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The article contains thematic Russian folk ditties for children.


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For our mothers and fathers on holidays background music often served ditties. The unpretentious couplets, which were tuned for fun, jokes, are now also fondly loved and popular with the organizers of various events.

Satire quirky quatrains are friendly and kind, and therefore they will certainly revitalize the concert or festival, attract the attention of children and adults.

In this article are collected chastooshkas, which will brighten up both the children's morning performance and the baby's name day. Teac

hers and organizers of the holidays do not have to search the Internet for a long time on thematic couplets, because here are collected the most interesting and funny short funny songs.


Russian folk ditties for children

This unique folklore genre as ditties performed without musical accompaniment. Sometimes a quatrain plays along with a balalaika or accordion.

Preschool children absorb all the information that becomes available to them, so it's important not to be mistaken with the choice of developing games.

At the age of 2-5 years old children listen with pleasure to cheerful music and short funny rhymed tunes, and are less interested in prose. During this period the child shows interest in chastushki, in which he finds answers to emerging questions.

together with the children Teach Russian folk ditties, from which they will discover many interesting and curious information

Folk dances for children

Cock, Cockerel,
sang ditties.
You burn well,
Lay layers.
Nerezushki, layers,

Our ram is a wealthy gentleman.
He made a new thing for himself.
Whether a fur coat, or a caftan,
Will not understand now himself!

As for the garden-garden
Likes goat walk.
After this hike, the
harvest is not collected!

I'm a poor goose,
Like a copper penny.
I walk barefoot in the village,
I'm storing Pooh for winter.

- Ha-ha-ha, - the goose sang.
I'm not afraid of foxes.
All the chanterelles on weight
I'll carry in the basket!

I'm a cow anywhere!
As the crown of my horns.
Who will pass me,
Milk will taste!

Russian folk ditties for children

At the door on the chest
Sits ass in the hood.
How to put on the hood -
He called himself a "fool"!

Ah yes gray Kotok
Went to the river at mostok,
in water tail lowered,
cat fish has caught!

I was sitting on the stove,
Watched kalachi.
And behind the stove of the mouse
They were looking for pyschki.

I'm on the sarafan
Cockerels and cockerels
In the whole world there is no more beautiful
My dear grandmother!

My grandmother
The new apron is bright.
Take, babulechka,
For the holiday gifts!

I am ready to suffer the whole day
Without your without pies.
Before that, I suffered,
One big nose remained.

I came to babulechka,
And I embraced my native one!
Live many, many years
And keep the Lord from troubles!

And the parents handed
Grandmother's grandchildren Granny.
And to myself only take
Only them on the day off.

Important : from folk ditties, songs, children learn about the world around them, and rhymed lines and a simple rhythm attract the attention of the baby.

Positive moments when listening to ditties by kids:

  • children begin to dance, developing the coordination of movements
  • frequent repetitions of simple songs positively affect the development of the speech device
  • kids get used to the sound of the native speech
  • the child feels the joy
  • the aesthetic feelings are formed

If the newborn is humming short funny rhymes, Then such procedures as dressing up, bathing will not cause concern in crumbs. Songs will distract attention and have a positive impact on the psycho-physical development of

Ditties for newborns

Chastushki is also relevant in games with the baby. And accompanying the singing with the movements of hands, my mother promotes that the child will repeat after her, and therefore, will grow active. Oral folklore for children is an important foundation in the formation of a person.

Ditties for children about the school

This section contains chastushki dedicated to school subjects. Taking advantage of the material collected here, the teachers will be able to supplement the program of any children's event, the competition of amateur performers.

Folklore musical verses are selected in accordance with school holidays. So perfect the school musical repertoire with folk songs, and let the holiday bring more jokes and laughter to the guys!

School ditties about teachers

Thank you for the science,
Wise teachers.
Because, we understand,
you drove us knowingly.

Our teacher is very strict
We did not go to the lesson!
How happy he was,
What is released from us!

We came to school with sparrows,
Now we swallow the swallow.
Teachers we really love,
Thank you all for talking.

I'm a teacher on the
board I wrote a task,
Well, I'm sitting in a longing,
On the face of suffering.

And Irina Nikolayevna
She loves silence very much.
Why does not love noise,
Well, I do not understand.

For the teacher of the first
I do not regret good words,
After all she understood,
How to keep us in school.

In school in the morning I go,
Wait for me teacher.
Will suffer during lessons -
I will torture them and myself.

Being a teacher is not easy,
Only your subject.
Teacher should teach,
How can we act in life.

Happy Teachers congratulating
We came to you today.
Wish for great success,
To teach better than us.

Chastushki in the garden with the words

In the lesson I'm sitting,
I'm looking at the teacher.
I like the teacher,
When he does not swear.

School our dear
Releases from its desks
Mendeleevs, Coulombs. ..
Very much the world will be glad to them!

Mimo school number ten
Well, I can not go:
Or I'll wash the windows,
Or I'll sweep the courtyard.

We certainly love school,
Our school is nice!
While dragging this school
Some force.

Very amicably we live,
Songs are fun to sing.
Better than a good school of our
We can not find it all over the world!

Our school is the best,
And in the canteen are fed everyone,
And we have a gym here,
And we do not have any kids.

Video: chastushki about the school

Ditties for the birthday for the children

Sparkling folk ditties can become a highlight of the celebration for both the adult audience and the kids. The funny content of short humorous verses will set both the originator of the celebration and the invited guests to the right mood. Simple motifs will cheer, light up the audience, and at best will even carry you to the dance.

Chastushki for children

In order for the quatrains to fulfill their entertainment function, they should be performed at a fast pace without changing the melody. The main thing in a chastushka is her humorous meaning.

The ditties that will sound on the name day, will contribute to the creation of a good mood and provoking the public. A special musical talent for performers of mixed verses is not required. Even people who are far from music can cope with the task.

It is enough only 3-4 performers in colorful folk costumes, bayan player and excellent mood to the culprit of the celebration is guaranteed. How to congratulate original birthday congratulations with chastooshkas, read in this section.

We came to congratulate you,
Nick [birthday] on his birthday.
So sit comfortably in a chair,
And listen to congratulations!

To congratulate on the day of "jam"
All the best to wish for,
Named chastushki
Now we will perform!

How old are you - I do not know,
Why should I know this,
On a huge cake of a candle
You can take and count!

I look at the table and see
Delicious very loaf,
But I'm on a diet today
Do not you choose me!

Name day - a miracle-holiday,
They happen once a year.
To visit you Crocodile
I invite Cheburashka!

They will sing to you the song
About the magic helicopter,
The one that exactly will bring the Eskimo to everyone on the birthday of


The children's holiday will become much more interesting and interesting if someone from adults changes into the costumes of cartoon characters( Cheburashka, Winnie the Pooh) and will distribute sweets, balls to invited kids.


We will amaze the honest people
Tanya [name of the birthday girl] with her birthday
Let's be honest in congratulating
Today, joy and fun,
Come out and dance!

All of us are shining with happiness,
Namediny you!
We are going to congratulate you
Relatives and friends.

Here are the flowers, but the candy,
Is not it nice!?
And still present a holiday,
Have fun and be beautiful!

Be happy, be healthy,
Never be harsh! Let the life be successful,
If anything, hold on to us!

Have fun, honest people,
Birthday is coming!
Let them bring gifts to you,
The holiday will become bright-bright!

After these words, you can arrange the distribution of small gifts. The guys will appreciate the explosion of crackers and flying multicolored confetti.

Chastushki on a child

Ditties about professions for children

I say to all my friends,
What I want to be an astronomer.
I do not like sleeping at night,
It's better to study stars.

I love before the whole class
At the lessons to answer.
This experience is useful -
I want to become an actress!

If, Petya, you are afterwards
You will be a deputy,
That your diary can become
A terrible compromising!

- Have pity on me, Mummy,
Let me skip school!
- You, son, there's a director,
You must be on the spot!

I decided that I should not do anything with
I'll become a dentist,
Everyone is afraid of him.

Vovka boasts to the guys,
That he will become a lawyer.
And yet not a lawyer,
He's beating everyone.

I want to be a scout,
After all, I'm resourceful and bold.
Mom hid the sweets,
I explored where - and ate!

Chastushki with words for children

Finally up to ten something
I learned to count.
And now the judge of boxing
I can definitely become.

I'll become a haircutter
And I'll take revenge on Lariske -
Cutting as much as a boy,
And then I'll forgive.

I go to the gym,
I eat only once a week.
I'll tell you in secret:
I want to become a model.

I am friendly with the tractor driver,
I help him to go.
Tractor driver drives,
And I'm sitting side by side!

Chastushki in the garden with the words

Ditties for children in kindergarten

Kindergarten teachers can take advantage of the script and introduce the children with oral folk art creatively and fun.

Decorate the hall better in the folk style: put on the stage fake painted gates, the Russian hut.

Under the melody of the balalaika, the performers of the chastooshkas and the accordion-balalaika go out.

Come out, I'll go dance
In brand new shoes,
All the guys say,
What am I like as a picture!

In the blue sky clouds walk,
There will be rain or hail.
Olya asks for handles
On the way to the kindergarten!

At the table sat Alla,
Behind the plate thought,
Pinocchio sat down to it,
All compote and porridge ate.

Chastushki in the garden with the words

Sasha and Masha played
All the toys were scattered,
They began to argue and shout
To collect the toys!

Petya cleverly catches fish
Can make a raft,
Only "hello" and "thank you"
Can not talk!

Lazed in the morning Vova
Combed in a comb,
A cow came up to him,
Brushed her tongue!

Parents have no hours
No with the child to communicate,
Who in the garden communicates
Rapidly developing!

We are the boys of our own,
Oh, how it was noticed!
They sing diligently,
Blink wonderful!

And I'll go with the accordion
Below the Olino window,
Let's see, the accordion,
Open the window!

I have a rose in my pocket -
Rose spreading,
I have such a character,
How nettles are burning!

Tortoise went swimming.
and bitten all with fear
I'm not afraid of anyone!

The mouse was met by the girlfriends
And they hid in each other.
And which remained,
Most of all I got scared.

I tried Pauline
I can eat half a cup.
Porridge and harmful caught.
I laughed at Polinka.

Chastushki in the garden with the words

In the morning our mom Milla
gave two sweets.
I barely had time to give,
I ate them myself.

Like little kids
Every possible candy.
Who gnaws and who swallows,
Who rolls the bite.

In the kindergarten
enjoys unpretentious people.
In a quiet hour he can not sleep,
he in half a voice sings:

Oh, luli, oh, lyuli,
as on the Volga ships.

Named chastushki with words for children

Will be Vanya - an engineer,
will be Lenochka - a doctor.
Teacher will become Vera,
and meanwhile we sing:

Wow, you, ah, you, - we are all cosmonauts.

In our garden guys
The most skillful:
Who draws, who sings,
Who is the fastest of all running.

Thank you all for your attention,
For the love, the experience,
Well, the garden, prosper,
Welcome to children!

Ditties for children with the names

Children will really enjoy the holiday, which will sound chastushki with their names.

Our Andrew that week
Surrendered the teacher a notebook.
He does not know what to do with it -
Clean, wash or wash.

Strolled Sergei in the park
And did not learn the lesson.
I took and hid under the desk,
So that no one could find.

At the lesson of our Serezha
I can not say anything.
As the lesson ends -
The mouth does not close.

Seryozhka summoned to the board,
But silent Seryozhka,
Because the whole lesson
He was looking in the window.


Dima has developed a good rumor.
Can safely
Play standing at the blackboard,
With far-away point cards.

Who is hustling in the buffet?
Breaks forward?-
Pity Ira, children,
Give Ira a sandwich!

From Marina was waiting for an answer
Our teacher is long -
No answer, no welcome,
No sense!

Oh, we do not like it when Pasha
answers at the board.
From his bellowing of sleepy
We are dying from anguish.

Drawing our ancestors
Dinosaurs on the rock,
21st century.- Vignettes
Tolya is drawing on the table.

Named chastushki with words

Dinosaurs our ancestors
Knocked on a rock,
And now Grachev Artem
They draw on the table.

Our Tanechka - chattle,
Well, he listens in a half-ear.
Her teacher says -
And she looks through the window.

Nick came out to answer,
But did not know where to start.
The hour was silent, then he said:
"Anna Pavlovna, call."

I'm sitting at the desk with Roma.
Roma - the guy anywhere.
He looks, what a poor -
Will protect me always.

All programs are indiscriminately
The daughter looks "up to the stop",
Rest only at school -
Telemannka is our Olya.

In our class, never
It's not hot,
The fan replaces
We have Lark's turntable!

Gosha suffers, sighs
And mutters at the board. ..
Fall asleep, dry up
Even flies from melancholy!

Ditties for the camp for children

Summer vacations are always a lot of different interesting activities, children's camp and songs by the fire. And where the songs are, there are gay chastushki! Teach with the children short couplets.

We, funny girlfriends,
You chastushki singing.
And about the summer, and about the camp,
And about how we live!

The summer of red waited,
Diaries were abandoned.
We will have a rest for a long time -
Right up to the very autumn!

Dusty city, good-bye!
Goodbye, family!
Waving goodbye -
I'm going to summer camp!

Chastushki about the camp for children

Good with friends together -
Song of the sonorous singing.
In our camp wonderful
"Cool" for a month!

Waiting for us tours, tournaments,
Discos, quizzes.
River, sun, beach and forest.
Even "Field" is a "miracle".

Do not be bored, daddy, mum -
The camp is not a drama. ..
How to download the house -
Immediately I will notify you.

Mom, tears do not lei:
Camp is full of friends,
I'll run, sunbathe
From the tablet rest!

Chastushki about the camp

Mom, you do not pour tears,
Do not drink Valerianochka. ..
Come kids to rest -
Fresh air to breathe!

Our Leader is the Best
At the Institute, Learn!
We know that from it
the teacher will turn out!

Our counselor-adored
We adore him,
He likes all the guys,
And in everything he's a champion!

Dress Gown scored
Fashion Marinka.
On charging and hiking
Goes like a "picture"!

We with the girlfriend zasoni,
We like to sleep for a long time.
But since eight in the morning our camp,
And I have to get up!

In our camp, of course,
Entertainment mass.
And the counselors at us
Simply super-class!

Do not worry, dad, mom,
Summer vacation - the best one!
We'll rest here for twenty days -
Do not recognize the children.

Teachers of their
Here we openly say:
- A lot of you trouble us
This shift will bring.

There are a lot of children here with us
You look at us
All of us are very different

Chastushki pro summer for children

With the onset of summer and the beginning of the holidays, chastushki about warm sunny days are especially relevant.

On vacation, cheers,
The children fled!
Lit up, we grow -
And we do not recognize each other.

That's how Petya is good
He's watering the bed!
There's now all the frogs
Do the gymnastics.

I went fishing,
I dropped the fishing gear.
I swore the thick crocodile -
The boat overturned!

In hide and seek we played in the woods
And Oksanku lost.
She climbed into the hollow she -
Slept there to the dark!

Chastushki about summer

I'm used to the bike
And without arms on it I'm going.
After meeting with the thick oak
I'm already going to food. .. without a tooth.

In summer, every clearing,
Like a tablecloth-samobranka.
Delicious berry of the forest
Vraz will feed us with you.

- This is what the mushrooms
Cluttered all the stains?
- Lucky you guys,
These are friendly mushrooms!

Those red girlfriends
Are called freckles.
Hurry up to them, Irinka,
Invite to your basket.

Allowed mother to daughter
In the morning, run off on mushrooms.
Brought a daughter soon
Two baskets of fly agarics.

In my splash jellyfish,
Sweeter than watermelon sugar,
And sand is already golden -
We have fallen in paradise!

On the sand of the golden
The sun shone -
How did the summer sometimes
It was good for us!

Chastushki about summer

Chastushki about Russia for children

On the Independence Day of Russia, chastushki with patriotic notes will be appropriate, thanks to which children can feel a sense of pride for their country, their favorite land, and the dance will become a decoration for the holiday.

I believe in Russia!
In the mother - dear!
I'll sing to her a ditty,
The most beautiful!

Oh, Russia, you are beautiful!
Blue lakes - eyes. ..
We sing aloud aloud:
Russia has a Russian spirit!

We have already changed the bast shoes,
The shoes are beautiful!
We do not lose heart,
The happiest!

President is our Putin Vova!
Putin is good!
We will heal with it,
To all enemies to spite!

We have oil, in reserve gas. ..
And chastooshkas just right!
We do not sign an eyebrow but in the eye,
And about that. .. sing now!

Prosper, Russia, our,
With us you will not perish!
And with a cheerful chastushka -
Cheerfully heal!

Chastushki about Russia

Russian spirit, it smells like Rus,
Russia is something, a strong country!
We warmly embrace the heart,
To remember us always!

Eh, Russia, you are Russia,
It's so good!
All around sing the chastushki,
Have fun and sing the shower!

Together with the nanny, Aunt Valya,
Cleaned, swept.
Well and at home the whole hour,
Was washed by mums us!

To sing yet we would be happy,
Yes, we need to finish.
We invite you,
Come, in good time!

And now honest people,
Russian cottage calling.
Our grandfathers with love,
Ax bald logs!
The nails were clogged,
The songs were ringing loudly.

Chastushki about Russia

Merry chastushki for children

The next selection of chastooshkas-jokoshek is suitable for any children's holiday.

In the morning our mom Milla
gave two sweets.
I barely had time to give,
I ate them myself.

Lazed in the morning Vova
combing his comb,
A cow came up to him,
Brushed her tongue!

Chicken went to the pharmacy
And said "Cockerel!
Give soap and perfume
That the cocks loved! ยป

Chastushka camp

From the roller coaster went Irishka
- The fastest was;
Ira even her skis
Along the way overtaken!

I baked a kulichik,
I treated Vanya.
He showed
for this to me. I'm a beetle in a glass.

My grandfather taught the letter to my grandfather,
And some scribbles came out.
The mouse received a deuce.
And both wept bitterly.

Come out, I'll go dancing
In brand new shoes,
All the guys say,
What am I like as a picture!

Video: children perform ditties