A bag in dogs: symptoms, signs, treatment. Is the plague passed from the dog to the man, the other dog, the cat?

A bag in dogs is a dangerous viral disease that is given to treatment in the early stages. If you identify the first symptoms and make timely calls to the veterinarian, the sick animal will be saved.


  • How does the plague appear in dogs - the symptoms?
  • Is the plague passed from dog to dog?
  • Is the plague passed from dog to person?
  • Does the dog send a plague from a dog?
  • How to treat a dog's distemper?
  • Vaccination against doggies for dogs
  • Can a grafted dog get sick with a plague?
  • People's treatment of distemper in dogs at home
  • distemper in dogs Treatment of vodka
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  • What is a dog in the house? This is happiness from communicating with a four-legged friend, joint walks, eternal devotion and fidelity, which gives the dog
  • The most important thing is that the dog remained healthy. But it does not always happen: our pets, especially young people, are subject to many diseases
  • One of the most serious is the distemper, or, as they call it in the people,
Chumka - one of the most dangerous canine diseases distemper - one of the most dangerous canine diseases

How does the canine tooth show symptoms?

A chum is a very ancient disease, mentioned in the writings of Aristotle. Only in 1905 the French scientist Carr succeeded in establishing the causative agent of the disease - the filtering virus.

IMPORTANT: A canine plague is a viral disease with a variable incubation period from three days to three weeks from the time of infection. The animal still seems healthy, but is already infectious.

The virus makes itself felt gradually: the dog begins to get bored, tired, loses its appetite and the disease enters the first stage of development.

This manifestation of the disease, if it is diagnosed in time, is quickly treated and in 90% of cases the dog recovers.

IMPORTANT: If the dog owner has ignored or not noticed changes in the behavior of his pet, the chum develops and smoothly passes into the next stage.

In the next stage of the disease there is fever, discharge from the start of the conjunctiva of eyes and mucous membranes of the nose, possible diarrhea, hair becomes unkempt appearance may fall, exposing the skin, the animal does not eat, but a lot of drinking, hammered into the darkest corner.

Dog Chumka in the dog

After a while, the hind limbs are paralyzed, and then the respiratory tract and death occurs.

Depending on the locus of virus dislocation, the plague is divided into:

  • pulmonary
  • intestinal
  • cutaneous
  • nerve

IMPORTANT: It is noteworthy that in its pure form none of the forms are present, therefore the above clinical characteristics are almost identicalFor all varieties of the virus.

Time course of different diseases, depending on many factors:

  • embodiment with fulminant disease clinic practically absent, and the animal dies within days
  • for hyperacute form characterized by high fever, refusal to eat, coma and death of the animal during 23 days
  • in acute form all the symptoms are observed and with proper treatment 30% of the animals survive. However organism ill animals can no longer function as earlier: there are problems with hearing, sight, smell, characterized by nervous and mental disorders
  • in chronic distemper lasting months, there is a gradual "fading" of the animal, with manifesting flashes clinical characteristics of the disease, whicheventually leads to death

terrible virus spares no organ of the animal, but most affected the nervous system: the dog shakes and pulls the legs, her place is solderedDki, often paralyzes the entire body.

The first symptom of a plague in dogs is apathy and refusal to eat The first symptom of the plague in dogs is apathy and refusal to eat

Is the plaque passed from the dog to the dog?

A domestic pet can be infected with a plague anywhere and anyhow, as the causative agent of the disease belongs to the family of viruses spreading by airborne droplets.

IMPORTANT: If a healthy animal is in close contact with the infected - plays, eats and drinks from one bowl, sniffs the bowel movements - the chum is guaranteed.

Even the owner of the pet, walking around in places where a sick dog walks, can carry the virus on his clothes or shoes. In most cases, infection occurs through the ears, mouth, nose. The causative agent, getting into the body, affects the blood and tissues of the animal.

The bag is transferred from dog to dog The chum is transferred from dog to dog

Is the pig sent from dog to person?

If the pet was ill, he needs help host who can safely care for an infected dog, as the causative agent of canine distemper to man is not transmitted.

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to know that this virus is very stable in the external environment, and to not bring it into a house with a healthy animal, you need to process clothes and shoes with ether or chloroform.

A bag is not transferred from a dog to a person A chum is not transferred from a dog to a person

Does the dog send a plaque to a cat?

No less than cats loved by many people can also be sick with a plague. But they do not get infected with it from dogs, that is, mutual disagreement is excluded.

The causative agent of panleukopenia ( plague) in cats is parvovirus. So, if two kinds of pets live at home, they can not infect each other with chums.

A bag is not transferred from a dog to a cat A chum is not transferred from a dog to a cat

How to treat a dog's distemper?

  • earlier initiation of treatment of a sick animal, the greater the chances of a favorable outcome
  • The most dangerous symptom of a lesion of the central nervous system, so treatment should be comprehensive, aimed at individual clinical manifestations
  • disease Application causal treatment will affect the pathogen.using antibodies has been ill dogs for the manufacture of whey, as they give the most powerful therapeutic effect
  • Patriotic veterinary medicine relies on medications «Biocenter" firms "Narvak» or foreign counterparts «Merial", "Biovet»
  • dose administeredserum for dogs weighing less than 5 kg is 2ml , and more than 5 kg - 5ml .If necessary, the procedure repeats in the same dosage every other day. However, this is not a panacea, and the introduction of the serum is effective only in the initial stage of the disease

IMPORTANT: In order during the illness of the dog's immune system to work at the proper level, it should be supported by a imunnostimulyatorov containing interferon suppress the vital activity of the virus.

It is also necessary to compensate for the lack of vitamins of group B and calcium in the body of the pet by the introduction of appropriate drugs.

IMPORTANT: It is also advisable to take antibiotics aimed at reducing the body temperature of a sick animal. Their choice depends on the symptoms of the disease.

In time, the vaccine will save the dog In time, the injected serum will save the dog's life
  • If the dog coughs, then it is necessary to help her body remove sputum from the lungs by using expectorants: mucaltin, bromhexine, etc. Use of anti-inflammatory drugs
  • is mandatory. To treat the eyes, use various drops and ointmentsWith the content of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory substances. Regularly rinse and cleanse suppuration in the eyes of the dog
  • This can be done with freshly brewed black tea, 1% solution of boron acid

Vaccination against doggies

To four-legged friend of the family did not fall ill with a canine plague, it is necessary to plant it. Vaccination is performed between the ages of one and a half months.

Some veterinarians believe that antibodies received from the mother persist in the blood for up to three months, so puppies need to be vaccinated at this age.

IMPORTANT: The main thing is that in the period poslevaktsinatsionny puppy for at least two weeks, preferably months, no contact with other dogs, and the house did not come potential carriers of the virus.

The next inoculation is done at 6 months, and after that - once a year.

IMPORTANT: Only healthy animals can be vaccinated, after having cleaned the body of worms and fleas.

  • vaccine for inoculation, both domestic and imported, must acquire specialized clinics
  • In most cases - is a multivalent formulation( «Nobivac", "Tetradog» et al.), Intended to produce immunity from several commonSuch diseases
  • vaccinated dogs transferred very easily and for an animal test acceptable immune shake once
Vaccination from a distemper will save the dog from a disease vaccination against distemper dog will protect from the disease may

Does the grafted dog get sick with a plague?

If the owners of the dogs are responsible, in time they plant their pet, they will not get sick. This does not mean that the animal does not pick up the plague virus, it's just not likely that it will be noticeable: since antibodies are present in the animal's blood, the body will cope with the disease without problems.

IMPORTANT: There are times when the puppy is infected, but clinically the disease has not yet manifested, and at the same time the owners have planted a small pet. In 99% of cases this leads to the death of the animal.

If the puppy after some time after vaccination, when the immune system has not had time to form, caught the virus, the situation is also very difficult and can lead to death.

IMPORTANT: No vaccination gives a 100% guarantee. It just helps to cure the virus painlessly.

In vaccinated dogs, the chum can pass asymptomatically and painlessly Vaccinated dogs with distemper may be asymptomatic and painless

People's treatment of distemper in dogs

home When first noticed symptoms of the disease it is necessary to contact your veterinarian. After the delivery of all necessary tests, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment according to the symptoms. If it is possible to cure the pet at home, the veterinarian will certainly notify the owner of the animal.

IMPORTANT: But in no case is it possible to independently treat the plague of the dog with folk remedies - it will not help and lead to the death of the animal.

You can add some herbal decoctions to the main therapy determined by the vet:

  • To reduce the level of intoxication, you can use broth chamomile or St. John's wort
  • As a sedative so that the pathology of the nervous system does not develop, decoction motherwort

To this, you need to add a properly composed diet and the relentless care of the host.

Such folk methods will go to the pet for good.

Home decoctions of medicinal herbs will help the dog to recover faster after the plague Home decoctions of medicinal herbs will help the dog to recover faster after the chum.

Treatment of cannabis in dogs with vodka

Virtually all veterinarians are unequivocally against the treatment of the virus of the canine plague with vodka, since, in their opinion, this will inevitably lead a dog to death. However, some

breeders as cocktail therapy using vodka: 100 ml of vodka, one egg, one teaspoon of honey mixed thoroughly and desoldering this dog solution.

IMPORTANT: This method is relevant only at the very beginning of the disease, and if the dog has good immunity.

Treatment of a distemper in a dog with vodka Treatment of a distemper in a dog with vodka

The owner is responsible for the health of a domestic dog. Therefore, in order to avoid health problems, he must instill his pet from dangerous diseases and exclude his contact with unfamiliar animals.

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