Alyekspress - roller blinds for living room, hall, bedroom, kitchen, children's room: overview, catalog, price

Selection of roller blinds for Aliexpress. What to look for.


  • Aliexpress - roller blinds for living room, hall: overview, catalog, price
  • Aliexpress - roller blinds for bedrooms: overview, catalog, price
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Every hostess dreams of creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the house. To do this, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail and the curtains play a not unimportant role. Let's analyze what types of roller blinds are offered to us by the well-known Internet portal Aliexpress.

Aliexpress - roller blinds for the living room, hall: overview, catalog, price

For unregistered users, or for the first order, we suggest reading the registration information on the site or on AliExpress to study the video instruction and register yourself.

The living room and the hall are designed for t

he reception of guests, so every hostess tries to decorate this room and create everything in accordance with their wishes. Sophistication of the room will give not only tastefully selected furniture, wallpaper, but also modern curtains.

At the very popular web-resource Aliekspress, you can find a huge selection of roller blinds, for every taste and color. Manufacturers take into account all the fashion trends and implement very interesting ideas.

There you can pick up what you have been looking for. Roller blinds complement the appearance of your living room or hall. Correctly selected curtains visually expand the room, make it more spacious, add light.

On the site you can choose many flower prints, with large, large flowers or with small ones. They are more practical than blinds, high-quality materials contribute to long-term operation.

Roller blinds in colors Roller blinds in colors

If your living room is small in size and its windows face the north side, where there is no sun, we recommend choosing transparent light curtains, it is possible with a light pattern through which to pass as much light as possible. Please note, if the apartment is located on the first floor, and at night is clearly visible, pick up the curtains of a denser fabric.

Choose light curtains to fill the room with light Choose light curtains to fill the room with light

If the living room in the apartment is located on the south side, and it receives a lot of sunlight, select the curtains tight, do not let the rays of the scorching sun, while choosing cold colors, so youCan be kept purely visually, due to the play of colors, coolness in the apartment.

For the sunny side choose thick curtains For the sunny side choose thick curtains

If you are a fan of oriental culture, then Aliexpress has a large selection of roll products with oriental patterns. They look very original and unusual. If desired, they can be adjusted and changed the position of the curtains.

Fans of Oriental Culture To fans of oriental culture

If you prefer a classic style that never goes out of style, and you are irritated by the richness of ornaments and various drawings, you can choose monochrome curtains of any colors and shades for every taste. Such products do not require special care, dust can be cleaned with a moistened napkin, they perfectly fit into the interior of the room and any hostess will appreciate their simplicity in operation.

The color range is diverse The color gamut is diverse

In general, there are 2 varieties of such products:

  • With the possibility of adjusting the length and height of the opening, they are easier to use and their cost is somewhat cheaper.
  • Closed-type products have a special box that closes the mechanism and system from getting small dust particles and possible malfunctions, they fit tightly to the window, creating comfort and comfort.

Before ordering, be sure to check the parameters of the window, and it is better to call the wizard, which will install them to more accurately measure the window. This kind of cost the family budget is much more expensive.

To facilitate the search, the site has a convenient system of searching and filtering the offered goods to customers. Use the catalog in which you can see all available colors and parameters, as well as look at possible discounts, promotions and bonuses.

Roller blinds decorate the interior Roller blinds decorate the interior

Also in the catalog you can see the main characteristics, composition, price policy, manufacturer and delivery method. The average price category for this product in rubles is from 2000 r with a beautiful pattern and open type and above, and in dollars - monochrome, without drawings, the most simple invoice, open type - from $ 20 per square meter.

Aliexpress - roller blinds for bedrooms: overview, catalog, price

In the bedroom, a person spends most of his time and arranges it so that it's nice to be there. I want it to be as comfortable as possible, in warm tones, to promote an excellent sleep.

Of those products that are represented in this category, you can find many interesting options. The main thing is to decide what exactly you want to get in the final result and how much you expect.

Single-color curtains look in their own way, they miss a lot of sunlight. If you want to focus not on curtains, but on other interior items, then they will be an ideal option.

Gentle monochrome curtains Delicate single-color curtains

If you want to pick up a specific topic, then the web portal can find a variety of colors. Very interesting are the floral prints, which perfectly fit into the general view of the bedroom and raise the mood in gray, cold, rainy days.

Bright color curtains Bright color curtains

Curtains from wide vertical stripes always look very elegant. The rays of the sun, falling on the product, evenly illuminate the entire room and make it cozy.

Vertical stripes Vertical stripes

If you like abstract compositions, then on the portal you can find several beneficial offers that are created exactly for the bedroom. You can choose different options in case you, for example, work at night.

Gentle curtains Gentle curtains

There is a wonderful solution to this problem, very comfortable and practical curtains in which you can choose the correct position so that the sun, if it's the east side, does not burn right from the early morning, when you are very tired just returned home from the shift. Enjoy the peace and atmosphere of home comfort and warmth.

There are many interesting ideas with the application on the basis of curtains of various stripes, geometric patterns or ornaments. Flowers close-up are ordered by many buyers.

Flower prints in trend Flower prints in order top

It's a great idea to create a spring in your bedroom, regardless of the time of the year outside the window. Simplicity and practicality are in great demand. The fabric is dense, the pattern does not fade with time, does not fade, it remains the same as it was bought. There are special brushes with which you can clean up the accumulated dust. The price depends entirely on:

  • Whether with curtains
  • Or plain
  • Single-leafed on the whole window or strips
  • Open or closed type
Dense dark curtains Tight dark curtains

If to speak in an average, about the prices thatOffers a manufacturer, then plain for a bedroom you will cost from 673 r.($ 13.50) and above, day-night - from 876 rubles.($ 17.59), with a floral ornament - from 2 039.48 rubles.($ 40.89).Look behind the system of discounts, promotions and bonuses, with them your purchases in Aliexpress will become even more accessible.

Aliexpress - roller blinds for the kitchen, curtains: overview, catalog, price

The kitchen is always associated with cooking, the place where all the family members gather in the evening for dinner. Since there are many pairs, different smells, it is best to pay attention to the dense texture of the curtains, with the possibility of removing fat by special means. The windows should be wide, if the area allows.

Curtains, mostly chosen for the color of furniture or wallpaper, or on the contrary, contrasts are bought to emphasize a certain subject of the interior. If your kitchen is dominated by warm colors, then you will be perfectly suited for curtains in warm colors, stripes in different colors.

Light curtains for the kitchen Light curtains for the kitchen

Horizontal stripes visually make the room wider, and they look very nice. If you like that everything in the kitchen is reserved, very light, then the wide beige curtains or in a small square from the manufacturer are ideal for you.

Horizontal and vertical stripes Horizontal and vertical stripes

Due to the fine structure of the fabric, they will not be immediately evident, as are great to shade the basic tone of the kitchen. Another way out in the setting of your kitchen, will be dense curtains with protection from the accumulation of fat and other harmful fumes in the preparation of products. They look very gentle, and not an obsessive floral pattern immediately raises the mood and creates a warm atmosphere.

Roller blinds in the kitchen Roller blinds in the kitchen

There are products featuring various fruits and vegetables that are just thematically suitable for the kitchen. Such curtains are completely safe for small children and are not dangerous.

Having registered on the official website of the store in search of the category of goods you are interested in, carefully review all possible options and characteristics. Only after that specify about all additional parameters.

Curtains for kitchen with products Curtains for kitchen with products

In the catalog you can find answers to all your questions, as well as clarify the information you can from a qualified seller. Clarify all the questions you need right before placing an order and paying for the product.

Feel free to ask questions, you have every right to do this, because you pay for the purchase. As for the issue of price policy, it is very different and it all depends on what you will stop at.

Pick up the curtains under the wallpaper Choose curtains for wallpaper

Conventional single-color curtains with a dense fabric can be chosen starting from 702.26 p. Per square meter( $ 14.08), a delicate floral pattern on average from 2000 r.(101.55 $), and multi-colored from 1500 rubles.($ 21.4).Now the choice is yours. Pleasant shopping and good mood.

Aliekspress - blinds for the children: a review, catalog, price

room for children selected the most warm, cozy, comfortable, and then selected the best furniture, curtains and additional accessories that complement all invented by you image that you could translatein life. For a small child, choose very warm, delicate colors and shades for beautiful decoration of the walls of the room to further create a unique, fabulous interior.

Modern manufacturers offer a variety of cool alternative to blinds designed specifically for children's rooms with character drawings from children's cartoons and fairy tales, or abstract variations that also look good. Pay attention to the color scheme and the texture of the curtains, they should not stand out very much, because this is not a living room or a hall where many guests come, but a place for your baby's comfort, where he spends most of his time when small.

Curtains in the nursery Curtains in the nursery

you selected curtains should fit into the overall picture of the room, in harmony with wallpaper and a cot, a sofa and an armchair. Do not forget about the personal space of the child, in his personal apartment there should be a lot of light, warmth and cleanliness.

can choose thin fabric blinds of the same color or in a harmonious combination with light tracks with different colors or types of two-color strips which transmit light well and due to the special outer coating do not change color over time. All children like to show their creative abilities, draw with pencils, paints, markers.

Curtains for the Princess Curtains Princess

Aliekspress offers to your attention a new collection of window blinds that are easily washed away and does not leave streaks and stains on the fabric. The composition of such tissues includes only natural components that will not harm your child. They are very difficult to cut and can not be torn, so be calm.

In order to remove dust, they do not need to be removed, but simply cleaned with a sponge with a foam solution, after 15 minutes they will again shine with beauty and freshness. If your child is of school age, you can ask his opinion on this matter, and then together with him look at all possible types of curtains.

Cheerful curtains Funny curtains

The mobile application displays those products that are not represented on the official web resource. Every day new products appear, so stay tuned and do not miss your chance to fulfill your dream and your child's wishes.

The price of such curtains will be different, on average it varies from 1000 r per square meter or 14.2 $.If the curtain is made with a thin fabric and in one color, without ornaments and any stuffings. Flowers and other prints with drawings of animals, heroes of your favorite fairy tales and so on will cost you much more - in the aisle from 3,500 r. Or $ 50.

In any case, it is worth it, you once in put money in the design of the room and will rejoice for many years. However, the choice is only for you, but believe that the happy eyes of the child you will remember all your life.

Video: Selection of roller blinds