Congratulation on the wedding from the parents. Beautiful congratulations to the bride and groom from mother, father in verse, prose and in their own words

Wedding congratulations are always pure, solemn and interesting for the newlyweds. In them every close person tries to express his love, his respect, devotion and love for the bride and groom.


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  • Wishes for young people in their own words and giving them gifts
  • Wishes, congratulationsnewlyweds in prose and handing them gifts
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Beautiful congratulations for the wedding the bride and groom in their own words

  • Wedding is a special celebration. It is always filled with joy, tears of happiness, beautiful outfits, flowers and pleasant sincere words. A special place at the wedding is congratulations, because they are given a special place
  • Each guest is individually given a personal word. There are times when a huge number of thoughts in your head do not find words and the person is in an uncomfortable situation. To avoid contemptuous attitudes, convictions from other guests and a simple standing with microphone in hand, you need to prepare for the solemn speech
  • Congratulations for a wedding can be taken from the Internet, read the postcard, write on a piece of paper, remember the poem
  • But most sincere andeloquent greetings are always in their own words, when all you want to say there is a chance to voice and to wish the couple a happy future
Beautiful wishes for the wedding of the newlyweds with their own words beautiful wishes for aadbu newlyweds in their own words

Wishes for a wedding in your own words:

  • Dear newlyweds! Remember this day. On this day, near to you, all your closest people: relatives, best friends, colleagues and good acquaintances. We are all infinitely happy with your happiness! I wish you to be in love all your life, in love with each other. Only this way the flame of tender feelings will not fade away and you will be able to dissolve daily not in everyday life, but in your happiness. GORKO YOUNG!
  • Dear( the names of the newlyweds)!I want to congratulate you on this date, to celebrate your incredibly beautiful wedding, careful preparation. I want to wish you that your married life was as colorful, festive and unforgettable. Live every day with ease, passion and sincerity in your heart. I wish longevity to your marriage, fertility and only well-being! BITTERLY!
  • Dear bride and groom! Today is a special day, your wedding. Distract from the guests, music, table and for a moment remember this moment - the moment of happiness. Remember this moment as often as possible in your life and always cherish each other, as something valuable, costly and unique. Your marriage is the most precious thing that you have. I wish you understanding, prosperity and happy days! Bitterly!

beautiful and touching greetings from my mother's daughter in verse

Mom is always a special person in the life of everyone, it is of great importance for the child, even if he grew up and is ready to marry. A wish from my mother should be touching, so that in his words all motherly love, caress, caring could be read.

a touching congratulation on the wedding from my daughter's mother

I have one treasure
I gave it to the son-in-law's hands.
I want to be happy the most,
Your life was after the wedding.
I beg you never to swear,
And each other always give way.
In situations, lap to get used to,
It will be better than not respecting.
You love your heart carry
Through longing, times and years,
And love each other, love!
Let your love be forever!

Beautiful and sensual greeting from the father of the daughter to the wedding

The father is the head of the family, the protection, the support and the one when the children respect and love their whole life. Very touching and important at the wedding celebration will be a solemn congratulation of the bride from his father. Such words, spoken by a native person, always lead to tears of happiness and are remembered for life.

beautiful and touching congratulations on the wedding from the father of the daughter

Today with my mother we will put our point,
We raised a charming daughter!
I want you to always be happy, daughter!
And we want you with a good husband
I was told that "you need me, Daddy, too". ..
Let today's night be merry!
Not long time will pass like our mom hands
will come, there will come running favorite relatives grandchildren. ..

touching parting greeting to the wedding of my mother's son

the wedding mother should wish the native son a lot of good in its further independent life, Make the right parting words, praise the choice of his wife and wish the best. Such words are always of great importance and are valued "in weight of gold."

beautiful wedding wish from my mother to my son, groom

Son, dear, I want you to become a worthy husband,
Do not try to disappoint us. ..
Your wife appreciate, love, love,
Its bring. ..
You know, our life is fleeting,
They fly like days short,
And you try your life so live,
As soon as you can, you always be happy!
My dad and you wish from the soul
To live one hundred best in life years!
You, children, are so good today,
Love you and advice!

Parting word from father to son for the wedding celebration, the words to the groom

Only the father can say a really parting, clear speech, which at the same time will serve as advice and congratulations for the groom. Fatherly words always serve as something special for the groom, because they are said by a respected and experienced person.

parting words and congratulatory words from the father to his son at the wedding

I want to leave congratulations,
Son, remember all the moments!
Your bride is a gift,
Keep your love for her in the heart of the heat!
I, the children, bless you,
I wish you peace and children,
To make your home cozy,
And happiness settled in it!
So that life would not be boring,
The path more often led to us,
So that there was no grief and dust,
To avoid your house strife!

Beautiful congratulations on the bride and groom's wedding in verse

Congratulate the bride and groom not only in words but also in pre-prepared beautiful and eloquent words.

greetings of the bride and groom on the wedding verses

Years flee and quickly fly,
Children leave, forgetting their father's house.
But we only congratulate you with this
For the joyful glasses of wine ringing.
We want you to be happy.
Smile sadness and tears from a good eye,
You are so wise and so are now beautiful,
And we are all happy today for you!
Pass through the years together with dignity,
Now you are exactly a solid family.
Let your life be filled with love,
Let there be true friends alongside.

Such a cheerful holiday, a holiday is not easy,
Rather, it is for all of us historical.
We wish you to live until the wedding gold,
As often as possible to return to the parental home.
Appreciate and love you each other
Love the way buds did not like before,
Hold hands in the way of life,
Learn to believe, wait and trust.
Let your home be a strong hostess
. It would not be a wife, but eternal love.
Let never you learn a happy life you are wrong,
And happiness to you returns all the time again and again!

Beautiful congratulations for a wedding in the verses from my mother's daughter

I want to congratulate you, my daughter,
His poems you read
Memorize my every line,
What do you wish your mother.
I want everything to work out for you,
So that you can not find the stones on the way,
To be more likely to smile on your life,
. So that the best is ahead.
So that my husband always was your support,
So that he would give you only love,
So that you have not been eaten by quarrels,
To be fun again and again.
My words you take heart,
And if it's hard for you,
Love, believe and support
Each other, you are lucky!

wish in verses from the mother of the daughter

Wishing in verses from the father of the daughter, beautiful wish to the bride

As always you are beautiful and unmatched,
This dress and color to you precisely goes.
I do not like to talk and I'm losing a little,
Let your husband lead you now in life.
I'll be alone without you, daughter,
You are always like a child to me.
Everyone remember that I love you very much,
I want you to be joyful in life.
Let your tree grow a tree of happiness,
And its fruits will be the most delicious.
Let your house go around, quarrel, bad weather,
Your husband is glorious, love and appreciate him!

Wishes at the wedding of the daughter of his father's poems

Beautiful wedding wishes from his mother to his son in verses

love our son, mother,
We are glad to see your holiday.
Today you created a family,
And you became her head.
Be patient, clever and kind,
Everything the way we taught you.
Gony vzashey insults, quarrels,
Appreciate the wife, to appreciate you.
We sincerely wish you,
So that you always live in love!

desire in verse from his mother to his son at a wedding

Congratulations to the wedding from father to son in verse, greetings groom

You grew up, the son found a bride,
Probably the most charming!
Zatea stormy you are holy
I'll tell you one thing, guys. ..
Run in life from adversity!
Dive into the senses of a whirlpool,
Let your house be full of
And other people appreciate you!
Cases float about smoothly,
Wife appreciate, do not dominate in your hearts.
Let you give the destiny of children
And the time of your feelings does not get old!

wish from father to son in the poems for the wedding

Congratulations on the wedding the groom and bride in prose, beautiful wishes

Prose is always eloquent verses because they do not require a suitable rhyme. Prose congratulations can be spontaneous, but can be prepared in advance.

beautiful congratulations in prose for the bride and groom
  • Newly married! Be happy as children, perceive life's problems as trifles, solve them together and appreciate each other. Smile life's misery, with joy and greed, look into a happy future, do not look back at the mistakes made. Bitterly!
  • Favorite children! I wish you such a strong love, which the world has not seen so far. May every day of your life fill with passion, heat, fire of your senses and awe of the relationship to each other. Notice the successes of each other, support each other in difficult situations and like two swans, carry your faithful love through time to the end of your life!
  • Dear newlyweds! Of all the pleasant words that sounded today in your honor I want to highlight the fact that everyone in the verbal form wanted to give you as much love as possible and it is not in vain. As long as you love one another, you are an indestructible force, you are one, you are the whole world! I wish you a lot of time to realize in life everything that you have planned, to be able to enjoy it, to give to parents of grandchildren to realize all your dreams. Appreciate each other. Take care of each other!

Beautiful words to the wedding of my mother's daughter in the form of prose

«My beloved daughter, now you're not just the bride. You became a wife for a loved one, found your personal family, appeared in the image of an adult wise woman. I'm infinitely proud of you and I want you to always be happy. Be kind and patient with your husband, be always quieter and remember that you are his inspiration. I'm sure you're a real mistress and can create comfort to his men, so I wish you well-being, prosperity and financial implementation of the conceived plans »

« My daughter, look at you! You're so beautiful, you're so charming, you're just perfect. I am proud to have raised such a well-bred and economic girl. .. no, a woman. Time flies and yesterday you were a screaming baby, and today you put a wedding ring on your finger. My father and I wish you happiness, understanding, peace, harmony in the family and only well-being! "

" Dear daughter! I want to congratulate you on this holiday and now wish you to realize his dream - had a strong and large family, to have a strong high house, a lot of happy kids, prosperity and welfare. Your husband is a wonderful person, keep your love and protect each other for the rest of your life! Be happy! »

wishes in prose to the wedding of the daughter of my mother

Wishes in prosaic form of the daughter of his father at the wedding

  • my Daughter, my pride, my princess! It seems to me only yesterday I carried you in my arms from the hospital, took it from the kindergarten, saw off at the graduation and was happy for the successes at the university. Today I had the opportunity to congratulate you on the fact that you became a woman, a wife, a keeper of the hearth and a mistress. Perhaps, I have not fully understood how grown-up you are and still I'll wait for you in your house every day for an hour, for a couple of minutes. If God allows, give me many grandsons so I will not be bored! Happiness to you, my beloved daughter!
  • My girl, you know how much you mean to me. You are all my wealth, you are the most precious thing that I have. You chose a worthy man to become your husband and I no doubt give you into his hands. Be a good mistress, be a kind and faithful wife, and in the future - an affectionate and caring mother. I wish that your house was full of comfort and prosperity, comfort and warmth. Let never grieve you and everything in life will develop exactly as you want it!
  • My daughter, today you are a beautiful bride and a young wife. I wish you happiness to follow you all your married life so that joy will grab you and not let go, so that the comfort and warmth will forever settle in your house. To sorrow passed by the side of your pair, and failure completely lost its way. Be kind and patient with each other, love and forgive.
wishes in the prose for the wedding from the father of the daughter

Beautiful words from my mother's son on his wedding day in the form of prose

"Sonny, today in our eyes you have become a grown man. My dad and I are infinitely proud that we raised such a beautiful and well-bred son. Let in your married life there will be no problems, always there will be a prosperity, happiness and the main thing - love! Appreciate and love each other!

Son, you have matured in front of your eyes. For us, you will always be the most loved and the best in the world and therefore, we wish you only happiness and prosperity. Love, understanding and great success. Your wife is a real clever woman, protect her and lead her with a happy future!
  • Dear our son, today we want to congratulate you with your father on the fact that you have become a real man, protectors of your family and husband. Appreciate your marriage, spoil and protect your wife, raise children and bring prosperity to your home. We will always help you in your endeavors and always support. Be yourself, be loved, let peace and luck be with you!
  • congratulations in prose for the son from the mother for the wedding

    The instructions and congratulations of the groom on the wedding, wishes from the father to the son

    "Today, son, I want to wish you only good, only well-being, peace and happiness. I wish to be always on top in business, I wish a dream come true, I wish a large family with a lot of children. And the rest you have: love, beautiful wife, loving parents. "

    " Son, you have found great happiness - your beloved woman, who today became your wife. Keep it as the apple of the eye, protect from problems and evil, love and kiss and then happiness will be with you for the rest of your life. I wish you to continue and give your grandchildren beautiful and kind parents. I wish you to be forever in love and happy! "

    " Dear son, I did not notice how quickly you became a man, but today I want to congratulate you on this event and ask you to be the best husband for this fascinating woman. Be wise and kind, self-sufficient and just. Let your family take root, strengthen in the soil and give beautiful fruits. We love you! »

    wishes in prose from father to son for the wedding

    Congratulation of the newlyweds at the wedding from their parents when presenting the gift

    Congratulations mischievous
    You accept, young!
    We congratulate you on the words
    and rhymed verses!
    You have chosen
    for a gift We probably are a hundred years old,
    But believe me, dear,
    This stuff - better not!
    After all, a gift, to be honest,
    The right one should be and interesting,
    Must be of course important,
    And unique even!
    We tried, it means
    We give money to spend!

    Presentation of gifts for the wedding in verse

    Congratulation of the young and presenting them gifts for the wedding in verse

    To your happiness was near
    And gently flickered in the hands of
    We were told that to the luck
    To bathe "young" in money!!
    You, warmth, good luck,
    Let all dreams come true.
    And here's an add-on in the bargain
    Groom, from us take it!

    Everyone in this room knows,
    That money does not happen much!
    The bridegroom, we give you
    This is a plump envelope!
    We very much believe our gift
    Well-being will give.
    Its you spend very boldly,
    After all, money - this is a real business!
    congratulations for the newlyweds and giving them presents in verse

    Wishes for young people in their own words and giving them presents

    "Dear newlyweds, accept from us this NOT a DISK gift! We thought for a long time what to give to you and decided that the best gift is "of course honey," as the famous Winnie the Pooh said. Allow yourself to endless waste, the fulfillment of some dream or simply buying tickets for the beautiful hot islands, most importantly - do it together! "

    " Young, we decided to give you this gift because we really appreciate home well-being and comfort. We also wish you the same, let in your house be full, beautiful and in abundance. Remember about us as often as possible, appreciate your loved ones and each other! "

    " Dear newlyweds, do not be embarrassed that we give you this amount of money. So it is customary to give bills. We want this gift to serve as the basis of your budget, so that you can afford it for yourself various pleasures and things necessary for home. After a year you will remember where they came from and you will be pleased that your loved ones love and appreciate you! Peace to you and love! »

    congratulations to the newlyweds in their own words and giving them gifts

    Wishes, congratulations to the newlyweds in prose and giving them presents

    "Young, our gift is a contribution to your family wealth, to your first joint budget, to your ticket to a" happy prosperous future ".Appreciate every moment spent next. Do not deny yourself the pleasures and while there is time - live for yourself. Give love to others and relatives. Happy Wedding Day! »

    « Dear newlyweds, we are infinitely glad that you invited us today for this holiday! Thank you and for the magnificent table and for the fun and for remembering us. Our gift is this sum of money, I really want it to serve you well and you spent it on what is your dream. So we will assume that at least a part of it was implemented! Be happy! ALWAYS! "

    " Our beloved, the bride and groom! How fun and beautiful your wedding ceremony was. How tasty and joyful you met your guests. We happily spent time at your wedding and wish you to continue to live this life on and on, and in order not to deny yourself anything - we give this envelope here. No, it is not the car keys, no keys to the house and even diamonds, it is what you want for yourself. .. be happy for life, be the same smiling and happy like today always! We love you »

    congratulations to the newlyweds on the holiday and handing them gifts of prose

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