Charms for the bracelet Pandora on Lamoda - originals, brands: price, catalog, photo. How to choose and order through the online store Lamoda gold and silver charms brand Vangold for the bracelet Pandora?

Search and selection of charms for pandora on Lamoda.


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Those people who are trying to follow the fashion, must have noticed Pandora charms. They are considered the latest novelty and combined in themselves an unusual shape and personality. Let's find out how you can buy a fashion accessory on the Lamoda website.

How to wear a Pandora bracelet with charms?

For the first order on the Lamoda website, read the instructions on the website here, or call the managers who politely help to place an order.

FREE hour phone numbers :
For residents of Moscow: +7( 495) 134-00-40
For regions: 8800 333-14-48

Before you are going to buyOn the site of Lamoda Pandora's charms, you must know how to properly make up and wear the bracelet received.

A well-known brand offers its fans to create a bracelet or suspension on their own. So, for example, you can make an interesting bracelet consisting of various elements: flowers, bows, stars and so on.

How to compile?

If you want to create the harmony, then read the following options:

  • glass beads, Murano suit any woman. Young girls like floristic drawings, and solid ladies monochrome.
  • You can use spacers to compose a bracelet and fill empty spaces with them.
  • The bracelet also uses the clip. She divides the bracelet into small sections, which are filled with beads.
  • Suspension - this ornament attracts special attention, accordingly it is necessary to apply them with extreme caution.
Variety of charms Variety of charms

How to wear?

Stylists recommend experimenting with this question, so you can combine the accessory at will. Do not think about which hand is better to wear such a bracelet, because it can even become a "neighbor" of a wristwatch. Only at the same time, make sure that the accessories are combined: the excess will only spoil the whole impression.

  • With a wristwatch that has a leather strap, Pandora's bracelet also looks great with a genuine leather strap. When designing such a bracelet, you can also take into account the design of the watch dial.
  • If the body is 925 silver, then wear it with the same clock.
  • And most importantly, do not wear a Pandora bracelet from precious metal with ordinary accessories.
Combine pandora with other accessories Combine Pandora with other accessories

How to buy Pandora charms Vangold brand Lamoda gold: price, catalog, photo

Lamoda on the store's website you will find a variety of Pandora charms without problems. But especially popular are elements made of precious metals.

Gold charms from the famous brand Vangold were no exception. In the online store Lamoda, you are sure to find something for yourself.

Golden charms for pandora Gold Charms for Pandora

Pay attention to the collection of golden charms with hearts, flowers and in the form of a star. Just think, thanks to such miniature elements, you will easily make a stylish and stylish accessory for yourself and your daughter. Presented on the Lamoda website, the golden charms look really beautiful and fabulous.

Charms made of natural gold come in several colors and shades: white, yellow, and also with a reddish overflow. You can wear them both every day and wear for a special occasion.

How to buy Pandora charms on Lamoda brand Vangold from silver: price, catalog, photo

  • No less attractive are charms from the Vangold brand, made of silver. Silver charms will allow you to transform your own bracelet, since there are a lot of variations and unusual pendants. On the site of Lamoda's store you choose charms, given their shape, texture and style of execution.
Silver charms for pandora Silver charms for Pandora
  • Among the huge assortment you will surely like the silver charms, decorated with natural stones, gilding, crystals, pendants, plates, pendants. Any of the accessories presented in the store will be able to emphasize the individuality and attract the attention of the surrounding men.
Ideas for Pandora charm Chandelier ideas for Pandora

Silver charms look very similar to ordinary models made of metal. However, if you look closely, you will immediately notice the differences: silver differs from a simple metal in color( silver is a bit lighter).

How to buy Pandora charms on Lamoda Star, Starfish, Letter: price, catalog, photo, value

The word "charm" is translated from English as an amulet. People have made various pendants from far away and wore them as amulets.

Pandora currently produces charms for different tastes. There are even people who collect collections of such accessories. And they, before buying this or that Pandora hinge, carefully study ornaments and their meanings.

If you decide to purchase charms and then collect the bracelet yourself, then you need to know what each such accessory means.

Lamoda's site has a lot of hinges. All of them are beautiful and each in its own way is unique:

Charm in the form of a star - this accessory is considered a symbol of the desire for fame and great popularity.

Decoration of pandora Pandora Decoration

Charm in the form of a marine star - as well as its own prototype, this charm stands for consistency and firmness in life.

Charm with a star Charm with star
  • Charm, which shows a letter or with an alphabetic pattern - means, as a rule, the first letters of the initials of the owner of the hinge.

Similar decorations you can buy for a friend, sister, mother. They will fit absolutely under any clothes. They can be worn as a festive event, and on an ordinary weekday.

How to buy Pandora charms on Lamoda Fish, Bag, Crown: price, catalog, photo, value

In European countries, charms gained great popularity around the 18th century. It was at that time that the women of fashion started wearing bracelets that had removable medallions. The bracelets adored the hippies and made them themselves.

Charms in the form of fish, bags and crowns can become for you a memory or to designate something pleasant. Such accessories are relatively inexpensive, and you will find them on the site of the online store Lamoda. But what do these symbols stand for?

  • Charm with fish - it means fertility. There are also similar variants, for example, the sea horse( creativity), the frog( many believe that with the help of such an amulet you can attract wealth, long life and immortality).
Charm fish
Decoration Pandora fish
  • Charm in the form of bags - denotes prosperity. Such a symbol will appeal to that girl who adores fashion and watches her own appearance. Also prosperity denotes and charm in the form of a purse.
Charm Handbag Charm handbag
  • Charm in the form of a crown - such an accessory denotes someone's strong love for the person to whom it is meant. Also, this charm means that the owner has an imperious character.
Charm of the Crown Sharm crown

How to buy Pandora Charms on Lamoda Dragon Clock, shells: the price, the catalog, photos, value

The website online store you will find Lamoda sharmiki in a huge range. There is everything that is near us: birds, various animals, words, charms in the form of accessories and ornaments.

Charm seashell Sharm shell

Of course, if you are going to collect for yourself or a loved one bracelet of expensive elements, then be prepared for what the decoration cost you cheap. But believe me, it's worth it.

  • Charm in the form of a dragon - this accessory is considered a symbol of eastern wisdom and strength.
  • Charm in the form of watch - means that a person is constantly striving forward.
  • Charm in the form of a shell - this symbol is considered female. It is related to the conception of a child and luck.

You can find the charms on the Lamoda website very easily, because besides the above listed options you will find other interesting and unusual ones.

How to buy Pandora Charms on Lamoda Cube, Flower, House, shoes: the price, the catalog, photos, value

First of all you need to know that the charm - it is a very powerful amulet. Many psychics say that there are points on the wrist of each person that are related to the brain's ability to work. Also, the bracelets "embrace" the meridians on their hands and stimulate them.

Make a large bracelet, as the larger the size, the stronger will be its effect. But do not wear a bracelet all the time. Wear it twice a week.

In the Lamoda shop you will definitely like the charms, which show: a cube, a flower, a house and a shoe. These accessories look more interesting, and the other values ​​they are completely different:

  • Charm in the form of dice that say mama or family - are as a person very much loves his own parents and family.
  • Charm in the form of a flower - symbolizes wisdom, grace and beauty.
Floral charm
  • Charm a house - denotes an accessory comfort and style. At the moment there is no such charm on the site. But soon the accessories will be replenished.
  • Charm with a shoe - but this charm can mean a lot. For example, a shoe on a hairpin is an admiration for the opposite side. Cinderella's shoe is an unexpected wealth.
Shoe Slipper

As you can see, charms - it is not mere decoration. They have a lot of mysteries and mysteries. Go to Lamoda's store. Choose, but do it very carefully and carefully.

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