Dolls from foyamiran: patterns, master class. How to make dolls from famiraman own hands?

In this article, I would like to talk about such a variety of needlework, like a doll from Foamiran. Such a doll will be a great gift not only for the child, but also for the adult, because it is truly unique.


  • Have you heard anything about foamirane? For Russia, it is no longer a novelty, but if someone does not know, explain - is a material representing a colored porous rubber, which is excellent for
  • needlework Comes from Turkey, Iran and China. Fofucha( so-called pupa of foamirana) are especially popular in the Portuguese-speaking countries, but we have this beauty is in demand
  • Let us look at how to make yourself such a unique toy

dolls foamirana own hands: a master class

So, that need For making pupae?

  • First of all, of course, foiaran .It is easier to acquire Chinese and Iranian. The first one is rich in bright colors. But Iranian sheets muted in color terms, but his preference for the master - a smooth transition of shades provided

IMPORTANT: As for the thickness of the sheet, the Chinese thicker Iran, but the latter is significantly more pliable during operation. But in any case, choose sheets thicker, since thin sheets are more suitable for making flowers.

Dolls from foamiran will be made from such colorful sheets Foyamir dolls will be made from such colorful sheets
  • Scissors. You do not have to worry - they excellently cut fameiran, even folded into several layers. We recommend that you stock up on several types of scissors: apart from the usual, you may need braces to create an effect of ragged edges and openwork and nail for miniature parts
For figurine dolls, figured scissors for dolls can be useful foamirana curly
  • scissors skewer or toothpick .It can also come in handy for transferring the pattern to foiraman. The fact is that it is not recommended to do this with a pen, pencil or felt-tip pen, since it will not be possible to print the traces afterwards.
  • adhesive. Suitable is the one on which there is a marking that it is suitable for processing rubber products. PVA and any other product containing water are not suitable. Ideal to buy and
Adhesive gun is very useful for making pupae from foamirana glue gun glue gun is very useful for the manufacture of dolls foamirana
  • Paints. It is recommended to give preference to oil and dry pastels, gouache, oil and acrylic paint. All this is necessary for additional dyeing of the pupae and their decoration
  • Iron .Without it, the foamiran can not be heated, and the plasticity of this material is achieved only by heating. In principle, it is possible to warm up with the help of hands, but with the help of an exposed to the average temperature regime of the iron, it will get better
  • Felt for sewing doll clothes. But in principle, if the felt is not found, you can use other material
  • Powder
  • Wire Foam blanks
A doll from fameirana will be colorful along with markers Marker doll from foamirana will be colorful with markers

So everything is procured - now you are ready!

IMPORTANT: Whichever doll you want to make, note that all parts are made separately.

We start with the head.

  • Take the foam ball and foamiran shade that is most similar to the skin
  • foamiran Heat in the hands or by holding no more than 2-3 seconds
  • soleplate is too long holding leads to a loss of plasticity
  • After heating foamirana pull it over the foam, trying to do so, So that the attachment points are located next to the
  • . Then these attachments can be disguised with the hair of the
To make a body of foyamiran dolls, it is better to use not a bright pink material, but a skin color sheet doll. To make a body of a foyamir doll, it is better to use not a bright pink material, but a skin color sheet

Now proceed to the hair .

  • Cut out the circle from the fameiran, warm it and fix it on the head. Preferably treat the joints with
  • . Take the same foiramane sheet that was used in the previous paragraph, and cut out a long strip of it.
  • . Perform incisions, warm the material with an iron. It is advisable to wind the stripes on a skewer or toothpick - this is how the curls of the
  • doll turn out. Glue the received hair to the side of the .Divide them and toss the part to the other side, without forgetting the place of connection with the head to handle the glue
  • . If you want the hair to be the same length, cut their .At the request of decorate hair bows or flowers
Here such hair can turn out at dolls from foamirana These are the hair can get a doll from
  • foamirana Now proceed to plotting face. To do this, you can use markers, paints or even a blush - at your discretion
Faces of foyamir dolls can be very diverse The faces of the foimiran dolls can be the most diverse
  • Well, now do the body. as a base can be used as foam or any appropriate form the subject - for example, a bottle cap or out of deodorant
  • Now cut out the pattern hands .Glue your hands to the body

IMPORTANT: If you want your hands to not bend, make them thicker.

  • Choose the template you like. Transfer the pattern on the fabric and then sew the outfit
A doll from Foamiran can be dressed in the most vivid and unusual outfits foamirana dolls can be dressed in the most vivid and unusual outfits
  • To produce legs can stick pasted foamiranom. The legs to the trunk are attached either with glue or with
  • wire. And the final stage is shoes .But we will talk about it separately
  • By the way, you can also do all sorts of additional things , which will be a doll surrounded by
A foamiran doll can be surrounded by some things. A doll from a fameiran can be surrounded by some things.
Here is a swimmer-swimmer doll Here is a swimmer from foyamiran

. Fonamiar dolls: patterns

.It is more convenient to make, using patterns. Especially at the initial stage. And even if the details of the pupae themselves you cut out without patterns, then for the dresses they are surely useful to you.

Pattern of a dress for a doll from foamirana Pattern dresses for dolls foamirana
But the pattern of the doll itself from Foamiran But the pattern itself dolls foamirana
Another pattern of dress for a doll from Foamiran Another pattern of dresses for dolls foamirana

shoes for dolls foamirana

dolls foamirana highlighted two major parts - head and shoes. From plastic rubber, so similar to the feel of suede, they produce magnificent bright shoes that will give the toy an individuality. So, footwear is made as follows:

  • Take two balls foam , which are approximately the same size Cut
  • balls in half. Then from each halve it will be necessary to cut a piece, but this time vertically the

IMPORTANT: Cut approximately 1/6 of the diameter of the half piece of the foam piece.

  • Now glue the halves of so that they form a pair. In principle, this step is optional, if you do not want the shoes adjacent to each other
  • obtain a preform put on the stand - so it is more convenient to bring it up to the final design. It is desirable to make the edges of foam hung from the support - it's more convenient to cover them foamiranom
  • Actually now can be taken and he foamiran - we need rectangular pieces of flesh color and a few pieces of the same color of the material, which must be the shoes. Warm Flesh Tone pieces using
That iron So you need to warm up foamiran for making dolls from now
  • foamirana put them to the side of the heated foam preform .Treat edges with glue, and cut off excess
  • More to our shoes you need to attach trace .To do this, thick cardboard or a large thickness of foiraman. It is advisable to choose the white color
  • Well, now heat the iron with those colored pieces of , from which it is planned to make shoes. Pull them to the workpiece
  • Cut several strips foamirana , then glue them to the perimeter of the shoe
  • Then it all depends on you - decorate the shoe as you'd like .You can use beads, sequins,
Here such can turn out beautiful boots with a doll from foamirana ribbons That such may turn out beautiful the shoes of a doll of foamirana
The soles of the shoes of the fomiran doll are sometimes very similar to the real soles Soles shoes dolls foamirana sometimes very similar to this sole
A doll from Foamiran can have such interesting laced boots The doll of foamirana may be such interesting laced shoes
And can a puppet from foyamiran have simple coats A can have from foamirana dolls haveand unpretentious shoes
Here are dolls from foyamiran shoes with bows That such a doll from foamirana shoes with bows
A doll from foyamiran can even have boots The doll of foamirana can be even boots
A doll from a foameran with bright shoes decorated with patterns doll from foamirana with bright boots, decorated with patterns
Sometimes the shoes are almost half the number of dolls from the fameirana Sometimes choo shoess Do not over half dolls foamirana
Sandals for a doll from Foamiran sandals doll foamirana
You can even make shoes with high heels for a foyamir doll It is even possible to make dolls from foamirana shoes heels

Tatiana Shmelev dolls foamirana

Yes, mostly fofuchi common in Brazil and Portugal. But we also have our own masters. For example, Tatiana Shmeleva.

This creative person is the teacher of the "Academy of needlework" center. Tatiana likes not just to create pupae, relying on her imagination, but also to copy cartoon characters.

A doll-angel from famiamin tatyany bumble An angel doll from foyamiran Tatyana Shmelyova
Dolls from fameirana Tatiana bumblebee Dolls from foyamiran Tatyana Shmelyova
A doll-girl from fomirana Tatiana bumblebee doll from foyamiran Tatyana Shmeleva
Here is a princess doll from famiarana Tatiana shmelyovoy This is a princess doll from Fyomir Tatyana Shmelyova

Evgenia Romanova dolls from foamiran

Another quite popular master in the field of making dolls from fameiranaIs Evgenia Romanova. However, this mother is engaged in painting, painting on glass. As for the crafts from Foamiran, for Eugenia they are the materialization of positive energy with the help of simple technologies.

Red-haired beauty-doll from foyamirana from eugene romanova Red-haired beauty doll from foyamirana by Eugenia Romanova
A boy and a girl are dolls from the fameirana from the eugenia of the novel Boy and girl - foyamir dolls by Eugenia Romanova
Doll-angel from foyamirana from eugenia of the novel Angel doll from foyamiran by Eugenia Romanova
The princess and the mouse are dolls from the fameirana from the eugenia of the novel Princess and mouse - foyamir dolls by Eugenia Romanova
A doll in a green dress from foyamirana from eugenia of the novel A doll in a green dress from foyamana from EugeniaRomanova
A set of fujarnean dolls from eugene novana A set of fujmirane dolls from Eugenia Romanova

A foyamir doll is an excellent gift not only for the child, but also for the adult. The thing is that each such pupa is individual, it has its own character. No wonder "fofucha" is translated as "sweetheart".