.
  • Saint, who is your Guardian Angel.

strong Orthodox Prayer Charm all the saints for help, in gratitude for all occasions: text

Orthodox prayers great many: about health, marriage, from the evil eye, etc. In difficult times we read them, referring to the Helper of Heaven.

And there are prayers "universal", amulets for all life situations. The efficacy of their words is heightened by time. Learn these prayers yourself and teach them your children. Explain that prayer is communication with our Lord.

A very strong prayer-amulet, a real "shield" even in very dangerous situations, is this:

Prayer-Ward The

prayer-guard is also protecting from mischief against a guardian angel:

Prayer to the Guardian Angel Prayer to Angel-Custodian

prayer 12 apostles for help:

Prayer prayer

Such amulets are allowed to read the prayer, the mother of his child, if he is too young to understand the meaning of words of prayer.