Iron vitriol - application in horticulture in the spring for processing fruit trees, as a fertilizer for plants: the instruction, the proportion of breeding

Learn from the article, how and for what use iron sulphate in gardening. Read the same way as to prepare a solution of vitriol for fertilizing plants.


  • Iron vitriol: Instructions for use in the garden
  • Iron vitriol as a fertilizer for plants
  • Iron vitriol: application in viticulture for processing and feeding of grapes
  • Treatment of apple trees in early spring with iron vitriol
  • Treatmentcurrant iron vitriol spring
  • iron vitriol fall strawberry chlorosis Processing
  • Treatment on tomatoes iron vitriol
  • How to prepare a 3 percent solution zhelznogo vitriol?
  • Video: Treatment of plants with iron sulfate

Ferrous sulphate looks like copper sulfate in appearance, only differs in color from it. Iron vitriol has a bluish-green hue. This salt is obtained by reaction of iron( II) and sulfuric acid. This fungicide has the ability to act only on the surface of plants without penetrating into its cells. Further more in detail.

Iron vitriol: Instructions for use in the garden

High acidity of the substance is the cause of burns in the leaves of plants. That's why gardeners recommend using the product in early spring or late autumn, when the leaves fall off. In addition, so as not to remain fungal infections below, on the ground, do not forget to cultivate and soil near plants. Only beforehand before the process remove the fallen leaves around the tree trunks.

agent used:

  • Slow development in fruit trees mealy grew
  • Deliverance from false grew
  • Fight botrytis
  • Treatment anthracnose , cherry leaf spot , klyasterosporioza etc..P.
How to use iron vitriol? How to use iron vitriol?

How to prepare a solution for plant treatment( concentration):

  1. To destroy lichen on fruit trees used iron sulfate solution concentration of 5-6%
  2. To get rid of fungal diseases, prepare a mixture of 3-4% concentration

IMPORTANT: No wind, dry, cloudy weather is suitable for the treatment of garden plants.

ferrous sulfate, as a fertilizer for plants

To not die out shoots of shrubs and trees without leaves turned yellow earlier time, flowers have a bright color, using iron sulfate. Thanks to this substance, garden crops receive the necessary trace element( iron) for their growth and development. A solution of ferrous sulfate can be watered crops, or the product is added to the manure( 100 g of vitriol per 10 kg of compost).

Iron sulphate - fertilizer for the garden Ferrous sulfate - fertilizer for the garden

Iron vitriol: application in viticulture for processing and feeding grapes

use this tool for the vine is possible only when the grapes do not have leaves, that is, the fall or spring. It is enough to perform one treatment per year. If you used ferrous sulphate in the spring, then in the autumn it is no longer necessary to do the spraying.

A solution of ferrous sulfate creates a thin film on the plants after spraying. This ability of this substance is used by experienced gardeners. In the autumn they make the processing of grapes. The film, formed on the plants, protects them from small frosts. Do not worry if in the spring your grapes will dissolve a bit later than the untreated bushes. Two weeks of delay is not critical.

How to process grapes with ferrous sulphate? How to treat grapes with ferrous sulphate?

IMPORTANT : Very young vines treated with 1% solution of vitriol and rooted plants with thicker bark spray 3% solution.

Processing early spring apple iron vitriol

Processing garden trees iron sulfate should be performed, when the outside has no frost, and the air temperature is set within 5-7ºS.For this process 3% solution of ferrous sulfate is suitable.

This substance contributes not only to destruction of various fungal microorganisms , but also feeds applet an important element - with iron. The very spraying of a mixture of water with iron sulphate powder is also useful in that is stimulated by the growth of apple trees, and is produced by the enhancement of the carbon dioxide absorption of .This process positively influences the formation of such a substance necessary to plants, as chlorophyll .

How to treat apple trees with iron sulfate? How to treat apple trees with iron sulfate?

Treatment of currants with iron vitriol in the spring

All garden crops need constant care, only cropped, fertilized and treated plants will please their master with an excellent harvest. In early spring, gardeners should start seasonal work.

You should start with the cutting of dry branches. Then it is necessary to dig a plant in a circle and fertilize with manure, mixed with iron sulfate powder( per 10 kg of fertilizer 100 g of ferrous sulphate).

After these works, processing of currant branches from all kinds of insect pests and fungal diseases is done. For such procedures, a 1-3% solution of iron sulfate will work.

How to treat currants with ferrous sulphate? How to treat currants with ferrous sulphate?

Treatment of strawberries with iron sulfate in the autumn

This fruit berry is loved by many. But to grow it you need to make maximum efforts. The strawberry berry is especially prone to fungal infections. These are:

  • Powdery mildew
  • Gray rot
  • Phytophthora rot
  • Spotted
  • Phytophthora wilting
How to handle strawberries with ferrous sulphate? How to process strawberries with ferrous sulphate?

An effective means of preventing these diseases of the plant is iron vitriol. Apply it after the harvest is harvested. First, carry out top dressing of strawberry slurry with the addition of iron sulphate. Cut the leaves, remove the weeds. Treat the plant bushes with a 0.3% solution of ferrous sulfate. For winter from severe frosts, cover strawberries with lutrasil.

Treatment of chlorosis on tomatoes with iron sulfate

Tomatoes are sensitive to iron deficiency. Even if there is a normal amount of this substance in the soil, chlorosis can still appear in young tomatoes. Externally, the disease is not difficult to determine. On the leaves of the plant appear faded yellow spots between the veins. And the young leaves become completely yellow, dry.

How to treat chlorosis with tomato ferrous sulfate? How to treat chlorosis of tomatoes with ferrous sulphate?

To solve the problem, use a 0.1% iron chelate solution.

Recipe :

components :

  • Cold water - 1 liter
  • Ascorbic acid - 20 g
  • Iron sulphate - 10 g

Preparation :

  1. The enameled container, pour water
  2. Add acid and iron sulfate
  3. Add the contents
  4. Spray the plants affected by chlorosis

How to prepare a 3% solution of ferrous sulfate?

Iron sulphate is sold in specialized fertilizer stores for plants. The package usually contains 300 g of powder.

In order to prepare a mixture of 3% iron sulfate, you will need to do the following:

  1. Prepare a plastic container or an enameled bucket
  2. Pour 10 liters of plain water into it.
  3. Add 300 g of
  4. sulfur to the liquid. Stir thoroughly with a wooden stick
How to prepare a 3% solution of ferrous sulfate? How to prepare a 3% solution of ferrous sulfate?

IMPORTANT: The prepared plant for the treatment of garden plants, use immediately, do not leave it infused for a day or two. Otherwise, the mixture will lose its original properties.

Video: Treatment of plants with iron sulfate